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  1. Originally posted by Yoonis: Originally Puntland was established under the following leadership. Reer Mudug and Bari would get Presidency Reer Sool Vice President, Wasiiru Daakhiliya. Reer Sanaag Wasiirul Khaarijiya Nacnacdii Caasha Gheele baad na dhex keentay. Listen kid, this "deal" you speak of is a mystery created by those who hate a certain sub-sub-clan in Puntland (common denominator between Cadde & Cabdullahi). Galkacyo and Boosaaso are both multi-clan cities. Boosaaso, for example, is the most heterogenous(clan-wise) Somali city in the North. So, what clan can claim it? None! Your argument bears no fruit - furthermore, you must consider the elders and intellectuals of Puntland who took part of the 1998 Garoowe Conference for fools, if they ever signed on to such a deal! Originally posted by Yoonis: But the problem was that Yeey already promised it to Cadde if he was to be elected and lifted to become the President of Somalia. Promised to Cadde? More coffee shop talk from you, I guess. Everyone knows how Cadde came into power: In the 3rd round, Nugaal votes went to Cadde (as opposed to Md. Max'd Cabdi Xaashi). But the two candidates were dead-even in all other regions. Nugaal votes went to Cadde because C/raxman Faroole was so anti-ina Cabdi Xaashi. If Cabdullahi could ever promise victory in a Puntland election, he would've promised his own victory in the 2001 election vs. Jama Ali Jama! Originally posted by uchi:Anyway, regarding the vilifying case, Mr. Faroole has infact got a Masters in MBA AND... Originally posted by Sky: I don't understand why a moron like Gaagaab is the minister of Finance, while Faroole was the General Manager of the Somali Commercial Bank. Very true. However, he doesn't have a "General" or "Colonel" preciding his name. Only in Somalia will you find career military men and militia leaders who hold more prestige than the educated civilian class. That, my friend, is disgusting! Originally posted by Sophist: But that does not mean we should sing for Faroole-- the guy has no leadership qualities or so I have heard. No one is singing for Faroole. Look at the issue from a contextual standpoint: regardless of the technicalities, Cadde signed a deal with a mysterious Australian named Terry. Plenty of pro-Puntland media has already opposed the deal Cadde signed. Are they all wrong for expressing their views? Faroole has not even spoken publicly about his stance - although Gaagaab was quick to insult him during the press conference! I believe someone already made the comment about how Gaagaab managed to slip in as finance minister while Faroole was overlooked for the position he held during Col Yeey's tenure! Besides, as the Minister for Int'l Cooperation, isn't Faroole supposed to be in charge of an int'l deal, such as the one Cadde signed? There's something fishy in the water, I say!
  2. Originally posted by somalipride: Maybe you are upset that another tribe is now in power other then your own and many of your people are trying to undermine the new government with killings (just look where they are taking place!) Are you serious? :confused: You've clearly outlined the underlying reason for your undying support of Gen. Cadde Muuse! Contrary to what you might believe, there have been murders taking place in all major Puntland cities. Just recently, the house of a top Puntland police commander was attacked in Garoowe! This, sadly, was carried out by fellow Puntland police officers who were angry because they didn't get paid. Now, I do remember Cadde making plenty of promises about making sure ciidanka booliska get a paycheck once a month. That has not happened - for if it did, the commander's house wouldn't be attacked. What of Cadde's silence on the Puntland police officers who are being held in Thailand on terrorism charges? Yeah, Cabdullahi didn't care for Puntland for he killed people. Cadde doesn't care for he forgets people. What's the difference, really? P.S. We're not in Cadde's Puntland - thank Allah. So, we can criticize him all we want and not be afraid of his PSS (remind you of NSS?) officers detaining us. Phew! READ MORE: Ma argagixisaa mise waa wadaniyiin wilasha Puntland
  3. Originally posted by Raqiid: is that the Ugaas of Cabudwaq, Ugaas Ciise Ugaas Cabdulle Ugaas Siraaj, second from left? The whole meeting has been portrayed as a tribal conference from the onset. I believe GedoNet was the first to report of the Ugaas' presence. Good to get an image. Barre is a very busy man. After Baraawe, he's scheduled to meet in Balcad, then is expected to fulfill his promise and attend the Ceelwaaq peace talks. Power speaks for itself, I say!
