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  1. Why is it that u ladies tend to make an issue over things which males would often consider to be minor? For example if a man attends a wedding in which he is busy helping out and fails to acknowledge a female freind even though it was through no fault of his own, why does the female throw a tantrum the next day?
  2. Hannah i'm sorry but i do not understand yr q! Question: Sport With which sport is Shane Mosley associated with?
  3. I think Udub just about won the local elections with Kulmiye and sSahaan in 2nd and 3rd respectively. I'm really not with it at the moment and usually ask the elders whats going on. The next elections will be coming soon between the 3 big parties and i personally hope Silaanyo is the victor as he is from my town and with many supporters throughout Somaliland and the res of the world! A world wide recognised Somaliland by the summer insha-allah, with myself on the first plane that offcially lands in Somaliland, that would be beutifull!
  4. New Years Resolutions 1) Carryon with my diin and pretend it's ramadan all year round, except for the fasting part, but fast on days when i feel like it or it's suna. 2)Pay off my debts- money management needs to be improved drastically! 3)Get my qualifications- 1 semester to go!!!! Cant wait! Got loads more but they are the main ones for the moment!
  5. ppl why all the negativity? Not one of us can truly say somalia is a hopeless state, and anybody who does is weak. When it comes to politics in the region, i'm the first one to admit that we are not the best of politicians. However, i hope insha-allah, when i have done what i have need to do in the UK, i will go back and see what i could do and hope others like me will be there doing the same. Insha-allah all will be well, ameen!
  6. Man u, Man u, Man u, damn i'm i glad they lost, i'm sick and tired of hearing that they are back to their best. They are no where near their best. Infact they are on their down fall. Teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are much more hungrier and better equiped for the new millenium. 1980s= Liverpool 1990s= Man Utd 2000+= ??????????? ps i believe liverpool will bounce back during this xmas period so all u arsenl fans take note! Dec 29th (next sunday) Highbury Owen and Riise on the scoresheet, viera sent off!!!!hahaha
  7. Mujahid I know what yr talkin about bro, somalinet.com is the worse web site for somalies as it ppl are left to degrade each other, their families, their tribes and worst of all out beloved diin! I remember posting something criticising america and it was erased straight away! Typical westernised thinkers are operating this most disgusting website!
  8. The only reason Ronaldo got the award was because he lost out in 1998 to Zidane as a result of his off field problems before the final in Saint Denis- Paris. But we all know Zidane did not do sh*t until the final. Ronaldo deserves this award becuase he was the top scorer in a world cup by scoring 8 goals. When was the last time some1 got more than 6 in a world cup. I have the maximum respect for Ronaldo as a footballer, after all that he went through to come back and narrowly miss out on the Seria A with Inter and win a world cup the way he did, comon lads thats world class beyond no doubt.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I did not mean that this has helped the muslim umma if thats what u thought, what i meant was that many ppl who were asleep to what was going on around the world and the crimes that were being committed against the muslims, have now woken up to a cold bucket of water being poured over them. ps what were u all doin on that day?
  10. Plz ppl air view on this as for me personally 9/11 and the aftermath thereof, has woke me up to this world and i now recognise that this world will never be the same again. The events on that september morning shook me,i was at work and went for my lunch break at about 2pm (uk time), as i was driving to the usual cafe, i put radio 5 live on and hear the news. First reaction could'nt believe what was goin on, second reaction still numb. Anyway i got back in the office and told others what was going on, one lady actually phoned New York to see if her daughter and husband were ok. They were. Got home at about 6pm and just sat infront of that tv for like 6 hrs trying to find out the full picture. I even bought the papaers the following day and kept them in shoe bo, stil got them and pull them out now ad then.The weeknd after that i was a petrol station filling the car when all of a sudden i hear, u **** *ng bast*rds killing everyone, get back to yr own **** *in country. Even tough we first just laughed it off, i actually thinkg of that moment and everything happening today, 9/11 has made ppl all over the world choose who side they are on. Never has it been more clear, the differences between the kafur and the muslim, this is the reason why i feel that many people have learned from this experience and taken note! So what do u all think and plz write yr experiences on that day!
