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  1. Innaa lilaah wainna ilayhi rajicuun, geerida waa xaq, samir iyo iiimaan walal. May Allah swt grant him jannatul fardaws
  2. maashallah so sweet messages happy happy Birthday JuXa macdaa!
  3. maashallah, baarakkalhu lakumaa wabaraka calaykuma wa jamica baynakuma fi khyr!
  4. jzk khyr bro nur! rabbi hana siiyo niyad khaalis ah, qof kasto diinta wax mau qaban karo ee dadka diinta barta aa wax u qaban kara, rabbi hanagu maneesto cilman naaficaa! aameeeeen
  5. alla, poor little Gurl may allah SWT forgive her and give her the strenght to deal with her problems! yaa Rabbi!
  6. maashallah rahima, nice pictures! thanks for sharing
  7. Raxmah sis Duhuur inshallah.. ilaaheey haku caafiyo
  8. inaa lillah wainna ilahayhi rajicuun.. OG dearest, may allah grant ur dad Jannatul fardawsa, wallahi i was shocked by reading this bad news.. Samir iyo iimaan sis
  9. dubai inshallah it has been my dream country since i was a child! if not mogadishu
  10. looool, alla ninku fulaysanaa , that was funny, thanks for sharing MMA.
  11. </ Galadriel Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. Galadriel is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. You can read more about her at the Galadriel Worshippers Army.
  12. What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by</div
  13. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- first let's talk about american Domestic violence laws, this laws are designed to destroy families NOT protect women. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is this coming from a bitter experince, luv? Don't let your past experience cloud your judgement and common sense. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domestic violence laws prevent men from exercising the leadership that most women actually want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I suppose beating, assualting, raping, denying women their rights as wifes, failing to provide for her and her children, are considered leadership qualitites? quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what most somali women don't understand is that After this fateful act, she loses all control. The state prosecutes her husband whether she likes it or not. He is jailed and prohibited from returning home. **** up his record for the rest of his life -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And whose fault is that now? Is the only way a man would respect his women, is being scared shitless of the police? quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evil forces that have subverted governments are using feminism and lesbianism to destabilize society -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I simply love men and their paranoia and conspiracies about feminists and lesbians. How adorable. Almost makes me want to cuddle them. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Men -- steer clear of any sexual relationship where you are not in charge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me correct you on this, before you lead some men here astray. Men, stay clear of any sexual relationship in which your partner is not your wife. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man wants power. Women want love (not power.) They ARE different. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats funny. I want both. What does that make me? quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A woman is a vehicle by nature. She is waiting for a man's call. She wants to be used by the man she loves for a higher purpose. One such purpose is to create a healthy happy family. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I find this insulting and deeply offensive. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A man, therefore, should have a clear idea of what he wants, and the role he wants a woman to play. Then he finds a wife who meets HIS criteria instead of contorting himself for every sexually attractive woman he meets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lol , ilaahoow FF hanagu didrin , we need feminists like ya dear back to topic: as women come to west, they try to get educated, get a job and live a better life unlike men, that sit in the cafe`s chewing Qat, what this conflict couses is that some men can`t accept that women got a better status in the society then they did earlier (back in badiya) isn`t it? and still they complain??
  14. Golden Girl


    life has both it`s ups and downs bob bro, so iska sabar, allah hakuu islaaxiyo your Malaika!
  15. mahadsanid nuune bro, fasiraadada!