  4. Originally posted by Sky: and Faroole become the new president. The process towards that end has already started on the underground. Let's not forget how Gen. Cadde came into power in Puntland to begin with - without the pro-Faroole votes of Nugaal reps, Cadde would've easily lost to the incumbent, Md. Max'd Cabdi Xaashi. There are rumors that when Cadde returns, he's planning to kick some characters out of his Cabinet. Faroole comes to mind, but we'll see.
  5. Cadde Muuse is a sellout. Cadde, Afqurac and Gaagaab have already sold their soul for the dollar - and are on their way to sell natural resources in northeastern Somalia. All those fake promises of being a reformer, the man who would save Puntland from doom. From here on out (unless something dramatic changes), I predict Puntland as we knew it will no longer exist. Sida ay Labo Nin u Khiyaameen Madaxda Somaliland, Puntland iyo Ra'iisul Wasaaraha DFKMG December 2002: Hargeysa waxaa yimid nin lagu magacaabo Meier oo reer Norway ah oo sheeganayey in uu leeyahay shirkad weyn oo baarta Batroolka, waxana uu heshiis la saxiixday madaxda Somaliland. Ninka reer Norway shirkada waxa uu ku soo asaasay London oo uu shirko kula soo galay Nin Hindi ah. May 2005: Sheekadii Hargeysa, sida aad hoos ku arki doontid, markii ay socon weydey ninkii Reer Norway waxa uu ku laabtay dalkiisii, laakiin waxaa uu halkaas kula kulmay nin Soomaali ah, kaas oo kusii xiriiriyey Ra'iisul wasaare Geedi, markiiba Meier iyo ninkii Soomaaliyeed waxa ay u safreer Nairobi, halkaas oo ay kula kulmeen Geedi, isla markiina ninkaas waxa uu Geeddi u magacaabay lataliyihiisa Gaarka ah ee xagga Baaritaanka Shiidaalka, Ninkii Soomaaliyeedna Qunsulka Soomaalida ee Norway. June 2005: Waxaa Boosaaso yimid nin lagu magcaabo Terry oo reer Australia ah oo markii hore shegtay hay'ad samafal, markii dambena u xuub siibtey in ay sheegato shirkad weyn oo batroolka baarata, sidaasna Heshiis kula saxiixday madaxda Puntland. August 26, 2005: Waxaa maxkamad ku taal Norway la soo taagey Meier kaddib markii lagu qabtay khiyaamo weyn oo lacaageed, iyo been abuur shirkado aan jirin. Ninkii Soomaaliyeed isaguna markiiba waxa uu yiri shaqo kuma lihi arimaha ninkaas reer Norway, welise waxa uu sheeganayaa Qunsul Soomaaliyeed. SOURCE: War Saxaafadeed Madaxweyne Kuxigeenka Puntland ahna Siiyaha Xilka Madaxweynaha Boosaaso - 13.September.2005 Waxaa madaxtooyada magaalada Boosaaso, war saxaafadeed ka soo saaray madaxweyne kuxigeenka Puntland ahna kusimaha madaxweynaha Md. Xasan Daahir Afqurac. Wasaxaafadeedkan ayaa waxaa uu ka hadlayey heshiiskii ay Puntland dhowaan la gashay shirkad macdanaha baarta oo lagu magacaabo Consort, sidoo kale waxaa uu jawaab u yahay waraysi uu ra’iisla wasaaraha Soomaaliya, Cali Maxamed Geeddi siiyey Idaacadda BBC-da 28-kii bishii August. Mudane Xasan Daahir Afqurac ayaa waxaa uu war saxaafadeedkiisa ku caddeeyey: 1. In Dawlad goboleedka Puntland ay heshiis la gashay shirkad macdanaha baarta oo lagu magacaabo Consort. 2. in Dawladda Puntland ay si adag u diidantahay hadalkii uu ra’iisal wasaaruhu ka jeediyey BBC-da, ee sheegayey in aanay Puntland xaq u lahayn in ay heshiisyo la gasho maal geliyayaal shisheeye, waxan ra’iisal wasaaraha hadalkiisa lagu tilmaamay mid aan sharciga waafaqsanayn. 3. ra’iisal wasaaruhu waxaa uu xurmayn waayey qoddobbada axdiga kumeel gaarka ah ee Soomaaliya ee kala ah; qaybta afraad, qoddobka 19-aad farqaddiisa afraad, qaybta saddex iyo tobnaad, qodobka 88-aad, farqaddiisa 3-aad, qaybta 12-aad, qoddobka 89-aad, farqaddiisa 14-aad. 4. Dastuurka Puntland waxaa uu madaxweynaha u oggolaanayaa in uu heshiiyo la galo shisheeyaha maalgashi doonka ah iyo weliba shirkadaha, iyadoo la raacayo axdiga caalamiga ah. War saxaafadeedkan oo nuqul ka mid ah uu soo gaarey Idaacadda SBC ayaa waxaa ku saxiixan madaxweyne kuxigeenka Puntland ahna kusimaha madaxweynaha Md. Xasan Daahir Afqurac. Maxamuud Faarax Bile SBC Online SOURCE:
