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    The khat ban has already been lifted. Somaliland region Gov needs to return the cars of the khat dealers, if it was going to be lifted so easily what was the point of stealing their cars other than tuugniimo?
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    "It seems that most Tigrayan observers and analysts predict in best case a much weakened federal authority and a transition to a confederal type of arrangement, possibly with ‘split sovereignty’ between the center and regional states; or in the worst case an implosion of power and the disintegration of Ethiopia. These two scenarios, and everything in-between, are possibly all too pessimistic; but as stated optimists are hard to find in Ethiopia these days, let alone in Tigray. The most recent development is pushing towards a political confrontation between TPLF and PP; between the regional state government and the federal authority, as stated in TPLF’s Executive Committee statement from May 4, 2020:" In-depth Analysis: Towards Tigray Statehood? - Addis Standard ADDISSTANDARD.COM Addisstandard.com
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    Suldaanka, Man, what historical day it was. I was there (right there in the crowd), I was attached to late Prof. Ibrahim Meygaag Samatar (AUN), as his note-taker in the meetings. There were endless political meetings of the SNM's high command (by Mr. Tuur, the Chairman, and the rest of the central committee). Particularly as to what to do in the light of what took place in the country and the total destruction that we had in our hand at the time. I was a graduate student in London (UCL), who as soon as I heard the country was liberated, I legged-off from London, took a flight to Djibouti, and I was in the ground in Hargeisa by mid-April. The country was like a horror-scene straight out from Hiroshima kind of destruction. But by the grace of God, it was in our SNM's hand and it was free, at last. What a historical day it was, indeed.
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    Apophis, Aha, a typical carpet-baggers, is all that the lot of them are, is all I can say. In fact, if this is true (and it gets to be confirmed by other media's portals), then it shows how this is was a scam to them, a kind of a "get-rich-quick-scheme". And, of course, the first sign of trouble they are heading back to their "adopted western's countries", and are leaving the stricken masses of Somalia to their wretched fates. In other words, if you hire an NGO-minded Somali expatriate, and then the first sign of inconvenience reality in which he or she may run into it, they will be crying: "Oh, uncle Western's nation, please, Sir, take me out of this hell-hole" (or words to that effect).
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    They came with a laptop and a brief case. Also most likely they are the ones that imported Coronavirus to the city. They are now fleeing back with bags full of cash - cash from the tax collected from the businesses and Mogadishu's residents. Of course, as usual, the residents will bear the brunt of disaster they left behind.
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    That is the future I guess.Nomadic lifestyle is unsustainable. Specially when rains have become sporadic, droughts recurrent and also the political environments is becoming less conducive to easy movement of people and animals. At the same time, agri-tech is becoming cheaper and more available to the small scale farmers. These are technologies that were once in the domain of the big boys in town with deep pockets. The know-how and the knowledge about new ways and methods of farming are becoming accessible to a lot of people. So it is inevitable that settled farming will win the day. For instance, camel farming is becoming more and more popular thesedays. It is more profitable when they are in a farm where they feed and water are guaranteed. They will give you guaranteed milk output and one can plan their finances accordingly. A man who returned from the diaspora came up with an innovative new way of farming. He rents only she-camels that are milking from nomads. The nomads get a guaranteed monthly income from their she-camel without worrying about the feed, water or health of the animal. This guy now has more than 5,000 she-camels that he doesn't own but rents them all.
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    ma sha Allah dekeda cusub ee Garacad shaqo culus baa ka socota horey u socda .
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    Small notes for the nomads about the great wars and HoA. 1. All Somalis except Djibouti and today's Puntland were part of the Second World War. Those in Puntland and Djibouti had agreements with the big powers in their territories not to make them fight in other lands. 2. Salamanders were the highest level of self command of any people in Africa that were in either side. Example: in the Campaign to liberate what is now Eritrea, Somalilander commander had higher status on the campaign between Kassala Sudan and Asmara Eritrea. Even though the Sudanese were more in number than Somalilanders, but the Somalilanders are not colonial army. This mattered for the British. Somalianders were only lower than Australians and South Africans. 3. If it wasn't that Africans have no self respect, Eritreans if they remember the war should be thankful of Somalilanders. The Sudanese were blamed for the religious conflict that arose in Eritrea, never the Somalis. The Somalis are never blamed for any abuses (even the common ones in wars) while others are. 4. Those who were on Italian side were undisciplined, abusive in both Somalia and Ethiopia. 5. Somalis never joined the Foreign Legion from Djibouti like other Africans did, nor did they Join the Italians outside HoA, like Eritreans did in Libya and Somalia. Somalis can celebrate end of WWII even though most of the fighting by Somalis on any side was done as Europe was starting latest was early 1942.
