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  1. I have litle trust in Farmaajo and Fahad, but Matthew Bryden is the last person on earth i would trust on somali politics/issues.
  2. Now expect in few weeks Tigray parliament to reconvene first time after liberation and invoke independence/cessation from Ethiopia.
  3. Sending boys to the North Korea of Africa? how naive and delusional is this administration?
  4. Nothing to be happy with that one of the most corrupt individuals geting 7 delegate to select. We suspect many politicians for corruption but Mahdi Guled is one of the few we for sure with evidence know is corrupt, he was behind the MZ VISA scandal, something we should never forget.
  5. Do you have any city that is as diverse as Muqdisho is? the only city close to Muqdisho in diversity is kismaayo
  6. Tuugi caqliyeeysnaa oo ismooday inu dadka kale ka wada aqli badanyahay wuu quustay markii uu ogaaday inaysan dadka kale aysan ka aqli yareen, wixi shalay oo dhan laisku heystay oo buuqa dhalisay wuu ka tanaasulay. This was a big victory for democracy, Farmaajo accepted all the demands made before(which proves he was 100% wrong). i hope this is a wake up call for any future leader who tries to manipulate his way in to the power thinking he can manipulate the election process(african style), somalis are today more sophisticated and well informed than before, you cant pull another Uganda, Ethiopia or Djibouti stile farce on us. I hope Farmaajo like Hassan Shekh and Shekh Shariif becomes history and we get a new president who is better for the development of the country Parts of the agreement 1) In la bedelo xubnaha guddiga Doorashada ee doodda dhalisay(Farmaajo asxaabtiisa yu ku shubay gudiga) 2) In guddiga doorahada Soomaaliland uu 6 Xubnood uu soo magacaabo Gudoomiyaha aqalka sare 3) In ciidamada aysan ku milmin siyaasadda. 4) In Gudoomiyaha Garbahaareey iyo Maamulkiisba uu soo magacaabo Madaxweynaha Jubbaland, in amniga ay sugaan Amisom.
  7. Since every one wants to have waqooyo delegates in their own pockets(to win) why not totally remove them from election process? or else bring their clan elders to select them. Farmaajo already knows that it is impossible for him to get reelected if he doesnt get the extra 20% waqooyi delegates on his scale, let see how this war/theft over waqoyi delegates ends and who wins.
  8. Its a no brainier(sadly not for some), one works for a sittning president who want to be reelected(at any price). If that is not a sufficient reson to disqualify Mahdi then you surly dont want a viable, stable and prosperous democracy for somalia, maybe you want us to copy Djibouti or Uganda?
  9. Amhara have become emboldened after the Tigrays defeat. The biggest mistake Tigray did was not diversifying the army which was amhara dominated. The flare of fire will start when the amhara supremacist try to quell/suppress the oromo masses
  10. This professors complex and deep explanation on Farmajo is exactly the issues that compelled many of us to dislike him(after we supported him in the beginning), but sadly many pro Farmaajo people lack the deep analytical intelligence/capacity to understand and see this deep issues
  11. it seems Farmaajo will kick out another prime minister for not dancing along with him(to stay or rigg the election), i hope this will be a wake up call to his naive supporters. There is nothing i hate more than a power hungry man who doesnt want to leave the office and restores to rigging and manipulation.
  12. Kaasi waa doqonka ugu weyn siyaasada somaliland. Dagaal iyo fowdo ayuu la jecelyahay somaliya, Farmaajo si nabad oo xasiloon ayuu kubixi doona, xiligi siyaasada qoriga lugu kal baxaayey wa laga soo tagay
  13. I think Farmaajo had to change his plan/speech, im almost certain he was planing to double down with his marinhabaabin and blame game, but the statements from South west, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and his Prime-minister blew up his plans, he now become totally clothless and naked.
  14. Farmaajo will either 1) Give up on 2 year extension and accept election now 2) More blame game (marinhabaabin) to get public support(kicin iyo kacaan) I say 95% with number (2) and only 5% number (1)