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  1. I don't think Kenya would be happy with this news, they need this money. For every dollar that goes to Somalia , they take at least enough .
  2. ^ Kenya troops and TFg captured afmadow
  3. God bless the good people in our capital for doing thier part to show we are slowly getting back on our feets. This is just start for our cities. Imagine driving from kismaayo via xamar to garowe Every city you pass by has something to attract you. clip
  4. Xaflad si aad u weyn loo soo Agaasimay oo lagu weyneynaye sannad-guuradii 21-aad ee ka soo wareegtay markii xukunka uu la wareegay Raiisal Wasaarah Itoobiya Males Zanawi ayaa manta (May 28 2012) lagu qabtay Hoteel Maansoor ee Magaalada Hargeysa. *Wakiilka guud ee Xafiiska ganacsiga Itoobiya ku leedahay Somaliland Brg. Gen. Berhe Tesfaye, oo halkaa ka hadlay ayaa sheegay inuu ku faraxsan yahay inay xafladdan xuska ah ku qabtaan magaalada Hargeysa ee xarunta Somaliland. “Sannadkii 1988 20kii Ginboot, markii xukunka laga tuuray taliskii Mingiste, isbadal aad u badan oo ay waday jabhada EPRDF, waxuu dhidibada u taagay nidaamka dastuuriga oo ka saleysan danaha iyo masiirka shacabka iyo qowmiyadaha kala duwan ee Itoobiya,” ayuu yidhi Brg. Gen Berhe. “Sannadkii 1988 , markii xukunka laga tuuray taliskii Mingiste,*dadaalo badan oo ay waday jabhada EPRDF, waxuu dhidibada u taagay nidaamka dastuuriga oo ka saleysan danaha iyo masiirka shacabka iyo qowmiyadaha kala duwan ee Itoobiya,” ayuu yidhi Brg. Gen Berhe. Brg. Gen. Berhe, waxa uu ka hadlay dhinaca nabadgelyada, ayaa sheegay in* “Waxa xusid mudan in Xukuumada Itoobiya* samaysay dedaalo badan oo lagu xoojinayo* dhinaca horumarka iyo nabadgelyada gudaha iyo wasdamada jaarka, sida Somaliland oo aanu walaalo nahay, oo xaqiijintooda ugu horeyso” Waxaa kaloo halkaas ka hadlay ku-xigeenka Qunsulka guud ee safaarada Itoobiya ku leedahay Somaliland Taye Tesfaye, ayaa sheegay xilligan ay u yihiin diyaar maalgashiga Somaliland, qorshaha Itoobiyauu yahay in ka samaysanayso mashruuca biyo-xidheenka ABBAY Is clear that Ethiopia is doing magnificent job. How low can maamulka somaliland get? Better off celebrating obam's inauguration. At least , he can make dreams come true.
  5. Chimera;834882 wrote: Galmudug and Puntland in this case have really shot themselves in the foot, considering the type of conference this is. A savvy team of Puntlanders and Galmudugians consisting of politicians and entrepreneurs would be rubbing shoulders with the wealth of the world at that conference. They would have been able to win many interesting construction deals for their regions. At the four forums of the conference, through presentations of the resources and potential of those regions they would have been in a position to attract FDI from companies that might still equate Somalia with Black Hawk Down. Indeed this is a major missed opportunity on the part of Puntland and Galmudug that will backfire in the coming months, but the South is attending, Khatumo is attending and so is Somaliland. That's good enough for the Turks. Enough said, as always your analysis are always fascinating. We generally lack the big picture . We tend to miss the opportunities and concentrate the negativities in our regions. There is enough pie for everyone only if these folks can put aside their differences. These groups that are against the conference dont really see the idea behind the gathering.
  6. Of course thier motive is obvious. If Somalis don't get their qabyaalad mentality cured , I doubt we will get better friend as turkey.
  7. Aaliyah, your right they do have interest. They want to have strong influence in east Africa economically after they help Somalis realize their potential. But thier generosity is beyond we ever got from any country for long time. I can't think of a country that did so much for us.Even if they have interest for helping us , who else is doing this for Somalia currently besides African troops and lets don't forget they get paid A lot ,but the Turks came with a lot of help without asking anything back for now. Somalia;834857 wrote: Turkey is a country, it has its own interests, and so has the rest of the world. Why do they care about you, what do you in Mogadishu have that they need so badly for them to lose lives, for the African Union to lose lives. Their centralist view of Somalia will not hold. I don't know what your talking about but remember no other country took kids from the desert of puntland and gave them scholarships.
  8. I feel sorry for the Turks for what they got them self into. Soon or later they will have change of heart and move on. Only way to deal with Somalis is give them food and walk away as far as you can. If turkey pulls this one off waa dad siyaasadda ku dheereya. As much they done for the poor helpless refugees ,these Somali politicians won't understand Turkey is the closest ally we can get and we should appreciate their helpful presence They must be frustrated with somali politicians with thier arrogance.
  9. Nin yaaban, waa iga yaabisey. Where you get all these infos
  10. MoonLight1;834783 wrote: Why do you think they favour folks in xamar from Puntland, do they think they think the block are black Turks? If garowe was the capital of Somalia, they would've done exactly the same, most projects would've come to it and most resource would've been allocated to it. For the conference, look at its agenda, its dominated by development projects, such as water, electricity and sanitation, Turkey always re-iterated that they are fully supporting the road map and committed to it. Buufiska hala iska daayo oo umadda wax ha lala qaybsado. They don't realize today Mogadishu tomorrow rest of the country. Umada somaliyeed waa dad Buufis kabuuxo. When oil was getting drilled In certain of the country everyone was excited. Why can't some people be proud for Mogadishu being rebuilt and besides its the capital Of Somalia . Every qabiil lives there at this time . Jaahilinimda is another thing we should cure from our society.
