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  1. Thank you sister Aliyahh. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatulah
  2. Alhamdulilah I have found another challenge to over come but I hope it's not too much of a challenge. I plan on moving to a muslim country in a couple of month and pursue my Islamic education. Make dua for me as I will be living with people whom I have never met before. Jazakllahu khair for sharing that story, it was very uplifting and may allah shower their marriage with many blessings. Ameen. Chubaka, I have always been honest with them alhamdulilah and insha allah I will always be honest no matter what the out come will be. Thank you for the reminder.
  3. your absolutely right sister chocolate, I will keep telling them insha allah and this time without any fear of rejection.
  4. your right sister garowe, iam sure she is a wonderful sister and i apprrciate her input. After all this is a public forum i cannot possibly expect everyone to give me replies in the same manner.
  5. Oh i see nnc, i would rather not share that info in public or in private.
  6. Jacpher no thanks i don't need her help, marabo qashiinkay taqaano.
  7. qafiiftey? are you kidding me? iam not the one that follows her to her topics. Marka yaa qafifay. Obviously her.
  8. Lool@Jacpher that'll never happen.
  9. audubilah mina shaytaani rajeem. What a disgusting advice.
  10. KK,if you think that by all means go ahead.
  11. none of your business how about that kk
  12. cida? uff add to the fact your a witch a qabilaysta.
  13. My mother is not a heartless witch like you. Masha allah she is wonderful woman, mother, daughter, sister etc. But you, your the somali version of madusa.