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  1. ^ Yes, I have seen them which is why I started this topic. But I think that it is all an act. :rolleyes: A silly one that needs to be dropped. But anyway, Afrosomali. What is up with you and the other Farah's here. I am talking as a concerned sister. However, you boys are only interested in arguing and belittling the girls. Perhaps, you too are suffering from the same syndrome. By all means ladies and gents, be real about your positions. And drop the act, your getting on my nerves and boring me to death
  2. AfroSomali Walaal if that is the case, then you men do something about it. I didn't saying anything about romance deprivation. I'm just saying, it is okay to want a man. Honestly, it is. What is bugging me is that these girls are pretending not to when it's obviouse from their constant talk about marriage that they do. Dawoco, I dont like fighting, I've no energy. Some1 has to tell the truth. I say all this with a spoonful of LOVE...
  3. Hello everyone, Hows is everyone doing. I have been away for a while and just been reading around SOL. I have noticed most of the topics posted especially on this section is all about MEN and Marrige!!! i am sure there is more to you guys than just that Ok i can understand mybe some of you girls are at that stage where you sort of thinking about marriage and so on but don't you think you need to take this issue somewhere else or approach it from a different point instead of acting funny.
  4. Originally posted by LayZieGirl: ^^^Hibo, you are kidding right? quote: And all the feminist wannabes,, save ur breathes.. we all know the truth. Maybe when u have children a little hardwork kicks in, but as new wives... u barely do anything. This is a joke right?? It has to be a joke, because no one on their right mind would stay home waiting for a hand-out from dear hubby. Your husband, is just your husband. Your husband isn't your parent, he is your husband, he shouldn't have to be the only one out there working day/night and earn a living for two two of you and the future children. Allah gave you the will to do anything and everything, therefore fetch for yourself. I don't respect housewives, I will never ever respect housewives, because thats just a fancy way of gold digging. House-wives just want a pat on the back and say, good job, she is taking care of the hubby, well hubby can get a maid while she goes out and earns her share of the income to support their family, not "his family" and the maid that will do your supposed work.(maids need to earn a living too) Layzie is really the definition of lazy, I don't even like to pick up after myself. I'm sure I would make a great housewife, but I refuse. I have never depended on anyone outside of my parents, I don't plan to, even though I know I am lazy and would make a wonderful housewife. My mother was a hard-working mother, who raised great children, while she juggled career and family. If my mother can do it, I am sure I can, if my mother can do it, I am sure all women can. I also realize that for as long as we live in this world, housewives would exist, and thats ok, but it pains me to see intelligent women scattered all over the world who still carry this old mentality of "being the woman of the house" while hubby dictates how much of his earn dollar you will get? How would you be able to feel, knowing that another being is counting the percentage of his income you should get? (counting the pennies away) HOUSEWIVES, I ADVISE YOU TO GET YOUR BEHINDS OUT OF THE CHAIR, GET A JOB, ANY JOB, EARN THE INCOME WITH YOUR HUSBAND, SHARE IT AMONG YOURSELVES. For those of you that have a day job, and get paid regulary, how does it feel when your cheque is deposited into your bank at the end of the week/month? Doesn't it feel good to look at the balance in your account, knowing that you have earned these few hundreds/thousands of dollars weekly/monthly? Doesn't it feel good knowing that you can spend that money you earned as you please? I feel good when my cheque is deposited, knowing that I earned it on my own, without anyone's help, I do. Imagine, giving away that freedom, and waiting to depend on your husband so come payday, he will share another portion of his earning with another lazy human being waiting for a handout, how would you like that picture pro-housewives? (I rest my case against pro-housewives/housewives) Cut the rubbish walaalo. You have two people in the relationship to fulfill two different roles. One brings in the money and the other takes care of the children. Whats is the point of bringing children into this world if all you care about is having money in your account. Spending the money your husband earned is a God given right. He works not for him but for the family. Now stop be being childish and let the man fulfill their roles.
  5. Darman i have posted the thread so people can see it. So why is it out of sight
  6. Always learning, yea sis that seems to be the case which is why i want an explanation why it has been deleted. The thread was about charity event so i don't see how it can be viewed as being trashy.
  7. I have recently posted a thread about the 18th of may event but I don’t seem to find it anywhere! So I would like to know what happened.
  8. Nomad UK Presents: The Official celebration Of 13th Anniversary Of Somaliland Independence Day. This Is A Fund Raising Event For Burco Hospital ( Last Year Donations worth $15000 went to Hargaisa Hospital ) SUNDAY 16 MAY 2004 2:00PM - 12:00AM @ Hammersmith Palais, 242 Shepherds Bush Road, greater London, W6 Admission fee: £10 Nearest Tube station: Hammersmith Station ( Piccadilly line, Hammersmith and City Line ) Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf? Call: 07950256223 for info --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I must agree with Angel-Dust the London one was amazing, the whole of Uk must have been there cus I have seen plenty of ppl I have seen for ages. The music was great and that lil acting on stage was brilliant.
  10. To be truly honest it wld better if I cld say I wld go for brains rather than beauty, but as humans we see with our eyes first. When u first see someone what attracts u to them is their looks only after u got to know them u can decide. Beauty+brains=perfect thou.
  11. Like STHLM_Lady Qof waxaa ku jeclaatid aa lagu tusaa..wax oo kunacdid waane lagu tusaa said sis for the relationship to be over tahn something must have been going wrong. In which case just see as an experience and try to move on, but make sure u learn something from it.
  12. It's at this point that the brother begins to think that most Somali women generally don't know what they want. Evidently, he starts to judge all the queens. Guys turn into 'Jerks' as they had some bad experiences with some sisters, but how stupid are they that they can't tell the difference between ppl. I think only idiots turn into 'Jerks'
  13. Amiin ilahay ha u naxariisto, janidana ha geeyo Its funny how we here one day and gone the next. Walaahi it was a wake up call to me Mohamed's death. Samir iyo imaan ilahay ha ka siiyo familygiisa.
  14. Hibaad

    May 18th!!!!

    Hi, yeah its only three weeks away, i heard last year was great and they doing the same thing this year too i am not sure where thou.