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  1. I am tired of leaving in the west , I am ready to live in xamar so I can enjoy the fresh air from the Indian ocean and eat et fresh organic. I will live in a tent , don't matter to me as long thier peace and stability. What a better way to live your home country and live with a dignity.
  2. It's been said 50k is being sold for one seat. So besides pretending candidates presenting thier regions and law makers for Somalia,what's benefits for these xildhibaans ? If one spends that amount of money to get himself a seat in Somali parliament , wha do they actually gain from. For what I heard they get paid less a thousand . Why would anyone want to spend so much money for seat that's not worth of investment? Are they all waiting to split the donation money or perhaps sign a deal with foreign companies and take bribe for the favour? These people got together for one purpose , MONEY . Nothing to do with helping thier country . We seen before and we will see it again
  3. How did all these parliament members and to be are surviving the daily assassinations ?
  4. As much I admire his obvious leadership , not in million years he will become president or near again . Mark my words. The leaders in Somalia the Amisom don't want the madness to stop so are the corrupt politicians and moryaanta in military uniforms. This man has something they don't want, he wants to lead his country with dignity and honesty. As long the Ratio is more like the ignorance is out numbering the knowledgable once, we will never have peace
  5. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;856979 wrote: There should be 'elections' every year. Dadka Xamar degan ayaa ka nimceystay bilooyinkaan u dambeeye. Meesha ayee soo camiroyaan to get their free meals of food iyo waxyaabaha kale. Ninkaan aan sida kursiga loogu fadhiisto xataa garaneynin ayaa musharax ah. Sax , walee run aad ka hadashey
  6. How about current TFg official that stole millions of dollars from the poor. Why are they running for presidency and high level position . We can stop previous warlords but we can't stop people who stole Monday from thier own people. Why in the world is sharif Sakiin running for presidency ? This is just ridiculous
  7. burahadeer;854887 wrote: just ask urslv how you can watch the games in london or call somalia with cell phone that can fit in your pocket:D yes it's real. actually was reading otha day & is landing sometime around 2am monday . And do you believe the landing on the moon really happened ? I am not denying the fact that technology has improved over the years but don't you think the people who made the cell and tv commication are also capable of orchestrating Unrealistic historic events such as the moon landing
  8. I don't believe this none sense of sending A robot to mars. This is another fuzz to make America space agency on the top once again. Just like the fake landing on the moon. Do you really believe this is truly happening ? How is that they can aim where the mars is so that they can land thier robot ?
  9. Somalia;854695 wrote: He's the president of......... PUNTLAND! Wow. Does that give him the power to interfer with others affairs. I guess you agree with your adeer
  10. This is why we need Islamic movement in Somalia , Alshabab is what we call seef la bood . We need strong and connected religious movement back in the nation. Religion is the only way Somalis Will get peace. Western ideology and political system has no solution for Somali problems. These western puppets and thier African body guards have nothing for Somali people. Religion is bigger than qabiil.
  11. Somalia;854693 wrote: I am siding with Sheikh Shariif here cause he is just such a cutie pie. Walee waa dumar, nin afkii saas kama yidhaa
  12. Faroole doing what he does, the guy is doing what's the interest of puntland rather than what's the interest of Somali people.
  13. They all look like dogs waiting to be fed. Inshallah moderate Alshabab will rise amongst the ashes and get these corrupt politicians out the way
  14. His time is up anyway , maxaa uu sameyn Karaa .Last moment ayuu ogaadey his being played. Mr Dalxiis knows either way his done . This is just trying to improve his image before his sent away. This is somali politics , "we agree to disagree"
  15. It's all this corrupt goverment to blame. They hired moryaans off the streets to become ciidanka wadanka. Once moryaan will be moryaan. How can they talk about chasing Alshabab when they have moryaans us national army. If this goverment was legit , they would start doing what real goverment would do by collecting illegal weapons. They could save many lives by doing that.
  16. Atleast Alshabab didn't steal people's donation money . I guess each thug in the TFg goverment will escape with his cut and perhaps built mansions in Nairobi and Dubai just like previous goverment officials. Now that's the true sophicated moryaans in power.
  17. With all due respect for this man but he can't even drive out beyond balcad and afgoye . Real question should be who is this constitution for , this goverment only controlls few kilometers And with that said , every city they take turns into chaos . Enough killings of the intellectual Somalis One has to wonder how is that al shabab succeeded cleaning out the moryaans.
  18. These gathers are lucky if they didn't get blown out from the conference. Tgf should put more time and money on thier thugs. How can you approve new constitution when you don't even control more than 10 percent of the country ? They got together to steal more money from the poor, this constitution is like the previous. No one follows it and no one cares .
  19. What other nations and presidents gets this much support and obedience from America . Literally each presidential candidate has to make a journey to Isreal before anything else. It's unbelievable how tiny nation makes difference in US voting.
  20. The deadly Ebola virus has killed 14 people in western Uganda this month, Ugandan health officials said on Saturday, ending weeks of speculation about the cause of a strange disease that had many people fleeing their homes. The officials and a World Health Organization representative told a news conference in Kampala Saturday that there is "an outbreak of Ebola" in Uganda. "Laboratory investigations done at the Uganda Virus Research Institute...have confirmed that the strange disease reported in Kibaale is indeed Ebola hemorrhagic fever," the Ugandan government and WHO said in joint statement. Kibaale is a district in midwestern Uganda, where people in recent weeks have been troubled by a mysterious illness that seemed to have come from nowhere. Ugandan health officials had been stumped as well, and spent weeks conducting laboratory tests that were at first inconclusive. Imagine if infected ugadanan comes to Somali soil and pass his disease . It would be disastrous . These people live like animals, I can say something about people in Somalia living in refugee camps but we been in a war for two decades. This why none Africans degrade Africans . The governments are corrupt They care less the well being of thier citizens. Management it self doesn't exist in Africa. They claim the disease comes from people who contacted animals such as monkeys who were infected. It's simple,people in africa live in dirt. No clean water and such
  21. After passing through this world , how will you imagine being remember us ? More importantly, we should be concern what happens after we die. Mean time have you ever thought about your legacy. What sort of impact you had to the people close to you and to the world generally.
  22. They are bunch of time wasting fake elders, if these people really care of thier country, they would settle thier differences without the help of any country. The more I think of it , the more I see the picture that there is no way on earth that Somalis will ever get alone. Is like looking for cure for a family devastated by sexual abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse internally . They can try to talk about forgiveness and getting back to normality but there is no way getting back to the normal days.
  23. MoonLight1;852103 wrote: Allssc.com and it's crazy Princes Diana style conspiracy theory. Hold your horses, let's wait until all the facts come out. My prayers go out to her.
  24. Ramadan kariim, Inshallah with allah's help this Ramadan will be one to remember for all Muslims and especially Somalis,