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  1. This talk of war from a respected 'elder'. “Mushkiladda Sool waxa lagu xalin karaa dagaal culus†Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdulqaadir Hargeysa (Jam)- Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdulqaadir, oo ka mid ah Madax-dhaqameedyada sare ee Somaliland , ayaa sheegay in xalka keli ah ee mushkiladda Gobolka Sool lagu soo afjari karaa yahay dagaal culus oo dawladda Somaliland ku qaado Maamul-goboleedka Puntland, ee hadda haysta magaalo-madaxda Gobolka ee Laascaanood. Suldaan Maxamed, waxa uu sidaa ku sheegay waraysi uu shalay siiyey Telefishanka madaxabannaan ee Somaliland TV iyo Jamhuuriya , kaas oo uu Suldaanku ku soo bandhigay aragtidiisa siyaasadeed ee ku waajahan xal-u-helidda mushkiladda dabada-dheeraatay ee Gobolka Sool, ee u dhexeeya Somaliland iyo maamulka Puntland... ...S: Arrintan Madax-dhaqameedyada loo xilsaaray ma qaabka loo gelayo ayaad diiday, mise waxa aad u aragtaa mid aan waxba laga qaban Karin? J: Anigu ma diidani, doorkan doorkii ka horreeyey waraysi la iga qaaday waxa aan idhi; ‘Meesha [Laascaanood] maalinta xoog lagu gelayo ha la ii yeedho.’ SOURCE:
  2. Originally posted by Sky: make it sound like if Berbera port collapses, than the Somaliland people are in trouble. They can still use Djiboutis and Bossassos ports Why should they? Berbera has a viable port and should be serviceable to the people of all the surrounding areas. But, because of some Red Sea port competition, you rejoice in the current loss of momentum at Berbera port because you presume the Somaliland business community will pour their goods in from Bossaso and Djibouti ports. As you clearly stated, in the war of the Red Sea ports, you're team Bossaso the whole way: This is strictly business. There is a competition out there and Bossasso port is my team. Ah, the jibes. How I cherish the jibes. ...Im not the one obsessed about Somaliland and posting articles of which no soul understands your goal...Say whatever you want, but Im real and consistent. Something totally opposite to your character. Really? What have I been 'inconsistent' about? I can only see wind.talker and sidekick hornafrique politicizing the whole topic. Like I said, its business! True, but even business should come with some measure of integrity. Like I said, the success of ANY of these ports (Sudan, Djibouti, Berbera & Bossaso) holds equal footing in my view because they're economic lifelines that benefit the concerned communities (Muslims). Sidekick? HornAfrique? :confused: You must not really know the guy. We'll see what he says, though. Originally posted by SOO MAAL: but a complete failure of Somali people, the fact that Ethiopia uses Somali ports one against the other. Ethiopia's use of Somali ports creates revenue for Somalis (how that's distributed and spent is a whole different matter). That's the bigger picture I look at, bro.
  3. Originally posted by audacious: Frankly, women are more qabilistic than women. Indeed! Ironically, the whole qabiil thing is founded on the male line. What's their (women's) role?
  4. THAT, buddy, is breathtaking. Which means, THAT, I have to see. Insha Allah. Great pics & thanks for the post.
  5. That's a highly-misinformed article, referring to Col Yeey as 'Dr. Abdullahi Yusuf.' Did he magically attain his doctorate on Oct. 10, 2004? Now, to answer the question: I know Kenya paid a heavy price - and I wonder how long it'll take us Somalis to realize that there aren't that many neighbors as nice as the Kenyans. Their efforts in uniting Somalia's warring factions is commendable and will hopefully reflect positively in East African history. Was it worth it? Remains to be seen. I mean the freaken' president has been to a lot of international capitals - except Somalia's. Let's list them: Nairobi, Kampala, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Doha, Yemen's capital, London, etc.
