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  1. Alla umada jecla kutire kuteen iyo saan aa la yiri, mesha dayactir/dib u habeeyn ayaa ku socoto https://www.facebook.com/bisle14/posts/10157527127307706
  2. Are you sure the others dont have instead alcohol majilises/sessions? im just using (BAALA XOOFTO) baby cry outburst he used on me after i only mentioned my personal observation from my Somaliland side of the family(without ill intention). Some people are so die hard nationalist that they will fight/outburst on/att anything even if its true " only to some degree".
  3. "You made the claim that Mogadishu was developing fast" Again why do you need to misquote me? do you have comprehension problem or your mind likes to read in things people didnt say because you are insecure man obsessed with politics?
  4. You are one sensitive fella arent you, if bringing whataboutism and irrelevant issues i dint say makes you feel better goe ahead, for it seems you live in som kind of denialist or utopian bubble about this issue which makes you easily triggered.
  5. Their is not much prospect for Hargeysa to develop in same pace as ex:Muqdisho until they get rid/curb the khat trade/usage that is causing huge trade imbalance by sucking the valuable cash(USD) out of the country. One side of my family(father/mother) is from south and one from north, all my close male relatives except one from north eat khat and non from my south side eat khat. I once asked my northern cousin how much he spends on khat every month and my mind was blown away.
  6. Let me decode this. From what i know somali ladies who sell gold import allot from UAE so there is no way we export that much as a gold-importing nation, with that im almost sure in this case it is USD-cash that is ticked/checked off as gold in declaration-form and the biggest evidence is (Rolled Tobacco ($577M) which is evidently used for declaring khat import becouse we know we spend the highest amounts on khat import. So this also means they are using standard declaration-form made in other country which doesnt have the option "khat" or "cash" (in suitcase) so they have to improvise and tick/check off "Gold" for cash and "Tobacco" for khat
  7. Every somali design always ends look something very much different than from the original rendered computer design, lets wait and see how much cheap it ends to become.
  8. This poison should be totally banned, hundreds of million per year go down the drain.
  9. Sadly if its true im afraid he maybe is doing it for sinister reasons, many power hungry men have learned that appointing a women is the safest way to get your ways(for good and bad), example: Abiye Ahmed selected women to be ethiopias president and made 50% of his cabinet women.
  10. Thats one big cash flow for the few people managing Banaadir hajj quote, we are talking about 1-2 million dollar. The question is who are the masterminder/the head of this skim?
  11. No, it would mean some one is making big money by selling big junk of the extra quotes inside Mogadishu black market, they can probably make 500$-1000$ on every sell inside Mogadish black market and if they have 1000 at their disposal thats 500k to 1Million dollar. This needs to be investigated, probably a final heist by someone inside the outgoing administration.
  12. Whats your take on the 350 of the 5206 given to somaliland state(les than 7%). Who is the man in Mogadishu making this quote? and how much was given to puntland(probably more than SL?). If you divide by population (3million out of 15million) they should be given minimum 20%(1041 Hajis) Somaliland oo diiday tirada laga siiyay xujeyda sanadkan, iyagoo u dacwooday Sucuudiga. WWW.JOWHAR.COM May 25 (Jowhar.com)-Xukuumadda Somaliland ee uu hoggaamiyo madaxweyne Muuse Biixi Cabdi ayaa ka biyo diiday tirada sannadka laga siiyay dadka tegaya Xajka.Sida wararka la helayo ay...
  13. Appointing Ina Abdishakur is the biggest mistake i see so far, that man is the most dangerous clooshiis ushaqeeyste in the somali politics.
  14. If they only knew this, Farmaajo was only igeey/igu sawir PR president(in western term a "Populist"). I always challenge the igeey-igu-sawir farmajo supporters to mention some of the big tangible things he did, 95% of the time they will mention things that was done or started by Xassan shekh.
  15. Mucaaradnimo cilmiyeysan oo sal iyo raad leh waa loo bahanyahay, laakin adiga in badan waxaada waa empty emotions with zero facts, you supported Faramaajo igeey/igu sawir president who did almost nothing but personal PR. I become mucaraad on Farmaajo after 2 years of zero TANGIBLE progress that was far bellow what Xassan shekh did before him.