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    Need more

    ... nonsense per NGONGNE
  2. what you mean wax kale C&H, am a predictable person, so no surprises from my side. Ani suufi yaan ahay abaay

    Need more

    ^^ yeah buddy, mysterious yet a beloved creature!
  4. yea.. waa maxay stricter gernder Maxaatirri or Mayterri as I prefer to say. c'mon now, you've to fit on one pants , you don't wanna SOL community to think of you as labeeb. PS. what the heck is Labeeb, Lesbian, if that so no need for more clarification
  5. Finally a Nomad, how about that Since the last decade, a lot has changed. I have come to know so many Somali characters in SOL, some I look forward to their piece when they post it -though I have to admit, the troublesome The Serin is missed- some are full of garbage -peacenow come's to mind on this, but not exclusively- others are deeply sophisticated and you can barely catch up with 'em. So that's it, I just wanted to share my thoughts for the Nomad recognition.
  6. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: GDwonder...You need to get acquainted with it a little. I might recommend this book. It is called "Somali Politics for Dummies" co-authored by Aw Xiin and Duq Oodka. Honestly I would try to find one, but in the far future arriirow. haahah!

    Need more

    Apparently, no gal is confident enough to come forward, and tackle it!


    You all realize that on job learning is not the best way to go, right?
  9. peacenow must stop the unethical criticism that he holds for the Arlaadi, or else a ban is on the way
  10. ^ Some of them do in reality, but I believe you anyway, you're one of kind Nomad. Cheers!
  11. BUKURR

    Wife wanted

    what about the Marfishlle dudes, they dont get to get women!
  12. I wish the day comes that political section makes sense to the other human's of SOL!
  13. NOOOOO this is not happening, its a disgrace if Egypt takes the cup for the third time. To NGONGE: Yel3an abul fara3na ya 3am, 2raftoona wallah.. Masr Masr yabni elladiine..
  14. BUKURR


    ^am aware of that, it needs to be changed. Let's call for the freedom and equality of Somali men to be restored in their own house.
  15. What gender are you Maxaatirri, here you seem like a guy, in other thread that I just read you come out as a know all lady :confused: Clear yourself.. CHOOSEE!
  16. This is funny, how come Berbera's so dead while there is peace for more than 19 years!
  17. fcuking bastrd, now let's hear everyone hating on us. May she rest in peace.
  18. ^^Yeehaa you are a Nomad now will catch to you soon. Lol
  19. Egypt needs to loose this game, am tired of them. African cup should go somewhere else, preferably to Nigeria.
  20. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: quote:Originally posted by Dajiye: How did I miss this thread.. May be cuz when this thread started, October 2002, you were still in diapers! hahaha.. LMAO
  21. BUKURR


    Guys dont wanna go off line, but am not going to swim without learning it, and learning it comes from by practicing it
  22. The above comment levels peacenow's unhumorous complaint, me thinks.
  23. ^ just a thought But honestly, I heard they used to molest people, any truth to that?