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  1. Samaruia, doqonta walaalkeed baa u caqli qaba. Let Paragon be. LOL. Wuxuu maqlay Islaam iyo Soomaali baa la taageeraa. Dude doesn't understand under what conditions you can give support to someone who claims Islaanimo iyo Soomalinimo. Can you possibly support someone who kills, loots, steals under the name of Somalinimo and Islaanimo? Conditions, Conditions, Conditons.
  2. ^^Calaacalka jecliyaa. Music to my ears. Gax Gax Gax.
  3. Come on Faarax and Xoogsade. Be honest with yourselves for once. Despite your disagreements with Duke's political philosophy, the man objectively covers both parts of the story. He is a politician and a reporter at once.
  4. Wlc back Generaalka. Your balanced coverage on Somali polticis is desperately needed. We have ppl claiming to have overtaken Villa Somalia, to have hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers, to have reconquered Muqdisho. LOL. You have a track record for presenting reality against fiction. Keep the updates coming, bro.
  5. Yeah. That's the story I got from the vine too. The downing of the helicopter is more symbolic than significant. The TFG Troops and Ethiopian have inflicted major damage on the anarchists and terrorists. Deja Vu? Iiidaale II? Diinsoor II? I won't be too hasty. Watch this space in the next few days.
  6. Originally posted by TheSomaliEconomist: War nimankii mujahidiinta ahaa tacsi beyba ii galeen, qarxiska bilaawa dee lol. This move was expected to cleanse the city from it's anarchic scum. LOOoooOooL. Ha iska calaacalaan.
  7. The deluded dead guy is in for a rude-awakening. God aint gonna too happy with his crazyiness.
  8. ^ LOL. Is that a threat? But I guess getting beat sideways with a divine stick can't be so bad. Must be a gentle stick. Umm, I don't see the issue. JB wants to release some mental farts like usual. If you believe in Allah, make dua, because the quran tells you, and the prophet tells you. Why would a person who doesnt believe in God bring up prayers. Dude is crusin' for a brusin'. But I'll resist being vulgar this time.
  9. Pi

    Troll Corner

    Val, I assure you, I meant nothing of the sort, unlike the perverted pubescents who said it doesn't run on batteries. Mine was a distinction between organic bananas and genetically modified ones. Generally, organic bananas are smaller than GM ones, for obvious reasons.
  10. Pi

    Troll Corner

    ^^ I wonder how big the bananas were?
  11. I just noticed that Alle-Ubaahne is called by a different name in each forum. Politcs section known as Qabiil-UBaahne Islam section known as Diin-Ubaahne General section known as Caqli-Ubaahne I'm not too sure about what the old fart is called in the women and debate forums, but the epithets seem to folloow him in each forum.
  12. Looks like Mujaahid SNM is back with same old ********. Dadka inuu ******** ku toogtuu rabaa. Dude bring some logic. ********* in the public gallery won't avail of you anything. Captain Xalane, duqa, give these english ******* a much needed education. Edit: *************** ************** ****** [ March 27, 2007, 11:28 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
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    I was tryna get the image of that monkey NGONGE posted out of my head, but with Crystal's comment, I think that monkey is starting to take a human form. :eek:
  14. Good topic NG. What is monkeysophy. And where is the wisdom in picking and sniffing ...! :mad:
  15. ^^ ********* don't know their mother tongue so well. soph·ist –noun 1. (often initial capital letter) Greek History. a. any of a class of professional teachers in ancient Greece who gave instruction in various fields, as in general culture, rhetoric, politics, or disputation. b. a person belonging to this class at a later period who, while professing to teach skill in reasoning, concerned himself with ingenuity and specious effectiveness rather than soundness of argument. 2. a person who reasons adroitly and speciously rather than soundly. 3. a philosopher. Source [ March 27, 2007, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
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    Wedding Dresses

    ^LOL. Actually, the computer belongs to another like you, hence the dullish name. [ March 26, 2007, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: Rahima ]
  17. Pi

    Wedding Dresses

    Taliban aka Haddad, don't you think it's too tight? By Taliban standards in Afghanistan, it would be illegal for a woman to wear that white dress outside. Too tempting, dude. Two Taliban Women discussing their outfit.
  18. ^^ WARNING: Asking questions excites the wrath of the "Shabaab". :mad:
  19. ^^ Imagine you started a topic (interesting one, preferably) everytime you changed your nick. There'd be discussions left and right.
  20. Aden Cadde and Abdirazaq Xaji Xusein were a superb President+ Prime Minister Combo. Compare them with other Prez and Primes. Cabdirashid/Cigaal Siyad Barre/Mohamed Ali Samatar? who was the PM before him? Abdullahi Yusuf/ Geedi
  21. Sheikh Nur, I know you're stance on the ICU and TFG. But given the current situation, what would you tell the ICU turned clan to do? 1. Negotiate with the TFG and its allies (Ethiopian, American, Ugandan) 2. Hold a big Barbecue party. Menu: Somalis and their Ethiopian allies. Remember the KFC motto: finger lickin' good. 3. Fight to the end. This time without running away and without hiding amongst women and children. Hmm, the first option is not attractive. The TFG and its allies control all of Somalia except Somaliland. There are other small pockets where they don't have much presence. Anyways, the ICU (or clan) whichever name they go by doesn't have much of a bargaining chip. What's there to negotiate then? Second option is against both religion and humanity. Though the ICU clan entity said those are expedient. So they might choose this option, it is attractive to their sense of morality. Third option is not workable. If carrying out a conventional war is possible, the remnants of the ICU clan would not have fled Bay and Bakool, only to hide under a googarad or stand behind a kid in diapers. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  22. Raadmiir, duqa, I've heard El-Presidente say time and time again that this goverment is Dib Uheshiisiin. That's why it never bothered to fight the ICU in the begginning. It was more than able to confront those moooryaan. To the government, human life is sacred. Compare them with those savages from the ICU turned clan who burn dead bodies. You know what's funny, they think that if you talk and civilize with them that you're weak. The only thing they understand is raw force. Once you slaughter a few hundred of them they wake up from their deep slumber. Case in point: the battles in Bay and Bakool, even though the most hardcore clannists fled and never fought. Clannists like Dahir Aweys, Indhacadde, Cayrow and their petty sub-clan militias.
  23. Walee this TFG government has displayed unbelievable patience. How more patient can you really be? These anarchists refuse to talk. They display savegery and animalism by buring bodies. They have no purpose in life other than looting and plundering. How can you talk with such an entity? I think the Goverment should up their cleaning process. Those 10,000+ TFG soldiers should overrun South Muq. and annihilate anything that comes their way. Enough ceasefires and other unworkable crap. Cleaning Muqdishu is easy. Ppl thought the ICU were all that. Turns out they ran when push came to shove. The same will happen in Muqdishu. These hooligans will either die or surrender. This time there's nowhere to run.
  24. Sakhar, duqa, you know, sometimes I'm deluded because I convince myself that ppl want to discuss something, and are not out to make a sarcastic point. That question about being happy with Ethiopian troops was the paragon of petty questions. If only I saw the second question, I'd be more contemptous and less daacad in my remarks. Note to self: every question is a loaded question, even if it does not appear to be loaded, you should read between the lines and percieve it as being loaded. LOL Generaalka, the government will definately prevail I'A. Let the games of hide and seek begin. How good will hooligans be able to hide? Their chances are slim to none.