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    ^^ You have to taste the waters pal before you jump in, right?
  2. What you suppose to do with this!!! Me no wasting my money on it, I say.
  3. Originally posted by Peacenow: Cause the Maryooleey are good people. Unlike the somalis, they don't cause trouble and suck on other countries. Though I am not sure what 'Maryooley' means, they're pretty much the same Somalis I believe.
  4. You again... O lorddd He is your friend and at the same time you call him a criminal. Go check yourself dude, you got mental disorder! Originally posted by Dhubad.: .. Wax kaa saqajaansan waligeey ma arag, waxaan maqli jiray Maroodiga takarta saaran ma arko I couldn't agree more wallahi.
  5. I am still in favor of the Green, the pharaohs need a rest this time around.
  6. Anyone is happy that France finally put the Burka thing into peace!
  7. Originally posted by Sherban Shabeel: You can take your garbage post and put it where it belongs. Oz do us a favor, and just follow the above advice, seriously there is something wrong with you. If someone to be banned, that's you, hopefully admin or mods will take notice and put you probation. Now back to the topic: Has anyone heard of this rumor that "ciyaal faay cali" used to do gay activities?
  8. Originally posted by Archdemos: Watched it last night, and let me say it’s probably one of the finest films if not the best ever I have ever seen. A must see! Totally agree, what a nice piece of art. Thanks Maximus!
  9. I was referring to the qabiil disease Eng cadde. Mr Canjeex, believe me, am the last one to be taking blame for that act, I was over emphasizing but its worth it. This thread gave us the chance to say our minds off, why you guys shy and no one is willing to discuss it on a serious tone.
  10. ^^ you now sis we're savages when one kills another human being for just being not from the same qabiil! Its a horrible disease of course, we shouldn't deny that we're infected to a very great degree. Our salvation from that illness could only come by pointing out as it is, a savage action, hence making anyone practicing a savage person, and a group a savage people! Peace..
  11. ^^ Bro, I do not have anything against this thread, in fact there was a need for it, and discussions to be opened. I don't get why some people are making personal attacks on the poster of the thread, rather than someone else who is actually PROMOTING it. They're just two individuals, so please do not take it as representing Somalis.. We love you Sherban..
  12. ^ ohh no mate! I am obliged to discuss and seek solutions for it. I am with you on the Arab bashing thing, but this has to do something with the wellness of our race- that's if you still consider yourself a Somali- therefore, we should all talk loud about it.
  13. Finally I now know the Admin speaks Somali after all!
  14. That passion could have been useful in other ways, but who cares, let her enjoy the lips of her friend. Being conservative some time backfires to an extreme conditions.
  15. ^ why you promoting Saudi military in SOL :confused: after all they ARE killing and bombarding fellow Muslims in northern Yemen. May the wahabi gngs be defeated soon IA.
  16. mmmm being a fella, I would advice mz-alpha to choose wisely, because you really don't wanna end up completely dependent on a hard headed controlling Faarax.. Though I have no experience in all this marriage and love thing, I declare, where ever mutual respect and love resides, anything could happen PS. some SOLers are just soulless!
  17. ^ Spot on, the same goes to the folks that utter Sawahili shidd. Somali or English people! what the jerk
  18. Originally posted by Curly: Guys you know you better watch out Some girls, some girls are only about That thing, that thing, that thing money, is there anything else girls after at! Girls you know you better watch out Some guys, some guys are only about That thing, that thing, that thing I dont know what that suppose to mean
  19. Didn't follow the whole discussions, but keep going people, it benefits even to talk about it... we are progressing.. Heela heeela allah 3ala el Somaliya.. c'mon guys push :cool:
  20. ^ Nice jersey, only if they sell it in the city stores, I'd have gotten one!
  21. Hey Daanduray, you were ugly when you born, and still! Stop the cra* and let the families enjoy their babies, they're not yours to begin with.
  22. MY GOD, you guys are lose