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  1. duke what do u think of AYs views abt kismayo admin.
  2. this is my last post. Abu mansur is fine alxamdulilah.
  3. duke what do u think of the new kismayo administration, i didnt hear of jabiso but i heard alshabaab and ICU.
  4. walaal shiikh shariif will be a part of the Islamic Emirate of Somalia insha'Allah
  5. im male but it doesnt matter, u are still my brother. walaal if my brother had a girlfriend he would feel my hand. xaraaaaaam caleyk
  6. hahaha i know the differnce but u come with stu pid questions.
  7. i leave it walaal. walaal if u want to control others control urself and control ur brother who r dating girls. because if dating someone the third is shaytaan.
  8. i dont know whats the difference afro. u are my sister and i dont want u to defend clans
  9. DQ u r my brother why i caaye? ramaaan waaye. do u want to see his biography??
  10. i dont have any!! there r many good scholars. shaykh OBL is very good.
  11. i live in warshiikh in middle shabele. why r u asking those questions above? r u interested in a guy, afro u can do better,avoid that guy.
  12. 1991 walaal he wasnt famous. walaal he is a shiikh and he has more knowledge abt islam than u. 1995 he was fighting ethios when somalis were fighting civil war.
  13. no afro i wouldnt even be her Bf or her friend. it seems that u have been influenced by westerners.
  14. duke they r ready for this. they have prepared for this. they have got new weapons.