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  1. this is my experience with quitting.
  2. GaroweGal;819709 wrote: From what I understand "Soomaaliyey toos" was written in the early 1900s in attempt to entice the Somali people to rise against the Italian and British Colonialists, and this was later adopted as 'national anthem' during the civil war in an effort to restore the country. However this is not the original Somali national anthem. I believe our anthem is Qolobaa Calankeedu . I would love to know who wrote it. hey sis that anthem you are talking about is written and sung by the late abdullahi qarshe.
  3. I have no idea how to activate my pm
  4. It's about an hour away from my school in vcu. What do you need bro. Depending on how important it is I could make the drive.
  5. very nice gabay education is a very broad word sxb knowing how to solve for x is a small part of it watching and learning from the world around you is a bigger part
  6. Love can not be a cause of death but sure as hell can be a symptom.
  7. GaroweGal;779425 wrote: I read the book. I will never EVER get back the precious time I wasted. same here.
  8. I am also slowly losing my hair my friend. Its tough but he as the others said basically dont count what you lost but what you still have. Some advise would be to keep your hair short and grow out your beard. Keeping the hair short makes the receding hairline less noticeable. Grow the beard beocouse its the prophets sunnah. It also makes your face even out. It will bring less attention to your head and more on your face. The beard is your lions mane;)
  9. Mukulaalow;801454 wrote: I heard this reer waqooyi guy who took a bus from Muqdisho to Hargeysa, but the driver changed route and decided go through Bakool then ethiopia and all the way to Hargeysa. The reer waqooyi guy was sleep all day on his seat when the bus stopped in Xudur later in that afternoon for a short break. Two young girls selling popcorn and cigarettes jumped on the bus asking people if they wanted to buy (Ariiro sigaara fadaase, daango fadaase), the old reer waqooyi guy suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked with what his ears were receiving, he looked at the guy sitting next to him and said (Chaw, waryee heedhe war basku dheereeyaa, goormaynu Ugandha soo galnay). lol I could see this happening
  10. I support the lady wearing the niqab.The other lady wants to create her own sect of islam wear even hijab should not be worn.
  11. Somalia;796210 wrote: I'm pretty sure others destroyed Somalia, I'd love to point them out but it'd get me banned. Didnt know it was so easy to get banned here. Who are the mods?
  12. lets not blame arabs because most of them could care less about us. Lets not blame somalis because that wont help eaither. We should start instiions that protect the somali culture and make us united within it.
  13. may allah give everyone who helped me khayr
  14. For a long time I thought about becoming a doctor but have no real passion in it whatsoever. My parents want me to get a degree that will insure me a job that has good pay. I want a job that I like. I love spending time with kids, I am a good writer, a people person, love traveling, and very good at memorizing things. What should I become?
  15. I will be sure to post this 20 years later and see how everyone progresses
  16. will you remember this site and the good times you had.
  17. thank you sister for sharing this article
  18. Naxar Nugaaleed;763430 wrote: "Seek knowledge even in China, for the pursuit of knowledge is the duty of every individual Muslim" ~ Prophet Muhammad brother this has been classified a fake hadith.
  19. thank you for this post. I decided to fast today but accidentally was drinking water when i read your post. May allah give you khayr
  20. tollow amiin amiir weligi qof miyuu amaanay
  21. dunida waxa ugu liita nin iyo nag isfuray kadibna isgu soo noqda. dunida waa wereer halka laskuma hayste
  22. Dont even mention this guys name he sold somaliland literally. :mad: That railroad is going to go from ethiopia to berbera and meles will control everything in between it.
  23. Amin Amir goes on everybody. I think he just wakes up reads the news and gets to work on his next drawing.
  24. wow allah ha u naxariiste laakiin soo kan rag washay. qof rabigeen cabudiyo maxaa loo dilay. malaha waxay modeen inay ajar ka helayaan. Ya walahi waa werreer