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  1. Anaana kaa saaray Islaamka ogow ya gamuus, wuxuu ku hadlaayo fiiriya dadow. The animosity between the two countries is a known fact, they'd do any thing to destroy each other.. said what, a pathetic wahabi afkiisa markuu soo uraayo malaga joogi karo, rumi raadso orod intaadan Muslimiin aan dad wax u geysan xumi la aadi lahayd. PS. Btw, I need help with the name of the pimp aka sheekh oo dhahay you can feed on your female coworkers; Ilaahayow yaa diintaan halkaan gaarsiye!
  2. .. the buffet is wide open for us, why not take it -unless they discriminate. I would like to have a Tanzanian citizenship and enjoy the nature over there Ms Somal, what do you think?
  3. ..wanna add one more to my collection, does this extend to all?
  4. Originally posted by Cawaale: GD, I think the man is smart(selfish) enough not to send his kids there. Don't worry about em That would be a true statement Cawaale. How can you have so much energy for murderous ideology is beyond my head.
  5. Enjoy your life man waan ku dhaafa, just do not send your kids there.
  6. I really miss peacenow when I see such a character defending the murder of Somali generation! On another note, two human beings were shot dead because of a soccer game. Hmmm.. do you know that even Satan wont commit such an act.
  7. Interesting. Do insects come along too due to odor?
  8. Its all due to parenting. I've met parents who completely and miserably failed to bring up their children. Seeing a nine to fifteen old boys, who know NOTHING, I swear nothhhhing, they are like xoolo albaabka laga furay, with no respect to anything whatsoever, they have been kicked out of school, when they show up in your family house, an emergency plan that was exclusively drafted for them must be implemented. Hooyadii waxba ma kaqasan, gaamuuskii dhaleyna waligiis mala arkaayo, markaasey ku leeyihiin caruurteeni. Maxaa ciyaal u dhalee hadaadan tarbiyeen karin. I have noticed all those families come from certain areas of Somalia, what is the reason behind that, I need to see more maryooley's to answer that question. The bottom line is, family needs to know how to raise children not just how to have sex.
  9. ^ .. right, I do feel that most of the time, no connection thus horrible time with "friends" hence preferring to stay alone is the way to be.
  10. ^ what a beautiful voice that was, the song on your page, I couldn't stop listening, thank you!
  11. .. I always walk alone, literally all aspects of my life are characterized by being alone. Join the club Ms Malab, and enjoy!
  12. ..said it loud and clear, what a woman! bless her.
  13. http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/06/06/new.york.terror.arrests/index.html?hpt=T1
  14. This is not funny, Ilaahey ha grab galo.
  15. ^ You are right, I really feel sorry for those qaxooti, losing an opportunity to enhance their life. I will have to add this, this phenomena is related to failure in pursuing life goals, simply put.
  16. Thanks Karl, though not what I wanted but its a great suggestion nevertheless.
  17. Following and practicing your religion is not a action that should fluctuate between one extreme to another but should be kept to the moderate path. Unfortunately for some of us, we can't quite grasp what moderation entails. That is one thing I had in mind, thanks Seeker. As for the question, some people are returning to their lord after witnessing some of the things that are going on in our motherland. Some are just brainwashed, whereas the rest just don't care about religion and are slowly but surely westernizing every aspect of their lives. Though I don't see the full picture here - I am leaning to believe that the whole Somali identity is being shaped, but time will prove wrong- your generalization is pretty much on touch with the current situation. Thanks for the advice Haatu, it is relevant indeed.
  18. This is not to provoke SOLer's or to reaffirm my stands on some issues, but BUT I have this: What is with the religious trend that is sweeping across SomaliCanadians these days. I have seen, noticed and observed behaviors that are very, to say at least, funny but in all seriousness if this is where the Somali diaspora are coming to, and we all know what the ones inside the God forsaken country doing, what does the future hold for us? Is it time to throw Somali identity for good? P.S. This is not a debate, just put forward your point and I will be thankful, Peace, GDwonder. PSS. Camel milk debate.. I know,so yeah ignore that.
  19. Originally posted by Somalicentric.: it looks like a human goat. somebody has been in the barn again screwing the animals This is too funny Honestly that is what came to mind when I saw that, yep humans are screwing everybody even goats, chimps were not enough I guess.