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  1. He is biggest empty talker, he literally did nothing in his term except personalty PR, if you ask people what he did they will count everything that was started/build by Xassan Shekh. I celebrated his victory in 2017 but after 2 years of no new major/important institutionell or state building i abounded him seeing the igu-sawir/poser man he really is.
  2. The good news is somali parlament never reelected a sitting president(they booted the 2 before farmaajo), so by the 15-may the failed Farmajo will be gone inshaallah, and i hope they dont reelect any of the 2 former presidents before Farmaajo(im afraid after 5 years with Farmaajo they may have forgotten this mens failures and deficiencys), some one new like Kheyre and the likes is better.
  3. The bigger issue is hiring cargo plain for hundreds of thousends dollars for food worth few thousands, this is why UN/Unicef is biggest waste of money. They beg for billions and more than 50% goes the drain instead of reaching the needy.
  4. This man bellow nailed him perfectly -AUOHM-uQ-z54jfD.mp4
  5. Mujrim iyo muslim si sahlan ayaa loo kala garta marku qofka hadlo, ninkaan waxbadan ayaa laga sheegay laakin inta aan ka arkay hada ilama eka nin mujrim/munaafiq ah (sida C/raxman C/shakuur oo kale). Bal waan arkeyna wuxu la yimaado, dadka qaar ayago muslim ah ayey siyaasada ku biiran laakin mudo kadibna waxaad arkeysa qarkood iyagoo noqday mujrimiin weyn oo ay wajiyadooda iyo hadaladooda ay ku marag furaayan.
  6. Welcome to the Farmaajos cagajugleyn state(the new brother of marqan state aka:muuse biixi), using haayada nabaadsugida(NISA) as his personal arm, we are on the road to become new Djibuti/Uganda.
  7. Ofcourse Xassan shekh was corrupt, i know first hand about the lucrative land he owns near the airport. But that wont make the useless empty talker Farmajo better, there is NOTHING substantiell made by Farmaajo except molding the NISA under his control to subvert democracy and steel the election which is far more dangerous than some corruption
  8. I have to burst you buble, this is one of the issues why i withdrew my support for Farmajo. If you take a facit and make a check on all the new institutional/government projects started by Hassan Shekh vs Famaajo you will become disappointed. 1) Ciidamada?: When Farmajo become president the first patches of fully trained army have already started arriving from turkey goobjooge.net 2) VAT?: It was already in place in 2014 when i visited restaurang in liido beach and got a recit with VAT in it(5%) 3) Debt forgiveness?: The debt-relief process was started by former finance minister Mohamed Aden Ibrahim (Farketi) under Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s administration. 4) Garoonka ciyaaraha?: Renovations started under Xassan shekh wikipedia 5) National Theatre of Somalia?: Renovations started under Xassan shekh wikipedia Its good that by now all pro farmajo people know from (Farmaajos own mouth) that the credit for the sea case in HAG belonged to Hassan Shekh otherwise they would be running everywhere with it as a victory brought by Farmaajo. I supported the election of new president because in my opinion the progress under Xassan was very slow, but after 2 years with Farmaajo it become obviously he was not better, even worse when you check all the new institutional/policy buildings initiated/started under Xassan shekh vs Farmaajo. Hopefully in the comming election we will get new president that is far better that Xassan Shekh and Farmaajo, that is if Farmaajo have not already tampered the election process in his favor, then we maybe stuck with not only an incompetent president but a new dictator like the once in Djibuti and Uganda.
  9. Farmaajo asaga balayo raadsaday, soo ma eryin miskiinki Xassan Kheyre maalinti ku xigtay markii uu yiri "waqti kordhis majireyso, doorashada waqtigeeda ayaye dhaceysa". Farmaajo tuug doorashada la laqdabeeyo ayuu uu doortay Rooble wuxuna rooble noqday balaayo asaga ka daran.
  10. The biggest mistake would be letting them in peace, they must be hunted until they are totally disabled militarily, otherwise they can anytime create new chaos
  11. You all have to know one thing many of this dictators/authoritarian leadership (Putin, lham Aliyev, king abdullah etc) are not stashing money in this off shores bank to hide from their country/government out of fear, they can and have already stashed far more in their own country with zero accountability. Most of this dictators are doing this as plan B, as they know if they are one day kicked out everything in his country will be confiscated from him, the only thing they can count on is what is outside the country
  12. Why would Brakat(now Salama bank) and Dahabshiil need off shore banks? they are themselves by definition "off shore" banks even al-shabab have accounts there. Im saying this as some one who have worked many years in hawala business, i have seen many somalis in the west using this banks to stash there untaxed/under-the-table money (cab drivers, business owners, non profit org etc). If somalia was a stable and developed nation even the non somalis would have used there to to stash/hide their money.
  13. This is really disgusting, you dont take mothers away from their childrens and you dont take a man away from his personal proparty unattended, it contravenes against every law that exist in the world. Beside that any one from the i*s*q tribe born outside s/land even kenya, tanzania can claim to be s/lander and room freely, this shows that s/land admin is nothing but a tribal entity
  14. Cheesman has now to choose between a rock and hard place, to retire Rooble as he did with Kheyre and Jawaari, and finally put the last nail on his credibility, for everyone to realize it was always he who was the problem. Or stay putt and somehow still hope that NISA and Fahad have already done enough interference/handpicking in the election process to tilt the election in his favour.
  15. Sleazy cheesman though he culled pull another farce to coverup the crime by his NISA thugs. "..saxna ma aha in hayad xubno ka tirsan oo dacwad loo heysto ay qeyb ka noqdaan baariyaasha kiiska taas oo liddi ku ah caddaalada.."