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  1. Hi there...... I went on to google and typed in: Minnesota "goat farm" meat. Best farm buys classied listings came up with many people around minnesota selling goats... There were many articles on google about the huge demand in minnesota for fresh goats meat!!! Manybe a somali family could start a business in it....they'd probally make alot of money!
  2. Minnesota: 1st Annual Meat Goat Farm/Field Day brings together meat producers and Somali, Hispanic and African communities Fri. September 09, 2005 12:37 pm. Send this news article 1st Annual Meat Goat Farm/Field Day Saturday, October 1, 2005, Start Time: 9 am 2005 Theme: Producers and Consumers Meeting and Working Together 2005 Host: Hassett's Berry Farm, Big Lake, Mn Funding and Support provided by: Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education (SARE) Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) Tennessee State University Other Organizations and Individuals. Goat producers and consumers, this is a chance for you to get together and experience a cultural and educational exchange. Activities include; a visit a local family operated processing plant, have a "fun show" withgoats, hear Dr. Richard Browning discuss his $750,000 meat goat research efforts and his wife Dr. Maria Browning discuss among other things, starting a viable meat goat association, hear progress reports from 2 producer grant recipients, discuss Minnesota's goat industry, discuss processing and marketing opportunities and meet Minnesota's newest "Americans" from Somali, Hispanic and African communities who are interested in purchasing goat meat from family farms. Producers and consumers will have the opportunity to share their thoughts face to face for their mutual benefit. The purpose of this event and related efforts is to help create awareness and build momentum for all of Minnesota's emerging goat industry state wide. This event will have a significant impact on all ofMinnesota's meat goat producers and consumers. Your help is needed to make it a special event to remember! Attendance is limited for obvious reasons so REQUIRED PRE-REGISTRATION will be on a first come first served basis. Ethnic and mainstream media are welcomed. Goat producers are invited to bring animals for a "fun show" as well as meat animals for sale. Sales are by private treaty only. No commissions are involved. PRODUCERS PLEASE DO NOT bring culls, blemished, nor health issues to this event. They will not be allowed on the farm. Horns, no horns, bucks, wethers, does, kids are okay. Hassett's Berry Farm has sufficient space to accommodate what you bring. You must contact Bob Hassett, ASAP, pre-register your animals and discuss biosecurity measures. Admission to the event is FREE, no fees of any kind. PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED; no last minute walk on attendees. Producers and consumers are encouraged to bring a pot luck dish and/or a recipe card, to share. Contact Bob Hassett for details. The recipe cards will be displayed for all to see. A map of Minnesota will be on display and producers will be located on the state map. Producers are encouraged to submit a short bio of their operation. If producers wish to, their small bio about their family and or goat operation can be posted. Producers please be prepared to discuss the way you raise your animals with people of limited understanding of English AND Minnesota production agriculture. Pictures may help. Please try to keep it simple and avoid controversy. Minnesota's "New American" consumers may have little knowledge of the way that Minnesota goat producers raise their animals. We want to make this a memorable cultural and educational event for all participants. PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. LIMITED ATTENDANCE. 1st COME 1ST SERVED. To register for this event, contact: Bob and Nancy Hassett 17175 245th Ave NW Big Lake, Minnesota 55309 763-263-8840, berryfarm@sherbtel.net News Category: Somali Diaspora
  3. WoW these extracts form the Koran seem really sound. I really agree with the whole balance thing, and with the comment above about distrubing it! Hey castro cheers for reply PS What is the final judgment day?
  4. LoL...... i enjoyed reading your replies, thanx to all of you! And to the men giving the advice, thanx. But a) I actually don't drink really, as my body thinks most of it is poison to it. b) even thou I go out, It doesn't mean I let anyone disresect me (I aint no piece of meat and I don't let men treat me like one). The only reason I go out is for my love of music, and meeting friendly down to earth people. I'd love to go to an Ede party, but I can't just gatecrash, lol!
  5. No not at all!!!!! I just just lead my thoughts on about "hey **** what happens on earth cuz I'm going to a nice after life" attitude!!!!! I was (trying) to drawing a comprison, The regilous right (christian) don't care for innocent lives when it comes to war, and don't care about the environment!! And some religious people who are islamic don't care about innocent peoples lives. But in MY opinion I reckon the religous right in America are worse, but they seem not get away with it, when it comes to media coverage!!! They 'terrorise' just as much, but in underhand ways!
  6. hey foxy thanx for the relpy! I'll try and check it out x
  7. ^^^^^^^ HA HA neways thank you for that link!! It looks wicked, i'm gonna organise a trip to it with my girls maybe for that De La soul night! THanX
  8. Scary eh? And Gorge Bush won't even sign to the Kioto (sorry if spelt wrong) agreement. Apprently most of the his right wing fundementalist cronnies don't really care because they reckon they'll reach heaven where there'll be safe. This recuurring thing I keep hearing with fundementalist religious people really scares me, it's like they don't care what they do on this earth or to its people, because they all think they are going to paradise after. I really admire & respect religous people (well the ones I meet), but the ones that terrify me are the exstremists, and they hate each other (calling each other evil).....as an outsider though I see the extremists all acutally have alot in common. Hate, hate and more hate.... Even as a little girl I used to wish we could make a planet for them all to live on together, and let us lot live in peace. This world is CRAZY
  9. thank you for the last few replies........ .... the first few seemed abit of an attack.... I been bought with white english parents...so please give me some slack!
  10. Hey what clubs in london does anyone in here go to? Are any of you into drum and base, hip hop and rnb? ......I'm thinking of going out in lieciester square (area) sometime soon, and wondering if there are any nightclubs you can find alot of somalis at!!
  11. I think the correct term is INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE....... there are actully millions of internally displaced people all over the world, and unfortunately they do not get the same internation recognition as refugees, as they can still find refuge in their own countries.
  12. I REALLY like the track HIbibi it's great.....just annoying that it is only a snippet of the track!!
  13. Could anyone tell me what 'Goobta dhalashada' means? Thank you x
  14. ^^^^^^ Thank you for replies. WOW a somali family in Cornwall!!!!!!! I was at the beach with my fried last week at I was certain I saw a somali couple with english friends on the beach!! Where in cornwall do they live?