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    kkk Most of the commentators are innocent average xalimo/faarax, they will take anything on face value. In fact, the reason why many people make money from 'Fake news' is because of people like these. They have no idea that this is part of an elaborate misinformation project by the 'fake it, til you make it' crew. According to them, they have been to Hargeisa and assessed the situation there. Read the title.
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    Suldaanka, There was never any doubt as to who runs - and I mean in the sense of running it on a day to day basis - the political home's regions of the "Gudhuu-Eeelaay" of Somalia, which is what these two regions of Bay and Bakool are. It was the case since 1997. And is still the case, as was proven openly by the fact that the likes of Mr. Lafta-Gareen was actually installed there, in Baydhabo, with the blood of his own kin and kith being shed copiously for him by these same occupying Ethiopians. Just so that he can be imposed there, like so much of a "cheap political puppet" that was sent there from Villa Somalia, which is what he is, at the end of the day. However, the "bigger picture" here is that Somalia which is claiming to be a "sovereign nation" has this glaring "ugly sight" to contend with, which is the notion of being "dictated" to by her neighbor. And, in fact, this particular neighbor, namely, Ethiopia, can tell her as to who would have any "access" to some regions of its own country, in which she, as a neighbor, maybe loitering in it, brazenly, as she is in these two concerned regions. It's almost like the sad picture of seeing a "retained woman" who keeps on putting on some bogus hot-airs about herself, in terms of how she is being "independent lady" and whatnot of her own right. But, at the end of the day her "patron" who keeps her keenly and treats her meanly, will always tell her as to who she can duly "invite" into her home or not. That is the precise and the real "sordid definition" of this political reality in which Somalia is experiencing it. Particularly when you stripped it down and you bring it down her "current political reality" from the level of "high politics" it can take to the low "analogous sense" it has at the pedestrian level sort of definition. And that, as you know, "speaks volumes" in more ways than one.
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    President Lyndon H. Johnson captured the sentiment of how influential whites see poor whites: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best-colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Capitalist whites will hold only to power as long as they convince poor whites that they are better than America's minorities.
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    Ruyaawadii Mogadishu lagu jilay... it always cracks me up.
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    SULDAANKA, Masha ALLAH nailed it, This Uluma must realise we check the clock at mosque, for prayer time, not go out and look at the sun, and shades.
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    I would advise all to start attending the lessons on fiqh in their local mosques and forego their fadhikudirir session once a week. You will be wiser for it. It's as they say, the more you learn, the more you realise just how ignorant you truly are.
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    Hassan Sheikh Maxamoud oo sheegay in wax badan halkii uga tagay wali taaganyihiin.
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    "Nimanka yimid waxaan leenahay" maa ka soo hartay cabaadka? Afmaay markaan camal waxaa la dhahaa ey isdeeri oo Afmaxaa ah yaa isgaaray.
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    Munaasabadda 18ka May oo maanta barxadda madaxtooyadda lagu qabtay. Siday u dhacday halkan ka daawo.
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    Maakhiri, First, this is sort of expected, secondly, no need to start a new topic, This comes under: There is something brewing in Pirate enclave... Bombing in Garowe, Killings in Bosaso, shootouts in Gaalkacyo
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    LOOL I was in Addis Abeba at the time. That was when the regime change taking place and TPLF tanks rolled into the city. Within weeks we were listening to the first May 18 songs... ma waqooyi baa saaka loo wanqalay, ma walaaci baa laga raystay oo wado xaqa la maray. Ma Wiilasheenii ba, noo talinaayo Waynaada la yidhi Wehel toosanaan Waa mahad alee Warka maanta yimid Wax ku ool ahaa...
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    Lacagtii Worldbank, cuntadii WFP iyo UNCHR.. hadana ma diyaaraha/helicopterkiia FAO (Food and Argriculatural Organisation) ayaa la sheegtay? kkkkk Hadii maalmo loogu yaboohay maha macnaheedu in lagu siiyay. Inta Ayax la dagaalamaayo, waxa haboonaan lahayd in Wabiga Juba tuulooyinka uu qaatay dadka ku taablaysan in lagu soo badbaadiyo. Mise contract FAO kuma jiro badbaado dadka shacabka ah? Caku!! At least, helicopter USAID u soo dirtay Somaliland, ciidamo Ethiopian ah looga baqi maayo.
