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  1. Electronic domination era has begun. You guys realize what happened with the twitter and facebook crab that was used to destabilize Iran. A new tool of domination.
  2. mann, am so dump :mad: I just had an exam, and TOTALLY forgot to answer the last page. The funny thing is I was so bump up about how easy it was. a fcuking retard.
  3. Great discussion, too bad I cannot add to it.
  4. Including Somalis in all corners, Ethiopia et, I would say more than 30m.
  5. You guys heard this one: Rafes akbar amiir :cool:
  6. ^^ I knew there was something wrong with the word I wrote, but couldn't get to right one, thanks for the correction Mr Qhalib. Anyway my point was, dad badan oo dakhran yaa jooga meeshaas! naftaa in roor ya ki dhiidi
  7. Originally posted by Qhalib: [QB What is Dhakaran? [/QB] You don't know dhakar, its that thing you get when you hit by something
  8. Out of subject but oh my.. I lived in Hargeyso, and the ratio of dhakaran people to the still-to-be dhakared is frightening. I was scared for my life, and I dont wanna even start mentioning the running I had to do from the crazy men :mad:
  9. Latest comments made by Raamsade and Alimos, pretty much, puts the whole topic into light. Welcome Burahadeer
  10. what a nice parking!
  11. Interesting piece. http://www.newsweek.com/id/215489
  12. Honestly, it was too long for me to read, but I believe the responsibilities can be summarized into one point as just be a man!
  13. ^^ you just need to be kind of warm toward them and you can get a sense of gender from the response.
  14. This story has been posted before, but yeah I agree with Sherban, those ladies need to wander to my juicy region direction rather than MN, but again am the only Somali guy that I am aware of in my place, so I cannot take all.
  15. BUKURR

    Need more

    ^^ how so dear, am smiling. What more you want me to do! you even see my fanah, that big fanah that charms any gal, don't you agree?
  16. ..LMAO, KK aayow anne shaah ley iifelen, se ette faaytee abaayow, kii hade dhaladi se eyi
  17. ^ Oh let's share the congrats then after all we're colleagues, Mr Cadde.
  18. @ Canjeex and queen 5, I usually use 'habibi' when I disagree with people. There is one habib if they would only let me in , am pretty sure they know who they're!
  19. ^ there's a drought in both camps, I believe, but caano geel won't help. Cambuulo iyo soor yaa loo baahanyahay habibi, man I miss that cambuulo thing with saliid and little bit of sugar.
  20. Alright, so where do we go from here?
  21. ^ what's wrong 5, is there anything in particular made you say that!