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  1. Obaaa... Unuka .. waxay ka keenen 6 nin ee SYL! Siyaasada waxaas ka baxeen marka ey noqotay midka qoriga..
  2. Carafaat, sings the blues when everyone else sees red;) I concur with you Carafaat, If all jinnis in the world are joing the campaign why not him?
  3. A positive effort towards the future, the closure of the leaching xaawaladyada
  4. Moon, laziiness is a big factor, reer kasto waxay ku faanta in oo qof u maqanyahay, marka maxaa aa loo shaqeysanaa hadaaba heleysid bil walbo qof lacag free ku soo diraayo. I am not a die hard capitalist but think about. What kind of mentality do we give to those in Somalia when we send them "freely" a monthly allowance? The allowance that we send back to Somalia without any kind of repayment demands have led somalis to lack the the urge to work. I can not blame them.! Marka xawiilaadyada ha la xero! Capitalismada dadka shaqo ha barro. Nin aanan shilin shaqeysan shaah ma cabo lol! I
  5. I remember growing up in Xamarwayne... Waking up in the morning and heading off to dugsi, and then going to Xamar jabjab for some shukaansi.... xamar caddey aan soo xasuustaaye mugdiga MUUgdishada yaa xadda ka warhaayo!
  6. Khadafi

    Would you?

    Narnia hadaa soomaliya la joogo haa, waan guursanlahay. It is not that I prey my friends wives, the thing is when the bread winner dies who is going to take care of her. It is a win.-win situation. I cared for my friends wife economically (he would be happy) and I got a second wife;)
  7. The intresting thing is that Turkey has dropped its high quest for an entry in the EU? The tables are turned, who wants to join the drunking ship called the EU?
  8. It's better to make it later then having a bunch Mp-trolls fighting each other. The last thing we need today is is-qabsi baas.
  9. She did a good job! And by the way this my first post so salaams to all of you.