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    ^^^^ Kuwaa sidaa u bahdilan ee dalkoodii dowlad xataa Xamar oo qudha ka sifeysa waxan cawaanta ah ee Al-Shabaab la yidhaahdo aan meesha ku heyn, oo ku darsoo loo soo shaqo tegay oo Afrikaan ku xukumo dhulkoodii, ayaa habeen iyo maalin nalagu wareeriyey xayeysiis iyo iidheh raqiis ah oo halkan SOL ah loogu hayo. Runtii waxa aanu isu fahmi la'nahay duulkan waxa weeye, anigu Somaliland hadaanu nahay, nin dhulkiisu loogu taliyo, dhaqan ahaan iyo dadnimo ahaan-ba, waxba ma weydiino. Ka xukuma ayaanu la hadli, hadii wax naga soo galaan kuwa noocaas oo kale ah. Markaas, kuwa halkan jooga ee Villa Somalia u wareersan hayska ciyaan. Xaqiiqdii waa taas kor ku sawiran iyo ta kale ee ka sii sareysa ee cadeyneysa sida Somaaliya u tahay maalinkan maanta ah ee aanu joogno "mustacmarad Afrikaanka-dunida-ka-hurda" ay xukumaan uguna taliyaan dhulkoodii iyo jamhuuriyadoodii, lixdan (60) sanno dabadeed markii calankoodii lasiiyey.
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    Indeed its become the House of ill repute. Waxa calan meesha ka muuqda, waa ku dawakhay ba.
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    Suldaan Erdogan hasn't lost any plot but instead is justified to call out what is clearly an anti-Turkish pro-dictatorship alliance. Each of these countries in this group marriage of convenience has some issues with Turkey for which they cannot face Turkey on their own. For Greece and Cyprus it is clearly the issue of the divided island of Cyprus and its newly discovered off-shore hydrocarbon deposits. For France it is purely Islamophobia and their inherent arrogance. For the UAE and the Egyptian dictator it is just their hostilities towards everything Erdogan stands for. It seems that you too have mischievously joined this axis out of support for our ally- the UAE.
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    I would asume the british colonized Somaliland would have more english words and the italian colonized southern somalia would have more italian words.
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    Mr. Deni, for some reason is shaping out to be the worse leader (at least the law-and-order front) where Pirate-land is concern. And we in Somaliland have in stake in his meager ability to ensure he can at least maintain some sort of order in his fiefdom. Otherwise, the spillover will come to our side of the border. It seems he lacks funds to manage the basic salaries of his militias. But I think the big salient picture is that the southern's regions beyond Pirate-land are more and more re-orientating their economic activities towards Mogadishu. And that in effect means, Pirate-land is losing the economical life-blood she used to be to the central regions previously. And more the port of Berbera gets to be modernized and gets to be rebuilt to an international standard, in turn, will mean that most of the eastern regions of Somaliland will gradually get to wean-off from their old habit of using the port of the city of Bossaso. Hence, cumulatively, it means, that, year by year, the long term economic prospect of Pirate-land will get dimmer and dimmer in each passing year, particularly, so long as the factors effecting her, economically, are out of her hand (as they are already). And that, in turn, will mean she will be out of option when it comes to trying to do anything about it.
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    Suldaanka, Actually, I do doubt whether he knows the "innate difference" between the two "concepts". Or have the meanest of intelligence to actually cotton-on to it, if one were to read it to him by verse and by line sort of explanation. So, consider that as another "crippling disability" in which he is being made low with it, on top of being the usual senseless troll in which we have around here of SOL.
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    The right word here is 'confiscation'. When someone 'steals' something, it is usually done without the knowledge of the owners. Confiscation by government is done all over the world. You can try look up the laws in the place you reside. Here in Australia, hoon car drivers (usually youth with cars that are modified for high performance engines) get their vehicles permanently impounded. The police then take those vehicles get destroyed. More than 100 hoon cars destroyed in Vic each month AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM Over 100 cars are being crushed in Victoria each month, with most belonging to hoon and drink drivers.
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    Suldaanka, That is a real tragic sight to see. It seems that Mogadishu's mayor, who is a former warlord, who in turn was hired to "protect" Villa Somalia from any accusation of any kind from "Unukaa-leh-Goofley-folks", just in case those guys says that Mogadishu is our town, and the "guest-boy" in Villa Somalia will not be allowed to take any Mogadishu's tax-payers money to keep himself in power, he will be expected to be at hand and to talk back to his kin and kith in "defense" of Villa Somalia. However, his other job (in fact his real job) was to take care of his town, even if the bulk of the money raised from that city goes to the Villa Somalia and to the SFG. And in that sense, he is failing and failing miserably. Of course, when you are (as we say in Somaliland) "Awr-Kiraale". who was hired to be a basic "bag-carrier", or one who was "expected" to carry-on the money that is the Mogadishu's tax-payers to Villa Somalia only, then, you are likely to be too busy with that "Awr-Kiraale business" in which you were hired to do in the first place. As opposed to be taking care of the very kin and kith you should be representing them as the mayor of their city. And that is the tragedy of Mogadishu.