  6. No, we can't blame Cabdiqasim (and many others)because he's merely an individual striving in our society's corrupted morals. So, my original hypothesis was wrong dheh? Originally posted by Raqiid: We can conclude therefore that Cabdiqaasim is seeking full vengence and retribution against Cabdulaahi's opposition to his former government. So, characters like Col Hiiraale, Indhacade and ina Seeraar are simply Cabdiqasim's tools to reach his ultimate goal (his revenge), which is to default Col Yeey's gov't. Payback is a b*tch, they say!
  7. HORN - SXB, characters like Indhacade and ina Seeraar didn't exist in Somalia's political lexicon before the year 2000 (Arta's year). Marka district police commander, a certain Mr. Sanjabiil, argues that the Indhocade administration was brought to Marka by Cabdiqasim's TNG: EXCERPT from Salaad Xiis (of Hiraan Online): Muran kama taagna in maamulka Shabeelaha Hoose uu xoog ku qabsaday gobolkaas, inkastoo Sanjabiil uu ku doodayo in ay meesha geysay Dowladdii Carta ee uu Hoggaaminayay C/qaasim Salaad Xasan... SOURCE: So, anywhere you find Indhocade or ina Seeraar, Cabdiqasim is undoubtedly playing tunes in the background (the same way that Col Yeey's behind-the-scenes influence in Puntland is still apparent). I'll ask the question again: What is Cabdiqasim's role or, rather importantly, his intentions? Since 2000, Cabdiqasim has been busy re-structuring southern Somalia's population dynamics. If you ask me, Cabdiqasim's sole aim is to deepen the rift between Reer Puntland and Reer Gedo/W. Galgaduud.
  8. A Somali community meeting with TFG Speaker ended in fistfight Awdalnews Network monitoring service, 12 Sept. 2005= The speaker of the Somali Transitional Federal Government, TFG, Sharif Hassan Sh. Aden, was slightly wounded on Sunday and was treated in a hospital in Fairfax, Virginia, when a community meeting he attended ended up in a fistfight. According to a report carried by, a crowd of Somalis protesting against their rejection to attend the meeting blocked Sharif Hassan’s car from approaching the meeting hall. They claimed that the organizers told them that only members of the ************no tribal names please******* were allowed to attend the meeting. After short but heated negotiations with the Speaker’s entourage, the crowd was allowed into the meeting hall and the speaker alighted from the vehicle and proceeded to the hall. As the meeting started, two people sitting in the front row started an argument which immediately developed into a bigger fist fight and hurling of chairs at each other. The Speaker who the report said had sustained slight injuries was rushed to a hospital in Fairfax where was given necessary medical care. Earlier, Sharif Hassan, addressed the Second world conference of Speakers of Parliaments in New York UN on September 8, 2005. [ September 13, 2005, 18:37: Message edited by: Libaax-Sankataabte ]
  9. HORN - Aside from the news items, it seems pretty clear that Md. Cabdiqasim Salat is playing a leading role (behind the scenes) of this Baraawe Conference. Col Hiiraale and Gudoomiye Indhacade working together on a governor-to-governor basis is a legitimate initiative. What is Cabdiqasim's role? :confused:
  10. Originally posted by Yoonis: I really Salute this great man. The funny thing is that you probably never even heard of Gudoomiye Maxamed Cumar Xabeeb before Oct 2004. Still, I'm pretty sure he'll be flattered by your (and's) likeness to him.
