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  1. Kadaroo dibi dhal, Maytka uu lugta saarayo are Somalis? not that it matters.
  2. Holac, cut this emotional bigger picture nonsense and Oromia are occupying Somali region. Ask yourself how did it come to this?.
  3. Appreciate the irony, The leopard can't change its spots but, these Abdi Iley henchman who were proud Ethiopians and used curse every thing Somali are now screaming yaa Somalia aheey, waa nalugu soo dulayeey. A very sad moment for everyday folks in the kililka, but I doubt not too many people sympathise with these oversized characters.
  4. ^^^you don't say!. I agree Oromia do want to bring in their own puppet there. But the same dire scenario you describe above was practised and executed by your own Tigray in the kililka under this fool Iley. Now you claim fault because the puppet master is not ur ilk, com'on you can't sidestep the architect of this playbook.
  5. After nearly 30 years all the lies run its course, No ictiraaf, there is no opportunities/ better future for the youth. Now arrests and intimidations for anyone wanting to be unionist have also run its course. On the video Coldoon clearly challenges them while in Burco, knowing people are tired of all this BS.
  6. It's not me obsessing Abdi iley, It was actually himself who claimed that much Getachew Assefa and other TPLF Generals used him to butcher his own pll. Don't matter who takes control after him, as soon as he vacates the stage - the brotherly coexisting of Somalis / Oromos will return as it has been for centuries. Here I was assuming you be away on a sabbatical from these Somali portals to regroup after your side lost the driver seat in Addis - but you're redoubling your snitching endeavours.
  7. I stopped reading after this paragraph. Being critical of Farmaajo and his admin is fine, but advocating that Kukuyu warlord held up in a 6 miles squire in Kismaayu for 6 years is a pure hoax. Let me guess - you got this farce of an article from wardheernews? forget being objective, the author can't even conceal his kin from his own thoughts.
  8. Maakhir1 has a point, maxa laga rabaa? The beauty of Clan federalism, every Tolka race towards their little seaports until ay noqdaan shops at the karmel mall. Horay ha loo socdo... Everyone should read on Hambantota Port, where Sri Lanka borrowed billions to build the port and couldn't repay the loans until eventually, they gave it to China for a 99-year lease for debt relief. And that is Sri Lanka, poor but with a stable governance system in place.
  9. Stop falling for this fanatic Secessionist & the fake news header. Gen, Bogmadow is not from the Gedo region, He is of Madoobe's kin. let's remember Madoobe with the aid of Kenyan forces captured the city of Kismaayo in Oct 2012. Not a surprising at all, after 6 years of controlling 10 miles squire and not an inch more, the appointment of a commander from the Fed Government to 43rd army division causes panic for this thug. Federal army being one of four core central government's exclusive responsibilities by the constitution.
  10. He keeps forgetting to say what ever he was coached to say, and the Special agent OO is behind camera keeps reminding him on the spot. Tigray mercenaries are having hard time matching upto Jawar's ground game.
  11. "Axmed Madoobe sodayntayda kashaqeeyey"., cajeeb. Wasn't him who locked up those demonstrated during the rendition?.
  12. Professor xanuunsan Somali uunbaa lagehella. There's reports today that the professor ka in uu 50 ari ah uu cidamada Tukaraq ugu deeqay...for Qabiilo isku haysto imaginary border..and yet brags he lectured over 59 Jamacadood the world
  13. ^^^He should steer clear of politics. Involved himself into the chaotic & divisive Somali politics will only ruin his prestige.
  14. The nostalgia of 91' continues for Mahad Salad & Fiqi and co.