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  1. The European Union has announced that it will scale up its Somali funding by Sh10.9 billion (€100 million) to support the African Union Mission (AMISOM). The mission was expanded by the rehatting of Kenya Defence Forces early this year. The money will go towards meeting the increased salaries and wages needs of the regional peacekeeping unit necessitated by the United Nations Security Council resolution of February 26 to integrate Kenyan troops, a move that increased the force to 17,731 soldiers. The 27-member economic bloc has also pledged Sh1.7 billion (€16 million) to boost the capacity of Kenyan research institutions such as the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF). “We believe strongly in these research networks and in building capacity for solving issues beyond national boundaries such as droughts, diseases and resilience building,” said Lodewijk Briet, the EU Head of Delegation to Kenya. He was briefing journalists in Nairobi on Thursday as part of celebrations to mark the 62nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration – a proposal that integrated the coal and steel industries of Europe, and marked the origin of the current European Union. “Research has an important role in fighting dependency on aid and alleviating poverty,” said Sofie From-Emmesberger, the Finnish ambassador to Kenya. Special attention will be paid to thematic areas such as food security, environmental conservation, climate change and disaster preparedness. Kenya will receive Sh3.2 billion (€30 million) in the current year towards drought mitigation, preparedness and nutrition programmes targeted at communities in arid and semi-arid areas. The EU is Kenya’s largest trading partner, accounting for a quarter of total exports worth Sh98.8 billion in the year 2010. The trading bloc mainly imports horticultural products. Funny how others are getting rich from our suffering , god help us. Somalia people are born with a disorder that prevent us from living peaceful in our own country.
  2. Why all of the sudden news shift to Bin Aladin and terrorist headlines ? Fox news , CNN and all them fake news network get people ready for election by spreading propangada and scare tactics.
  3. Looking forward to better Ramadan . Ramadan is best when your in a Islamic nation. If you in the west and doing Ramadan it feels like in another day .
  4. oba hiloowlow;827826 wrote: Xamar is booming Dadka guryahooda ayeey dhisanooyaan magaalada bilicdeeda ayaa soo laabanoosa believe within 1year isbedel weyn aa la arki doona inshallah Sheeko fiican ka hadashey , lakiinse ummada somaliyeed wax hagaajis kuma fiicna. Wax yar oo hormar markii imaado waxaa ka danbeeyo dhib kale. Waqtigaa waa waqtigii igu fiicna ee wadanka , fursad tan ka fiican am heli doono. Waan rabi lahaa inaan Meesha hada tago oo dismaha qeebteeda ka qabsado. Lakiinse iskuma haleeyn karno . Waxaa hada Sacdo waa wax lugu farxo. Gormee Hadana Mogadsihu dagaal kale ka bilaami ?
  5. At the end of all this . We know Somalis ruined the best opportunity for them self . We can be strong players in east Africa all the way to central Africa . But we are people who are surrounded by folks who hate to see us take thier place. I don't think Kenya or Ethiopia will ever allow Somalia to become stable nation with stronge economy. But before we even deal with ethiopia or Kenya , it's more likely we will slowly turned into million mini states. Smaller we get the lesser power we have.
  6. why do got the feeling this will be worse,of gathering ? Elders ? God help us. This resembles whenever the european settlers want to grab more of the natives land , they call the gathering of native elders for seduction
  7. Always be thankful to allah for giving you a place to call home without constant gun fire and bombs going over your head. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have good life. We live in a peaceful environment, everything easy getting a education and a job.We have meals on the table for breakfast,lunch and dinner and stil we never be grateful to Allah almighty. We are overly privileged after comparing people in Somalia. They are tough people. As for us in abroad, we can at least stop the qabyaalada and the fadhi ku dirir . Maybe we can change the course of the future, if not the past I get ten cents per bag so I have to keep working. hussien moalin mahadi, 50yrs old. One of thousands struggling daily http://somaliareport.com/index.php/post/3290/Somalia_Portraits
  8. Yaabka yaabkiis ... "Annagu ma ogolaan karno in dastuur ay ku qoran tahay qofkii ajnabi ah ee dalka jooga shan sano wuxuu noqonayaa muwaadin. Waxaan nahay 10-Milyan haddii ay 100-milyan oo Shiine ah ay nasoo dul-dagaan shan sanana ay dalka joogaan waxay noqonayaan muwaadiniin, dalka waa nalaga qaaday markaas," ayuu yiri xildhibaan Yalaxoow.
  9. Life is this short . Those who are Arrogent and disobedient towards Allah, will realize life is short and everything we Experienced throught our life time will be just seconds.
  10. ^ too bad, it's unfortunate how we can be Muslim people and be the worse of human kind . We kill , we lie, we hate , we destroy and it continues.
  11. Impressive , she's proud and beautiful. She just needs to get off the stage and cover it up for sake of Allah. My opinion, other that she's impressive.
  12. walaalkis

    I wonder!

    Nice poem much appreciated for sharing with us. it's worth our of time. Hundred times better than all these fadhi ku dirir threads combined.
  13. ElPunto;820254 wrote: ^Yeah - Arch - I think you won't much useful info online. Can only be found face to face. And even then - not sure how reliable that info would be. Somalida like to boast and exaggerate. I agree
  14. oba hiloowlow;820372 wrote: Allahyarxama, alla xanuun badanaa to loose ur mother, i remember when my mum died i was 8 yrs aniga ayaa reerka ugu weynaa, and my little walaalos asking hooyo aaway. Life is tough samir is the key. Dadkiinan hooyadiin nooshahay ka faa'ideysta Sad indeed , death is part of life and we should all be prepare for it. We shall be all be prepare for it. You can be in the club or wedding dancing to one of your favorite tunes and you,can dy on the spot
  15. Nice pics . After the rain you will see those people living in the camps getting sick. Never good idea too leave garbage without proper Sealing. They have dirt everywhere and it gets mixed with the rain water
  16. Carafaat;818994 wrote: Duke, what if every of the 18 regions threatens Somalia. What kind of country would you get? A country where one abdducts what one wishes, don't you think? Only reason why they threating to separate is only by in hopes oil is discovered Is funny how our prime minister is doing all the talking as prime minister when his home town is threating the nation with separation .
  17. Above picture does not look like city that's recovering from 22yrs of civil war, nabada fiicanaa
  18. In my country, guys don't follow girls around whenever they go so they can settle an argument. I'm just saying. And of course, the pirates everyone has problem with them, they seem to get people's.
  19. Good news , it's always good to hear positive things
  20. Somalia;813906 wrote: Somalina, is banned for constantly insulting other nomads on this forum and even challenging admins to do something about it. In the past, Admin tried to reason with this senior nomad in private to no avail. http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/50968-List-of-individuals-that-are-banned-from-Somalia-Online And I wonder who was behind it all , no one gets banned unless someone else was behind it. I guess we can blame the the pirates of the ocean .