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  1. The Zack;872497 wrote: LOL@the afartan gubatay ee elementary school classroom isugu timid. Sooyaaal iga dheh.... Adeer kan buugga qoray u sheega haddii Sayd Maxamed jiri laheyn in maanta magaciisa iyo kan aabihiis ahaan laheyn Paul John. Ninka dib u islaamiyay buu wax ka sheegi. Ine Maxamed Cabdille Xassan was a man that had a foresight, but he was a ruthless murderor who instead of using peacefull means to unite Somalis used war and tribal divisions. I find his poems insulting other tribes filthy. But hey, he is your ina adeer and fought gaaalo, So he must be good? Liiska ku dar Maadeys favorite artist Xassan Daahir aweys and Fuad Shangole, they to are "fighting gaalo and using tribes against each other to achieve theire political objectives"Do you even know that Ina Maxamed Cabdille Xassan slaughterd one of the most well known religous leader in Somalia? Yaa dilay Sheekh Uweys Al -Qaadiri´al baraawi? Some people even suggest the man hade a taste for warming drinks Remember the poem " Markaan wab ka siiyo aan duula";) We deeply need historical revision, 21 years of of D-block rule sidelined some historical events that can not be denied. . But to do some justice his poems are sometimes inspring and deeply patriotic, nevertheless the man is deeply divisive. What he did to to the people of Bay-Bakool and should not be ignored. Zack, reer baraawe and ****banadiri haa u sheegin Ina maxamamed cabdille xassan.
  2. I acctually have a Italian half brother (from another bah) who is now in his 50-ties, maxaan isku sheegna? Half cadaaan waaye , he behaves as if he was 100% caddan. I would recomend the xalimos and somali men to the stick to each other. If a divorce happens between you, smile your kid will atleast be raised up as GAALO!
  3. Asc dear brothers and sisters. I am quit aware that It is not only me that is affiliated with soofi daariqada in our belived homland of Somalia. But sadly the propaganda of Wahhabiya movement is spreading quickly, shouting shirk to dikri and xadro to saying halal hyeansas.Before you judge thesse people, they are the student of Sheekh Cabdhrixmaan al Saylaci who inherited the wealth of wisdom from Sheekh Cabdullahi Qudubi... The Xadro, whats i more important the devout words of the ceyniya The shaykhs who moved from Mogadishu to the village in Quluunqul in Ethiopia composed of the greateuologies are still sung the countless dugsis of the horn. I will try to translate the late part of Sheekh Cabdurxmaan Salayaci when he says "la ta adoom doonya aaliha, waa kaana rasollilah Baaqiyan " If the whole creation would not die, for certainly then the sublime prophet would have lived for ever." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> And here is the full xadrada.. (Can you spot me in the one below) Here is a quick explanation of what Ahusunna wal Jamaaca is with its diffirent pracises.
  4. Shinbir Majabe;870061 wrote: A great day for Somalia albeit protocol lets us down at times.. We should send some protocal expert, It was a shame when the president finished and went away, the hordes of Mp:s tried to follow him out, the usal diplomatic protocol is to let the guests (foregin) presdents leave with somali president.
  5. I have to agree with the comments above, Speaking from the view of the shareeca What did an offical US-ambassador have to do with the message coming from a home-made racist movie? It wasnt a movie that the US-offical government made Our humble prophet was called a magician, mentally ill, and was abused by his own brothers and sisters, What should we expect from ignorant people? Whats more important is how respond, by showing the message of islam and the deep love and compassion our prophet had. Going around storming emassy's around the world with a machete knife is not the solution The media fenzy loves showing bearded pakistani men burning flags and showing swords, it suits them very well becouse of the racist hatred. Ilaahay baa nabiga amaanay, yaa u baaahan amaantooda!
  6. Confirmed, Xasan sheekh Maxamud is the president of Somalia! Ilaahay ha xafido hana ka dhigo nin caadil, aamin
  7. Nice kids, alle ha xafido wadankeena nabad ha ka dhigo!
  8. I truly believe that our brothers in that region will only attain freedom when their brothers in Somalia are united and have a strong leadership, They have been fighting for decades and are not even amongst themselves (O-unit) united. If they are not united what do you think about other soomali clans that feel alienated or not affiliated with them? Been maa lisku sheega. I To the east they have vindictive Hargeysaawis and to the south they have other somali clans who are suspicious about them. Lets drop the act come to the table, ha la tashto hana lis fahmo.
