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  1. DUKE - You always claim that you don't want another civil war to erupt in Somalia because Daddy President Col Yeey was (s)elected legitimately (by warlord aka xaraan standards) to lead Somalia. Yet, you - and pro-Yeey sites - repeatedly publish stories of how well the army-recruiting is going. Why would you or like-minded fellows be so focused on building an army for Col Yeey's gov't? War, nothing else. So, from now on, save us the energy and just say you're happy the army-recruiting is going well because it'll better Col Yeey's chances of militarily defeating his enemies, real or perceived. P.S. What can a ragtag grouping of militias from Galkacyo, Beledweyne, Xudur and supposedly the Jubbas do against militias in Xamar - when the mighty American Rangers shit their pants trying to fight them? :confused:
  2. Very nice pics. Well-designed houses with tiled floors? And I'm here stuck in this war-loving nation of imbecils while my brethren re-build our homeland. Kudos to them! Ahem... Originally posted by Sky: Here are some more pics of some interior and Bosasso the de facto capital of Puntland: In the same way that New York City is the de facto capital of the United States, right? But the days of Bossaso's true shine aren't too far off in the horizon. Let the city blossom, let Bossaso blossom!
  3. ^^ The infamous Somaliland Suldan Max'd Suldan C/qadir apologizes for Caato's deportation! Now, someone please enlighten me as to why a respected traditional leader would apologize on behalf of Somaliland people for the deportation of... Originally posted by Qudhac: a drug dealing murdering warlord :confused: via HIIRAAN ONLINE: Arbaco, July 13, 2005(HOL): Wasiirka Howlaha Guud iyo Guriyeynta Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed Md. Cusmaan Xasan Cali (Caato) ayaa ka hadlay is-hortaagii ay ku sameeyeen Ciidamada ilaalada Garoonka Magaalada Hargeysa, kuwaasi oo u diiday in uu gudaha u galo magaalada Hargeysa. Cusmaan Caato waxaa uu sheegay in aanu wax dhib ah u arkin in ciidamada Madaarka Hargeysa ay howshooda qabsadaan, isla markaana ay u diidaan inuu gudaha u galo magaalada Hargeysa oo uu si caadi ah u tegi jiray, wuxuuna soo dhaweeyay in Maamulka Somaliland uu wax walba u adeegsado shuruucda u degsan, “Anigu ma fileynin in xil aan ka hayo Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed dartiis la iiga soo celinayo Garoonka Hargeysa, hayeeshee wax xumaan ah uma arko in la iiga celiyo in aan Somaliland gudaha u galoâ€ayuu yiri Cusmaan Caato oo intaas ku daray in intii uu ku sugnaa Garoonka Hargeysa ay ciidamada Somaliland ay si wanaagsan ula dhaqmeen. Cusmaan Caato waxaa uu meesha ka saaray in uu wargelin la’aan iska tegay Hargeysa, inkastoo uu caddeyn waayay ciddii uu la xiriiray, wuxuuse tibaaxay in markii uu halkaasi tegayay uu ahaa ruux caadi ah oo Beec Mushtar ah oo aan xil Xukuumadeed heynin, “Hargeysa waxaan tegay aniga oo aan Wasiir ahayn oo ah Nin caadi ah oo Beec Mushtar ah†ayuuna yiri Cusmaan Caato oo markii laga soo celiyay Somaliland kadib dib ugu laabtay magaalada Muqdisho, isagoo sii maray dalka Jabuuti. Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha Somaliland Md. Ismaaciil Aadan Cusmaan ayaa sheegay in Cusmaan Caato uu ahaa nin horay u imaan jiray deegaanada Somaliland balse xiligan uusan ahayn ruux caadi ah, isla markaana uu ka tirsan yahay Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed ee uu Madaxweynaha ka yahay Col. C/llaahi Yuusuf Axmed, sidaasi darteedna aysan ogolaan karin in uu ruux ka tirsan Dowladdaas uu Somaliland iska tago. Dib u celinta Cusmaan Caato lagu sameeyay ayay wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Hargeysa sheegayaan in ay aad uga xumaadeen waxgarad iyo siyaasiyiin badan, kuwaasi oo uu ka mid ahaa Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan C/qaadir oo ah Duub si weyn looga qadariyo Somaliland, wuxuuna Suldaanku sheegay in Xukuumadda Somaliland ay ku deg degtay dib u celintii Cusmaan Caato, wuxuuna raaligelin ka bixiyay isagoo ka wakiil ah Shacabka Somaliland sidii loola dhaqmay Cusmaan Caato oo uu tilmaamay nin dano badan ku leh Somaliland oo markaasina ay ka yaaliin deegaanada Somaliland Gaadiid noocyo kala duwan leh iyo qalab kale. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online Mogadishu, Somalia
  4. ^^ Haka xumaan sxb. I was merely highlighting a prevalent notion amongst the staunch pro-SNM elements: that the magical Somaliland army that took down Siyad Barre and his tanks is a superpower that can do as it pleases, even hypothetically detain and execute Cismaan Caato. Funny this same magical army can't seem to pass Adhicadeeye. THIS IS SERIOUS: The tanks were wrong. Nin gardaran ma guuleysto. But the boys and technicals parked in Adhicadeeye aren't wrong - they're home. And so we sit and await for Hargeisa to secure its mythical eastern border. :eek: Nuff said.
