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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;991228 wrote: The details are not important he said Somaliland opposition figures were arrested , this is false they were never arrested they were prevented from entering cities . This gaal is telling lies because Somaliland rejected UNSOM political office. The Somaliland government is right to put him and his likes in their place. Another misstep and he should be banned from Somaliland altogether. Somaliland should play hard ball with these UN bureaucrats i applaud the SL government for standing against these crooks. Just like in the 90s when stevenson UN representative at that time insulted Somaliland Cigaal told him i dont have many prisons but i will lock you in my dungeon, if i ever see you again in Somaliland. Gaalkaan Nickolas la baxay should know his place this is not Somalia. How is that any better???
  2. Ma shaa Allah OdaySomali & Marksman do ya'll have a linguistics backgrounds cause that's some next level stuff. May Allah increase your knowledge!
  3. magicbird;990483 wrote: Bro, this is got nothing to do with a budget. The guy is a dhaalim, faasiq, theif, you name it. Giving ONLF to the Ethiopians, stealing money, a scumbag, him and his sons. Ask any person from Bosaso to Qardho, everybody will tell you why the place is messed up and they all say Farole and his sons. May Allah destroy the gaaloraac. Insha'allah one day Bari and all of Somalia will be free from scumbags like him. In shaa Allah!
  4. Gheelle.T;990437 wrote: Brother Iqbal, a Somalilander through and through. Laakin siday ku dhacday in nin book qorayna citizenship la siiyay, nin "koonfurian" ah oo gabar Slandish ah qabana ay dhib ku tahay? Hmmm Xaaji we're starting to see a double standard. No koonfurian muusiq maasiq :mad:
  5. ^^ Jilbab in full effect! That's what I'm talking about. On another note, videos slow the page down big time trying loading just the link.
  6. SomaliPhilosopher;990421 wrote: ^^Lool you have read my mind. Well i think its a fair arrangement. this somalilander chick tried to get me to marry her to take her back to the states. perhaps I was too soon to dismiss such marriage. i stand to benefit Somaliland citizenship. maybe I should call her :confused: Loool I was talking hypothetical SP sheekadada wa waqic lol.
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;990415 wrote: ^^ Depends if its a female it goes smoothly, for a male it takes much longer Looooooool Xaaji you tell things the way it is no sugar coating! Don't be looking to marry a Somalilander sister to try to score citizenship this ain't ingriiska or marykanka. Second question, can you hold koonfurian citizenship and Somaliland citizenship simultaneously?
  8. Xaaji Xunjuf;990400 wrote: ^^ You are not from Somaliland last time i checked you were a Kenyan citizen Xaji what are the criteria to be considered a Somalilander? Is it lineage, qabil, residence?
  9. DoctorKenney;990396 wrote: Never did I claim that Somali *are* literate. Most Somalis cannot read, and I never claimed otherwise. I'm just stating the obvious. Somalis can read the Arabic script, but can't understand the language. So perhaps a solution could be to change our writing system. For example, Ayan can read the Arabic script, but Ayan doesn't understand the Arabic language. So she can't be considered "literate" since she can't understand what's she's reading. However, Ayan can speak Somali, and understand Somali. But she has no familiarity with the Latin script (which Somali is written in) so therefore she's unable to read Somali. She would be considered technically illiterate. But if the Somali language was switched to the Arabic script, Ayan would now be able to read Somali fully. Now Ayan would be considered literate. Do you see how this little change can raise our literacy rate in one day? I feel like I'm repeating myself here. Full stop, period, end of sentence. You brought us back to the title of the thread Doc, excellent synopsis!
  10. Safferz;990389 wrote: He seems to believe Somalis *are* literate, just that they're literate in Arabic while illiterate in Somali, which is absurd. The ones who already go to Dugsi are ahead of the game. I'm not sure how many kids have access to dugsi. But if the script was changed to Arabic there would be a positive correlation between literacy and students going to dugsi.
  11. Safferz;990379 wrote: Anecdotal evidence doesn't qualify as data and the people you know or may have met do not represent the statistical norm, but if you'd like to go there, my experience in the Somali region (particularly in rural areas) tells me otherwise. Orality is king, including in religious practice. The denial of our massive literacy issue - literacy being the ability to recognize, write, and read the written word, in any script - does nothing but hinder our progress and development. No one is denying it we're just differing in how we should go about fixing it. Some like Dr. K suggested we change the script to Arabic that way kids in dugsi learn to read the Quran and their native language concurrently. It's a strategic project and one that I agree with wholeheartedly.
  12. Safani;990378 wrote: Thanks for the advice Brother.... I have tried many thinks to find them before SOL ..... Did you try Facebook a lot of neighbourhoods in Xamar have their own pages. A friend of mine is headed to Xamar next month to reconnect with his friends he found through Facebook. Maybe one person will lead you to another. In shaa Allah you will find them!!