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    Only a homo moves his body like that. Nacallaa dhalaye. :mad:
  2. *************************************************** __________________ Meesha haddaadan dadka ku jiro xushmad u heynin, ha imaan. Tired of editing dad waa weyn qashinkee qoraan. Next time there won't be any edit. [ February 14, 2007, 12:14 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  3. ^ ********* waa iska dhufaan. You can infer this from his effeminate habaars, his constant bewailings, and the general girlish tantrums. Marna diin ku gabo, marna qabiil ku faan. LOL [ February 14, 2007, 12:16 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  4. ^^Maskiin, the govermnent will not leave as a result of this. Don't you think these people should stop this hit-and-run tactics, as you said, it's the civillians who are really suffering, so why not stop the attacks? Maybe you've bought into some of the tribalist myths and conspiracy that say that it's the TFG who is doing all these attacks. Afterall, according to the monkeys who believe this, the TFG is one tribe who is hell-bent on causing chaos in Mogadishu.
  5. Castro, is that what it comes down to? The most vulgar of insults? Dude, you need to take a break from the politics forum. Perhaps even SOL altogether.
  6. ^^ According to Paragon, Abdullah Yusuf's sub-sub clan is trying to hatch some diabolical schemes, yeah? That's the whole reason behind the E-passports. Grr! Those devilish people from Yusuf's sub-sub clan. Walee bidaar iyo buufis baad isku darsatay. @ MKA
  7. Wasn't Ahmed Guree an ICU supporter, or am I confusing him with someone else?
  8. Waraa, gabadha is off the hook. Glasses make her look smart and sophisticated too. ***wonders about her age ***
  9. Yo, I just watched the clip. I don't see the humor. Maybe it's my lack of arabic. Anywho, I read some of the comments. He yelled out "hey boy" after he thought he got disconnected? Arab lingo? Beats me.
  10. LooOL@ NGOGNE's shadow pic. I always pictured NGONGE as anoxeric old dude. Guess I was wrong. The circumference of his neck is the same as his head. My picture is everywhere online. From High Five, to Facebook, to Myspace, to forums. I'm Mr. Exhibionist himself. LOOL.
  11. ^^ Dude, I don't refer to Islam in general and the Quran in particular just to score a point like Sheikh Indhacadde and Sheikh Aweys.
  12. Xoogsade, dude, I don't harrass anti-tfgers. On the contrary, I think some anti-tfgers are genuinie with no cuqdad iyo qabyaalad gnawing away at their souls. SOLers like xiin, NGONGE, and Castro. I think they are mistaken not malicious. You and Alle Ubaahne, on the other hand, are both mistaken and malicious, as shown by the acidic tribal statements you post on this forum. I will make it a duty to harass dadka cuqdadaysan oo jiran.
  13. I remember reading an E-Nuri signature a while back. It said: We attack problems, not people. I fancy I do the same, unless I'm given no option.
  14. Miskiin, I know it might strain your brain a little bit, but try to start threads a little more advanced than what a grade schooler would say. He's ugly and he smells just doesn't cut it with the grownups. Xoogsade, I try not to ever address you seriously because I know you have a highly emotional/disturbed state of mind. It's possible that some of your relatives were killed in the current or previous wars, so your greivances might have some justifications. Anyhow, I think Miskiin can provide some intellectual basis for his criticism. Afterall, he's the moderator. He should be starting thought-provoking threads, not grade-school insults.
  15. Heh! You tell others sometimes not to start threads about themselves or other Nomads or any other pointless thread because it is immature. Here you are doing just that. How childish. Is this the best you can do, duqa? How about you write an article, an essay, a paper about the Melez Regime. Criticize his policies. Attack his Human rights record, etc. Or are you too lazy? Maybe even inept and unable? Where's your education? Is that the most intelligent criticism you could up with? Zenawi is ugly?
  16. MKA Yoonis, duqa, I'd be very interested in listening to the arguments that you have for them being innovators. Besides, the well-known Islaax personalities are not all western educated. Some of them were educated in the arab world (i.e. Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Saudia Arabia etc). Anyhow, regardless, they should be commended for this gesture, no?
  17. Where are those rumor-mongering SOLers who love to accuse the TFG army of being solely composed of the PL State Army? The TFG Forces are from all parts of Somalia: from Bari to Mudug to central regions to Banadir to Gedo. I wish the new national army success.
  18. Al-Islaax is one the few genuine Islamic movements in Somalia. They are level-headed unlike the the politically motivated, power-hungry Al-Ittihad movement. But they are history.
  19. Pi

    Amaan Dumar

    ^^ A word borrowed from arabic, huh? I better start learning arabic before it's too late. Bilan, dudette, I guess there's no accounting for taste. As far as amusing insults go, those who find any tribal insult amusing are the actual qabiilastayaal. I'll post some pretty vulgar and indecent insults if you wish. Just ask. I doubt you'll find it amusing. LOL
  20. Yes to Law and Order. Yes to peace and stability. It will be achieved, IA.