  11. You know, if I was Gaagaab, I wouldn't even speak in public. He was demoted from Puntland VP to Finance Minister - yet, he still has the nerve to talk! Speaks volumes of his origins in the Mudug plains. Seems like there's a conflict of interest between the Puntland leadership. Pres Cadde Muuse and Minister Gaagaab support the new "deal" signed with some mysterious Australian cat named Mr. Terry who represents an unregistered company. On the other hand, Minister Faroole leads the anti-Cadde/Gaagaab branch (which, ironically, supports PM Ghedi's line). This issue is only gonna widen and become more and more controversial. Why is Cadde being so shady? What happened to all that boastful talk of bringing "transparence" to the Puntland government? Cadde and Gaagaab are openly selling out northeastern Somalia. That's not only Reer Puntland's concern - its the concern of all Somalis because dhulka belongs to every Somali citizen. More and more, this Cadde character's real face is coming out clearer than ever! And I don't like it one bit.
  12. There are several accounts of the upcoming meeting in Baraawe between the leaders of the Isbahaysiga Dooxada Jubba (JVA). Will Gen. Morgan (and his SPM counterparts) be there and meet with Col. Barre Hiiraale? Its unclear and there are various takes on the issue. So what's really going on? Mas'uul ka tirsan IDJ oo sheegay in Col Barre Hiiraale uusan Baraawe kula kulmayn Gen. Morgan Maxamed Rooble Jimcaale Goobaale taliyaha ciidamada isbahaysiga dooxada jubba oo ka mid xubnaha wafdiga uu horkacayo gudoomiyaha isbahaysiga dooxada jubba ee maanta u ambabaxay magaalada Baraawe ee gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in aysan la kulmayn Generaal Maxamed Saciid Xirsi Morgan. Isagoo warfidiyeenka la hadlayay wax yar ka hor intii uusan ka ambabixin magaalada Kismaayo ayuu sheegay Goobaale in ay u tagayaan magaalada Baraawe wadatashi ay yeelanayaan masuuliyiinta isbahaysiga dooxada jubba iyo masuuliyiin ka imaanaysa gobolada Sh Hoose iyo Banaadir ayna wehelin doonaan xubno ka tirsan labada gole ee dawlada soomalaiya. Goobaale Ninka ugu sareeya ciidamada isbahaysiga dooxada jubba waxaa uu carrabka ku dhuftay in sidoo kale ay magaalada Muqdisho ka imaanaya Xildhibaanada Generaal Axmed warsame iyo Yuusuf Mire Maxamuud( Seeraar) oo ka mid ragga ugu sarsareeya isbahaysiga dooxada jubba laakiin waxaa uu ka gabasaday in uu tilmaan ka bixiyo waxyaabaha laga wada hjadlayo. " Annaku uma socono in aan la kulano Maxamed Saciid ee waxaan u jeednaa wadatashigaas Guud oo aan la yeelanayo mas,uuliyiin soomaaliyeed laakiin waa la heshiin karaa oo waa furantahay In gogol nabadeed la isugu yimaado", ayuu yiri Goobaale oo intaas raaciyay. In marka masuuliyiinta isbahaysiga dooxada jubba ay la kulmayaan Generaal Moorgan ay noqon doonto mid ay go'aamiyeen hogaamiyeyaasha dhaqanka iyo ragga beelaha hogaamiya ee isbahaysiga dooxada jubba ka dibna ay mas,uuliyiintu hogaamin doonaan heshiisyada la gaaro. Hadalaan uu jeediyo Goobaale oo labadii sano ee ugu dambaysay ahaa nin ay si aad isugu xiran yihiin Barre Hiiraale ayaa waxaa hadal hayn ku reebeen dadwaynaha ku nool magaalada kismaayo oo sii hayay warar sheegaya in masuuliyiinta isbahaysiga dooxada jubba ay kula kulmayaan Generaal Moorgan. Dhinaca kale marka la eeganaya waxaa ay dadka wax falanqeeya sheegayaan in kullanka baraawe uusan ahayn mid uu Barre Hiiraale kula kulmayo generaal Moorgan ee uu yahay mid