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  1. congrats to Sanaag. They have beaten a tough team! according to my sources, the Sanaag team will receive a price money of $500 bucks from the mayor of Erigavo while Togdheer can kiss $1000 bucks goodbey. ouch!
  2. W.D.

    My First Poem

    This is my first poem ever, so don't be too hard on me. Just rate me, maybe I'll dig deeper, who knows. Provinces of Somalia First we have Sool, cuz I'm a big fan of hiphop and soul. then we have Sanaag, ey why won't you grab me a snack. then we have Togdheer, condemning the asskising of premier Blair. then we have Mudug, here, you'll have a hard time finding a book. then we have Bakool, I swear I can take Ashley Cole! then we have Bay, watching Bollywood movies of Mumbai. then we have Jubba, this poem would sound great if I would be playing the tuba. then we have Bari, this is no place to be drinking bloody mary. then there's Nugaal, tonight I'll be going out with my new gal. then there's Galguduud, yo ssup with you dude? then there's Hiiraan, I'll stop playing from now and here on. then there's Shabelle, it sounds like a tigresse named Isabelle. then there's Gedo, yo you might think twice before entering this Ghetto. then there's Benadir, I promise to call you my dear. then we have Awdal, yo this poem is getting dull. and finally there's Woqooyi-Galbeed, so, it's time for me to go to my bed! yeah it's a bit childish, but hey if you don't like it, than I suggest you hit the road! JK lol
  3. Freedom and Democracy, no I'm not that dumb to buy that! It has to be limited according to Islam. Freedom, in the west you have as much freedom as long as you don't harm or offend others. In islam it's the same but add not to offend Allah with it. Democracy, to me the western style it's just a dicatorship of the majority over the minority. Islam was the only to introduce, protection of minority rights and respect and consideration for their opinions.
  4. dawoco that's a sad story, Allah's guidance is fortunately never too late.
  5. This dude cracked me up in a big way damn damn damn! How he talks is hilarious! never heard the Somali language being abused this way, he sounds like a chinese who learned Somali in 5 days. Radio Daljir is a radio station in Gaalkacyo, along with Radio Galkayo and Radio Codka Nabadda, Gaalkacyo is the city in Somalia with the most radio stations. An interview with Prof. Said Samatar who hails from Goldogob, Mudug, who's known in the Somali public. He wrote a lot of books about Somalia and the Somalis and is a history professor at an American university in newark. He's talking about his weird experience about a white girl asking the qabiil of this man among others. Prof. Said Samatar Allumni listen to the funny guy here: click here for listening Radio Daljir it's some funny radio, it's commercial so they make it as fun as possible for the impatient reer Mudug
  6. Oh yeah you're right, do you know how big it is LSKT? I've never heard of this place till now.
  7. 90% of the Somali population are camels, you see those niggaz everywhere camels give you milkshakes, camelburger and they give you a comforting shoulder when things get rough
  8. ahh group hug Darwish soldier chilling na mean :cool: "money making" is my motto money from family outside can make life very easy
  9. these pictures touched my heart, the beautiful life of Somali people. These pictures are made in the town of WidhWidh. Between Laascaanood, Caynabo and Buuhoodle. if I had money I would buy this piece of land His grandfather used to fight British colonial horses, Insha Allah my friend here will only know peace this is there Somalia Open Air forum herding the goats and sheep is a royal job only fit for a Somali queen Somali people are so busy with the animals, they forget they can grow fruit and vegetables
  10. looool doesn't she know, you'll loose speed if you go left or right? I watched here heat today and I didn't see her running on the wrong lane. My eyes were focused on the fast runners. Even the Afghan girl was faster than here, damn!!
  11. well, I could Jumatatu, I missspelled fight! nah just kidding man, thnx bro!
  12. Rahima that was a very ackward remark for real. Sold himself away for playing for a country where he lived since his youth. He came this far with the training, food and opportunities he got in the US. Sure we all don't like the US, but in islam you have to respect the country that you live in and even fifht for it when they are being attacked. Better go to your room and think over what you just said girl! the source US Runner Abdirahman Eyes Gold in 10,000 Meters Race Parke Brewer Athens 19 Aug 2004, 12:35 UTC Abdi Abdirahman (USOC photo) Runners Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia and Paul Tergat of Kenya have finished one-two in the 10,000 meters at the last two Olympics. No American has finished in the top five of the event since Frank Shorter finished fifth at the 1972 Munich Olympics. American 10,000-meter runner Abdi Abdirahman was born in Somalia in 1977. His father, Mahamed, was employed as a petroleum engineer by Conoco, an American oil company. When the civil war in the country started to get worse, Conoco decided to get its employees out of Somalia. So in 1989 at the age of 12, Abdirahman and his family came to the United States. He said it was a culture shock. "It was the same as for everyone from a third world country who comes to the U.S. Everything was different - all of the big grocery shops, the roads were kind of different, the lifestyle, everything. I was shocked. It was culture shock," he said. Abdi and his family settled in Tucson, Arizona, where he learned English and later graduated from high school. He had played soccer (football) in high school and joined the team at Pima Community College in Tucson, but he did not see much playing time. At the encouragement of a friend and his soccer coach, he turned his efforts to running. Amazingly, in the first five mile run he took with the track team, only the best runner on the team was able to beat him. He went on to run for the University of Arizona, and he graduated from there in 2000 with a degree in retail consumer studies. Earlier that year, he got his U.S. citizenship and that enabled him to compete for the United States at the Sydney Olympics. There he finished 10th in the 10,000 meters. While he knows he's not a favorite for a medal here in Athens, the 27-year-old Abdirahman says he won't hold anything back. "I'll make sure I run smart, I'll run tough and I'll make sure when I leave the track I don't leave anything [any energy] on the track," he said. "When I leave that track I don't want to have any regrets and say, 'Oh, I should have done this, I should have done that.' I want to do everything that I can do." Abdi Abdirahman knows that anything can happen at the Olympics. He points out the achievement of native American Billy Mills who shocked the world in winning the 10,000 meter Olympic gold medal in 1964, running a time 46 seconds faster than his previous best. Abdi has a videotape of that race with him at the Athletes Village. "It's one of my favorite tapes. Every night in a routine before a race I watch that tape all the time," he said. Abdirahman would like nothing better than to win a medal for the United States. "America has done a lot for me. They paid for my education, my training, everything. So if I win a medal it's a way for me to say thank you to the country and the people who supported me," he said. His mother, brother, and sister are here at the Olympics to support him and watch him run the 10,000 meters Friday night, 1950 UTC. And he also will get support from those athletes from his native Somalia. "I did meet a couple Somali athletes and their leaders. I talked to them. They support me and what I do," he said. "They're happy for me that I'm running for the U.S. and they say they don't have any 10,000 meter runners in their country, but they're going to come support me because I'm Somalian, so they're going go come support me, they say, Friday night." Abdi Abdirahman says his training has been his best ever, and he believes he's peaking at the right time. Rahima, a person needs to think before they speak. :cool: You can go rent a movie, while I'm cheering for my Somali brother!
  13. you better watch!!! :mad: this dude got an actual chance of winning a medal. He sued to run the New York marathons and shit.
  14. Mansha Allah!!! Now let's pray for Sool, Sanaag, Nugaal etc. whom are even in a worser period.