  9. Cawaale;861623 wrote: I must say It's Deja vu all over again. Little low don't you think Cawaale? , This phone conversation ( if it is authentic) does not change my opinion about this man, he's still much more educated, sophisticated then many other candidates.
  10. How come no one mentions those mooching Xawaalada, The Black NGO´s of Somalia Wallahi been seeing people that have lived on remittance money for over 20 years. Reerka/tolka waa la caawiya not to a extent that they become dependant or simpy to LAZY to work! Alpha lets begin with black NGO:s of Somalia.
  11. The Zack;860902 wrote: Khadafi, culimada aad caayeyso adey kugu soo bixi. Nothing to debate here. Faafan, loool@dhaantada Zack, Sheekh umal macsoom maha, he is not infallible. I clearlt stated his flip-flopping stances that he previously made public. Why not respond on to those point.
  12. oba hiloowlow;860887 wrote: WTF abahii horumarka ma dhiman kuye, Soomali waa uu dhamaatay walahi bilahi, Sharaftii iyo karaamadi meedaye Walleee karaamada iyo sharafta soomalida wey u dhamaatay, oba these people are paid thugs homaging pilgrimage to the xabashi Meles, xalka soomali galbeed will only come when we see a strong central somali state. Somali region is messed up, dad u duceeynayo Meles, iyo jabhad qabyaalad sheegeneyso in ey soomali u dagaaltamayaan laakin qabiilo kale dagaal la galaayo. Abtigis region 5 doesnt look so well, shacabka divided and a failed jabhad! Ilaahay ha isku keeno soomalida gobolkaas dagan. Så länge folk kämpar i klanens namn, ju mer lidande och misslyckande väntar dem.
  13. Never seen a more flip-flopping waraabe cunee. The old Sheekh and his al-tixaad group aka UWSLF were the ones who went to holy pilgrimage to the saint Meles and pleaded for peace in 2010. They pleaded mercy and got what they wanted. The The old sheikh was the one who accused Sheikh Sharifs government as apostates. Sheekha minbaarka nayroobi wuxuu ka qaylin jiray in Shareecada laga xukumin dadka Xamar joogo, He said this despite that his O-town Garissa was ruled by british-kenyan civilian penal code I guess the sheekh didnt want to bite the tail of his other saint Kibaki and Odinga yet when he the Sheekh saw how crazy his students [alshabaab] have become he then blasted them for being extremists. Zack waraabe cunaha wax legtimacy oo haysto ma jirto!Culumo waxaa luu kasaayay sharaf iyo zuhd, doolar jacayl waa arin kale;)
  14. Khadafi

    Amal Aden

    Did not know that girl was a member of the far right extreme party that Brevibik belonged to! Wallahi dad wareersan ayaa jirom Why join a racist party when your black, muslim and then Lesbian!Nin yaabain ayaa dhahay waa Yaabay!
  15. Running away from war to a land of oppotunites and then landing in jail, thats a sad story!
  16. Khadafi

    Amal Aden

    Nin-Yaaban;860551 wrote: Ok, compare this psycho killer lesbo chick with the one posted here.... 'Nuff said. lol, waxaan intee ka keenta ninyahow lol
  17. Khadafi

    Amal Aden

    Mooge;860322 wrote: "In March 2009 however, she went public and revealed her physical identity as truly being a Somali woman.[8] In another interview, in August 2011, she came out as a lesbian.[9]" acuudu bilaah. somali girl publicly saying she is lesbian. She looks like a nice decent girl but I do not really care if she is Lesbian! Waaga hore arrimahaani waxaa lagu tilmaami jiray cantra baqash! We used to have homosexualls in somalia, everyone knew the boy in the class who loved being with girls and waved his hands like women do, but no one would talk about it. Mooge arrimaha puntland aaba luu ogaaye shimee waxaan gashay;)
  18. Rape is a crime but how do you convict someone if the victim is unconcious ? Even the woman couldn't place Mr Jama at the scene because she was unconscious during the alleged encounter. ' The poor boy probably had a hellish life in a US prison.!
