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  1. Originally posted by AAliyah416: ^ From what I gathered he is young asian dude, they said he could have even been a student. I doubt he is muslim. As muslims we know our sole purpose is to worship Allah swt, even if we fail in every other aspect of life. where gaalos just get depressed and either commit sucide or take their anger on others. They happen to be emotionally unstable. Muslims are capable of committing the worst of atrocities (read as somalia war in the 1990s).
  2. Originally posted by General Duke: Yeaaah War is fun [/img] Bisinka iyo Yasinka ..LOL This is a distrubing image reminiscent of the videos suicide bombers use. I guess this is the new face of "Jihad" right.
  3. There's no such thing as a part-time muslim. You either believe in the Oneness of God or you don't. Let the judging be left to the Ultimate Judge.
  4. Originally posted by Socod_badne: RealityCheck, I see you're still badgering Nur. Perhaps time for restraining order. I would hardly call my post to Nur "badgering". At best, it was challenging. Now, go away.
  5. Originally posted by man_in_malaysia: you are getting surgery to get your orgasms to reach at climax point....lool..clitor have nothing to do with orgasm. and i think most somali women have health sex life...Media are disturbing... Have you conducted studies on women that went through FGM or something?
  6. Originally posted by NGONGE: Nur, I’m surprised you didn’t address the topic at hand and instead tried to read what was not there in my words. You are right though, I was indeed mocking and ridiculing and, brashly, I shall continue to do so. Stop shaking your head though. I’m sure you have read me declaring myself a Muslim on countless occasions in this site. It’s tedious to always go back and remind you of this fact. However, since you allow your hothead to rule your senses, I limply have to state that fact once more. I am a Muslim ya sheikh Nur. When I mock, I always mock attitudes, stances and behaviours. I don’t mock divine laws. Here, and after reading some of the responses on this topic I could not help but give such a retort. There is certainty in the replies you see. Those that support it believe 100% that they are correct! Those that don’t also seem to believe 100% that they are spot on. I’ve looked into this topic in the past and discovered that even amongst the scholars there has been varying differences of opinion. Because of that fact alone I didn’t want to preach on the correctness or otherwise of the topic itself. Nonetheless, my mischievous streak wouldn’t allow me to walk past without having a dig at the ignorance I observed. A different Nomad than I would have been offended by your implied accusations but, again, my mischievous nature got the better of me and made me chuckle at your quick tempered reply rather than get angry or offended. Still, the fact that you replied and the message it gives (you’re sure to correct me if I’m wrong) obliges me to finally address the topic and, possibly, put your mind at rest. From your reply, I get the impression that you’re in total agreement with the central point of this topic. In other words, you believe that he who does not pray IS an apostate and deserves to be killed. I only make this assumption because I reasoned that if you were not in agreement with this idea you would have tackled it in your post first before attempting to challenge my words, which were, at best, questionable. Now, it’s my turn to say what I think of this punishment and declaration of Kufur. I’m not sure if you remember, but in a previous topic of yours, I once spoke about doubt and how it’s important that we have doubt in everything (other than Allah swt). Solid positions, immovable stances and certain beliefs are not things I subscribe to. Of course, things that are clear cut are not the ones I speak of here. What I question are those things that are open to interpretations. Our subject here is a case in point. The scholars have differed on it and though one is free to choose to side with any of their opinions one can’t possibly argue that it is the truth! Therefore, I was (and still) am reluctant to 100% declare that this opinion or that is the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. Anything else, in my opinion at least, is nothing but ignorance. Still, because I already declared my doubts on the subject, it automatically means that I am receptive to new arguments and convincing opinions and could be persuaded to move from one camp to the other. Of course, it will have to be a very good argument that will make me do so. Nonetheless, this receptiveness also makes me aware that one group might be correct! Now, if they’re correct, why am I not convinced? I would carry on and answer the question myself but because of my mischievous nature (again) and desire to be tickled with the replies I’ll receive I’m compelled to leave this question for you (and anyone else reading this) to answer. PS Though there is a little doubt here too, I’m inclined to believe that you’re shrewd enough to read between the lines and (finally) get my drift. This is unacceptable, Ngonge. Are you sure your muslim?? I kid, I kid. I concur with your post.
  7. Originally posted by Janna: The Somali woman who appeared on Nip Tuck shamed herself publicly. However many Somali Australians enter hospitals for their lower area to be reopened. The numbers are alarming. The reasons for wanting to be reopened includes the following; - Getting married or - to minimise painful cramps. also add, probably cant have a proper c-orgasm if there is too much damage done during the surgery. But ah...the Somali parents who allowed this procedure to be done to their children should be the ones to be ashamed of themselves. And ah, the girl wasn't Somali. She was just an actress playing one on TV.
  8. Originally posted by Tukaale: ^^ What sort of punishment does the law says deserves one who never performs prayer. The one that awaits that person after they pass. OR should we just make one up to punish them anyway? lol
  9. Originally posted by Nur: Ngonge writes; " Beheading is such a dull way to punish someone. Stoning is much more exciting and allows for more crowd participation. Only the ‘hands on’ approach will help remind the crowd of what they stand to lose if they don’t pray. Unless of course they already had their hands cut off. " Subxaanallah! Allah says in Quraan: "Laa yus'alu cammaa yafcalu wa hum yus'aluun" Meaning: (Allah) is not questioned of His deeds, while (all others) are questioned ( By Allah) You seem to be questioning the validity of Allahs law, with a tilt. These words show either a serious direspect to the Law Giver, weakness of iman in Allah and day of judgment, his Books, Messages and Messengers, or a sheer ignorance of Islam in general, the price of such contempt of the law giver, this instance Allah is grave, you will only know the truth of this statement after death, I only pray that you quickly repent and approach your maker with humility. Dont please mortals to anger Allah. Stoning is a superior and best fit deterrent punishment to administer for the discouragement of marraige infidelity ( not for prayer deserters ) Marriage infidelity is so bad a crime, not only does it cause irreparable family break up, bloody vendettas, unsupervised kids who grow to become criminals and drug addicts, thieves, and/or desease ridden societies, abortions aka killing of infants, jails infested with pervertion. Nur It's funny you should speak of God's laws when there is no such thing as stoning and beheading for people who don't pray in the Quran. "Let there be no compulsion in religion"
  10. Originally posted by Peplow throb: Do Somali women have orgasm, then? Apparantly in Somalia and other parts of the world, only men can have that satisfaction. *shrug*
  11. Originally posted by NGONGE: Beheading is such a dull way to punish someone. Stoning is much more exciting and allows for more crowd participation. Only the ‘hands on’ approach will help remind the crowd of what they stand to lose if they don’t pray. Which would take us back to the Roman days of the Gladiators.
  12. Originally posted by Suleyman: If a person neglects prayer, out of laziness or deems it as not compulsory, he is allowed a three-day repentance period whereby he is daily asked to return to Islam. If he returns, he shall not be executed but if he doesn't, he is to be killed as an apostate. To follow this mandate would be to complete disregard God saying "Let there be no compulsion in religion".
  13. Originally posted by beeteljuice: i will say it with as much diginity as i can muster she was getting her cliortis reworked on since shes been circumsiced and her reason was she wanted to feel an "orgasm" i was pretty shocked it was just mind blowing for me LOOOOL Why is it a shock to get your clitoris working again to have an ORGASM?
  14. He might have converted prior to that statement he made to his father.