  5. WardheerNews, I have systematically and meticulously scrutinized your arguments. I’ve found them repugnant, shameful and full of holes . Oh, really? Good. Let's hear it: o You lamented that red stands for defending Ethiopia’s orthodox religion. Let me ask you this: What did the red stand for in your despicable uncle’s Red Beret? Okay. A question: If the red doesn't stand for defending Ethiopia's Orthodox religion, what does it stand for? How does comparing the Somaliland flag to the Red Berets answer this intriguing question? :confused: One guy made a claim. Another guy answered by not answering, but instead making a comment like 'your uncle' and some out-of-the-blue comparison to the dreaded Red Berets. So who's argument here is full of holes? :confused:
  6. ^^ And Somaliland has the ability to detain, charge and execute Cismaan Caato? :confused: 'We took down tanks' is not a concept that flies with Caato's USC - to them, waxay taagan yihiin 'we took down American Rangers.' I hope you see the difference. Funny that Ruunkinet (of all places) found some hidden Ethiopian agenda in Caato's rejection to land in Hargeisa. Seems like in the post-Oct 10 period, everything has an Ethiopian connection. The blame the Ethiopians plan hasn't removed a single roadblock or achieved any tangible goal whatsoever. Yet, its a rhetoric they don't get tired of repeating.
  7. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: I have never met Prime Minister Meles but all those who met him are convinced that he feels he owes a debt of gratitude. Really? This is what the people of Somali Regional State (aka Occupied Western Somalia) wrote about PM Meles Zenawi a few years ago: UNGRATEFUL CHILD: Melez Zenaawi & Somalia COMMENTARY ****** Online Editorial Board If Somali government officials in the 1970's and early 80's were told that soon after the new millennium, Ethiopia would be seeking to convince the international community that it's military operations in Somalia were justified, that would come as no surprise. If you then mentioned the Melez Zenaawi would be the one leading this Ethiopian charge the reaction would probably have been one of disbelief. After all, Melez Zenaawi and other leaders of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) the ruling core of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) enjoyed unprecedented hospitality by the Mogadishu government. It is an open secret that during his struggle to remove Marxist Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, Zenaawi travelled with a Diplomatic Somali passport. Everywhere he went he was greeted with open arms by Somali government officials. To the Somalis, he was an adopted son of sorts. Like their brethren in ******, Zenaawi was struggling for self-determination (at least that is what he said). But those familiar with Zenaawi during his stay in Mogadishu recall his intense jealousy for assistance Somalia gave the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF). One former Somali official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told ****** Online "He was always telling us we should give him what we gave the Eritreans, every time he compared his situation with that of the Eritreans and tried to convince us he had a better chance to succeed against Mengistu than the EPLF" But despite his envy of the EPLF Zenawi was clearly in no position to complain. Not only was he given a Somali diplomatic passport, but his TPLF was given an office and an expense account all paid for by Somali tax payers. Zenaawi was also reportedly eager to gain favor among Arab nations, something he felt Somalia was clearly in a good position to get him. Unlike the Eritreans, the TPLF had limited contacts with the Arab world and desperately sought introduction to Arab diplomats in Mogadishu at every opportunity. On ******, Zenaawi is reported on more than one occasion to have strongly expressed that "Ethiopia is an Empire State artificially patched together" going on to say that all that would change once the oppressed overthrew mengistu. Zenaawi did not spend all his time lobbying in Mogadishu however, he is reported to have enjoyed frequenting hotel restaurants and playing pool with Somali intelligence officers from the National Security Service (NSS). While he was also a frequent visitor of the beaches along Mogadishu, he reportedly never went in the water because he could not swim. Even when his hairline was just beginning to recede, he is reported to have been mocked by other TPLF comrades as having a striking resemblance to Lenin, something he was very proud of. Following the cease fire agreement between Somali president Siad Barre and Ethiopian leader Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1988 requiring each nation to stop supporting the others armed opponents, Zenaawi was still allowed to keep his Somali diplomatic passport and even secretly visited Mogadishu on more than one occasion from Saudi Arabia, a location where the Somali government had arranged for him and other TPLF leaders to stay. So why then is Zenaawi so eager to interfere in Somalia sending his forces across the boundary on more than one occasion??? Any answer at this point would be little more than speculation, however, what is undeniable is that Zenaawi benefited from Somali hospitality during the TPLF's struggle. Despite being an impoverished nation, Somalia willingly furnished both money, arms and diplomatic contacts to Melez Zenaawi. Despite his jealousy of EPLF officials who were also in Mogadishu, Zenaawi was warmly welcomed in Mogadishu according to anyone familiar with his stay their. Today, like an ungrateful child, who was nurtured, supported and raised to be in a position to claim power, he has turned back and bit the hand that once fed him. In Somalia's time of need he not only chose not to return the favor, but to extend Somalia's misery by supporting various warlords at different times in the last 10 years. Now Zenaawi sees an opportunity to dominate the political and economic affairs in Somalia and the current war on terrorism is his vehicle of choice. Ironically, he who once benefited from a Somali government, now seeks to destroy the Transitional National Government (TNG) in Mogadishu. Interesting isn't it how some forget how they were once humble and in need. The people's in the Horn have long memories. For Somalis, Zenaawi will always be remembered as an ungrateful beneficiary of Somali kindness. While Zenaawi may currently be using his knowledge of Somali society obtained during his stay in Mogadishu to ensure Somalia never rises again, he apparently did not learn one critical lesson from being in Mogadishu. Like their Eritrean brothers, Somalis never kneel before tyrants and Zenaawi's ill will toward Somalis will have only solidified his place in the dustbin of histories failed tyrants. ****** Online Editorial Board Somalia helped Zenawi and his EPRDF movement over the years. And how does he repay us? By continously meddling in Somalia's internal affairs and suppressing Somalis living in Ethiopia. Save us the pro-Col Yeey propaganda about how Ethiopia has changed since they've admitted there are more Muslims (but the Christians are in power - so what good is that admission?) and that Somalis in Ethiopia outnumber the ruling Tigreans. Big deal. Zenawi is a parasite just like all his predecessors, Amhara or Tigrean - they're all filthy Ethiopians.