  19. The Zack;860081 wrote: I wlecome this attack. You sing for the Wayane that is raping your fellow citizens, you deserve in lagu dhaleeyo. Cajiib, Zack gabadha waa fanaan sooomaliyeed, instead of attacking her why dont you attack Abdi iley who yesterday cried for the death of his great father. Fanaaninta saaxib waa la ijaarta, maryan mursal sings sometimes with a big somaliland flag and other times with the blue flag of all somalis. 0
  20. MoonLight1;859284 wrote: {Then why, when the soul at death reaches the throat - And you are at that time looking on - And Our angels are nearer to him than you, but you do not see - Then why do you not, if you are not to be recompensed - Bring it (life) back, if you should be truthful? - And if the deceased was of those brought near to Allah , - Then [for him is] rest and bounty and a garden of pleasure. - And if he was of the companions of the right, - Then [the angels will say], "Peace for you; [you are] from the companions of the right." - But if he was of the deniers [who were] astray, - Then [for him is] accommodation of scalding water - And burning in Hellfire.- Indeed, this is the true certainty.} (Quran, chapter 56. ver 83-95). This should be a lesson for all that no wonder how powerful or rich, death is certain and no amount of money, sophisticated Doctors, or medicine can save you when your time is up. Ilaahow islaamnimo nagu dil. Moonlight Alle khayr ha ku siiyo, Waxaan soo xasuustay gabaygii Sheekh Cabdirxman Saylaci (alle sirtiisa ha xafido). Sheekha wuxuu yiri asagoo xertiisa la joogo "Low tadoomo dunyaa aalihia waa kaana rasoolilah[B] xayyan waa baaqiyan[/b] If the the people of this world would live for ever, Certaintly it would have been the messenger of god would live for ever in this realm Coming back to the topic, Meles the woyane is dead, but who knowes what the future will bring. Some somalis think that this is best thing that could happen, But my worries is that the amhara will take power. The last thing we need in somalia is an agressive hatefull neighbor. Meles was not good, but their are other people who are worse then him.
  21. Farole doesnt know the spoilers are going to be dotted by the UN security, Theire will be no more travels to Australia and no more qaylo!
  22. Mash Allah, it makes me happy to see muug-disho returning to its glory and a sense of peace. Nice pics oba!
  23. Maaddeey;858160 wrote: lol @ macallin dugsi maahi!, waan ogahay taas or at least I didn't think inaad macallin dugsi tahay. Sxb, waan isku soo dhacnay oo intaas aad ka sheegtay labadaas sheekh ayaan ula jeeday!, sheekha kale waa Sh. Shible, labadoodaba waa culimo miisaan weyn kuleh diinta iyo dacwah salafiyyah, lakin markey siyaasad ka hadalkeed galeen ayey ceeboobeen!. Stil I do love them all, specially Sh. Shible for his detailed explaination of masaail al diiniyah. Kulli waa culimo salafiyah qaladkooda Alle ha u dhaafo. Maadeyow hadaad macalin dusgi ahaanlahayd fikrika wahabiyyada waad ka ka soo noqon lahayd, soo ogid in culumada aad sheegtay in iyaga naftigooda ey yihiin kuwa fikroyooinka takfiirnmada ku fidiyey shacabka soomaliyeed. Sh Shibile waa ninka si cad cajaladiisu ku gaaleyo culumo islam, waxaa is weydiin