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  1. This is a sign that ignorance is widespread in somalia, in one place he is concerned about declining trade between Somali galbeed and bari but in the other hand he wants to make restrictions when it comes to trade between south and bari? yes that would be very profitable for puntland loool. Where did this guy get his education?
  2. MoonLight1;844767 wrote: Biggest danger to Somalis are Somalis themselves, hate, envy, and selfishness are what is destroying Somalis in Somali galbeed or Somalia proper, once we are united Oromos or others can not penetrate us. But while we are eating each other Somali galbeed will be lost slowly and NFD is already seeing a population shift where big cities like Garissa is becoming more of a Kikuyu city. Just look at Diri Dawa of Somali Galbeed where the Somali ethnics are only 24.3% contrary to 20 years ago where they were the majority. Wikipedia.org That information is not accurate, SPDP got 74 seats in 16 kebele in 2008 election out off 189 seats in all 24 kebele thats 40% of the seats. The somalis in Dire Dawa make between 40-60% but its very difficult to get exact numbers because its multilingual city, the group that dominate the politics in dire dawa hail from Gur-gura clan(largest group in Shiniile/Errer)) they have most importent seats(Speaker of the Council, Justice/Security and Legal Affairs, City Manager etc.) and they are multi lingual in some area they only speak oromo language. That’s why any census will not be accurate in this case, the census in wikipedia is probably based on language. Cabinet members of Dire Dawa City Speaker of the Council Biftu Mohamed(female) – SPDP Dep. Speaker of the Council Asrat Chala - OPDO/EPRDF Mayor of Dire Dawa City Administration Ased Ziad - OPDO/EPRDF Dep. Mayor and Head of Trade Ind. & Investment Bureau Harbi Bouh – SPDP Civil Service Bureau Head Hassen Tahir – SPDP Justice, Security and Legal Affairs Bureau Head Ibrahim Yusuf – SPDP Finance and Economic Development Bureau Head Abdela - OPDO/EPRDF Education Bureau Head Jibril - OPDO/EPRDF Health Affairs Bureau Head Dr. Tsegereda(female) - SEPDM/EPRDF Agriculture Development Bureau Head Ibrahim Usman – SPDP Women Affairs Bureau Head Lelise - OPDO/EPRDF Government Communications Bureau Head Misrak Worku - ANDM/EPRDF City Manager Abduselam Mohammed(former Mayor of Jigjiga) - SPDP SPDP - Somali people’s Democratic Party
  3. any one who is deep into puntland politics would say that Puntland administration is already at war with Al-shabab, and beside me this is something which has been said many times by Faroole and his men. And i would says Puntland is loosing other wise why would Faroole ask for Amisom forces to be stationed in puntland??? maybe you understand fighting and war as only face to face faighting? what is happening in puntland is low intense guerilla warfare using assassinations and explosive devices to target Farooles administration, and i can say from the information we have it seems puntland is standing on its last leg and if it doesn't get help from amisom or some one else it will fall. Maybe the only thing holding from its collapse is Ahlul sunna in Galgaduud and they are doomed to fall soon. The time when Ahlul sunna used to attack Ceelbuur is gone long time ago now shabab is dancing around Dhusamareeb going in and out as they wish (it happened 3 times).