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  1. Is it me or does he have on those 3D glasses they hand out in the theaters? Is he pulling that number out of his behind or wa wax jira?
  2. Who says they're not flying over Somalia now? They are and have been for a while.
  3. Jacpher;728275 wrote: Just a quick review of same of the apps on my phone. And dropbox. DropBox is one application I constantly use at work and very much recommend. I usually use it to review papers, forms, powerpoints and etc. I'm not sure about your guys phones but I'm able to edit my files on my phone. It's worth the download.
  4. Jacaylbaro;728149 wrote: Text msgs cost you ,,, this doesn't. That is the point. You can chat with someone in other continent for free. I get that idea but hey, I personally have unlimited texting so meh either way wa isku mid.
  5. WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Bloody heartless xayawans.
  6. I'm an Android user so my recommendations are as follows: - Adhan Alarm. It comes equipped with an audio call of the adhan and a qiblah director. -Barcode Scanner. In a store and yet can't locate the pricing of the product? No worries. Scan the barcode and not only will it tell you the pricing but it'll compare the store pricing with other local stores and even online shops. -ColorNotes. This application is for those who like to jot down to-do lists everyday and like checking them off. Keeps you on track. Plus side, there's a widget for it. - GestureSearch. Hate looking for contacts, bookmarks, music, and other media especially when driving? Simply open this app and draw in the name of what you're looking for. I only use my thumb when I'm driving. It's hella quick and easy. -miCoach. This is especially useful for those fitness freaks. You'll have an actual coach drilling and warming you up on your phone. It'll keep track of distance and time ran using your GPS. Works well on cycling as well. It can also keep track of your heart rate. You can also set up a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. It has other cool perks. Check it out! What are your recommendations? Do mention what kind of phone you have and what type of software/platform it's running.
  7. I don't understand why I would need this application when all of my contacts are simply a text message away but I'll give it a try anyways.
  8. Have I ever shared with y'all my idea of fun in Saudi Arabia? An idea that happens to be on my bucket list. Being that I am a woman and I'm not able to drive in this country, I'm going to "borrow" someones vehicle and drive around the city and once I'm seen by the haram police or what not....make sure I drive through the US Embassy for safety . I wonder what I'd be charged with. I plan on deleting this so Saudi intelligence (laughable) should not see my idea.
  9. London: A fantastic country? Oh how your comment is so problematic in many ways. Do you care to explain before I jump the gun? Oday: There were many factors that lead to the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel. For one, Israel wouldn't have been a "success" story without the backing and assistance of the British government at the time. The British wanted the Ottoman empire to be in shambles and in 1924, they saw their window of opportunity. Second, a lot can be credited to the ideas and mindset put forth by Theodor Herzl of having a political Zionist state and most importantly the Zionist ideology itself where they believe that Jews have the right to a sovereigns Jewish state. It's interesting all the other countries they've considered before settling on Palestine. There was the Uganda Program, Soviet Zion (USSR), Fugu (Japan), Madagascar, Guyana, and the list goes on. Why Palestine? Because in their minds, it's Biblically theirs. Israel will, in my humble opinion, seize to exist when they lose their alliance with the US, the UK and other major western countries deteriorates. Israel is no way an example for any country to follow. If anything Somalis need something similar to a Zionist ideology we can probably call Somalism. Once Somalis come to accept one another as country men and women and be unified as one people with one goal then and only then will we take a step forward to stabilization and success.
  10. It's cheaper paying by the gallon than it is by the liter. 1.30 x 3.8** = 4.94. Holy macrol! Y'all are paying almost 5 dollars a gallon. You're right (for once). I have no reason to be complaining. **1 gallon = 4 quarts = 3.785 litres
  11. Right now I'm not really studying anything. I'm slaving away at the moment. But I did completed my B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in Visual Arts Media. I am preparing my applications for my MArch (Masters in Architecture) degree inshAllah. More like preparing to get pocket raped by these institutions whose tuitions are soaring by the quarter/semester.
  12. Felt good pumping $3.75 a gallon in my xaajiyad. Though that's still a lot, it beats 5 dollars.
  13. ^ LOL. What does this Farmaajo character proposing as a solution to this unrest in our motherland? Not to be technical or anything, this is more of a demonstration than it is a protest (objection). I was a little confused markan arkay people smooching on his picture.
  14. I'm lazy as hell but these past couple of weeks, I've been trying to get myself use to interval training workouts (ITW). ITW has been shown in some studies to promote weight loss, preserve and build more muscle mass than longer endurance training workouts. Here is an example: I really like following the videos of this trainer. Well, for one - the training is free. Two his directions are clear and cut and have been showing signs of change and improvement.
  15. I would like to share hees caan ahayd with a very strong lyrically reference to not only what was going on then but also now. Enjoy!