  8. Originally posted by OLOL: None of the warlords is a saint but all of sudden the most ruthless and the worst of them is elevated and canonized to high stature of eminence by hypocrites because of clan affiliation. So, you un-do this great injustice by elevating the stature of other warlords who are presumed enemies of Col Yeey? :confused: In circles we continue to go...
  9. ^^ Passionate! Originally posted by Rahima: Your first enemy are the thugs who share a tribe with you. Deal with them, stop defending them, clean your own backyard Well said. But I think that statement should apply to all militia-weilding Somali clans (from Boosaaso to Kismaayo). If they could clean up their backyards by getting rid of their specific clan or sub-clan warlords, then Somalia would have a better chance at peace today. Also, I don't think OLOL & JB support Mogadishu's warlords because those men are despicable. Rather, they hate Col Yeey (his clan, his policies, his actions - in that order) more. Think about it: its because of Col Yeey that Mogadishu's warlords - men who'd fought for years - are best friends today. They hate each other, but hate Col Yeey more. the enemy is not the one you lot have created, they’re not from Puntland or Ethiopia, the real enemy for your tribes are sleeping in bed with you and screwing you around The enemy's from within. That, too, should apply to all of Somalia. There is no one to blame for our collective 15-year failure than ourselves.
  10. Originally posted by Guhaad: Eritrea has gone insofar as claiming that Ethiopia will using Berbera port to import nerve gas which will be used against Eritrea. That claim was made on - a Somali-owned website. Eritrean Daily merely translated the unsourced work and published it in English on their website. On the bottom of the page, it wrote the source: But I do see Eritrea's interests to counterbalance an Ethiopian influence in Somali politics. But I'm highlighting the involvement of these nations in what everyone sees as an upcoming war in Somalia - where our neighbors will take sides and watch our people kill each other. Its our loss - not Ethiopia's and certainly not Eritrea's. I suppose the Col Yeey is a puppet moniker ought to be applied to both sides of Somalia's political spectrum. Originally posted by OLOL: The religious courts and their powerful militias will get involved and it will be another Jihad. Another Jihad? :confused: The powerful militias of warlord X or clan court X will prevail over the Christian-sympathizing Col Yeey and his stooges (namely, the so-called bufoon of Jowhar). Since these militias are so powerful, why do they need Eritrea's help? TO YOU: Col Yeey is weak because he needs Ethiopia's help. Qanyare getting foot soldiers and weaponry from Eritrea is justified because he's engaged in a Jihad. FYI - If Oromo Liberation Front or ONLF soldiers are seen in Somalia, it will justify an Ethiopian attack (which has not come, thus far) - which happened in 1999 when Oromo-supported Hussein Aideed's USC/SNA militias were kicked out of Bay and Bakool regions by Ethio-RRA soldiers. You have such a wonderful, one-dimensional line of thought - too bad we all can't be robots like yourself.
  11. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: You speak of him as if you are either his biographer or Mistress Excellent! If you, as the oldest man on the SOL Forum, express your opinions with such a childish flavor, what is to be expected of the rest? :confused: Anyhow, I think CHE-GUEVARA said it all. Can you deny or challenge any of his claims? Read on... Originally posted by Che-Guevara: My uncle served with him in the kulmis days. It is common knowledge he was entirely responsible dismantling SSDF . All that was left of the organization was his sub-clan . All other Planders abondoned it coz Yeey can't share the stage with anyone. Yeey ordered hits on any man that disagreed with him ....Yeey is a tryannt whose interests supersede that of the Somali nation . The only reason many Planders tolerated him coz it was no better alternative , and quite frankly nobody wanted another civil war...[/QB] Col Yeey biography, pre-Oct 10, 2004: - Internally destroyed SSDF rebel movement - Filled its ranks with his sub-sub-clan - Assasinated all opposition within the SSDF ranks - After Gen. Max'd Abshir was elected SSDF chairman in the '90s, Col Yeey is the only major SSDF member who denied Gen. Abshir's chairmanship (thereby crowning himself as "another" SSDF chairman) - In Puntland, after loosing an election, he used military force to squash all opposition (meaning: my way or your dead) Adeer, you can dress Col Yeey is the sexiest gown around. But one thing remains true: the dreadful scars on his skin will always be visible. I'm not gonna say you support Col Yeey because of some tribal shit, but don't do a dis-service to yourself and lie about the man's character.
