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The Premiership 2008/2009

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Asalaam Aleykum Brothers/Sisters?


Have been a silent reader this days, but I hope all is good with my fellow SOL sports fanatics.


Congrats to Liverpool for beating Man Utd. It was about time for Rafa to get a win against them. His record against Man Utd was appalling, 10 games, 9 lost, 1 draw and only scored 1 goal. At least they scored 2 goals today and won the match.


My beloved Chelsea won but the only problem was Robinho scored an own goal.


So whats the prediction? Who is going to win the league?

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^^^Chelsea ofcourse!


Last year was just a strange anomaly with the departure of Jose Mourinho. But this time, we got a good coach in Scolari and the players, who still are in my opinion the strongest squad in the Premiership, seem to be hungry for another championship trophy.


dhulQarnayn :cool:

Republic Of California



"Flying high, up in the sky,

We'll keep the blue flag flying high

From Stamford Bridge to Wemb(er)ley

We'll keep the blue flag flying high"


"Blue is the colour, football is the game

We're all together, and winning is our aim

So cheer us on through the sun and rain

'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name


Here at the Bridge whether rain or fine

We can shine all the time

Home or away, come and see us play

You're welcome any day


Blue is the colour, football is the game

We're all together, and winning is our aim

So cheer us on through the sun and rain

'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name


Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you

Wear your blue and see us through

Sing loud and clear until the game is done

Sing Chelsea everyone."

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Originally posted by unknown1:

BG and others.


u guys make me remember when the somalis had western hair style and al shabaab shaved their hair. i can imagine u have a western hair. shave the head before going to somalia.

Horta, why are you always off topic? This a football thread and you're giving us lectures about shaving hair. Don't you know that is it unislamic to imagine something bad bad of your brothwes? The Prophet(saw) instructed to give 70 excuses to your brothers. :cool: For the record: I have a mohican, but i used to have dreadlocks :D .


In any case, listen to adeer Nuune's advice and stick to talking about football. Hadi Kale, skip along to the politikz section! ;)



p.s. Man u will be a different outfit when Ronaldo returns and berba gets to full flow!


and lastly, how come all these samaliens started supporting chelsea all of a sudden? :D

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^^ 2-1 to Everton. :D


Anyway, this is more fun: :D:D:D


"Newcastle have named former Wimbledon and Luton Town manager Joe Kinnear as their intermin boss until October, succeeding Kevin Keegan.


The shock appointment follows news that Terry Venables turned down the role over concerns about job security.


The Magpies have been without a manager since Keegan departed, slumping to three straight defeats under temporary manager Chris Hughton.


Kinnear, 52, has been out of work since leaving Nottingham Forest in 2004.


He was sacked from that position in December after a poor start to the season, despite having kept the club up in the previous season."


Source: BBC Sport.

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Gunners loose against Hull united :D . oh dear Geovanni scored a scorcher! Liverpool,Chelsea and ManUnited won there matches, its good to see we back ontop of the ladder.


Arsene wenger was furious about the loss and this is what he said:

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has demanded improvement from his players after defeat to Hull ruined his 12th anniversary at the club.

"We had the chances to win the game,'' said Frenchman Wenger. "The commitment was on the high side but we weren't completely switched on to the level you need to be to win the game.


"Human beings are not machines. Perhaps subconsciously we thought we would make it. After we went 1-0 up, we were a bit careless in not pushing on to score the second goal.


"We don't know how costly it could be but they were committed and it was a good lesson for us. We now know that if our attitude isn't right, we can lose games.


"It was a bit similar to (Arsenal's match at) Fulham. You can never afford defeats. We had a good chance to go top of the league but at the end of the day, if we had had the same level of concentration as Hull we would have won the game.''

Hull manager Phil Brown was furious with his players at half-time for not believing they could win.


After the finest result in the club's history, Brown felt he was rewarded for his positive approach, fielding Marlon King and Cousin in attack, with Geovanni supporting.


"We picked a team to come here and cause them problems,'' Brown said.


"We have a drive, an endeavour and a belief that we can come to places and get a result. I was disappointed with our display in the first half when we came off at 0-0 because I wanted to win.


"To say I was harsh in my criticism would be an understatement.


"It's one of my greatest results - Wembley and Newcastle were great but we're proving people wrong all the time. We've got the same number of points as Derby (achieved in all of last season) with 32 games left so it's a fantastic day!''


Hull captain Ian Ashbee told Setanta 1: "We went for it, we played with three strikers.


"We could have come and try to shut up shop but we knew that would be difficult against Arsenal.''

Tigers are going to stun many teams.

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