  6. How come Puntland militias are allowed to mutiny anytime they like? Last time they mutinied in Bossaso, Las Anod and Garoe because they were rightly protesting against a 9-month period with no salary (a mutiny I agree with). But today, they're protesting because China's aid to the tsunami victims didn't reach them? This is getting ridiculous and clearly points out the problems within the Puntland security structure. Someone needs to do some spring cleaning, me thinks.
  7. Originally posted by Sky: good news that Berbera is losing in the red sea ports battle. Bad news that Sudan enjoys the missed opportunities of the dirtpoor Somalis. What the hell are you talking about man? How could the issue of the port of Berbera - an economic lifeline for many Somali people - loosing money be classified as good news? Also, how could the economic success (according to you) of Port Sudan be bad news? The way I see it, both these facilities are economically important aspects of life in those regions. Their success or failure reflects accordlingly upon the concerned populace - which, in this case, means Somalis or Sudanese. Try to be happy for all people's hard-won successes -not just Boosaaso people's success.
  8. Maxaa laga wada hadlaa? The Garad is right because the Saladiin from Somaliland were previously informed of the pre-condition to any negociation between the two sides: pull SNM militias out of degaanka SSC. The intention behind the coming of these Saladiinis politically-motivated to show the world that the Issims of SSC don't want to hold peace talks. But how can there be peace talks when the SSC Issims simply stated that their previously named pre-conditions had not yet been met, for SNM militias continue to be stationed on their degaan. The wonderful twist to this story is the unity of the SSC Issims - Reer SSC are less confused because their traditional leaders have as of now adopted a single political platform to challenge the widespread-notion that SSC areas are part of some secessionist agenda to further disintegrate the Somali Republic. Kudos to them!
  9. BREAKING NEWS: Col Yeey's supporters are lined up near Galkacyo's airport awaiting the arrival of Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf. But wait - the guy's touring and kissing Arab a$$ for petro dollars! progressive peace loving patriotic side Oh, that's what it is: progressive peace-loving patriotism. When I saw them pulling wires out of the ground and removing the Tower of the Sayyid, I thought it was pure banditry and ignorance. But, hey, what do I know - I'm not a member of this exclusive club of patriots.
  10. This is wonderful news, truly. But, its hard to believe it until the words 'I QUIT' come out of Col Yeey's mouth. On a sidenote, Originally posted by OLOL: Yeey's clannish selfish goal was to start some kind of civil reprisal against southern factions... People are not dumb any more ! times have changed! When I use terms like caqli-lixsaac and cuqdad-nafsi some people get offended. Yet, here is an adamant supporter of anything warlord-like who admits that his beloved leaders were dumb in the past (I wonder what changed: did they suddenly attain Ph.D.s or do we have the shrewd Sharif to praise?). I've been proven correct, again. Cheers!
  11. It is part of Berlin's attempt to reorganize Eastern Africa to meet German interests. You know, there was a time when Europeans and Americans made it politically-correct not to speak so bluntly about the nature of neo-colonialism. I suppose that time is long gone, for these Germans overlty state their agenda: for East Africa to meet Germany's interests. Whose interest should be priority here: Ethiopia or Germany? Sounds like Germany's interests easily surpass Ethiopia's - colonialism in its newest form.
  12. Dhinaca kale C/qaadir Beebe wuxuu saxaafadda soo tusay xafiisyo gaaraya ilaa 95 Xafiis oo qalabkoodu u dhan yahay, kuwaasoo uu sheegay in dowladda KMG Soomaaliya uu ugu talo galay inuu ku soo dhaweeyo , Mogadishu and its infinite warlords. :mad: Not too long ago, C/qadir Beebe was a relatively unheard of figure in Somali politics. Now, he's acting like the Chairman of the TFG Welcoming Party, setting up offices for the TFG settle in right there within the walls of Mogadishu - thereby possibly making him a media star. To the people who believe that the Nairobi Wing of the TFG doesn't enjoy support in Mogadishu, what say you? Or is this character (Beebe) so insignificant as to not even warrant a response?