  12. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: Whether one is in Mogadishu or elsewhere (elder or adolescent, well-read or damned, villain or victim, gang or executor), one never misses the bulls’ eye in wailing foul whilst pointing to a devil only seen by the said gang and their cohorts – it’s A. Yusuf this time, it was Ethiopia yesterday, Actually, its not only the said gang (i.e. pro-Mogadishu warlord camp) that thinks Col Yeey is a foul character. Believe it or not, many "constituents" from the President's own region (namely, Puntland) don't support him and his policy to finish all political matters through war. He's a tyrant and a dictator - he showed the world his true face when he ruled the Puntland fiefdom with an iron fist. In Somalia, given a military and financial capability, Col Yeey wouldn't blink a second before using his power to succumb all opposition. That's why they (the opposition, led by Mogadishu warlords) are so opposed to his policies. They know, as soon as Col Yeey gets a grip on power, he'll get rid of every single man who ever opposed him. Besides, there are many Somalis who know Col Yeey's history and dislike him on merit. He's not a man of reconcilliation - he's a man of the military. He thinks like the military, eats and $hits like the military, and behaves like the military. Get your points across about the Mogadishu warlords' failure to reign the Capital under their collective control without raising Col Yeey's stature amongst his kith and kin, the warlords.
  13. Col Yeey (and his allies) is supported (financially, politically and militarily) by Ethiopia. Now, there is a report that a shipment of arms has landed in Dayniile airstrip of Mogadishu (controlled by Qanyare) from Eritrea. On previous occassions, there had been reports of arms shipment arriving in Boosaaso and Beledweyne from Ethiopia and Yemen. These two countries - Ethiopia (and Yemen, to some extent) and Eritrea - are readying for the continuation of their war through a proxy war in Somalia. Who'll die? Somalis. Who'll suffer? Somalis. Who'll regret it in the end? Somalis. Soomaaliweyn wax badan ummada kale way ka faaneen oo iska wayneeyeen. Maanta ayaaga sidii "chess game" oo kale lagu cayaaraa. Hub ka soo dagay Garoonka Dayniile MUQDISHO - Warar lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa shegaya in maqribnimadii Jimcaha ay garoonka diyaaradaha Dayniile ay ku soo degtay diyaarad siday shixnad hub ah oo ka timid dalka Erateriya.(Jun25) Lama oga cadada shixnada hubka iyo noocyada uu ka koobnaa balse warar lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa sheegaya in hubkaasi qarsoodiga ah uu u yimid kooxaha ka tirsan dowladda KMG ah ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho kana horjeeda fikradda Madaxweynaha. Imaanshaha hubkan ayaa ku beegmay xili ay jimcihii shir albaabada u xirnaayeen ay isla garoonka dayniile ku yeesheen wasiirada hubeysan ee ku sugan Muqdisho kuwaasoo sheegay iney ka shirayeen adkeynta nabad gelyada iyo dardargelinta howlaha Muqdisho ay ka wadaan. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, waxaa iska cad in rajadii laga qabay dowlad heshiis lagu yahay in ay u dhalato Somaliya ay sii yaraanayso, iyadoo hada ay u muuqato in ay bilaabayaan qaybaha isaga soo horjeeda siyaasada isla markaana ku wada jira DFKMG ah hub isu urursi.
  14. ^^ Hey, Taliban, you sound constipated. Must you always be so serious? It was an innocent jibe at OLOL - I'm sure he has a sense of humor. Let the man defend himself, if need be. How I despise lawyers-for-free on these Forums or elsewhere. Fact remains, certain cities in Somalia have lower crime rates (murder, rape, armed robbery etc.) than cities of the same size around the globe (which, mind you, have recognized governments). Therefore, I do think that only the misinformed would believe that all of Somalia is in a failed state. P.S. How significant is the exception to the rule? Isn't that why its an exception to begin with? You're so literal that its at times mind-boggling buddy.
  15. Originally posted by Duufaan: These pictures belongs to online and they use repeatedly. LOL I seen the picture in the middle where all the soldiers are sitting down on the ground. Laakin anigu hal wax baan fahmi la'ahay: why such fear of the defeated lot? :confused: I assume those pictures portray soldiers from the defeated lot camp of Somali militia affairs.
