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  1. hmmm, this could totally be switched upside down.. Its mutual, you just need to overcome.. and if you need to practice, well I AM HERE
  2. ^^ Ariirow, waligaa aregtee bilaameey geese leh, am a dude man haha. "bajaq" am assuming that means a women. LOL at Nogobaawi: adeerow maxaa, saa Nomad u noqotid in la abtirsado miyaa. anyways after hodman's biyo I am no longer mad at being an Alien.
  3. ^^ Ohh thank you, it was so demanding to be with the SOL'ers.
  4. Hadhawaaw aniiba hada iika horeytte.. Just throwing myself into the wagon as I am a new Alien - how discriminatory! :mad: