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  1. <cite> @N.O.R.F said:</cite> Bump! When building a house don't start with the roof!
  2. Bump! When building a house don't start with the roof!
  3. DK, don't bother. Whatever you say in trying to debate the WHOLE issue, your words will be misused to paint a picture they're more comfortable with (or wish for).
  4. lol very good Xaaji. Will you do one for 2015?
  5. Oodweyne, I'm good saxib. Hope all is well up there in blighty. The inherent greed in Somalis needs to disappear before any progress is made.
  6. I know saxib but this is a transition period to the 2016 elections. If the elections in 2016 don't happen and/or this sacking the PM things continues, it will be for a longer period of time. Then again, and alternatively, bringing in a white 'CEO' from a fortune 500 company might not be such a bad thing.
  7. Hi all. I said it before and will say it again, UN Trusteeship is on the way if Somalis don't wake up.
  8. Well, its reads like a feature in a local newspaper. Its actually quite informative and has more quotes than most articles. Whats wrong with it?
  9. Alpha, hope all is well warya. Ps, apart from one, I'm better than all those SL players
  10. Feel bad for the couple. Social media is just a harsh place. The misplaced pride of our people and Social media is a bad combination.
  11. Another 5 years coming up for Silaanyo. Somaliland has made good progress on many fronts. No government is perfect and there issues that need attention. Saalax, when did you last go to SL and how long did you stay for?
  12. Where will they be published?
  13. Aha, the 'Middle Class' searching Somali. Waar you're Somali. That's middle class, upper class, working class and royalty all in one. Don't pigeon hole yourself.
  14. Che, is there? Looks like the usual party in-fighting to me. The whole should never have go to this stage.
  15. For the young'uns, this is all internal 'party politics' as the term goes. It happens in Hargaisa, Hong Kong and Helsinki. If you're not a Kulmiye supporter, you're not a Kulmiye supporter. What does it matter what was said, who agreed what with who and the tribal dimension? You're AGAINST them. Let them fall apart. Hehehe
  16. Your Somali has improved ma is tidhi?
  17. Thanks Alpha. This year's celebrations world wide look the biggest yet.
  18. How does one search for older threads Alpha?
  19. <cite> @N.O.R.F said:</cite> Ngonge and Bob,<br /> <br /> Carrying on our fb conversation on Brendan Rodgers, you really don’t have a leg to stand on. We have done better this season than last season when King Kenny was in charge. We have scored more, won more, are higher up the table and he has done this with half a squad in the first half of the season when got rid of dead wood like Carrol . He has his flaws tactically but I think he has improved over the season. See stats below badaowyahow.<br /> <br /> 2012-2013<br /> Scored: 70<br /> Conceded: 43<br /> Won: 15<br /> Draws: 13<br /> Lost: 9<br /> Goals per game: 1.89%<br /> Points: 58 (1 game left)<br /> <br /> 2011-2012<br /> Scored: 47 (that’s terrible)<br /> Conceded: 40<br /> Won: 14<br /> Draws: 10<br /> Lost: 14<br /> Goals per game: 1.24%<br /> Points: 52<br /> <br /> http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/clubs/profile.statistics.html/liverpool#clubsTabsMatchStats <br /> http://www.statto.com/football/teams/liverpool <br /> http://www.statto.com/football/teams/liverpool/2011-2012 <br /> <br /> Now that we have put that to bed, give the guy some credit. With some decent summer buys who knows, we could challenge for a CL place next season. <br /> <br /> Bob,<br /> <br /> The problem with Arsenal fans (and Ngonge) is that they don’t really watch games live. They rely on highlights. We have been passing better and creating more chances than the previous 3 seasons.<br /> <br /> Waar bahasha barta Ngonge, where are you?
  20. Very interesting podcast. Thought I should share. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03859mg
  21. 1. Realise Somaliland has gone past the point of coming back and say my good byes.
  22. It’s not all simple as that. The Russians have historical grievances and Putin feels he should put a few things right. He achieved that with Georgia and is trying his hand now in the Ukraine where he can argue there has been a Coup de tat with tacit support from the west. By getting the Ukraine Govn’t not to gravitate towards the E.U, he anticipated the fall out and maneuvered quickly taking everyone by surprise. He can now negotiate from a position of strength. The ramblings of the US/EU won’t be taken seriously by Joe Bloggs with what has happened in the ME and Afghanistan. All very interesting.