  16. Originally posted by OLOL: yeah his demise is imminent ... And... Originally posted by Xoogsade: Before the soon-to-come final goodbye to his excellency... SXB-yaal, let me tell you a couple of things. Stalin, Idi Amin, Mobutu, Siyad Barre - all dictators, yes? The people they oppressed cursed (habaar) them on a daily basis, yet they stayed in power for decades. Cursing (habaar) Col Yeey won't change his fate, for it has already been pre-destined by Allah SWT. Now, OLOL - Indhocade, Col Yeey, Yalaxow-Calasow, Max'd Dheere etc. - they're all warlords. They can hold fancy titles such as 'president' and 'governor', but the fact remains that they're men who came to power through war. Matter of fact, compared to Mogadishu's warlords, I have more respect for Indhocade for bringing peace and a regional admin for Shabellaha Hoose region. But, you didn't answer any of my fundamental questions. Were the people who welcomed Col Yeey/PM Ghedi in Baydhabo, Jowhar and Beledweyne the President's "clansmen" - as you want us to believe? Secondly, where are the cheering crowds welcoming Sharif Hassan in Baydhabo - but the guy didn't even go there. Let's stick to reality. Mogadishu's warlords don't want anything to change - they went against Ali Mahdi, Cabdiqasim and now Col Yeey. Which means you don't want anything to change - you can mask your views as a patriot, but as long as you're on the side of Mogadishu's war/druglords who have yet to even remove roadblocks, then you're simply against the prospect of change: Ethiopia is coming - but where is Ethiopia? We'll remove roadblocks - yet, roadblocks on the Afgoye-to-Mogadishu road have increased (among others). These are the concrete evidence I'm working with. You're working with hearsay about Reer Bari's planned hegemony over Somali politics. And for believing such, you're just showing your weakness at heart. Horaan u iri: niyadaad ka wada dhimateen. This was funny: or is he the one who defeated Morgan and convinced him to give up his unrealizable pursuit of ever taking back Chismaio? Chismaio? I know you became a Somali through some measure of affirmative action, so I'll let it slide. But, for the record, its Kismaayo. And yes, the mighty governor of Shabellaha Hoose defeated Gen Morgan in war - in essence, he defeated the whole of Puntland and showed the them his military prowess. I suppose it should be called the Aideed Doctrine - attack first, occupy, loot then ask questions. But that doctrine failed in Galkacyo, in Gedo and repeatedly in Kismaayo in the '90s. The RRA's internal weakness allowed such an aggresive doctrine to succeed in Baydhabo. You think Indhocade will continue to have success with a doctrine whose own namesake repeatedly failed to fulfill? I'll let you decide.
  17. Originally posted by Guhaad: Moreover, and briefly state it, the Puntland state, which he was the founder, is the closest friend of Ethiopia. Puntland exists because of Ethiopia? What's next: Reer Puntland are Ethiopians? The essence of Ethio-Puntland relations (and therefore Ethio-Somaliland) is driven by simple economics. Ethiopia is a land-locked country - what's wrong with Puntland and Somaliland providing a trade route through their Red Sea ports? They get currency and maintain neighborly relations with a nation that could easily dismember these regional admins had they been Ethiopia's enemies. Secondly, Abdullahi Yusuf is not the founder of Puntland - that's great disrespect to the honest work of hundreds of delegates, including traditional elders, the business community, civil society etc. If you need me to re-fresh your short-span memory, Puntland came into existence after a long peace process between the Somali peoples of northeastern Somalia. Abdullahi Yusuf won a hotly-contested election and therefore was voted into office as Puntland's first president. So, how is he the founder of Puntland? No single man could found an entire nation or an entire region. It was a process driven by the need to reconcile and to co-exist in peace. They have achieved that. Originally posted by Guhaad: The first passage is the port of their brethren of Boosaaso, Puntland. But the problem is, their brethren's very state came to exist, more or less, through Ethiopia's support! First, Abdullahi Yusuf founded Puntland. Now, Puntland exists because of Ethiopia? Its good to know Reer Puntland are citizens of Ethiopia. So, will their get their Ethiopian passports by mail or by camel transport? The premise that Puntland was created to divide Somalia and make it weaker doesn't fit. Puntland came into existence after its leaders joined many all-Somali peace processes and came back empty-handed. Was northeastern Somalia supposed to remain in disunity and chaos while we await a peaceful Mogadishu? Puntland leaders took the right step in making an autonomous regional government that would constitute a federal region in a future Somalia. Remember, Puntland's flag is still Somalia's national flag. For Puntland - its people and its leaders - Somali unity is sacred. Please, spare us the Ethiopian conspiracy card. Show me facts where Ethiopia played a role in the creation of Puntland. Moreover, give me evidence showing Abdullahi Yusuf is the founder of Puntland. If anything, men such as the late and great Islan of Nugaal - Islan Max'd Islan Muse (Allaha u naxaristo) - played a major role in the creation of Puntland so that his people could get a chance to self-govern and to live in peace. Hate it or love it, Puntland is here to stay.
  18. Contrary to popular wisdom, the whole of Somalia isn't a failed state. Somaliland - the self-declared republic that seceded away from Somalia - has been living in relative peace and achieved some measure of economic progress. There's a government with all necessary institutions, a currency, a national flag, banks etc. and everyone attends to his/her needs. The same could be said for neighboring Puntland (although it didn't declare independence). In southern Somalia, the regional adminstrations of Shabellaha Hoose and Shabellaha Dhexe have achieved the peaceful co-existence of locals. There are people in leadership positions who lead the semi-autonomous regions in political, economic and social affairs - all aspects of 'government.' These are all examples that all of Somalia isn't a failed state. Of course, there are many parts of Somalia where chaos is supreme. Only a non-Somali would believe that all of Somalia is a failed state.
  19. I found this quite amusing: Originally posted by Xoogsade: The only people I see or hear talk about wars or a showdown are A/Y supporters. And... Originally posted by OLOL: Xoogsade, no body in their right mind would advocate another senseless civil war. only these Yeey cheerleaders who are now living some kind of outlandish illusion. My advice to you gents is to fear Allah SWT instead of fearing Col Yeey - an aging man with a defunct liver.