mudan su'aasha yaa eh Ahlsunna wal jamaaca Yaa Ahlusunna wal jamaca ah Qaybtii 3aad { 15 Feb 2009} waxaa la daabacay Sun 15 Feb 2009 08: 02: 38 Waxaan ku guda jirnay casharkeennii taxanaha ahaa ee aan uga hadlaynay yaa hlusunna wal-jamaaca ah qaybtiisii 3aad waxaan cashrradeeennii hore kusoo qaadannay aayado qur’aanka kariimka ah, Axaadiithta Rasuulk CSWS iyo Ijmaaca Imaamyaalka Islaamka. Hadda jawaabta qaybta 3aad ee ah yaa Ah Ahlu sunna wal-Jamaaca ah waxay jawaabteedu noqonysaa cidda sida saxda ah ugu abtirsata salafu saalixa. Arrimaha lagu kala garto waxaa ka mid ah waa in qofku leeyahay meel loo raaco diintiisa, meshaasna Imamyaalka islaamku caddeeyaan inay xaq tahay oo ay tahay dariiqii toosnaa ee ahlu-sunna wal-jamaaca. Qofku markuu dariiqaas xaqa ah haysto ma qarinayo imaamyaalka iyo culammada uu ugu abtirsado diinta islaamka. Laakin haddii qofku bidci yahay oo aanu heysan imaaamyaal xaq ah oo uu ku abtirsado wuxuu ku doodayaa ereyo uu ku khaldayo dadka aan aqoonta u lahayn diinta Islaamka iyo taaariikhda Islaamka. Haddii qof kasta laga yeelayo quraan ayaan aaminsanahay oo aan la xaqiijinayn layskana hubinayn inuu si sax ah u haysto iyo in kale waxaa laga yeeli lahaa: 1 . munaafiqiintii diinta ku ganban jirtey oo ilaahay caddeeyey inay ka beensheegayaan iimaanka iyo diinkii ay sheeganayeen قال تعالي : ومن الناس من يقول آمنا بالله وباليوم الآخر وماهم بمومنين يخادعون الله والذين امنوا وماخادعون الا أنفسهم وما يشعرون dadka waxaa ka mid ah kuwa dhahya Ilahay ayaan rumaynay iyo maalinta qiyaamha mana rumayn. Ilaahay ayay dhagrayaan iyo muuminiinta, mana dhagrayaan waxaan naftooda ahayn. Ilaahay wuxuu aayadahan ku caddeeyey inaan munafaqiintan laga yeelayn iimaanka iyo muslimnimada y sheeganayaan ayna ka been shaaegayaan. 2. waxaa lQaalallaahu tacaalaa iyo qaala Rasuulllahi laga yeeli lahaa Bidcadii Quraan aqriska badmnayd sida uu nabiga noogu sheegay axaadiista saxixa ah oo ay ka mid yihiin عن أبي سعيد الخدري قال سمعت رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم يقول يخرج فيكم قوم تحقرون صلاتكم مع صلاتهم، وصيامكم مع صيامهم وعملكم مع عملهم يقرءون القرآن لا يجاوز حناجرهم يمرقون من الدين كما يمرق السهم من الرمية الحديث (رواه البخاري ومسلم) واللفظ للبخاري xadiithkan ay weriyeen Bukhaaari iyo Muslim wuxuu Rasuulku CSWS ku caddeeyey in dadka bidcda ihi ay ddka k salaad badanyihiin, ka soom badanyihiin, ka camal fal badanyihiin, Quraankay aqrinayaan haddana anu kalxanyaha dhaafeyn uunadiinku ug baxayo sida gamuunku uga baxo meesha lagu gano. sababta aan bidcdaas ooga aqbalayn quraanka salaadda iyo soomka iyo camal oo dhan waxay tahay ayey diinta islamku leedahay caqiidadooda oo xun iyo diinta oo ay u fairayaan si qaldn يقرؤون القران و يقو لون من قول خير البرية و لا يجا وز إ يما نهم حناجر هم يمرقون من الدين كما يمر ق السهم من الرمية Rasuulka CSWS kuma sheegin bidcada keliya in aan laga yeelayn quranka iyo axaadithta maadaama caqiddadoodu xuntahay wuxuu ku shegay in lacnaddii Ilahay ku dheceyso waayo waxay ka leexdiin dariiqii saxda ah ee diinta lagu fasiray. Sidaas waxaan ku soo ogaannay axaadiithtii saxiixa ahayd ee bukhaari iyo muslim weriyeen. Haddaba marka culammadii hore iyo xarakooyinka gadaal ka yimi la weydiinayo labadinna yaaa ahlu sunna wal-jamaca