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  1. How hard is it for you to find your equal Somalian brother?
  2. "Kula bid3atin dhalaalah, wakula dhalaalatn fin naar" a3aadanalaahu minhaa Dear Bro and sis Before you copy and paste articles seek guidence in Allah. Search the subject in the Quran and the sunnah and if is not there reject it!!
  3. This issue came very personal to me couple of months ago, and the following is my answer! 1) I've never considered this issue before, but an event took place that made me change my mind about it and I'm a donar now, and who gets doesn't really matter to me as long as they realy need it. 2)Is it Islamicly correct? Better question to answer is, are muslims allowed to accept donated vital organs for their survival? If the answer is yes, then if muslims can accept organs why can't donate them?
  4. Sexy to a Somlaina brother; Confidence, Respectful, keeps her eyes to her man only!