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  1. Who wants to go holediving, am cool Bonus: http://www.chilloutpoint.com/odd_world/strangest-creature-found-on-earth.html
  2. @ Amna, I thought you were a guy, but anyhow, there is nothing wrong with you, if the effing faarax doesn't show up, you go to the adult store girl, we ARE humans, and we all need our sensations to be fulfilled.
  3. ..Libaax, didn't know that was the rule. Jyllandspoten cartoons were not offensive to me, and so should it be for everyone. Remember five, I still have that fondness for you! Geel_jire, as I told the shab guy before you, I have your ticket to the promise land, come and get it. Yaaah, dad waalanaa meesha ka buuxa maxaa.
  4. .. anywhere Maadeey, tooreey uma baahni ani, qori yaan la iman, I advice you inaad mid la seexatid. PS. Just so I can identify you and not head for Karl wrongly, make yourself public. EDIT: Out for today, save the junks for me later.
  5. GDWonder ayaad sii difaaceysaa! .. dude, leave people defend whatever they want, we all have choices. HINT: As haatu said, just use the Report post icon if you're offended.
  6. Abaay KK, always a fine lady. Karl I'm not as smart and stupidd as shaytan so I regretfully do not qualify to be called as such. .. ehm I celebrated my kumbulyaano last month, lellahilhamd I just started climbing the 25th stage of life so I also do not qualify to be called a boy, but its flattering though keep saying it and ignore me as you may sir!
  7. ^ That would be absolutely fine xabibi, I know there is nothing wrong with these cartoons except a cartoonist did it, DUH.

    Sipho And Vusi.

    wow.. talk about loose old men, disgusting. Taking you up on your little story, did you experience this in real life, I mean what you were trying to convey here, not what you wrote?!
  9. .. well if you are going to quote me, do it right grandpa, here is the right way 'scumbags'. Did you take your medicine this morning?
  10. Proud to say our president just looks more like me
  11. Well if you say so, I didn't invite you to join, feel free to walk away. No I am only interested in what the Qur'an says. PS. The verse I was talking about was the one Maaddeey posted, read it before you guys jump the gun.
  12. Ibtisam, neither do I have anything to say to you. Bro tuujiye, that's the same way most of humans will end up in hell fire, following just because it always has been like that. Observe what Allah says, and don't take anything for granted.
  13. Maaddeey, Hanee'an leyya fe nnaar! shame on you. There was a conjunction there, and I honestly believe that verse doesn't have that much ground in our time because the prophet is no longer with us.
  14. Blessed, That was informative, that verse and the one that follows too, but I see a huge difference, these mu'minat, they left their husbands willingly and wanted to join the Muslim camp, under the previous norm, they MUST be returned to their families, but now Allah instructing Resulullah NOT to do so, and to make their marriage void. I see a choice here, 'Ethaa jaa'akum', so in no way this could be translated as a rule to forbid. One interesting thing also, the next verse (60:11) talks about the same happening but in the opposite, Muslim wives leaving to the other side. I said Muslim wives and you might argue otherwise, but it clearly says ..'wa infatakum shay um min azwajikom ilal kuffaari..' the only mention of unbelievers here refers to the male side, so I am not going to assume otherwise. You talked about my logic leading to the shunning of alcohol consumption and that's not so true. If I refer you to Al maeda(5:3) Allah says 'forbidden to you the dead, blood, the meat of pigs' and when dealing with alcohol the Qur'an uses 'Ethm, rijs', From here we can see eating ham and drinking alcohol ARE NOT the same, Allah also explains that its bad for you to drink, but just tells you its forbidden to eat pork. The point is these words were never used, neither 'ETHM, RIJS' nor even 'FAXISHA' is used to describe the interreligious marriage, so why ban it. Peace.
  15. .. I almost lost you there, but that's all good. Way to end this craziness five, its so exhausting. I feel sorry for being human really, I could have been an angel or something you know, I can't find anything to satisfy me, being an angel even doesn't help.. this is becoming unhealthy, so I will stop here, I guess that Tuujiya guy was right, markee mukulaal jiis i kor talaabsatay yaa sinonoqday u maleena, goodnight people. Peace and love first. EDIT: Am too tired to respond to you Tuujiye, but obviously you don't know when to shutup!
  16. Originally posted by 5: Damaged the frontal lobe, have you? I believe not. I get your clarification, and truly think so, but that is not the point here. Some people are trying to hijack this religion and give their own decrees, and say it's from Allah.
