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  1. yes its true that those on top are a reflection of state of the avarage persons in our midst, but who said anythang about leaving it up to them, i mean we are fortunate enough to get post secondary education most of us on this forum, so i suggest we put that into good use, if we are not ready to sacrifice to comforst n security that life in da west offers for improvin the situaion in somalia i dont who will, the un, african nations, i dont think so, somalia needs young martyrs and brave foot soldiers who r willing to lay down the ground work for future generations to build on. hopelessness is from shaytan, always have faith in Allah swt.
  2. i know there are many of you freaks on this forum, nways if any1 of you is thinkin about grad school i think u should consider workin with profs who do research in fields that would benefit somalis such as Parasitology. there is a huge lack of scientific information on parasitology and they do cause a lot harm in somalia so i think it would be worthwhile cause. peace specially malaria, leishmania, tryponosoma, tropical ones.
  3. this crazy, is like we dont give a damn no more, i mean if this doesnt unite us i dont wha will, somalis need to wake up, we have to understand we need a leadership and follow it instead of conspiring against it i mean the prophet peace be upon him said when you have 3 people elect one as ur leader, what does this tell u. instead of sittin on our azzes i suggest we go back n take over n start valvet revolution wit ideals n good will to get things, i mean we have to really understand n convince those back home its time fo real change not shuffling of evils around.
  4. mr. caano enlightenment carries a darkening ignorance on da back end after all. let it be know when u lack the knowledge on the fundamentals of tawhiid u end up like mr. caano.
  5. mr. caano's progressive mind officialy starts of the much belated somalian enlightenment. oh how great. oh lor help us. as for me i suggest a nice azz whooping for ur friend while u read her the story of prophet lut n wha happened to his peeps. in da end like or not if she dont change she gone get a bigger azz whoopin in da hereafter na imean.
  6. u want my advice, squash grad school get married sit home have kids n contemplate about how much u already suffered in undergrad. peace
  7. Raula who said africans cant manufacture their own drugs, they can do whatever they want as long as they developed the drug. BUT why da hell would some1 give u the right to use knowledge they spend billions to acquire it, see my point. lets face it by forcing pharma to share intellectual property u simply prevent incentive for future research. and like i said even with recent progress of making these drugs a fraction of wha dey cost in developed world, its not even enough to make a dent only about 100 000 africans receive HIV treatment.
  8. obviously u r not familiar with the tireless efforts of steven lewis. beside that point, big pharma has no need for the sub-saharan market HIV its chronic disease meaning life-customer who is willing to dish out any whatever price saving the life entails. big pharma knows even at unbelieveably cheap prices most africans still cant afford the treatment, and the truth of the fact is they cant plus there is a huge logistics problem.
  9. first of all i said relatively comfortable lives, second of all i do not deny the fact that HIV does make people infected with more prone to die from other diseases, however it can hardly qualify for the exterminations scenerio u have painted for us na i mean. like some1 quite rightly pointed out HIV is spread by vicely life style in most cases. getting back to ur raula concerning the politikin of HIV drugs, well unlike most unrealistic liberal minded ****** i am realist, u cant force big pharma to provide free medication we all have to realize like or not we live in capatalist driven world, they do have to answer to their shareholders which include those same ****** that fight for cheaper drungs but the sametime go nuts when they find out that might affect the bottom line in their companies quarterly reports, so lets keep it real, plus we wouldnt wanna jeopardize any future endevours that seek to cure illness just because they dont deem profitable since governments pass legistation for free handouts. but again dont mistake me for a capalist either, i do agree we need a paradigm shift, oh crap this topic is endless i guess am have to end here b4 i endulge in trashing capatalism.
  10. lets not get carried away, it is true that almost 90% of the native american population was wiped out through diseases brought over by european invaders and in some cases knowingly used these infectious agents as biological warfare case in point pittsburg. why would anybody introduce an agent which they had no control over and that could possibly come back to haunt them, as far as controlling population, Hiv in many ways is no longer the menace it once was, with current treatment one can can carry on a relatively comfortable life, and given da fact that these drungs are increasingly being made available how would this go down with that ****** theory.
  11. let me see if i got this right, some1 is suggestiong that Hiv was introduced to africa as a form of a population control. wow i guess thats as absurd as it gets, if only the formulators of this theory had a minute understanding of the complexity of this menace the impossability of their assertions would come to light. throughout history lethal microbes have sprung and died down its only a natural process ultimately governed by the will of Allah swt. europe itself was dealt with some of the worst outbreaks of bubonic plague, smallpox, influenza etc... although human inguinity has taken great leaps we are nowhere close to the ability to synthesize such a dynamic killer.
  12. hey bob, i always wanted to say that to a somali. nways, its about rising to the occation, did u see what ronaldihno and shevshenco changed during the the cl encounters. big players come out in big games. henry is good but he doesnt have da ability to carry his team, n that doesnt just mean scorin goals look at zidan, if it wasnt for him france would have never won da world cup, its not always about skill there is also psychological part to it. na mean champions got it pretenders fall short. peace.
  13. lol i was in danmark dis summer, this add on tv showed this thang man it made my borin trip all worth it thanks fo da reminder.
  14. shujui man, i think a ur due for a username change, there must be some law some where against naming urself after a drama queen. nways playa i missed da game n from wha i read henry flopped, sure some of u say he was great, but i think he only flattered to deceive. baaniyal i am sorry man i lost hope in dis frenchie, after he went into hiding during the manu game while reyes was gettin da crap kicked out of his legs by da relate hooligans.
  15. baaniyal, as dear friend would say ooh lorrrrr!!! its 9 30 sunday mornin, last night just about every soccer freak in dis school offered me to come watch the game at his house, but a monday mornin mind blistering exam is on my way. boy would i love to see mourinho's face during the game.