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  1. Maxaa caanaboore maa la isku caynaa hadana, yaab badanaa meeshaan. Haatu, just confess your qarqaris love to Ms NC, and I guarantee you a success in the virtual world. :cool:
  2. Goodness, I thought that was directed at me. :mad:
  3. Funny how this is stretching aimlessly. @ JB, Ma ila fogaan ee waa fact, I don't know what you believe but mine doesn't include those category, meaning one of us has to go to the naar and forever be there. Now, I've never harmed/killed a human, matter of fact I always look down not to step on little creatures such as ants when I walk so yeah that's where I am, and I treat people like I'm their servant. To say these subhuman's will have the same destiny -Assuming that my application to Jannah will be accepted- is an utter bull.shit, hence my statement.
  4. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: AlShabaab janada ey haayaan anoo ilgur kufiirinaayo lee tartiib naarteyda jub dhihi lahaa...Janadooda iyaga ha heystaan... BLESS YOUR HEART ABAAY. Hadey kuwaan jano galaayaan, Ilaahey caadil maba ahaba.
  5. KNOCK KNOCK .. am still here, so if you guys need to kick these naargalyaal on the behind, am glad to do that, but so far is not needed.
  6. Ohh man. Well if it's only going to get worse, ------------. ..will fill the blank later when am soaked.
  7. Stop trolling you freaking nomads and welcome the effin member aan idin dhahay waryaada. :mad:

    Maalin wacan

    ..yep, you welcome guys, the spirit of July is in the air.
  9. Happy fourth of July to all SOL-AMERICANS. Ms Malab, yes indeed we do have.
  10. BUKURR

    Maalin wacan

    Reer Soomaaliyey, waxaan rabaa inaan idin dhaho maalintiina ha wanaagsanaato.
  11. ^^ GOD bless her tongue that lady, and C&H you will do better if you follow that path I tell ya my dear fellow nomad.
  12. Totally agree with the ^^ comment. Now.. vamos mexico cardenas! Later.. will beat your *** Uruguay.
  13. wow.. someone should save the kids!!!! from what abaayadiis.
  14. BUKURR

    Boon Xirsi

    Funny stuff indeed.
  15. BUKURR

    Duca Please

    Aamiin Ilaahay ha caafiyo.
  16. This is an old news, ofcouuuurse US kidnapped the guy. @Karl: Hope one day you and your family would get killed by a suicide bomber while you getting out from your car to pray Jumma-could only wish the same for you. AbdulMalik was a terrorist with a grade of being also a US dog and you here saying rahihumullah, may he forever be punished for the MUSLIM souls he took
  17. ^ My dear, dont you know that Arabs are perhaps the most racist creatures god has ever created, nothing new here, am surprised you even mentioning it. Allamagan, peacenow is really missed.
  18. Originally posted by Rhazes: I was going to chalk up his vapidity and vulgarity to the indiscretions of youth, but it seems that this sanctimonious nincompoop is also a liar. Aww.. you little bit too harsh, but not far away from reality.
  19. Rudy and Centric, that was involuntary act from my side, for some reason I fail to follow my sense when that type of crap is uttered, again my sincere apologies to you both. Centric: Easy access really, if that is the case am all for it, how could I.. dumb dumb dumb.
  20. yo ^^ you need to fcuk off!
  21. Originally posted by Haatu: Do you realise that AL-Wahab is one of the names of Allah? Do your realize brotha, that I don't wanna go where you heading to! A. Sharon is better human and worth living with than a wahabi, that is all I have for you haatu.