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    Lo and behold!!! Cheeseman has transferred 1.1 million dollars today. Minister Baile, the glorified cashier, pulled that amount from the slush funds. Madaxweyne Waare "Waxaa nasoo gaaray lacagihii aay yabooheen dowlada federaalka iyo dowlada Jabuuti" HIIRAAN.COM Axad, May 10, 2020 (HOL) - Madaxweynaha maamulka Hirshabeelle Maxamed Cabdi Waare ayaa sheegay inaay soo gaareen lacagihii dooda dhaliyay ee lix bil kahor aay yabooheen dowlada federaalka iyo...
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    Horta sadaqadaas waxay ka dhaxaysa dadkii bixiyay kaw, dadkii gudoomay iyo ilaahay. Adiga boos kaaga banaan ma jiro. Wixii samaawaadka ku xidhan, adiga oo kale wax lagama waydiiyo. Waar ileen tanoo kale. Dad badan ayay dhibsaday Reer Beledweyn warkaa ay shaaciyeen oo sidii acid caloosha dhibiil ku noqotay. Reer Beledweyne waa gob awoowe. taa waa isla qirsanay ayaan filaa. Wixii taagero ah ee aynooga baahdaan waa la garab taaganay.
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    Che And Old_Observer, Mark my word, friends, this preacher guy call Mr. Abiy Ahmed, will literally destroy what is left of Ethiopia's ramshackle Humpty-dumpty State in his heedless pursuit to bring back some form of a centralized State based on Addis-Ababa. And the irony of it all will be that it will be his own "Oromo's folks" who will revolt first long before the Tigray's elites will ever put their boots on to call out his bluff of ending their version of a quasi-independent State, given that they are nesting, politically, far from the central government's easy reach in out there in their high-land of Ethiopia, just in case he may be minded to end their high level of autonomy. And, of course, they are armed to the teeth for him to mess with them. Or failing that, he will realize right there in Addis-Ababa, that the "political genie" is out of the bottle and no way, no Jose, and not-any-how, will Ethiopia be put back together to what it used to be when the Amxaro's political elites used to call the "political shots" in the most of the Ethiopian's history. Which was when Ethiopia was a highly centralized State, ruled by a self-serving coterie of small political elites from Addis-Ababa. As for this latest stunt in having their own election independent from the central government's blessing is concerned, which is what the Tigrey's political elites have ginned up from nowhere, I think it's just the latest of bluff and counter-bluff in which Ethiopia and its various states are involved in. Along with the notion of having an eye-ball to eye-ball sort of daring in which each State will put it out to the central State, just to see how much they can get away with it, or how much they will shake down Mr. Abiy Ahmed, who is out there in Addis-Ababa, self-preening like so much of a feather-spreading peacock with an endless iteration of facebook's propaganda. Somehow, I do doubt that such brazenness will ever have taken place in Ethiopia, whereby each State will go on to do whatever they feel like it, like right now, when the likes of Mr. Zenawi was in power. Of course, there are alleged "popular democracy" now in Ethiopia now, which wasn't the case when Mr. Zenawi was in power. However, it has to be said that what we have now in Ethiopia is not a "functioning democracy" of anyone's imagination, especially the kind of ordered democracy where an agreed power was already delegated to nationalities and to States, and where the central state's residual power is all agreed on, from the get-go. But rather what we have in here, on the contrary, is free-for-all political maelstrom, in which States and each nationality are feeling their own muscle. And where each is calculating on each day of how much they can defy the central's government's diktat and Mr. Abiy Ahmed in particular and then see what comes back out to them. All in all, there is little of a "functioning government" in now Addis-Ababa other than endless feel good cheap propaganda in which Mr. Abiy Ahmed actually thinks will "glorify" his image in the public-at-large. And he seems to believe that is good enough of a "political conduct" to take the place where the hard act of governing this ramshackle state ought to have been. We shall see how he fares as time goes on this year and the next one.
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    An Airline that was cleared to land, known by all relevant controllers. But AMISom trying to escape goat and make excuses. So far neither Cheeseman nor Khaire have made any comments on this.
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    I have asked a couple of my local journalist contacts to investigate Hani. One of them sent me a PM about an hour ago and he said "Hani is not replying on requests for over the phone interview". It leads me to believe it is just a fake account.