dib loogu soo celinayo kalsoonidii u dhaxaysay Barre Hiiraale oo ah gudoomiyaha isbahaysiga dooxada jubba iyo xildhibaan Seeraar oo ah gudoomiye ku xigeenka isbahaysiga oo uu udhexeeya mugdi aan si qoto dheerayn. Yuusuf Mire Maxamuud (Seeraar) gudoomiye ku xigeenka koowada ee isbahaysiga dooxada jubba waxaa magaalada kismaayo ugu dambaysay bishii march ee sanadkii tagay. Waxaana jiray warar hoose oo la xariiray in uu khilaaf soo kala dhex galay isaga iyo Barre Hiiraale waxii ka dambeeyay 15kii septembar ee kal hore markaas oo uu dhamaaday dagaalkii hubaysnaa ee ciidamada isbahaysiga dooxada jubba ay la galeeen kuwii Generaal Morgan. Nasteex & Timajilic Gedonet vs. General Morgan oo laga dhigayo Madaxweynaha Maamul-Goboleedka Jubba-Land Kismaayo:-Wararka naga soo gaaraya Deegaanka Cadaado-Yareey oo ka tirsan Degmada Baraawe ayaa sheegaya in kulan dib-uheshiisiin oo ay soo qaban-qaabiyeen,Ganacsato iyo Odayaal ka soo jeeda Beesha Ceyr ee H/Gidir,ayna ka mid yihiin Madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya Dr-C/Qaasim Salaad Xasan,Xildhibaan Yuusuf Mire Seeraar,Xildhibaan Xasan Dhimbil Warsame,C/Daahir Ugaas Nuur iyo Xubno kale ayaa go-gol nabadeed oo ay uga kala dab-qaadayaan, Generel Morgan iyo Wasiirka Dib-udhiska iyo dib-udejinta Bare Hiiraale ayaa lagu wadaa in ay ka bilaabato Beri,Degmada Baraawe. Qaban-qaabada kulankan ka dhacaya Magaalada Baraawe ayaa waxaa isku-duwida barnaamishkan ka shaqeynaya xubno uu ka mid-yahay Gudoomiyaha degmadaas,C/laahi Xalane Dhuxuloow,waxaana la filayaa in labada Hogaamiye ay uga wada hadlaan sidii loo dhameyn-lahaa khilaafka in mudo ah ka dhex-taagnaa. Warar lagu kalsoon yahay oo laga helayo mid ka mid ah Xogheynta General Morgan ayaa xaqiijinaya in ujeedada shirkani ay tahay sidii Bare Hiiraale iyo Morgan looga dhaa-dhicin lahaa in ay ogolaadaan, qorshaha uu ka soo shaqeeyay Madaxwenihii hore ee Soomaaliya C/Qaasim,wuxuuna rajo ka muujiyay in natiijo wanaagsan laga gaari doono kulankan. Dhinaca kale warar hordhac ah ayaa sheegaya,in ujeedada shirkani uu yahay sidii Maamul mideysan looga dhisi lahaa Gobolada Jubooyinka,hadaba yaa laga dhigayaa Madaxweynaha iyo kuxugeenka maamulkaas?. Warar si hoose uu noogu soo dusiyay mid ka mid ah Xogheynta Generaal Morgan ayaa u qoran sidan: 1-In Ciidamada General Morgan ee ku sugan Tuulada Buulo-Xaaji iyo kuwa Bare Hiiraale la Mataaneeyo. 2-In maadaama Bare uu noqday Wasiir iyo Xildhibaan,uu markaas ogolaado in General Morgan laga dhigo Madaxweynaha Maamul-Goboleedka Jubba-Land,asagoon ku xirin shuruud. 2-In la sameeyo Baarlamaan ka kooban 65 Xubnood,oo ka kooban Beelaha Soomaaliyeed ee ku dhaqan deegaamada Jubooyinka. 3-In si siman ay u qeybsadaan kheyraadka Jubooyinka Beelaha kala ah Sa**, Habarg**** iyo Kabla***. 4-In Madaxweyne-kuxigeen loo doorto Maxamed Faarax Jimcaale (Goobaale). Qodobadan oo dhameystiran hadii Rabbi idmo waxaan idiin bala-qaadeynaa in aan idiin soo gudbino,mustaqbalka dhaw,warar lagu kal-soonaan karo ayaa sheegaya in laga yaabo in beri uusan soo xaadirin Bare Hiiraale,maadaama qodobada shirkan qaar ka mid ah uu ka soo horjeedo. Si kasta ha'ahaatee Shirkan uu hormuudka ka yahay C/qaasim Salaad Xasan ayaan la garanayn meesha uu salka kuhaayo iyadoo xaq gaara loogu ogolaanayo jifooyin aan deegaanka u dhalan sida beelaha Sade iyo Habadgidir oo loo maleeyo inay dhaxal wareejiyaan beelaha gaaljecel,Sheekhaal. Xuseen Yaasiin Gode-Gode
  13. Let's be honest: Muqdisho has been disunited since the fall of the Somali nat'l government in 1991. A planned military attack against Jowhar is becoming more and more of cheap talk from the Muqdisho wing (and allied groups) of the TFG. A supposed alliance between Islamic courts, armed TFG ministers and the Muqdisho business elite has yet to bear fruit. Other than unilaterally opposing the TFG, what other alternative has the Muqdisho wing provided for the Somali people? A continuation of the status quo? :confused: Mas'uuliyiinta Isbaheysi Ciidan oo Muqdisho laga abaabulayay kuna wajahnaa Jowhar oo kala shaki iyo khilaaf soo kala dhexgalay iyo Ciidamadii ay ka hortegayeen oo loo wareejinayo Masaafo ka dhow halkii horay loo dejiyay Axad, September 11, 2005(HOL): Sida ay xaqiijinayaan ilo xog ogaal ah ayaa waxaa uu muran soo kala dhexgalay Isbaheysi ciidan oo maalmihii tegay laga abaabulayay magaalada Muqdisho, kuwaasi oo ku wajahnaa magaalada Jowhar si ay uga hortagaan ciidamo ay halkaasi keeneen mas'uuliyiin ka tirsan Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed. Wararku waxay sheegayaan in mas'uuliyiinta qeybaha Maxkamadaha Islaamiga, Wasiiro ka tirsan Dowaldda Federaalka iyo Ganacsato kale oo wada abaabul ay isaga kaashanayaan sidii ay u wajihi lahaayeen xaalad kasta ee ka timaada ciidamada soo gaaray magaalada Jowhar, kuwaasi oo ay rumeysan yihiin in uu Madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf ugu talagalay in uu ku soo weeraro magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoo la soo werinayo in mas'uuliyiinta Isbaheysigan uu soo kala dhexgalay kala shaki ka dhashay qaabka ay uga hortegayaan ciidamada yimid magaalada Jowhar, gaar ahaan meel wax yar u jirta saldhig uu Wasiirka ganacsiga Muuse Suudi ku leeyahay Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe. Kala shakigan ayay wararku sheegayaan in uu ka dhashay halka looga duulayo ciidamada ku sugan deegaanka Kongo ee duleedka Degmada Jowhar, iyadoo warar aan la xaqiijin ay sheegayaan in Muuse Suudi uu ku gacan seyray in duullaanka looga hortegayo ciidamadaas laga qaado deegaanada uu ka maamulo degmada Balcad, halka ay jiraan ciidamo kale oo ka tirsan Isbaheysigan oo la dejiyay duleedka garoonka Balli Doogle ee gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose, kuwaasoo la soo tebiyay in ay qudhooda diideen in ay gadaal kaga soo duulaan magaalada Jowhar. Isbaheysigan ciidan ayay xaaladda haatan soo wajahday ka dhigeysaa mid baajineysa suurtagalnimada in ay duulaan deg deg ah ku qaadaan magaalada Jowhar oo xarun KMG ah u ah Madaxweynaha iyo Ra'iisal Wasaaraha Dowladda Federaalka, walow la sheegayo in laga war sugayay Wasiirka Amniga oo shalay soo gaaray Muqdisho bal waxa uu ka bedeli karo xaaladda ka dhex jirta Isbaheysiga cusub ee dhanka ka ah madaxda Dowladda Federaalka ee jooga magaalada Jowhar iyo ciidamada ay halkaasi geeyeen. Dhanka kalena warar aynu ka helnay ilo kala duwan ayaa sheegaya in ciidamadii la keenay deegaanka Puntland ee haatan ku sugan duleedka magaalada Jowhar loo soo wareejinayo xero ciidan oo ku taala degmada Warshiikh ee gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe. Wararku waxay sheegayaan in dhowaantan ciidamadaas loo rari doono Xerada Qoriloow oo 70km u jirta magaalada Muqdisho iyaga iyo maleeshiyooyin laga soo uruuriyay gobolka Hiiraan, inkastoo wararkaasi ay yihiin kuwo aan weli si rasmi ah u soo shaac bixin. Wararka qaarkood ayaa sheegaya in guud ahaan ciidamadaas ay qaadan doonaan tababar muddo hal bil soconaya, kadibna ay ka mid noqon doonaan ciidamada ka qeybqaadanaya sugidda amniga ee la shaqeynaya Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed. Xigasho: Wargeyska SANCA PRESS Mogadishu, Somalia