  13. Dhinaca kale C/qaadir Beebe wuxuu saxaafadda soo tusay xafiisyo gaaraya ilaa 95 Xafiis oo qalabkoodu u dhan yahay, kuwaasoo uu sheegay in dowladda KMG Soomaaliya uu ugu talo galay inuu ku soo dhaweeyo , Mogadishu and its infinite warlords. :mad: Not too long ago, C/qadir Beebe was a relatively unheard of figure in Somali politics. Now, he's acting like the Chairman of the TFG Welcoming Party, setting up offices for the TFG settle in right there within the walls of Mogadishu - thereby possibly making him a media star. To the people who believe that the Nairobi Wing of the TFG doesn't enjoy support in Mogadishu, what say you? Or is this character (Beebe) so insignificant as to not even warrant a response?
  14. Dhinaca kale C/qaadir Beebe wuxuu saxaafadda soo tusay xafiisyo gaaraya ilaa 95 Xafiis oo qalabkoodu u dhan yahay, kuwaasoo uu sheegay in dowladda KMG Soomaaliya uu ugu talo galay inuu ku soo dhaweeyo , Mogadishu and its infinite warlords. :mad: Not too long ago, C/qadir Beebe was a relatively unheard of figure in Somali politics. Now, he's acting like the Chairman of the TFG Welcoming Party, setting up offices for the TFG settle in right there within the walls of Mogadishu - thereby possibly making him a media star. To the people who believe that the Nairobi Wing of the TFG doesn't enjoy support in Mogadishu, what say you? Or is this character (Beebe) so insignificant as to not even warrant a response?
  15. the Somali politicians in Kenya have shown again and again that they have no sense of shame. Very true. That group of selfish, clan-claiming mercenaries should've never been given the opportunity to represent Soomaaliwayn. Now, they've made us the laughing stock of the globe, with their Parliament-turned-into-wrestling match episode! 2- The selection of Col. Abdillahi Yusuf as president contributed a lot to the failure of the outcome...Yusuf’s strategy was to get foreign troops to conquer the south for him...The fact that his calculations about getting foreign troops turned out so wrong, is an indication of his shallowness as a strategist . Nice punchline. The whole 'editorial' wasn't about the failure of the Mbegathi, Kenya conference. It was about how Col Yeey's dream of being Somalia's president has turned into such a massive failure. Supposedly. Mogadishu, where Abdillahi Yusuf has no base, True, but the more these warlords-turned-ministers continue dragging their feet about the removal of roadblocks, the more people begin to see things from Col Yeey's perspective. The battle for Mogadishu's heart is between pro-change and anti-change groups. The future will tell us which way Reer Muqdisho swing their vote. Until then, 'editorials' that predict the future - such as the one above - can't be considered as factual writing, but the mere opinions of a select few. BTW, welcome back QUDHAC.