  11. Place stil looks like run down city similar to a city brought down by nuclear bomb. Time will tell
  12. ^ Somalis being Somalis Galmudug and puntland leaders should be labeled as spoilers and obsticale to peace. They said yes to adis ababa meeting why not Istanbul , I guess they mad because they have not recieved aid from turkey or ethiopia is not happy with the meeting. War waxaan jahiliita ka qabto umada
  13. Not even a week just few days , easily 79 people died. Imagine how many Somalis die a year. If this number keep increasing , Somali people specially down south will become extinct http://somaliareport.com/fullimage.php?img=Weekly_May_12_18__2012.jpg
  14. Mario B;831808 wrote: ^^ Somali National Army needs all the logistics it can get, we dont need fighter jets, helicopters and tanks to defeat an urban terrorist group. We just need enough men who know how to fight in urban conditions...I think helmets and bullet proof vests are more important for our men and women so that we can take this war to the heart of Al shaabab. This will be a house to house, room to room fight in order to flush out these cowards hiding inside the civilian population. You and I know Al shaabab wont be fighting in the open...so lets get on with it, when are we going to storm Afgoye? This terrorist HQ is only few miles away from Villa Somalia! Are you kidding me this war in Somalia was never intended to be complete in few years more like many many years. These African troops Need to feed thier wives and children . What a better way to come to Somalia funded by USA and European Union. This helps their country's economy.
  15. I agree we are failed state but does that mean we should also loose our dignity and bride . We have yet to see a leader in all Somali tribes stood his ground and said enough is enough . Everyone is taking orders and being mastered like slaves. And we lost all the feeling for our nation. We let our weakest ,narrowest and most delusional folks to be leaders. Well I guess we are broken society. Everyone is either supporting indirectly or directly their tribal leader even if his doing worse of all things. Ethiopia and Kenya are in the waiting to collect thier prize near future .
  16. It's fascinating to see people like us run to old enemy and ask for guidance. What is in Ethiopia that keeps these so call Somali politicians running there ? In comparison is like asking a neighbor for help that never was a friend and never interested helping you. I really think what we call politicians today are few geel jire mentality in 21 century politics. We can call Siad Barre dictator etc but he never bowed down and ask assistance.
  17. Carafaat, In Somali culture it's rare case to see one addressing or agreeing issues regarding their tribesmen.
  18. Just what we need modern military equipment . Too bad though TFg will just wreck them into pieces.
  19. Internet is taking its taking its toll on Somali communities at home and abroad. Truthfully speaking , Internet has become virtualcivil war for Somalis with many clan based sites. I can't really figure out one positive impact it has on us other than just able to communicate family and friends conveniently . Literarily speaking in all the nations, I think we the least who benefited the world wide web. Majority of Somali sites are news based.
  20. This is funny specially the part where he says "don't let them make you think they are by them self"
  21. This is why Somalia peninsula will never experience peace, xaqdo tii ugu xumeed. What a cowards , slaughtering Moms with kids . Axad, May 13, 2012 (HOL) — Wararka aynu ka heleyno deegaanka Hoosingoow ee gobolka Jubada Hoose ayaa sheegay in duleedka deegaankaasi maanta lagu arkay meydka haweeney kamid ahayd dadka deegaanka taasoo gowracan, waxaana ilaa imika aan cadeyn sababta ka danbeeysay dilka haweeneydaasi. Max'ed sheekh Cabdi oo katirsan saraakiisha dowladda ee gobolka Jubada Hoose ayaa warbaahinta u sheegay in haweeneydaasi ay gurigeeda kala baxeen rag katirsan Al-shabaab, wuxuuna sheegay in meydkeeda oo gowracan ay soo dhigeen duleedka deegaanka Hoosingoow. "Waxay kamid ahayd dadka Hoosingow ku nool, qof masaakiin ah oo haysatada 5-carruur ah oo agoon ah ayay ahayd, waxaa shalay galab la arkay meydkeeda oo gowracan, magaalada banaankeeda ayaa laga soo qaaday meydka oo madaxa ka go'a," sidaasi waxaa inoo sheegtay Hooyo ay Deris ahaayeen haweenayda la dilay. Haweeneyda la gowracay ayaa lagu magacaabaa Suleeqo sheekh Yuusuf, waxayna ahayd 35 sano jir, iyadoona ay kamid ahayd dadka reer Hoosingoow, waxaana dadka deegaanka ay sheegeen in haweeneydaasi loo dilay si naxariis darro ah. Dhanka xoogagga Al-shabaab ilaa imika ma jiro wax war ah oo ku aadan arintaasi oo kasoo baxay, waxaana arintani ay welwel iyo walaac ku abuurtay dadka ku dhaqan deegaanka Hoosingoow ee gobolka Jubada Hoose. Ma ahan markii ugu horeeysay ee gobollada Jubooyinka lagu arko meydka ruux gowracan, haseyeeshee dilalka ceynkan oo kale ayaa ah kuwo aalaaba ka dhaca gobollada Jubooyinka oo ay isku hayaan xoogagga Al-shabaab iyo ciidamada dowladda KMG oo kaashanay kuwa ururka Raaskaambooni iyo Militariga Kenya.
  22. What a wonderful seen. Too bad our so call president is traveler not a leader and poor Kuwaitis think they have Somali president Visiting thier country. What I found extremely bothering is that Shiek sharif does not stay in Somalia not longer than a month . One day his in Ethiopia second week his Uganda third week is in Sudan . I don't personally think he will give up this luxurious life. he will run for another whatever years and his what they call YES MAN.