  11. Salaama Calycum! Thanx you very much walaalo and may god reward for this, ameen!
  12. Only Allah know the truth! Having said that, i do see him as a hero!
  13. As no body seams to be reporting on this topic, i thought that i would get it started just to inform those who had no idea of this. This is an article from somalilandnet As everybody who tuned into the CNN may have noticed, the people of Somaliland were waiting for this moment for thirty-five years. With the blessings of Allah and with our long struggle that gave us both victory and maturity we did it. We did it with peace and harmony. It worked for us, as we were always confident that it will work for us. If in the words of Winston Churchill, Britains finest hour was the repulsing of the Nazi infasion in the battle of Britain, today's succusful Municipal Elections in Somaliland is our finest hour. We love it, we treasure it, we understand it's historical meaning and conotation, and we would march forward upholding the dignity of the individual and his or her sacred right that he or she only can be the master of his or her own fate. We will march forward upholding the principle of the rule of law against the rule of man. Today it is neither President Rayale kahin nor Sh. Ibrahim and Abdi Wrabe and the Guurti(However great men they truely are) who are the masters in Somaliland. It is the individual who is casting the vote who is the master. From today and on, it is only the citizens of Somaliland those who matter, and they will put anyone they like in office, and the universal wisdom is; only the people can make the best choice of their leaders and their fate. Today I am proud to be a Somalilander, for Nationalism does not mean a feather if does not contain a message of justice and equality and brotherhood. And there can never be justice and equality and brotherhood if there is no Democracy where Governments and Leaders are accountable to the people. Look at what is happening in the Arab World. With all their money and knowledge Arab human beings have no dignity and are reared like animals by Kings and Dictators. Look at what is happening in the South of Somalia. One can be ashamed of being a Somali when he reads about their news. I have been searching through the Web-Sites belonging to Somali Southerners. Not a single one posted the news of Municipal Elections in Somaliland. The reason is that they can not stomach to see the contrast. They can not face the reality that we belong to two different cultures,two that are at different stages of human development, where one is civilized enough to exercise reason, consensus, democracy, peace,justice and development even in a very dire situation of unrecognition. And one that is so barberic, that everyone of their so called leaders meeting in Eldoret has the blood of thousands of people in his hands.What a shme! Only that contrast should make it clear to everybody that we belong to different planets, let alone sharing a country. In conclusion I think we Somalilanders must tell the world and the other less fortunate Somalis, that what we have been fighting all along for, was ideals of Human dignity. The struggle for Somaliland was never based neither on clan nor on subjectivity nor on anger as has been unwisely and shallowly described by Abdirazak Haji Hussein. It was always based on the principles best described by Thomas Jefferson in the American Declaration of Independence'That we hold that the truth is self-evident, that all men are created equal, that there are certain un-aleinable rights endowed to them by their creator,that among them is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, that Governments are created to acheive these ends, that Governments are created from the consent of the governed.'
  14. Libaax- yr a reliable source of info so keep it up bro! Well done to the Somali national team and may more success be in the near future!
  15. Just askin bruv, there are alot of ppl suppoting teams whom they have never seen in action or even the city but i big up for that, u sound like a tru supporter>>>>>> dont bout paying £80 to see any football unless its the champ league final or sumthing. I must admit i having been to anfield for maybe 2/3 years, but watched them at fulham, charlton and spurs last season cos i was based down there for a year. gonna try and get tickets for the champ league final at old trafford when they on sale, imaging watching real madrid vs ac milan or sumthing!
  16. Mulla omar gives the victory sign to osama who says "do u mean we have won brotha omar?", mullah omer replies no u ******* ***** there are only 2 of us left! Pakistani man on his death bed: maria, my wfe are u here? Yes my husband my son, my daughter are you here? yes pappa Then who is at the fuc*ing shop? What do u call a pakistani in a microwave? Bad-DING
  17. Why is it that iverpool always **** up in december? Any way i'm still hopeful, never say die attitude, when we beat everton on he wknd and arsenal on the 29th everything will be ok! liverpoooooooooooooool on top come what may! winger are u another man utd fan who has never been to manchester?
  18. LOL at Golf Link Estate in Southall! I though it looks more like Ladbrook Grove! Why is it in al the major cities they place the somalis is low class area but in other smaller cities they live in nicer places. anyway the place looks a ghetto, where abouts inthe USA is Mpolis?
  19. The Kafur have succeeded over the years in changing the attitudes of both muslims and non muslims. For example Turkey is a 'moderate' Islamic state, Iran is a 'radical/fundamentalist/extream' Islamic. Therefore, i am not very surprised to read a young somali has been influenced but their currupt ways. It is not for us to criticise those who have been mislead but to offer an alternative. Jidaawy, have u spoken to the brother and told him the real deal? If not why not? and if he distances himself away from u then try harder!!!!
  20. Winger tru say! As for the best league in the world i cant just say one cos they all good and bad in some way. Italy- top players but not much top play and oo slow Spain- the passing, the goals, the finesse but then u got the diving by players everytime they touch another player. Premiership- some top players at some clubs, gr8 excitement and some gr8 matces over the years. Who remembers Liverpool vs Newcastle in 1996/97 (i think) 4:3 to Liverpool! Anyway for me,i can watch any game any time, all i do is watch football, forget MTV Base, Sky Sports and Eurosport plus ITV and BBC and Channel 5 is the **** !
  21. I saw this brother (Hersi) play fo the Dutch under 21 side against England under 21s last year and i must i was very impressed even though he looked weak when playng against the english who were strong as usual. My advise to him would be to play a little tougher and he may get somewhere. As for the somali Lazio player, yo thats gr8, no matter what percentage is somali, i'm proud of both brothers!
  22. For me one of the best goals i have seen this season was by a Juve player (forgot his name) and was against Deportivo in the Champions League match 2 weeks ago. He took a shot from maybe 35 yards and the ball curled right into the top right hand corner of the goal! BOOOOM! Van Nistelrooy for Man Utd against FC Basle in the Champ League game. Dicanio for West Ham Vs Chelsea- took the keeper by surprise in vollied from 30 yards. Ronaldo for real against Real Malorca at the weekend when he took on the defener and shot left footed into the bottom corner- no chance for keeper. I have seen many but they are the ones that stand out for than others!
  23. In order for somalia or somaliland to become better, players in europe must go and represent! I'm serious we got teams in EU, Canada, USA etc so people who are interested should be trying to think of ways this could become possible. So people post yr ideas!!!!!!!!!
  24. Seria A is the most boring league in the world. Yes there are world class players there but how often do u seen any world class play? They dive every time they brush against another player, foul any one who gets near the box, play football at the back between the defense so hey i aint hating on the players cos they world class but i would rather watch the Premiership any day of the week!