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  1. Two days off Somaliaonline and is it any wonder I have been busy! Had two exams and they both went belly up! Its over! my life is finished, all those years of schooling and for what? It over for me and nothing can be done to save me now. I am feeling suidical right now. I think its time to finally jump off and call it a day. Nuune get the plane ready saxib. It is my wish that Juxa writes my will! I leave nothing, except female camel which was donated to me from a paternal uncle in Abdaal town in the saaxil country side in 2004. Thanks guys! Bye!
  2. 23:18 Houghton & Sunderland South goes to Labour! Labour 1 conservatives 0 lib dems 0 649 seats to go!
  3. I am sorry for your lost walal. Please dont feel sad, i am sure he is in a better place. I got a day this afternoon! She came all the from liverpool to see the 'kid'!
  4. ^ I suppose your going to stand on the sidelines and critique from afar?
  5. is 11.7% a drop of UK population? 1 in 4 children born in England are ethnic! 1 in 7 people in london were born outside UK, forget being ethnic.
  6. Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: The working class Brits hate the Tories, cause they're the white rich men's party. I can't understand why some of us Qaxooties are flying the flag for this party. Or are you all going with the 'change' catch phrase. So-called qaxooties are part of the UK too. Are you saying all ethnic minorities cant express a free and fair mind in voting for the Tories! isnt it about policies and not skin colour and background. When I hear people utter things like this it drives me up the wall to be honest! :mad:
  7. Originally posted by Queen Arawello: quote:Originally posted by Dhagax-Tuur: ^you're a Tory activist then. Not activist but its time for change don't you think. 13 years of labour have been enough. I was one of the so-called 'Blairs children' - being tested on all forms of policies. Its time for a change! This is nonsense! under labour party you probably benefited more and now to turn your back on the labour after everything they have done for working class people and people of colour. Do you really think the Tories are gonna give you the time of day. Its all fake promises. Labour were good once but now the lib dems are the party of choice and change! P.S - khat will not be banned because its part of free trade with African countries. If the Tories ban khat it will affect millions of jobs in African! its a none starter in my books!
  8. I actually heard the conservatives will ban Khat! If they are the party who stand for liberty, individuality and don't interfere into peoples life, why are they going to get involved in our lives. This is unacceptable. Soon-to-be ex shadow communities minister Sayeeda Warsi said she will ban this drug because its ''juices addle the brains of Yemenis, Somalis and Ethiopians who are living in this country''. can you believe that? Talk about nanny state! The lib dems are the party of choice and change to be honest!
  9. I have considered my vote very carefully my friend.
  10. Amateurish post! BNP are on the fringes! why give them so much press!
  11. ^ I am rolling real deep these days. Confidence is high and so are my chances! lol.
  12. OMG I couldn't believe this when I first heard. Its very positive to see people are reporting the death of important statesmen.
  13. Just voted Lib Dems. The party of choice and change!
  14. Having being spurred by the confidence you have instilled in me. I finally got some airtime with the hot chick. I was helping with something important, we were seated in a cubicle. She was looking hot and you can tell she had the effort for the occasion. She looked hot and I was checking her out all the time. Thanks Adam you are a star Walahi! A dear and close friend indeed.