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  1. This professors complex and deep explanation on Farmajo is exactly the issues that compelled many of us to dislike him(after we supported him in the beginning), but sadly many pro Farmaajo people lack the deep analytical intelligence/capacity to understand and see this deep issues
  2. it seems Farmaajo will kick out another prime minister for not dancing along with him(to stay or rigg the election), i hope this will be a wake up call to his naive supporters. There is nothing i hate more than a power hungry man who doesnt want to leave the office and restores to rigging and manipulation.
  3. Kaasi waa doqonka ugu weyn siyaasada somaliland. Dagaal iyo fowdo ayuu la jecelyahay somaliya, Farmaajo si nabad oo xasiloon ayuu kubixi doona, xiligi siyaasada qoriga lugu kal baxaayey wa laga soo tagay
  4. I think Farmaajo had to change his plan/speech, im almost certain he was planing to double down with his marinhabaabin and blame game, but the statements from South west, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and his Prime-minister blew up his plans, he now become totally clothless and naked.
  5. Farmaajo will either 1) Give up on 2 year extension and accept election now 2) More blame game (marinhabaabin) to get public support(kicin iyo kacaan) I say 95% with number (2) and only 5% number (1)
  6. Bro i think you are confused, why would you interpret opposition to Farmaajos illegitimate power grab as being synonymous with supporting this people? I want Xassan shekh and Shariif Axmed to stay as history, C/raxman kicked out of politics, Madobe and Indhacadde in prison, and Farmaajo like Xassan and Shariif to become history. My hope is in electing a new and better president.
  7. C/raxman c/shakur greatest qaain in somali politics, he is poisoning and tarnishing any legitimate and peaceful opposition against Farmajoos power grab. He and Axmed Madoobe, the two biggest traitors in somalia who should be in prison or exiled.
  8. Only totalitarian governments shutdown internet, have you ever seen democratic states do that? is the government suppose to copy al-shabbab? the only group in somalia who regularly shuts/take down internet in their areas
  9. This rag tag militas have no chance, their foolishness will only strengthen Farmajos grip after he crushes them using the national army
  10. Expect worse than this in the coming 2 years
  11. Shekadaan shalay ayaan ogaay iney tahay sheeko lugu marinhabaabinaayo dadka maskaxda yaryar, qofka siyaasadaha caalamka aad ula socda ayaa si fiican u og ina taaktikadaan meela badan laga isticmaalo, siiba wadamada dictatorshipka ah. As i said to fellow somalis dont be to naive, Farmaajo is not the saint you think he is, maybe he is beter than some but he definitively is not the best for Somalia, i hope he as soon as posible becomes history like Shekh Shariif and Xassan shekh. Faah faahin laga helay cida laheyd lacagtii shalay lagu qabtay Garoonka Muqdisho | Jowhar somali news leader WWW.JOWHAR.COM
  12. As i have said before Farmaajo and his palls have mastered the art of manipulation and scapegoating(marinhabaabin). Yesterday i was planing to call a relative who works in Mogadishu airport to ask him about this stunt, because i already knew since long time ago that this was not something unusual, every week millions of dollar(and jewelry) land or depart from Mogadishu airport, mainly by somali entrepreneurs traveling from/to UAE,Asia,Kenya. Not only that i personal knew/seen ordinary people in Europe taking bundles of $ with them to somalia. So people please bee more specious and vigilant dont take everything you see and hear as a fact/evidence, allot of manipulation/propaganda is going on on both side from Farmajo's administration and the opposition. Faah faahin laga helay cida laheyd lacagtii shalay lagu qabtay Garoonka Muqdisho | Jowhar somali news leader WWW.JOWHAR.COM
  13. Kenneth Roth is the executive director of Human Rights Watch, one of the world's leading human right advocate. He is one of the few westerners who constantly criticize US and EU for their double standars and dealings. Her is some of his articles -End Europe’s Backing of Egypt’s Repression -US Should Shun Autocrats, Re-Embrace Human Rights -Olympic Snow Shouldn't Cover China's Repression -Stopping the Authoritarian Rot in Europe Kenneth Roth's rader(like many of us) has spotted a new dictator in the making.
  14. You can immediately spot a manipulative person miles i way, Farmajo seems to have mastered this art very well. You can easily spot when he is telling a lie or half truth with his rapid eye blinknings. Any way 1 goal for Farmaajo and 0 for democracy. Farmaajos next two years plan 1) To be reelected att any cost, if needed through manipulation, scapegoating, hijack S/land and Banadir delegates to tilt the election to his favor, fill the election board with NISA/loyalist, the last two are two of the main reasons why negotiations failed. 2) To subdue Jubaland and make his tribe kingmakers, the man has putt 50% of somali national force in Gedo to biff his mini tribe while shabaab are freely rooming and killing inside/outside mogadishu while also parts of bakool are starving becouse of blockade by shabab.
  15. One man one vote in 24 month? kkkk thats a day dreaming. Another great marinhbaabin for ignorant people, what is the best way to extend your presidency? by telling the poeple "hey we will have one man one vote in 2 years" while fully knowing that it is logistically impossible in that short time and beside that why didnt he lift a finger in last 4 years to make/start "one man one vote" possible? that alone shows the disingenuousness of the claim. But hey all the politically uneducated pundits at home and abroad are cheering in joy, that is the entire goal with the "one man one vote" PR, to get the public support for an extension.