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African cup of nations - Angola 2010

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The draw:


Group A:


1. Algeria (the lions)

2. (So) Mali

3. Angola

4. Malawi


Group B: (deadly 4)


1. Ivory Coast

2. Ghana

3. Togo

4. Burkina Faso


Group C:


1. Masar (Egypt)

2. Nigeria

3. Mozambique

4. Benin


Group D:


1. Cameroon

2. Tunisia

3. Gabon

4. Zambia



Are we going to see another Cote d'Avoir vs Egypt final? Or will Cameroon and Ghana step up? Will Angola, with home support, cause a chaos? CAN is only 7 days away and counting.....

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Ghana is the weakest link this year i saw them train in my hometown .....



i dont think they will make to the next round

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"Players injured, driver dead" after Togo bus attack!!"


"The Angolan driver was killed on the spot," the Togolese official told Reuters.


"I am fine but several players are in a bad way," FC Nantes striker Thomas Dossevi told Radio Monte Carlo."We are still at hospital. We were attacked like dogs and had to hide for 20 minutes under the seats to avoid the bullets. We were shot, although we had two police coaches on our sides. There are two injured players and also some staff."


Giving more details on the attack, he said: ''We had just crossed the border five minutes before, we were surrounded by police buses, one in front of us another behind. Everything was fine and then there was a powerful burst of gunfire.


''Everyone threw themselves under the seats and tried to protect themselves but some couldn't escape the bullets. It lasted a good 15 minutes, the police fired back but really, it was hard to handle and it still is now. I'm shocked. When we got off the bus we were asking ourselves why us and not others? We were asking ourselves what had happened, we were crying and thanking God.''

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