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    Where is the so called Parliament that used to foam from the two sides of their mouth when it comes to Somaliland/Berbera. Apparently, they are no where to be seen when it comes to the Xabashida. No one talks about the Xabashida anymore. Because Xabashida not only do they exercise their military power there, but as the old saying goes 'sir iyo sawiro waa waayn' ayay ka hayaan Cheeseman They say the Israeli Mozad have a lot of compromising photos of Arab leaders doing 'Qow-mu-luud' in foreign hotels. So they threaten them that they will publish those photos if so-and-so is not done for them. Sort of blackmailing. Cheeseman sawiro waawayn ayaa laga hayaa.
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    I heard this too from a family member living in Hargeisa. I hope it is true and lasts.
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    Ethiopians showing who is the boss in Baay and Bakool.
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    Saalax, noo sheeg the man who composed Soomaaliyeey Toosoo asagana. Mise kaas tolka ma'aha.
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    Wasaaradda horimarinta Wadooyinka Somaliland report on roads that are about to start and those getting finished this year or early next year.
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    Somaliland President says previously all COVID19 cases in Somaliland were related to imported cases. But the first community transmitted case was recorded in Somaliland which is a cause for concern. The President has declared Somaliland has entered the start of a new phase in the fight against COVID19.
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    Lool. If ever you lot in here of SOL, wanted it to know how does a fool who has no ability to know when it's about right time to stop digging in the hole in which he is in it, actually looks like it, then, look no further than the silly waffler who is above my post. Given that he seems to really went out of his way just to demonstrate how he has never heard of the idea or the assertion that says: "when you are in a hole then it's best to stop digging". Particularly that seems to be the case in here if you view it carefully the manner in which he trying to defend the most outrageously indefensible thing that seems to have come to passed in Mogadishu since Mr. Cheeseman came to power there. And by that I mean the simple argument that says (or at least hold), that, given Mr. Cheeseman hasn't done a whole lot of things in Mogadishu (at least in security-wise), therefore, this idea of "plastering" his "self-glorifying pictures" or his alleged "officials portraitures" in the same town he hasn't done a lot for it is really absurd and outrageous in equal measure of it, actually strikes this waffler in here as something that is uncalled for kind of argument on the face of it. Hence, granted, of course, he wants to defend him (i.e., Mr. Cheeseman), and yet, he can't answer that simple argument with counter-argument of his own, which in turn could tell us as to why he (i.e., Mr. Cheeseman) needs for the parades of these kinds of pictures in Mogadishu. So what he does, then, is that he digs deeper into the hole he is in it already with lots of aside assertions and with a quite frankly absurd argument that doesn't address the central argument which had it as to why is there a need for the likes of Mr. Cheeseman to be putting up his endless pictures in this town. As if we live in the era of Gen. Barre or that of North-Korea's Kim Family's Potemkin State. Just watch him talk ever more waffle and ever more absurd kind of nonsensical assertions in here, henceforth. As opposed to actually "justifying" as to why is there the urge in which this Mr. Cheeseman has it to have his "larger-than-life pictures" being put up in every street-junctures of Mogadishu.
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    ^Loooooool Adeer,Baambow or Xantalay wax maruugo,Wuu dhuunjiya lee. Ar unukaa wax aragne,war where are the Kawanleeys?
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    Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood Ahem, mm, err, what? Let me help you out, My guess is the Somali version of the Cha Cha song *Right Foot One Hop, *~Drrr~..* *Left Foot One Hop~*Drrr~*, *Slide to the Right,*Dururrrru!* *Slide to The left. *Dururrrru!*…… *~Cha cha real smooth now..~*.Dhundhurrur..Drrrr…Cha cha Again……* 1. Kuun Kuun Lamina 2. Kabteey Bilataa 3. Dhakac Dhakac 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood 5. Gariir/Imbiili 6. Baliil/Boojo This Defintely differs from Village to Village. The Game Played in Village Xamar is Not the Same as Village Hargeysa The rest depends on how fast you can Google. So far i came up With Gedo.
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    First of All... was that afsoomaali... waayo waxba waanka fahmi waayey walal...... Qoute 1. Kuun Kuun Lamina 2. Kabteey Bilataa 3. Dhakac Dhakac 4. Hal Lugeey/Lug ka bood 5. Gariir/Imbiili 6. Baliil/Boojo mise waa af-xamari slang......dont mind me somali slang is hard enough as it goes let alone regional slang bal next time bal afka yar jilci walal... cheers
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    Originally posted by Fidel: Banaadir (my birthplace and my favorite) cities: only know xamar cadeey. maybe afgooye? How about Muqdisho ?Does that city ring a bell?

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