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  1. You calling me a GAAL now, what a low life wasaq. I NEVER insulted anyone in this forum, and yes those baboons are BASTRDS begetting evilness.
  2. Originally posted by Sherban Shabeel: The thing with Shabaab is you never know whose hand they're going to lend you. Thanks for the warning, I do have a gentle heart, and not willing to lose it by seeing those bastrds cutting the limbs of our youth -I didn't see it, just assuming- but I was referring to the AS SOL guy not to hide when his turn comes.
  3. Maxaa ka sugeysay, carab ma oho, alshababna kuwaanoo kale inay naga dhigaan ey rabaan, xoolo calool weyn!!
  4. It appears that nuune have more insight into Somali language, his assertion makes more sense to me, but anyway let's wait for old jaamac.
  5. Shoot, poor choice of words man, it was meant literally in lagu garaaco waaye-because of dadka aa fataqeysid!!- in a place you dont have alshabab lending you a hand aka goofka, but I guess they're already there now, so peace.. PS. Fcuking, were do you learned maay, I can even barely keep up with you, is sheeg sxb.
  6. Nothing wrong with gabdho fights, equality baby. PS. Am always amazed how Somali's talk in an absent way to each other. Juxa you're hilarious, when you brought up the 'dameerka haraantidiisa' analogy, and you didn't have a clue as to how it applies/may apply in this case :cool:
  7. Waraa jaajuskaan Maaddeey la dhaho meesha laga bixiyo waaye. Marna bilcaamaheena noo dhaaf yuu na dhahaa, hadana sawir sheekadiis yuu keenay. Alankeey maadeey, se fedaas arriirow, inna goofke kii laseede, se feelle lekiin tumme ye fedaasse
  8. Question How many lovers do you have per year? Answer To be honest am still stuck with a young lady I met last spring, and its an on & off mode type.
  9. Couldn't help it man, had to damn someone, whoever lead us to this deserves more of our lacnad till the dooms day. Who sold our fleet, and in which legal manner does that took place?
  10. Naden, it's kind of a no brainer that Mr. Barre was a harsh dictator, but to disguise him as a thug and whatever else you added is just plain fault. The guy had merits.. .. Oh, by the way, direct family member was prisoned for three years just because he was frequenting the mosque, so we all have our grievances, but let's give everyone their dues.
  11. Weird nomads, taking everything to the extreme. Have fun, enjoy, do what you want, and be responsible.. ..nough said.
  12. Aahah, this is not funny man, wasted..
  13. Maaddeey, ani kuwa ii gooni ah ma qabi, laakiin bilcaamahaa waan kuu dhaafaa, ee guriga gasho
  14. BUKURR


    ^^ am tired of looking after, but hey if that's what you want waan idin dhigaa adeer. :cool:
  15. BUKURR


    Shabeel, your forgetting a determinant factor in this equation, in the Lebanese side, they didn't have skinny feet nomads running around the city killing and raping what ever comes their way like apes, and the most important thing to consider, is that Lebanese are rational people, unlike what you have on the other side, there is literally no brain functioning, but as a Darwin believer, there is a possibility for a similar trend to develop after 8k years.
  16. Awesome, the whole gang is in show now. As I said am done, said what I needed to say, and O blessed and stressed you can keep the blessing act on run.. hopefully the stress will go away. Waryaa Maadeey gorgorada iiqabo maa lagu dhahay
  17. ^^ They remind you not indeed, and yes it is getting tedious to see your-like responses. I'm done.
  18. Anyone noticed, they all have pigeon-like head. I could care less as long as my female circles do not adhere to this type of madness, and thank goodness they're not.
  19. ...annnnd some want for Somali women to be like this, crapp.
  20. SICKK, and we the humans can only wish this theory holds ground.
  21. Zack, I will pass that. Castro, my culo is already red!
  22. .. making fun of 'Islamic prescription'. Alright, to me it is not ISLAMIC if it does not sides with my choice, I know that's my interpretation, and didn't ask for any one's input. I also happen to know what the word 'Muslim' means, Arabic is my first language. Going back to the issue, I am a firm supporter of veil-free Muslim women, now am not referring to the Niqaab thing, those wearing the latter one should work for the special task police forces because they're already dressed and probably equipped with the necessary instruments of destruction. PS. I wanna know your name, not your son's yabu Salman.
  23. Karl, why don't you wear one of those Niqaab's? Oh let me guess, you're a male, so not required to have it, isn't it? Do you ever heard of human choice - human right - if you did, that comes before any religion's mandate.
  24. man this is AWESOMMMMMME!