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  1. Naxar, no, I was under the impression that there were large empty terrains there. I would never condone fighting amongst women and children, wherever they are. Anyways, the least these anarachists could do is go to the outskirts of Muqdisho. But no, they want to fight amongst the civillians. Morally shameless creatures.
  2. ^^ Would any civillians die if these clannists took the fight to the outside. There are outskirts in the city which are completly empty why not fight there? Why not fight at open feilds of Bay and Bakool. You think the TFG and Ethiopians are guilty and these grown men standing behind women and children are not? What kind of sick and twisted logic is that. Hypocrisy aside, like Jelle said, there will be a new offensive.
  3. Tahlil, well, like I said, I think Freudians and Rosseuanians would have a feild day with you. You're vivid descrpition supports my suspicion. Anyhow, make your mother and sister proud. They worked overtime for you. Get an education. Man up, dude.
  4. Tahlil, women are part of the armies of all civilized countries. Take the US, China, Great Britian, Italy, Canada, and Japan as an example. As for your suggestions about prostitutions, I think it is pyschological proof for the things you experienced during upbringing. Guri Geerashayn iyo dhilo ayaa laga yaabaa inaad ku kortay. I wonder who the main actors were.
  5. I can see and understand the concern of these noble statesmen. But I don't think there is any benefit in xabad joojin. The drill or hunt for these weasels should continue, even if they try to hide behind the name of the larger clan to which Geedi belongs.
  6. LOL@ Captain. Dude, if I see any insults from the petty plunnderers and looters, I will come back firing on all cylinders. To hell with everything else. Anyhow, I still agree that we should show more patience and restraint in the face of these savages. The ICU clan mercernaries are getting literaly plucked out as we type.
  7. It is just amazing how gullible some ppl are. Half the ppl in this thread actually bought Olol "Oromo"'s propaganda. Poor ICU clannists are getting desparate. The noose is getting tighter around their neck.
  8. LOL@ thursday. Dude, they are fleeing the city in hordes. Every see an ICU memeber trying to desparately flee on a dameer. Not a pretty sight.
  9. The ahlu xaq will prevail, I'A. The Looters will always lose. It's the sunnah of Allah.
  10. ... says ina Gaal. Qof aan xitaa aqoon nawaaqidh al-wudu oo iska dhigaya inuu Islaam difaacaya. **Sighs**
  11. Root out the anti-nationalist anarchists out, I say. Muqdishu will be better off. Somalia will be better off. The world will be better off.
  12. As the Captain would say it, the DRILL IS ON. Time to remove the scum of the earth from Muqdisho, aint it?
  13. Guess what OLOL says, he says he's Oromo, not even Somali. Yet his deep tribalist rage and anger is all too telling. I see a sick ICU clannist who is fuming with anger. Question is: why would he hide his clan and claim to be Oromo on cyberspace. Can someone who is this scared in the virtual world ever stand up to a real person in real life?
  14. So is it a consensus? Paragon (aka Jamaal_11) has no principles, just deep-seated grudges against certain clans. Thank God he is not a moderator anymore.
  15. Faarax, does Aweys, Cayrow and Galaal know how to read the Faatixa? I use indhacadde because he is the infamous criminal amongst them all. He killed scores of innocent and weak tribes when they were under his rule. P.S. I'll ignore your pedophelia comment, and won't make this as personal. Laakiin qof iga cay badan malaha, so easy with cay sxb. What made you so pissed of to make you that vulgar?
  16. Faarax, yaa quraan is saaraya. Does Indhacadde know how to read the Faatixa? LOL.
  17. ^^Horn, dude, I think you should try having a low-profile like your uncle Barre Huuraale. Crawl back under the rock which you from.
  18. Captainka, I think the N/A stands for honesty and stability NOT APPLICABLE. Khalaf, that's true bro. By the way, that's the only sentence I understood from Samurai. His somali is as archaic as his english. LoOL. It's true though. Soomalinimo iyo muslinimo ayaa ba'ay oo hoogay.
  19. Oh. So you don't want to address why Huuraale supported the TFG and their Tigree allies, or why he said he would even use YAHUUD if he had to. LOOL. What has changed?
  20. ^^ The least he could do is resign. But it seems Barre Huuraale doesn't want to condemn or resign from the goverment. I think he should make his moves while he has time. Once Xamar is tamed, he won't be as useful. EDIT: Hornafrique, he already fought for the gaalo. Whether he will do it again is another question. We all saw the pics of Huuraale on Ethio tanks rolling into Kismaayo. Is he still a divine warlord for you?
  21. Hornafrique, why isn't Barre Huuraale and his little minions not fighting against the gaalo? Where is the Guutada Saddexaad. The anarchists can use their help right about now. What a shameless flip-flopper. No stability whatsoever. Yarku fududaa.
  22. Like I said, the *************** should be more creative. Come up with a name of your own. In the Somali context, the Daraawiish refers to a sub-clan, a very mighty one, who fought for a noble cause. The Daraawiish did not fight to keep their loot from a civil war. LOOL. [ March 31, 2007, 05:55 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  23. The Daraawiish were predominantly one tribe, to the 90th percentile. The sub-clan that inhabits most of SOOL and parts of Sanaag. Of course, there were ppl of other clans and subclans in it, but they were a negligible minority. Sheekh Bashiir from Somaliand. Abshir from Mudug, and many others. By the way, the sons of the Daraawiish are actually in Muqdishu trying to liberate it from the anarchists. Everyone's aware of the recruitments from SOOL and elsewere.
  24. ^^ Nah. I meant the anarchists, terrorists, and national fugitives. But you already knew that.
  25. LOL@ Darwiishes. I knew the ICU was fond of material bililiqo, but are they fond of historical bililiqo too? War magaca dad baa lahaa ee come up with something of your own. Suggestions: Xaa Cunaayaal, Dameeroow, iwm.