  20. Originally posted by OLOL: ...the camp that supports the Shariif are from all walks of life and don't have any hidden clan agendas unlikr yeeys cheerleaders who are as porven all from his clansmen. That's so cute! Sharif Hassan - an MP elected from Bay and Bakool regions - has YET to set foot on the region from which he supposedly represents. On the other hand, Col Yeey landed in Baydhabo and was welcomed. He also landed in Jowhar and drove on to Beledweyne. Fact or fiction? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the President's "clansmen" don't traditionally live in Baydhabo, Jowhar and Beledweyne, do they? :confused: Do you honestly want us - a group of adults - to believe that everyone that welcomed Col Yeey in Baydhabo, Jowhar and Beledweyne is a member of his clan? You insult our intelligence with such baseless claims. Yet, I can sit here and tell you that the Sharif whom you hold so dear hasn't even gone to Baydhabo yet - which has become more unstable than Mogadishu of late. Just like your idols (war/druglords), you lack the vision to see a world beyond today's. You celebrate every little action Indhocade or Mogadishu's warlords take - yet, you forget that they have YET to do anything out of their own initiative. This so-called Mogadishu Stabalization Plan - why didn't it take place out of the warlord's own initiative, instead of fear that Col Yeey will bring foreign troops to Mogadishu? These men you wholeheartedly support (Mogadishu war/druglords) don't want to resolve anything in Mogadishu - after weeks of storing up militias, Cismaan Caato says on the BBC that the whole remove the roadblocks campaign was wrong from the beginning. What gives? The only people who are genuine about any chance of peace in Mogadishu are civil society - whose actions speak louder than words. They genuinely contribute their meager resources in the hope that lasting and permanent peace will soon envelop Mogadishu. But these war/druglords are all talk - and Sharif is turning out to be nothing but a puppet. If he was real, he would've forced the war/druglords to remove all roadblocks - step 1 in restoring order back on the street of the Capital. And the whole Col Yeey and his cousins are bringing clan hegemony to southern Somalia train - LOL! You suffer from a terrible case of low-esteem, me thinks.
  21. The Basic fact is that the President needs to be above the rest. He needs to be the father of a household, his command needs to be respected with full obedience, but for this to happen he needs to earn the respect of the warlords kix kix kix For a second, I thought you were talking about Patrice Lumumba - the Father of the Congolese nation, the man who led his people to freedom. Or maybe Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's shining star. But those wise words in respect to Col Yeey..? What has Col Yeey done: - Visit too many int'l capitals, while ignoring his own - Create the biggest political chaos in Somalia in the post-1991 era (we're apparently more divided now than ever - even women MPs are fist-fighting) - Land his 'commandos' in Beledweyne on their way to Jowhar as the President's Special Guard - Dwindle down the support of Oct. 10 faster than GW Bush's ratings in the last 4 months! So far, HORN is right: the guy is hated because of his inaction. I don't know whether or not Col Yeey's action is a good thing, but the inaction makes him look pathetic and upgrades the status of Xamar's warlords - although they have yet to solve the issue of roadblocks (step 1) in Xamar. He seems like a weakling - something I couldn't have said about him before Oct. 10, 2004. A leader must take charge - Mohamed Dheere is the firebrand that's taking charge in southern Somalia politics, not Col Yeey.
  22. Originally posted by HornAfrique: Ujeedada ma Siyaad Barre wuu naga qaldanaa inuu dagaal nagu qaado markaan la socon waynay, laakiin kuwaane way ku haboontahay inaan dagaal ku qaadno hadayna nala socon waayeen? If one hasn't seen a more pronounced case of hypocrisy I say! Plus... Originally posted by SOO MAAL: given that both the people of Garowe and Laascaanood don’t want border between them, Need I say more? This elder contradicts himself: J: Anigu ma diidani, doorkan doorkii ka horreeyey waraysi la iga qaaday waxa aan idhi; ‘Meesha [Laascaanood] maalinta xoog lagu gelayo ha la ii yeedho.’ Compared to (also by Suldan Max’d Suldan Cabdiqadir): Originally posted by Duufaan: [QB] Tusaale ahaan; marka la leeyahay Somaliland dagaal gobollada bari isu diyaariso anigu ma qabo taas, Which one do you support old man? Worse still, this: Cabdillaahi Yuusuf ma aha nin kuu fadhiyaya, sida uu shalay ciidanka kamaandowsta ah u geliyey Beledweyne ayuu tana [Hargeysa] kuugu iman doonaa. What does Col Yeey have to do with this whole dilemma? Tan kale, odayga [Col Yeey] ma saas baa looga baqaa? This Suldan is showing his cowardice in broad daylight.
