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  1. Nas and Junior Gong 'Patience' with a wicked sample from Amadou and Miriam's Sabali. Patience by Nas and Damian Marley
  2. Maxaatiri


    Acuudubilleeyso yarow, you sound nuts.
  3. It doesnt have to make sense the other way around, thats not my point. My point was that the process in which we enter and leave this world is one of the constant depletion of life, regardless of what you gain, it is all lost again (but for the sins/ajar). I just find that a fascinating process. Not only are we dying a little bit every second of our lives, but eventually we could lose all of the things we have learnt whilst alive (dementia). In that situation you have lost your past and are so far into your future that you are near the end destination before the completely new/different life begins. In the West we are supposed to hope for a long life, in Islam we hope for the next life. In both however, we are still obsessed with death as something of an end, not a new beginning. Death is not simply a new beginning because we do not get a second chance. I see your point with the soul not dying, but I see my soul as a part of me, and not my entirety as I am now. What dies is the me of right now, what is resurrected is a combination of my eternal self and the self I am now having gained the experience of life and death. I guess the point I'm finding hard to make is that after death we only have the consequences of our actions when we were alive to deal with. We do not get to 'live' in the way we see 'living' on earth. So in life, we are slowly dying and when we die we are 'dead' but 'alive' in a different way because we no longer have the chance of redemption in the same way. We no longer have the chance to make a new consequence, its been done, there is no retake, for all the pain or happiness we feel, it is merely a consequence of what we have done while we were among the living.
  4. Yes, I was reading this for uni and it genuinely made me think. I agree with you that for Muslims we should both fear and look forward to death in equal measures, I mean its only another representation of our relationship with Allah no? The only thing we are fearing and hoping for is his wrath and His Mercy. But I always feel that every day I am, granted, closer to death, but I am also closer to where I am supposed to be, that life is a cruel joke at times. Yes we get tested and that is the point of life,yacni to pass the test and move on...but the process rather than the purpose is what intrigues me most. That we are born to eventually die, that living is actually dying slowly, regardless of anyone's belief, this remains true.
  5. This is the belief of influential Swahili author Euphrase Kezilahabi. Would you agree? Translation: The truth is that we human beings are dying slowly. Many people think that death comes unexpectedly. This is not true. Since a human is born he/she begins to die slowly even if he/she considers him/herself being well. His/her days are being cut off one by one. The grave is just our last step. Kazimoto (the protagonist), while we are living we are dying slowly, therefore to die is to live. Ukweli ni kwamba sisi wanadamu tunakufa pole pole. Watu wengi wanafikiri kwamba kifo kinakuja mara moja. Hili ni jambo la uwongo. Tangu mwanadamu anapozaliwa anaanza kufa pole pole ingawa yeye anajiona yu sawa. Siku zake zinakatwa moja moja. Kaburi ni hatua yetu ya mwisho tu. Kazimoto, tunapoishi tunakufa pole pole, kwa hiyo kufa ni kuishi. (Kichwamaji (water head)206) Anyone who knows of Gilgamesh will remember this: Oh Gilgamesh! Why dost thou run in all directions?! The life thou seeketh though shalt never find When the Gods created man the gave him death Life they kept in their own hands Fill thy belly night and day rejoice make every day a festival! Is the fact that life is short a comfort to you? Does death frighten you or do you see it as your final destination and nothing more. A place to neither embrace nor fear?
  6. Rudy there are not lying. I know Eritreans, Zanibaris, Lamunians, Sudanese etc all get through claiming to be Somali. Its really sad because they are taking up the place (in quotas) of real refugess. They come to places like the UK and America, work and go back to their homelands for holidays with the other passports and identities, what a mockery.
  7. Brother Nur, JZK, that was really helpful bro. So when the Prophet scw says 'we', he meant the prophets and not the Muslims. Thanks a lot walaal.
  8. The Swahili of Sijui's disgusts me no end. How badly must a language be raped, before it is considered something else altogether?
  9. ...when one of the Prophet’s male grandchildren wanted to eat a date that had been given to him to be distributed as alms. The Prophet immediately took it from him and stated, "Anything given as alms is forbidden to us." Can someone explain this please? In the Islamic context, that is. What are the regulations on who is meant to take alms (as Muslims we are instructed to give to charity, so someone has to take it), and what is the context of this Hadith? e.g the time and what was happening if that is important. I am by no means advocating for the benefits system, just a question on the hadith the sister used.
  10. LOL @ 'shocking news'. It is neither shocking, nor is it news. This has been happening since the beginning of Shabaab 'rule' in Somalia. In fact there is no group innocent of the crime of hiring pre pubescent boys to fight their wars for them. Nothing new here, move along.
  11. I love his voice, makes me cry listening to this everytime and i can recite off by heart now lol Freedom, success and self governance to the people of ******/Soomaali Galbeed.
  12. Ahlu Sunnah also say 'Allahu Akbar'. They are dad Muslimiin ah. Love the story regardless, very despairing and funny at the same time.
  13. There are countless members of the Royal family in Saudia, if some behave in an unislamic fashion, that doesnt mean they all do. It would have been much better if they allowed women to drive and work wherever they please and generally give them their human rights before 'liberating' them in this fashion.
  14. Why are these wars, real or propaganda, always played out on the bodies of women?