ah waxaa la weydiinayaa qoladiinnii hore mad’habka aad haysataan ee shaaficiyada mad’habka caqiiddadiinna ee ashcariya iyo dariiqadinna suufiyada soo caddeeya inay ahlu-sunna wal-jamaaca yihiin. Xarakooyinka kalena waxaa la weydiinayaa mad’habka aaad haysataan ee maxammed cabdul wahaab ee wahaabiyada soo caddeya inuu ahlu sunna wal-jamaaca yahay , labada qaybood qaybtii inkirta dariiqada iyo mad’habteeda waxaa la ogaanayaa inay baadil qarinayso oo ay bidca tahay. Annagu waxaan ka jawaaabaynaa su’’aashaas wahaabiyadana waxaaan ka sugaynaa inay ka soo jawaabaan si xaqiiqadu u caddato. ليهلك من هلك عن بينة ويحيي من حي عن بينة hadda qofka si loo ogado inuu ka soo jeedo dariiq xaq ah Mad’habta ama Dariiqada Ama Jamaacada uu sheeganayo waa inay tahay:- ★ Magac Madaraso Diineed; oo anay ahayn magac layskala baxay. ★ Waa in madarasadaas ku abtirsataa Imaam Salafu Saalix ah. ★ Waa in Imamkas Sanadkiisu tixan yahay Ilaa Rasuulka (CSWS). ★ Waa in xaqnimada Imaamkaas sugeen imaamyaalka Salafu-saalixu. Waxaa nasiib wanaag ah in culammadii hore iyo ummadda Soomaaliyeed eee aan weli la duufsan uu Ilaahay (SW) ka yeelay mid buuxisay shuruudaha kor ku qoran; tusaale haddii aan u soo qaadanno abtiriska ummadda Soomaaliyeed ee dhinaca diintu waa sidatan:- ♖ Dhanka Mah-habta: Magaca mad-habteedu waa SHAAFICIYA. Iimaamka madhabta ummadda Soomaaliyeed waa iimaam Shaafici oo xaqnimada Iimaam-nimadiisa la islku raacay xilligii Salafu-Saalixa, kana mid ahaa culumadii Salafka ee Sanadkoodu tixan yahay ilaa Rasuulka (CSWS). ♖ Dhanka Caqiiqada: Waa Ahlu-sunna Wal-jamaaca, oo Ashcariya ah. Magaca Imaamkeeda Caqiidada waa imaam Abul Xasan Al-Ash-cari, oo xaqnimada Iimaam-nimadiisa la islku raacay kana mid ahaa culumadii Salafka ee Sanadkoodu tixan yahay ilaa Rasuulka (CSWS). إن عقيدته إجتمع عليها الشافعية والمالكية والحنفيةوفضلاء الحنابلة ♖ Dhanka Tasawufka: Waa Suufiya Ahlu Dariiqa ah. Magaca Iimaamkeeda Tasawufka waa iimaam Abul Qaasim Al-Junaydi oo xaqnimada Imaam-nimadiisa la isku raacay xilligii Salafu-saalixa, kana mid ahaa culumadii Salafka ee Sanadkoodu tixan yahay ilaa Rasuulka (CSWS). Qaybahaan sare ee Abtiriska diineed ee ummadda Soomaaliyeed, aan xoogaa faallo intaas ka baahsan ka bixinno, si aan u helo faham ka ballaaran inta sare ku xusan ee aadka u kooban. inshaa’allaah Waxaan uga faaloon doonaa sida ay u kala horreeyaan. Waa socotaa …… Wabilaahi Tawfiiq
  24. Ninkaani soo maha ardaygi Umul ? This kind of takfirsim started in the 1980, when men with deep pockets came to Somalia from the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Culumadeena hore, ummada ey khayr u sheegi jireen, they woul enlighten people with the love to the prophet and God. Every jimco we would lit the fire of luubaan and sing poetry to the prophet, yaa cayniyada soo xasuusta . Then we would stand up aand turn of the lights and begin yet again untill the time of the morning prayer! but nowdays it seems that the so called clergy are heavily involved in the messy clanish politics of Somalia. Ninkaani, who bashes out and calles somalis non-muslims is not so diffirent from his father Umal , Do you guys remember when he accused the government of being infidels while he himself made peace with Meles Senawi?