  23. Dagaal Fool Xun oo u dhaxeeyo qaar ka mid ah Haweenka Xildhibaanada Soomaaliyeed oo maanta ka Dhacay Dalka South Africa Haweenka ku jira golaha baarlamaanka fedralka ah ee Somaliya oo ka qeybgalayo saminaar uga socdo Dalka Koofur afrika ayaa waxaa maanta dhex maray dagaal ay gacanta isula tageen, ka dib markii sida la sheegay ay is afdhaafeen . Haweenkan Xildhibaanada ah oo iyagu aragti ahaan kala taageersan Gudoomiyaha iyo Madaxweynaha ayaa waxaa la sheegay in ay dhowr jeer intii ay joogeen Koofur afrika ay dhex martay dooda kulul oo sababi gaartay dagaal, ayaa maanta mar kale doodaasi waxa ay keentay in ay gacanta ay isula tagaan. Gacanqaadka ayaa la sheegay in uu si toos ah u dhex maray Xildhibaanada kala ah Caasha Axmed Cabdalla oo si weyn uga soo horjeedo siyaasada Madaxweyne yuusuf iyo Fahmo Axmed Nuur iyo Khadiijo Maxed Diiriye oo iyaguna siyaasad ahaan ka soo horjeedo Shariifka, waxa ayna maanta arintaasi keentay in ay is xulufeystaan haweenkii isla markaana dagaal fool xun uu hlkaasi ku dhex maray, waxaana la sheegay in laga awood roonaaday haweenkii taageersanaa Siyaasada C/laahi Yuusuf Axmed. kix kix kix kix Illaa iyo hadda Cadeyn rasmi ah lagama bixin qasaaraha soo kala gaaray , hase yeeshee waxaa hakad uu ku yimid saminaarkii loogu yeeray ka dib markii uu dagaalkani uu dhacay. Xildhibaan Khadiijo Maxamed Diiriye ayaa sheegay in gacan ka hadalku uu ka dambeeyey markii Caasho Axmed Cabadala ay sheegatay in ay wafdiga hogaamnineysay, iyada oo ku eedeysay in ay saminaarka ay ku qeybisay warqado uu soo qoray Gudoomiyaha Golaha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Shariif Xasan, taasina waxa ay keenay bay tiri in uu dagaal dhaco, iyada oo intaasi raacisay in uu jiro qasaarooyin labada dhinac soo kala gaaray. Khadiijo Maxed Diiriye waxa kale oo ay sheegtay in la joojiyey saminaarkii isla markaana dib loogu soo kala noqon doono goobihii laga kala yimid.
  24. GENERAL DUKE - The Mogadishu stabilization plan is still an on-going process. Try to show support for the people - the people , not the politicians - who are genuinely working to pacify the city. Although the media tends to overlook such stories, civil society is playing a major role in taking care of the militiamen in both military camps. Women are cooking for them, the business community is contributing funds. The fact that the people of Mogadishu have stepped up to the challenge should definitely be commendable. I don't know of the politicians' ulterior motives - the fact is that these Mogadishu-based warlords are united (as they were during Abdiqasim's Arta era) to fight against any chance of government for they stand to loose. Originally posted by contraflow: I wouldn't mind being accused of jealousy or cabaad if the infrastructure that I left you was used wisely and in a civilised manner...the fact that you are proud of destroying a country and making everyone including yourself a refugee shows the IQ level of your supposed leaders kix kix kix kix You crack me up. Words like wisdom, civility, pride and intelligence (IQ) have a whole different meaning in his eyesight. Pride comes to his mind when his 12 cousins tore off people's roofs, tore down national symbols such as statues, and ripped cable wires out of the ground. His IQ is demonstrated when he labels notorious warlords such as al-Xaaji Muuse Suudi Yalaxow as a mujahid . And wisdom..? Um...yeah. They tore it down and chased the owners - but they didn't put it to good use. They're proud they made others into refugees, yet he sits in a London coffee shop chit-chatting about the might of his cousins, conveniently forgetting the fact that, along with the rest of the defeated lot , he too is a refugee. Otanga, Kakuma etc. are seen as signs of victory in his eyes. Why? Because he simply lacks vision - much as his predecessors and the men who took the journey to destroy Somalia socially, politically and economically. But hey, what do I know, I'm parked in the defeated lot garage.