  17. Hello Blessed, how are you. The sky is NOT blue :confused: I don't know if you just started following the thread, but PLEASE go back to the start of this discussion which was I believe on page 5. Exactly I brought up these two verses, one uses the word 'forbidden' and the other 'do not' as you already mentioned. These two verses order as following: Forbidden:- Mothers, daughters, sisters, eedo, habaryar,... Do not:- polytheists Now tell me who is twisting something, I exactly said to marry a polytheist is not forbidden, and you said IT IS, PLEASE ANSWER me honestly. I'm quoting you as saying The wording might differ slightly but the meaning stays the same, and tell me who gave you the right to say so. I know, marrying polytheist is something not good for whatever reason, but to say it's forbidden, that's a damn lie. PERIOD.
  18. ^ Then you owe me an explanation of the verse in Baqara and the one in Nnisa. There is a REASON that Allah used TWO different terms. This is Gods word, and its not a poetry so that we can neglect it as linguistic similarity. Blessed, am not arguing that, we are talking or at least I'm trying to show the MUSLIM-NONMUSLIM marriage is NOT FORBIDDEN.
  19. Ailamos, yes I am aware of that verse, and that's why early on, I displayed a little bit of comparison of two verses that talk about marriage. One clearly FORBIDS and the other SHUNS. Marrying non-muslims falls under the shunning, and all the talk about it, is just a human interpretation.
  20. Maadeey, there are two parts to that aya and there is a conjunction. First: Where in the world did I 'shaqaqt' rasulullah. What I did was/is refer to the Qur'an and read a verse and then come out with a conclusion. Again I don't see how that applies to me, the first part adds, that act follows after the person in question has already acquired a knowledge for the matter, I AM NOT, BEEN TOLD. Second: This is more worse, because the last part says .. 'and follows the way of the unbelievers'. This aya has nothing to do with the aim I have and its jural, and even if it was, what is the BELIEVERS WAY and how do you identify them, is it you, me , the next lady. In conclusion I say, you came up with the wrong verse to disprove me, but thanks for trying. Karl, I really don't like reading the Qur'an in English, just for you to know that aya IS NOT THE REAL AYA, its a translation, hence SOMEONE ELSE is volunteering to tell you what Allah said in the text. I don't know if you understand the original form of the book -I was shocked the first time I saw Arab professionals in their homeland way back not able to READ the Qur'an, forget about understanding it- but there is a linguistic aspect in it that if you compare verses of the Qur'an, you will come out with understanding. The point is the Qur'an DOES NOT forbid marrying non-muslims.
  21. Makin fun of me now huh! Of course NGONGE am as capable as any 3alama in whatever book they maybe, but hey am not discriminative, if they drink or chew qat(not that into xalimo's with jaad) they're welcome, and yo Maaddeey I AM MY OWN mufti, praise Allah who taught me, and surely will make use of it. karl, you definitely didn't get my point, I don't give a rat of what people agreed upon, or what any mathhab says. Just go and read for yourself, you don't need to follow nobody.
  22. Karl_Polanyi, that's not true. You probably grew up in Somalia and thus know how to read and generally understand the meanings of the Qur'an. I believe this aya is in Nnisa-not sure, and it comes out like this: 7uremat 3aleykum umahatukum.. Another aya in Baqara comes out like this: .. wala tanke7ol mushrekate 7ata yu'menna. Now, I don not need for another human to translate this for me. The first aya says its forbidden upon men to marry their mothers, and sisters.. The second one says, do not marry the unbelievers -both genders. From this I can extract, if you're following the Qur'an, you cannot marry your mother, also do not marry unbelievers There are two terms used here: FORBIDDEN and DO NOT. Now the Qur'an does not require special skills to understand, its written in plain language, so simple people like me can follow it. From my understanding, I can marry unbelievers though its not preferred due to whatever reason I don't wanna dwell into it now, so for you Karl to say I am setting up another gods beside Allah is not true, I said what I said because of my clear understanding of the Qur'an. Peace.
  23. Alantii aathey KK, ninkaan wiligiis qashin ma dhaafaayo, marka ha iska qeeqeyliyo. 5, the messed up equation where is it? that was brainy. Yes I do love my mom though I don't remember the last time I said that to her, I don't get your analogy there. Whats between me and my lord is very exclusive, and shall stay like that forever. I interact with fellow humans with the respect they deserve and the reciprocal interest that's between us. Just to clarify, if my female relatives ever brought any non-muslim partner, I definitely will support that decision.
  24. Peace and love to all humanity, forget about religion
  25. Tuujiye, when are you going to be brave and say goodbye to SOL? So much damage associated with this virtual character. SOL needs diversity people. Remember this is also from Sayyidna Ahmad "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"