  16. Originally posted by HornAfrique: Wind...You first article is highly inaccurate...waxay qoreen waa been. You're right, bro. I guess the SBC folks were misinformed and had fixed the problem. Reporters sometimes make mistakes, as you'll find a 'corrections' section in all major American newspapers. Anyways, this is SBC correcting the mistake: Sixid war ku saabsan dagaal ka dhacey degmada Garbahaarey ee gobolka Gedo SBC-11.June.2005 Ka dib markii xaley qaybta Internet-ka iyo Idaacada SBC uu ka baxey war ku aadanaa dagaal dhimasho iyo dhaawac keenay oo ka dhacey degmada Garbahaarey ayaa waxaa na soo gaarey fariimo kala duwan oo ku saabsanaa jiritaanka dagaalkaas uu soo tabiyey wariyaheena magaalada Balad-xaawo in uu ka dhacey degmada Garbahaarey, waxaana xiriiro Idaacada xaga E-mail-da ah oo na soo gaarey ay muujiyeen in aan hubino in dagaal Dad ku dhinteen uu ka dhacey degmada Garbahaarey. Hadaba warar kala duwan oo aynu ka helay degmada Garbahaarey iyo meelo kale oo ka mid ah Gobolka Gedo isla markaana wariyaheena deegaankaas uu la sameeyey Dad kala duwan ayaa naloo cadeeyey in uusan dagaal ka dhacey magaalada gudaheeda oo keenay dhimasho iyo dhaawac, hase ahaatee dad goob joogayaal ah ayaa waxay cadeeyeen in agagaarka degmada uu ka dhacey iska horimaad dhexmarey laba kooxood sahan oo isku dhacey balse lama sheegin wax dhimasho iyo dhaawac ah oo uu sababey iska horimaadkaas. Waxaan u mahadcelinaynaa Dadkii inagu dhiirigaliyey inaynu warkaas saxno oo sida uu yahay aan u baahino. SBC Webmaster. But HORN, the point is the re-emergence of intra-tribal warfares across all of Somalia. That's really the disheartening issue here. DUKE - I'm not convinced that the 'government' is completely impartial to these new wars, especially in the politically-motivated state of war in Baydhabo area. Faith in Islam, combined with a sense of nationalism, is Somalia's route to redemption - not a 'government' founded on injustice (i.e. labelling an entire group of Somalis as 'Others' - that really irks the living daylights outta me).
  17. RAHIMA - Walaal, I did my best to explain. Intaas ka badan waa dambi socda. Allahana iga cafiyo wixii qalad ah. Originally posted by HornAfrique: [QB] You said the SNF failed to protect Siad Barre; and I ask in what way?...1. The reason Siad Barre left Gedo to take Nigeria up on their political invitation was because of internal SNF problems that highlighted their internal weakness ....Caydiid was coming, and the SNF was divided into "still-recognize Siad Barre as president" or "start new slate" camps. So, exactly how's your argument different from mine? The SNF - due to internal weakness - failed to offer protection for the late Somali leader (although, militarily they were in a position to offer protection). But, because of internal political divisions, the old man fled Somalia and died in exile. So, in this instance, whether I used "logic" or not, I'm right and you openly agree. The SNF failed to protect Somalia's strongman. Period. Indha-cade did horrible things in Dhoobley, that we cannot excuse, but sxb Morgan was already defeated. First of all, I know its not your intention, but the Dhoobley massacre is not a laughing matter. Secondly, I think I finally understand your dispute. You want me and the world to believe that Gen Morgan was single-handedly defeated by Adeer Barre Hiiraale (and therefore the SNF). That's why you offer such interesting accounts of Indhocade's involvement (excuse that Morgan had used the Shabeele areas). I plead the fifth in agreeing to such a statement. And I officially quit this thread.
  18. Is it me or are there now more wars sparking in many corners of Somalia? Beledweyne, Baydhabo, Ceelwaaq, Mudug/Galgaduud etc.? Just when we all wish Somalia's war days are behind us, new wars are waged by even newer warlords. Allow dadkeyna kala badbaadi. Aamin. Dagaal dhimasho iyo dhaawac sababay oo ka dhacay degmada Garbahaarey Garbahaarey - 10.June.2005 Wararka ka imanaya degmada Garbahaarrey ee ee xarunta gobolka Gedo ayaa waxay sheegayaan in dagaal xoogl leh uu maanta gelinkii dambe ka qarxay magaaladaas. Dagaalkan ayaa la sheegayaa in uu dhex marayo laba malleyshiyo beeleed oo ka wada tirsan ururka SNF oo gacanta ku haya deegaankaas. Weriyaha Idaacadda SBC ee magaalooyinka Beledxaawo iyo Mandheera, Cabdullaahi Cali Kaalmoy ayaa soo sheegaya in iska hor imaadkan uu salka ku hayo dilal iyo falal aanooyin qabiil ah oo dhowaanahan ka oognaa qaybo ka tirsan gobolka Gedo gaar ahaan degmooyinka Garbahaarey iyo Buur Dhuubo. Ilaa iyo haatan si rasmi ah looma hayo tirada rasmiga ah ee dhimasho iyo dhaawac waxanse warar lagu kalsoon yahay ay sheegayaan in dhimasho iyo dhaawac ay dhaceen. Dagaalka ku salaysan aanada qabiilka ayaa muddooyinkan caadi ka ahaa qaybo ka tirsan gobolkaas. Cabdullaahi Cali Kaalmooy SBC Beledxaawo Isbahaysiga Dooxada Jubba oo Ciidamo U Diraya Magaalada Ceelwaaq ee gobolka Gedo Golaha hogaaminta Isbahaysiga Dooxada Jubba iyo gudoonka sare ee isbahaysiga ayaa galabta kullankii labaad ee albaabadu uxiran yihiin ku yeeshay Garoonka diyaaradaha caalamiga ah ee magaalada kismaayo si ay gurmad ugu diraan Ciidamada Difaaca Gedo. kulamadaan oo uu shir gudoominayay Col:Barre Aaden Shire ayaa waxaa ka qayb galay mas,uuliyiin, aqoonyahanno iyo ragga beelaha hogaamiya ee saamaynta ku leh magaalada kismaayo iyo gobolka Gedo. Waxaa shirka hareeyay dooda la xariirta sida loo dirayo ciidamadaan iyo tiradooda iyo waliba saanad iyo dhaqaale deg deg ah oo loo baahanyahay in la gaarsiiiyo maleeshiyada difaaca gobolka Gedo oo ay maleeyshiyo beesha Garre ay isku horfadhiyaan magaalada Ceelwaaq. Kulamadaan xasaasiga ah oo loo diiday saxaafada ayaa waxaa ka soo baxay go,aamo ay ka mid yihiin in loo diro qaar ka mid ah ciidamada isbaheysiga oo ay taageerayaan gaadiidka dagaalka oo tiknikada loo yaqaan. Ciidamadaan ayaa warar soo baxaya waxaa ay sheegayan in ay iminka isku urursanayaan saldhiga Shiirkole oo ka mid ah baraha ay degan yihiin ciidamada isbahaysiga, waxaana hogaamin doona Sargaal lagu magacaabo Aaden Garaar oo ka mid saraakiisha taliska ciidamada isbahaysiga dooxada jubba sida uu xaqiijiyey Gedonet mid ka mid ah saraakiisha sare sare ee isbaheysiga. Ciiidamadan la dirayo ayaa waxaa ay ka kala imaanayaa dhinacyada maamulka sida ilaalada garoonka, dekadda, Guutada Koowaad iyo labaad, Istaafyada Saraakiisha iyo ciidamada taliska dhexe. Waxaana tani ay noqonaysaa diyaargawgii ugu adkaa ee abid ay sameeyaan isbahaysiga dooxada jubba oo saamayn ku yeelanaya dagaal ka baxsan kismaayo. Laakiin ma ahan markii ugu horaysay ee maleeshiyooyinka daacada u ah Col.l Barre Hiiraale oo lixdii sano ee ugu dambaysay gacanta ku hayay magaalada kismayo ay ka qeybgalaan difaaca gobalka Gedo. Iyada oo sanadkii 2002 ay magaalada Baardheere kula dagaalameen xoogagii ka soo kala jeeday ururada SPM/SRRC iyo RRA oo doonayay in gacanta ku dhigaan magaalada Baardheere oo istiraatiiji u ah dhaqdhaqaaqa deegaanada uu maro wabiga jubba ee jamhuuriyada soomaaliya. Dhanka kalana waxaa la xaqiijinayaa ciidamo tira badan oo si lixaad leh u hubaysan in ay ka ruqaansadeen degmooyinka G/Gedo iyaga oo ku siijeeda degmada C/Waaq. Nasteex faarax Gedonet-somalia Ciidammo Ka Socda Maamul Goboleedka Puntland Oo Ku Jeeda Magaalada Baydhabo Iyo Raac Labaad Oo Lagu Diyaariyay Abqaale Oo Ku Soo Jeeda Gobollada Bay Ciidammo ka socda maamul goboleedka Puntland kuna hubeysan gawaarida tiknikada oo lagu qiyaasay 25 gaari ayaa waxa ay ku sugan yihiin gobolka Bakool iyaga oo soo maray dhinaca Itoobiya ayaa waxaa la sheegayaa inay duullaan ku yihiin magaalada Baydhabo ee gobolka Bay. Waxana sida ilo xog ogaal ahi ay sheegayaan ay rabaan inay dowladda u diyaariyaan magaalada Baydhabo ka hor 14ka bishan iyaga oo kaashanaya ciidammo ay RRA dhinaca Bakool diyaariyeen. Dhanka kalena Warar lagu kalsoon yahay oo aanu ka helnay ilo muhiim ah oo ku sugan Gaalkacyo ayaa sheegaya in ciidamo horay loogu diyaariyey halka lagu magacaabo Abqaale oo magaalada Gaalkacyo Waqooyi ka xigta, lagana soo kala uruuriyey gobolada Puntland ayaa shalay u soo dhaqaaqay dhinaca degmada Ceelberde oo ka tirsan gobolka Bakool, halkaasoo ay isku uruursanayaan ciidamo isugu jira Puntland & kuwa wasiirada Xudur ku sugan, ciidamadaasoo lagu wado in ay guluf colaadeed ku kiciyaan magaalada Baydhabo oo ay ku sugan yihiin maleeshiyooyin taageersan xildhibaan Max’ed Ibraahim Xaabsade. Ciidamo ku hubeysan baabuurta dagaalka, uuna hor-kacayey taliyaha waaxda la dagaalanka argagixisada Puntland Max’ed Aadan Bidaar oo ku sii jeeday degmada Ceelberde ayey ciidamada Itoobiyaanka ee ku sugan deegaanka Shiilaanyo ee ismaamulka Soomaalida Itoobiya xabsiga u taxaabeen, markii saraakiisha ciidamadaasi ay ku eedeeyeen taliyaha in isagoo aanan ku soo wargelin uu ka soo gudbay xuduudka, waxaana markii la sii daayey taliyaha uu u sii gudbay dhinaca Ceelberde oo uu hadda ku sugan yahay, waxaana ciidamada shalay ka ambabaxay tuulada Abqaale ay ku biirayaan ciidamadii horay ugu sugnaa Ceelberde. Dhinaca kalena waxaa diyaar garow xooggan dhinacooda ka wada isbahaysiga Xaabsade taageero ee ay ka midka yihiin Isbahaysiga Dooxada Jubba, Maamulka Shabeellada Hoose iyo kooxaha taageersan Xaabsade. Ahmed Mohamed Aden (Ahmed Timajilic) Gedonet Online Beledxaawo - Soomaaliya At least 30 killed in new Somali clan violence MOGADISHU, 7 June 2005 (AFP) - At least 30 people have been killed and scores wounded in 48 hours of inter-clan fighting in two separate strife-torn regions of Somalia, witnesses and clan elders said on Tuesday. The fighting in the central Galgudud region and the northern town of Beletweyne opposes rival militias in factional feuds over unsettled scores and banditry, and is not believed to be linked to disputes over the war-shattered country’s transitional government in exile, they said. On Tuesday in Galgudud, brief but intense battles between fighters from the Sa’ed and Sulemani subgroups of the ****** clan killed at least 12 people and wounded 18 others, said Mumin Hadji Ali, an elder from a neutral faction. “We don’t know who started the fighting, but each side says it was attacked first,†Ali told AFP in Mogadishu by radio from the region. Another witness, who did not want to be named, said the fighting was heavy and had erupted despite a truce agreement the two sides had reached two months ago. After a lull of several hours, fighting between gunmen from the rival Galjeyil and Jajolo resumed Tuesday at the Beletweyne trading post about 300 kilometers (185 miles) north of Mogadishu, witnesses said. On Monday, fierce clashes there killed at least 18 people, including a child, and wounded 23, not including militiamen injured during the battle, according to Elmi Yassin, a businessman in Beletweyene who was attempting to mediate the dispute. Some witnesses said the fighting was linked to banditry, while others blamed it on long-running disputes over water and access to pastures. Somalia has lacked an effective central government since the 1991 ouster of strongman Mohammed Siad Barre split the vast desert country of some 10 million people into a patchwork of fiefdoms governed by unruly warlords. Somalia’s new leaders, who were sworn into office in Kenya late last year, are still based in Nairobi owing to widespread insecurity in their own country. Source: AFP, June 07, 2005
  19. Originally posted by HornAfrique: quote:The mighty, all-powerful SNF that defended Galkacyo in its hour of need and protected a Galkacyo-based traditional elder couldn't offer protection for the late Somali leader, Gen. M. Siyad Barre (alaha u naxaristo) - or have you forgotten that he fled Gedo and died in exile Kuma aanan fahmin.SXB, in another post, you'd made the comment that, during the USC invasion of Galkayo in the early '90s, an Issim had fled to Cabudwaaq to seek refuge. Also, we're reminded of how Col Hiiraale defended Gedo against the USC. I'm just drawing a simple comparison - how could such a seemingly competent and self-sufficient movement do these to things: 1. Fail to protect the late Somali leader, for he fled and eventually died outside of Somalia 2. Need USC units for the '99 attack on Kismayo What's surprising is your denial that USC militias are in - and have been in - Kismayo since Hiiraale's arrival. Yusuf Seeraar, whether he's in Muqdisho or not, still holds the title of JVA vice-chairman, does he not? "Isbahaysiga" means there are two equal units in the JVA - so that mumbo-jumbo about "scouts from Guriceel" doesn't fly with logic and reality. Another surprise is that you won't acknowledge Indhocade's military involvement during the Jubba wars - but he openly acknowledges that he fought against Gen. Morgan & therefore on the side of the JVA. I'm still debating from which case you suffer from: hurt pride or misinformation. RAHIMA: Also, can you explain to me who is and who is not a “USC†member and on what grounds/criteria you make such classifications? The USC is a rebel movement that begun in the late 1980s and it was composed of a single Somali clan-family. Since then, the USC has disintegrated and various units control different parts of their clan fiefdoms. There criteria is clan-based, as with every other Somali rebel movement. So, Yusuf Seeraar controls a unit of the USC, so do Caato, Yalaxow, Indhocade, Qanyare, Mohamed Dheere, Qeybdiid, Gen. Galaal etc. I would exclude Sh. Dahir Aweys because he's more Al-Itixad than USC. so why is one part of the alliance acceptable in your eyes and not the other? Assuming that this alliance is based on evil (hypothetically speaking) Hypothetically or not, I don't think this alliance is based on "evil" - its based on pure capitalism: the "Alliance" shares the profits of controlling Kismaayo. Why do you think so many org. have repeatedly fought over the control of Kismaayo? Its all about the $$$ (which I suppose makes 'em all evil, but calooshii-u-shaqeyste is so common in all of Somalia that I consider them normal members of society now). Sad eh? Now, in the post-1991 era when Somalia disintegrated, our society - lacking centralized direction - reverted back to the centuries-old system of clans. Accordingly, each Somali clan and sub-clan has always maintained a "traditional territory" within Somalia, Ethiopia, the NFD, and Djibouti. i.e. Somalis in Djibouti can be easily categorized into three main clans; Somaliland is comprised of certain Somali clans and subclans; so is Puntland; and so are the regional admins in Hiiraan or Shabellaha Dhexe, etc. USC-affiliated clans don't have traditional claims to any parts of the Jubba Valley. However, SNF-affiliated folks do because they've lived there, had defended the city against outside aggression and the city's close proximity to Gedo makes it an important and integral part of the trans-Jubba economy (thus, why 'Jubaland' includes Jubbada Hoose, Jubada Dhexe and Gedo regions). I'm against the presence of USC militia in Kismaayo (and the Jubbas) for the same reason I'm against SNM militia presence in Laascaanood: both are occupations, considering the fact that dadka degaanka aren't members of either of these two rebel movements. Not to say that the USC branch of today or the SNF has done anything even remotely close to what the alliance between the USC and traitor Col. Cumar Jess' SPM militias did to dadka degaanka in the early '90s. I hope I've made some sense. And I do apologize to all for turning this thread into a completely different topic. But what can y'all do about it but whine?