  25. Suldaanka & Sky - caga jugleynta SOL ka joojiya. Booto iyo af-ka-hadal baad meesha u joogtaan. FAALLO (Jawaab laga bixiye hadalkii ka soo baxay Suldaanka Reer Somaliland) Faallo( Haddii allaha awoodda lihii ogolaado Qormadeenan Maanta waxaynu si xeel dheer ugu jeexjeexi doona ummuuro maalmahan dambe si aad ah isaga soo daba dhacayey, kuwaasi oo ahaa hadallo ay is dhaaf sanayeen Salaaddiinta ka soo jeedaa Maamulka Soomaliland iyo Salaaddiinta gobollada Sool Sanaag Iyo Cayn oo iyagu si hufan uga xarraga qaatay dheeshii labadan kooxood u dhexeysay….. Nin baa laga hayaa ‘Markii wax la ii sheegaan wax gartaaye!!’ waxaa jirtey warqad sir ahayd oo ay diyaariyeen Rag ay ka mid ahaayeen alla ha u naxariiste Cabdiraxmaan Tuur, hadaladii ku qornaa waxaa ka mid ahaa: ‘Beesha Sool waa inaynu si siyaasad ah u dhex galnaa, markaynu gacanta ku dhignana waa inaynu gacan bir ah ku haynaa, weligoodna aynu madaxa kaga taagnaana!!, maalinta ay inoo gaadhana waa inaynu ka Aarsan doonaa!!’…. Biya dhaca arrinkan waynu u soo laaban doonaayee, waxaa kaloo jirey isla qaar ka mid ah Ragga ka soo jeedda Maamulka Hargeysa, hada uma jeeddo Reer Boorame, waxaa dhacday habeen ay faqayeen, burkana aysan bahal ka filaynin, waxay talo ku goosteen, ‘Reerkaasi Sool waa inaynu u fullinaa boqol danood oo ay inaga leeyihiin, si aynu uga gaadhno danta aynu ka leenahay!!!’….. Akhristow adigoo taasi la socda, misana maanta waxa ka dhacaya Duulleedka Laascaanood aragtay amaba maqashaye, Gari ilaahay bay taqaane, hadal noocee ah ayaa kaaga furan, hadii nin gurigaaga ku soo duullo, ciidankiisina uu dhex joogo oo kuna yidhaahdo aynu wada hadalno? !!! Sow jawaabtiisu ma aha hadaad doonaysid inaynu wada hadalno marka hore gurigayga ka bax? Mise intaad baqdid baad odhan haye waxba kama qabo, oo xoolana waad u loogi?!!!.... Ninbaa laga hayaa ‘Waar salaaddu halkay ka xidhmi la’dahaye!!’, Salaadiinta SNM iyo salaadiinta Puntland halkee bay iska fahmi la’ yihiin? Halkee bayse wax ka khaldan yihiin? Labadan kooxood qoladee ayaa dowga saxa ah ku taagan? Mida kale Suldaan ciidankiisi ka dhex dhawaaqay, isagoon cidna soo war gelinin, wuxuu u socda aan sii sheegay, muxuu mudankiisu yahay? Ninba habar baa habeen dihatayoo, waa halyeey tidhi, waanayba hubsane, Sow ma ahaa halkuu Garaad Saleebaan iska taagay, isagoo ku hadlaya afkii Madax dhaqameedyada Sool Sanaag Iyo Cayn iyo weliba magaca Beesha Sool ee dibad iyo gudahaba joogta?!!!... Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdiqaadir waxaa jirey waraysi uu ka qaaday Wargeyska Jamhuuriya, hadaba intaynaan faaqidaadiisa gelin, waxaa jirtey Suldaan Maxamedow Beeshaada Reer Togdheer, Somaliland waa lagu sanduulleyey, dagaalkii idin dhex marayna, waa tii la ogaa in aad is dhiibteene, idinkoo abqana, oo la idinka awood bataye, ma Reer Sool ayaad sidiinna moodeen? !! Suldaanoow Sandulle Ayaad ku Amar qaadatey. Reer Togdheer waa lagu khasbay Somaliland, Ninkii naga Tamar Roon Yuu noo tudhin, waadigii lahaa wax baanu khasbaynaa!!! Ee taariikhda dib u milicso… Sidoo kale Suldaankani wuxuu ahaa suldaankii soo jeediyey inay beesha SNM yeelato shirweyne ay isugu yimaadaan, isagoo uga dan lahaa inta dulsaarka ku ah waxay ka yeelli lahaayeen, arrinkaasi oo ay isla ogaayeen Boqor Raabbi, intuu kaga baxay ayaa isla maalin ka dibna, Ina Rayaale xabsiga u dhaadhicyey Boqor Raabbi, Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdiqaadirna afkiisa xidhay, suuqa Hargeysana iska dhex Tamashleeyey!!!!….. Hadaba saaxiibayaal nin baa laga hayaa ‘Ma anigaa waallan mise cadan baa laga heesayaaye!!’, waxaa la yaqaanay ab ka ab salaadiin nabad ka talisee, goormay isu bedelleen jabhadayska? Goormay isu bedelleen inay talo dhanka nabada mooyee, ay ka baadhaan dhanka xoog wax ku muuqiniska?!!!, Suldaan Maxamedoow adeer dagaal wiil kuma dhashee wiil baa ku dhintee, sowdiga og in maxaabiis fara badan la idinka hayo? Sowdiga og maanta itaalkiinnu siduu yahay? Sowdiga og in aanu idin ku soo duullin, idinkuse aad duullaan, dhulballaadhsi iyo colaad gaamurtey idin wado…. Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cabdiqaadiroow markaad leedahay Maalinta xoog lagu galayo Laascaanood ha la ii yeedho, talana aad xoog ha lagu qabsado aad miciin bidaye, horta carabtu waxay ku maahmaahdaa ‘Weel waliba inta ku jirta ayuu dhididaa’, waxaan uga jeedda horta waxaad maanta qarxisay Sirtii ay xambaarsanayd warqadii ay qoreen Marxuun Cabdiraxmaan Tuur iyo intii hawsha la waday…. Waxaanuse idiin sheegaynaa Tab Hayoow Lagaa Tab Hayee, maanta in aanu soo jeedno isku duubanahay gudo iyo dibadba, waxaanu idiin sheegaynaa weli inaanu waxyaabo badan xeerinayno, sida daris wanaagii, idin koo og dhulkaad maanta dhex joogtaan, waxaanuse idiin ka ballan qaadaynaa in aanu casharo idiin dhigno!!!.... Gunaanadkii waxaan midh odhanayaa dadka u ehelka dhulkan Soomaaliland maleeshiyadiisu dhex joogto, midhna waxaan odhan Soomaaliland, Horta Beesha Sool waxaan leeyahay maanta wada hadal inooma furna, xabad caaradeed mooyee, Soomaalilandna waxaan leeyahay Jawaabtii Garaad Saleebaan oo si kale u laba dhacaysa fillo!!!!.. SOURCE: