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  1. Maalik is a word my friend. Maalik al mulk is a phrase, and i'm only talking about the word maalik. As a word, maalik stands on its own and is not dependent on any other word to make sense. Therefore we can take its direct meaning in relation with other words to understand what is being conveyed . In the context of cabdimalik, it can be understood as a phrase once you translate them both. The problem with names like this is not their connection with Islam, but rather it is the believe that a name is good or proper just because it is Arabic. A lot of people defend these kind of names just because they are related to arabic as if Arabic is somehow this divine language that came directly from Allah, which leads to akward names like cabdi. In my opinion, names like this are not good and I think our people are gonna have this discussion in the future. Hopefully in the future when we borrow names from arabic, there is a limitation on what names we take, limited only to the names of prophets for example. Most of everything else can be directly translated without any meaning lost. For example, shukri is a common arabic/somali name which means thanks in arabic but its somali equivalant name is mahad which means the same thing. However, I find that shukri is more common than mahad, why? It is ignorance and we need to educate. Haybad waxaa lagu leeyahay afkaaga, daqankaaga iyo dhalkaaga sxb. Marka waa inaan ilaalino kudhi soo ma? EDIT: Cabdimalik means what each individual word in that phrase means sxb.
  2. Mahadsanid sxb sida fiican aad ii xog siisay. Mid kale, ka soo qaad qof la yidhaah cabdi malik, kolay adaa iga aqiin afka carabiga balse sida google sheegi malik wuxuu u dhigma 'owner' ama lahansho. Marka, ma qaldan tahay inii qof loo bixiyo magac fasirkiisu noqday servent owner. Ileen meesha hadayba ku jirin magaca alle, qof bahdilan oo adon kaliya iska ah sooma tihid ? Waxaa ila quman dadka in la jaahil bixiyo oo la soo celiyo magacyadeeni asal. Inshalah mardow ha dhacdo
  3. No need to be defensive walal. I am Muslim and Somali so i thought i could ask my people about something i wasn't sure about. Tallaabo, ilahay khayr haka siiye, gave me the jaahilbixis i was looking for. And as for the name Cabdi, sxb it just means servant/slave and nothing more. Even cabdirahman, for example, is no different, translating simple into - gracious servant-. However, the Arabic version has Allah in it, which justifies the name. My issue is not with Islam but with the implications of this name. It doesn't look good on us if we walk around with degrading names we don't even understand. But if I am wrong about this, feel free to correct me walal. No need for any animosity.
  4. Had a disagreement with a friend about the name Abdi. Explained it meant slave. He said name fits because we're god's slaves. Told him we were gods children not slaves. What's your opinion on this, are we Allah's children, as his creation, or are we merely slaves to him? What is your opinion on the name Abdi considering the meaning, should we change it or keep it? And finally, am i speaking dambi right now for posing this discussion?
  5. Looking for a beautiful lush area to build my house, where do you think that is in Somalia? Is it safe there, and is electricity easily accessible? Soon planning on taking a full tour of the country to scout for myself but prior info would be nice. So please humor me
  6. Why this kid talking like an oday? There's an old soul in that young mans body