  20. Originally posted by Rahima: quote: I said a USC military presence is unacceptable - which excludes the shacab because all Somalis should always feel free to live in any part of Somalia. Yeah I got that part , but why (according to you) is it more justified to have Morgan (and his group- I don’t know their name) in Kismaayo than the USC? No, you didn't get it at all. Where did I say that Gen. Morgan's group was more "justified" to be in Kismaayo? Originally posted by HornAfrique: It is much easier to admit defeat at the hands of a large force instead of a ... Right, the SNF defended Galkacyo and even housed a traditional leader, they also repulsed an attack on Gedo in the past (from USC, not from Ethiopia) and now they're busy defending Ceelwaaq from the Oromo and allied groups. But the mighty, all-powerful SNF needs Yusuf Mire Seeraar and his military unit to maintain control of Kismaayo and share profits. The mighty, all-powerful SNF that defended Galkacyo in its hour of need and protected a Galkacyo-based traditional elder couldn't offer protection for the late Somali leader, Gen. M. Siyad Barre (alaha u naxaristo) - or have you forgotten that he fled Gedo and died in exile? Why is it that the SNF can provide protection for a man outside the sub-clan but couldn't offer protection for the late Somali leader? I'm sure you have more wonderful stories to share with us, such as the "scouts of Guriceel" story - a nice touch, I might add, for it overtly downplays the significance of the USC-allied branch of the JVA. Remember, the "insignificant" Yusuf Seeraar is an MP today. P.S. The stories families share in their living rooms shouldn't be discussed in political discourse, especially with so many people watching.
  21. ^^ Waligaaba ilmo abti iyo ilmo adeer, qaraabo hoose iyo qaraabo kore lee wad. How could you be even more irrelevant than you've shown to be? I doubt that's even possible. It's 2005 - people actually make decisions and choices based on merits, not some socially-established notion with too much emphasis on bloodlines and bloodties. I pray that you'll someday accompany the rest of progressive folks and join the train to mental emancipation. Hussein Aideed is among the most brilliant politicians in the new somali government...i have known and interacted with him...He is... a consensus-builder . I will not question his intelligence - but I must ask about his decisions. It seems as if he hasn't gone to Mogadishu in quite a while. Is that because he lacks the effective support a warlord-turned-minister needs to survive there? Or is there a more enchanting excuse? Whatever the reason, I can say with a certain degree of truth that Hussein Aideed - in the realm of Somalia's opportunistic politics - is an efficient floater who swims with both sharks and seashells with the same relative ease.
  22. But as I heard , one-third of Somali parliamentarians are illiterate clannish nomads. Walee...?
  23. That's a tough question to answer. But if I had to make a choice, I'd say Sayyid Maxamed Abdulle Xasan. He was the man who coalesced the power of anti-colonial forces and valiantly fought the colonists - be they British, Italian or Amhara. Of course, the means he chose to pursue his patriotic struggle is open to debate, but what can't be denied of him is the impact (religious, cultural and political) his life had (and continues to have) on the psyche of pre and post-independence Somali nationalism. As probably the most-written about Somali to ever live, the Sayyid had shown the world the essence of the Somali character: honorable warriors armed with poetic souls. I salute the Sayyid - the undisputed Father of Somali Nationalism. Allaha u naxariisto.