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  1. ^are you going through the iplayer site? bbc.co.uk/iplayer
  2. Back in business. Back in business! By Goth Mohamed Goth (SomalilandPress)The Somaliland government officials and representatives of the Oil Company Genel Energy today in a joint press conference announced the resume its operations in Somaliland. A large delegation from Genel Energy led by the Company’s CEO, Tony Hayward, arrived in the country this morning in a bid to meet with the Somaliland Government officials headed by President Silanyo. Genel Energy acquired significant acreage in Somaliland in 2012, investing in two large blocks in central Somaliland and assuming operatorship for both blocks. The company committed to and implemented an extensive exploration work program and completed environmental impact assessments and aerial surveys. Preparation work for acquiring seismic data began in earnest and nearly 400km of lines were cleared to shoot 2-D Seismic when the company halted its operations in early September 2013 due to operational challenges, including some security concerns. Throughout the halt in operations the Government of Somaliland and Genel Energy continued a constructive dialogue, culminating in the company’s return to Hargeisa. In a statement the Minister of Energy and Minerals, Hon. Hussein Dualeh said: “We are pleased to receive Mr Hayward and his Genel team back to Hargeisa. As this visit proves, Genel is committed to operating in Somaliland, it is here to stay and find oil for the benefit of the Somaliland people and its shareholders.” The Somaliland government is committed to working closely with Genel Energy to help facilitate and the continued success of this important national project. Somaliland is an island of peace in a difficult region. The government has worked hard to ensure security and protect the country’s borders. “The Government has taken bold steps to protect and take full ownership to ensure the success of the exploration effort and we shall work with our partners we shall embark on a major public awareness and engagement with the community and to establish a security protective force to protect to ensure the safety of expatriates while executing their operation before any major operation begins. On his part Tony Hayward who heads the Genel energy said, “I and my team come to Hargeisa today to reassure His Excellency President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) and his ministers of our commitments to Somaliland, we have invest over 34 million dollars and we intend on continuing to pursue our work program here in Somaliland and with luck and good fortune we hope to find Gas and Oil for the benefits of each and every one in Somaliland. “We have had very constructive and sustainable dialogue with the President and his ministerial team about how we can progress our work in Somaliland. SomalilandPress.Com
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/nov/13/terror-suspect-burqa-mi5-rendition The plot thickens.............
  4. Ilaahay ha u naxaristo those that lost their lives. Masaakiintana ha u sahlo. Amin. Even the most advanced countries fail to cope with such storms.
  5. Ilaahaya ha u naxaristo the deceased. A storm was expected but this is something not seen in the region (at least in recent times).
  6. Ah no year would be complete without a President vs PM tussle.
  7. An oil law detailing the distribution of any revenues between sectors based on an official government 30 year strategic plan would be good as well Mr. Minister/SL Govnt. The govnt must show serious in order to be taken seriously.
  8. Just seems as though too many are getting brainwashed to do one thing or another.
  9. There are too many Somali muppet ciyaals these days. What is going on? Why isn't this guy holdiing down a decent job or studying? What happened?
  10. I will ask the old timers who worked in Yunbuc around thay time.
  11. I think the larger media outlets have let the people down on this. Was this even covered by the TV channels? Any debates take place?
  12. Although they tend to see me a mile away and always try to stop me for a little sooriyo they're doing a decent job. Well done Booliiska Jumhuuriyada Somaliland.
  13. “The eclipse will then continue across Africa through the Congos until it passes through northern Uganda and northern Kenya, ending in southern Ethiopia and Somalia,” said the International Astronomical Union. The eclipse will last about 10 seconds in northern Kenya http://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-article-display-1.asp?xfile=data/international/2013/November/international_November68.xml&section=international
  14. What on earth is going on? http://somalilandpress.com/somalia%e2%80%99s-watergate-scandal-president%e2%80%99s-chief-of-staff-outmaneuvered-in-his-bid-to-steal-over-100-million-dollar-45676
  15. Although he has some points he seems to be more concerned with labelling and generalising other Muslims. Stuff iyo nonsense.
  16. When there was anarchy and no hope, Xiin had hope. Now that there is some sort of stability, international support and a proper government (that has done ok considering the scale of the task), Xiin loses hope. But why?
  17. I watched him on question time a couple of months ago up against Boris I think.
  18. It needs a weird looking former crack head to try and wake people up.