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  1. outside Bosaso coastline just before landing.
  2. Wiil Cusub;847212 wrote: Mukulaalow pls remove that last pic u disturb my dream Don't worry WC, ninkaas waa ciidamada badda What about this one.
  3. OdaySomali;847197 wrote: 1. It would be realistic, cheaper and effective to dam the tens if not hundreds (I am not exxagerating) of seasonal rivers in the North that literally run into the sea. You see, you have to understand the geography of the north. Because the mountain range in the north runns parrallel to the Gulf of Aden coasline, the vast majority of the water that runs down the mountains empties into the sea. If you look on google maps you will see that all along the northern coast there are rivers that run into the sea - this water is not harvested or used. There are also large and productive acquifiers up north that are more than capable of meeting the local demand - indeed water produced from our northern acquifiers are exported, to among other places the UAE (however) I don't think this scarce resource should be allowed to be exported). 2. The drought occurred throughout the HORN but became a famine only in the south of our country. The reason why the drought became a famine was because of devision, conflict and instability, leading to a lack of access to imports & investment in productive capabilities; in essence it was a man-made famine. There was no lack of water - the two permanent rivers were still flowing. The question is then, what or even who is perpetuating the division and war in the south and how can it be resolved. Yes the north has enough water, but not enough will and motivation to harvest them, Sometimes I wonder my self, are Somalis worst than the small ant? are they less clever than the ant? the ant harvests during the season of plenty and work day and night to stack up goods for the coming dry seasons, but we Somalis, every year we are hit by drought and famine and don't do anything the next year when it rains. again it all comes down to LAZINESS. Its unbelievable the effort these ants put into their work, by cutting these leafs, and crying them long distance, then stacking them under ground.
  4. Laziness is another big factor on the demise of the nation, we all want what we don't work for, as XX said the country is rich in minerals and all sorts of resources, but.... our people are just there to observe. Nudawn, I think we don't need to drag those rivers from the south as the northern regions have their own dry rivers, plenty of them, these dry rivers carry billions of metric cubic of water every year in the rainy seasons, sadly wasted to the sea, our people don't have the motivation to block those water and make man made dams or reservoirs. Laziness is another killer in our society.
  5. Nudawn;847157 wrote: Lmao I'm assuming you're a guy too Mukulaalow. Honestly the whole qabil thing isnt as complex as people make it out to be. It's all economics or a lack there of in our case. True, but tribalism in Somalia is complex at the same time lack of economic is a factor. The nomad harsh life which competes on scarce arebal land and water was the main reason of rural clashes in the past, but when it comes to statehood and city life its almost the same symptoms, where every clan wants to get peace of the cake e.g ministerial jobs or who gets the top job, all these contribute to this problem.
  6. ^ and here is another shark.
  7. wyre;847132 wrote: Ontoro Ma Qabiil baa maybe he is mistaking it with Yantaar which is a D&M sub clan.
  8. wyre;847144 wrote: War ninyahow Her Ayaa Adna Kaa Dhuntay War Isku Xishoo man I was fishing for you;) if it was her I would've asked do you have a europian passport.lool;) Nudawn wrote: Mukulaalow Thanks walaal I'm a guy I probably should have made that clear huh. Thanks for the warm welcome You wlcm. sorry walaal. There are lots of clannish sharks in here, and even if you try to avoid tribalism they will try to flush you out and stigmatize you wit reer hebel, but if you stick with good ppl like me and Wyre we are save, we don't care if you are reer qurac or reer khansax. The PL and SL lads are the far right groups who see every thing in their triangle glasses.
  9. Spain Champions of Europe 2012
  10. wyre;847131 wrote: Mukulaal Hadda Kadib Iga Dambee Widaayow Aniga Waxaan Saadaaliyo Wey Dhacdaa Mostly sixiroole waaxid.
  11. Nudaw walal soo dhawoow, welcome, mininka mininkaa waaye, ha is martiyee, shaah sanbuus xalwo, baashaal. welcome again, are you her or he, if you don't mind?
  12. I cant believe Italy a nation of long football achievements and won the world cup many times, can not win this Europian cup since 1968. Shame.
  13. Full time, Spain won 4-0 Congratulations Spain
  14. And another one by Juan Matta. Spain 4-0 Italy
  15. That is the goal which killed Italy, Spain 3-0 Italy. Ferando Torres. Bye Bye Italy. The best 1st of July gift from spain to the somali nation.