  14. In 8 out of the 10 pictures posted above, you'll find a soldier(s) (and even a technical). Has Somaliland turned into a mini-Middle East? :confused:
  15. Are they not learning from history or are they being dishonest to their defeatist status? If they are indeed defeatists and you are indeed a victor, why make such a fuzz about it? You've seen these pathetic defeatists in war before - you won then, you'll win again (if it comes to that, Allah forbid). Right? How many illiterate cabbies from certain region and sorroundings are now boasting of being offered consulting positions? countless!! Really? Hmm...must be affirmative action. Try either of these two functions: A) Apply for North Galkacyo or Jowhar ethnicity or B) Marry into a family from one of these 2 cities. P.S. Do you really envy the cabbie who gets a job as a consultant to a virtually nonexistent government? :confused: Check your self-esteem might be running low on fuel. We don’t oppose Yeey because we hate his clan or region but because of his irresponsible actions Yet, conversely, your support for Qanyare, Caato, Yalaxow etc. (the diehard Somali nationalists) is at an all-time high because of their responsible actions. Indeed, Somalia needs more responsible leaders such as these! Remember that your daydream for petty theft , nepotism and government jobs is not worth spilling another innocent Somali blood. They robbed the nation's monetary treasure. You stole the roof off of people's houses. Same thing, no?
  16. ^^ LOL If Morgan retains the gold, then Col Yeey might be going for the silver (now held by Riyaale the Runner ) Anyways, Hiiraan Online has confirmed reports that the militias which just arrived in Jowhar are mostly from Puntland, and not Ethiopian soldiers (as Caato was quick to say from - where else? - Nairobi). Mogadishu-wing has advised int'l aid agencies and airline companies to leave Jowhar because the city was in a state of "conflict." Some unconfirmed reports say businessman Bashir Raage, warlord Cabduqadir Beebe and the owner of Hotel Ramadan (in Muqdisho) have warned against an attack on Jowhar. Xubnaha labada Gole ee Muqdisho oo Hay'adaha Samafalka iyo Shirkadaha Diyaaradaha ugu baaqay in ay Jowhar isaga baxaan Arbaco, September 07, 2005(HOL): Xubnaha labada gole ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho ayaa maanta uga digay hay'adaha Samafalka, Diblumaasiyiinta iyo shirkadaha Diyaaradaha in ay isaga baxaan magaalada Jowhar, iyagoo sheegay in magaaladaas tahay mid xiisad colaadeed ku jirta. “Waxaa xaalad colaadeed ka abuurantay 24-kii saac ee la soo dhaafay gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe magaaladiisa Jowhar, iyadoo laga go'doomiyay xiriirkii Isgaarsiin ee ay la lahayd dalka intiisa kale si loo aaso xogta xogta dhabta ah ee halkaas ka jirta, sidaas darteed waxaan ku wargelineynaa Hay'adaha Samafalka iyo kuwa Diblumaasiyiinta ah ee ku sugan magaalada Jowhar in ay kala baxaan shaqaalahooda maadaama ay xiisad colaadeed ka jirto, sidoo kalena waxaan qatartaas uga digeynaa Shirkadaha Diyaaradaha ee duulimaadyada ku taga Jowharâ€ayaa lagu yiri qoraalka ay maanta soo saareen Xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho ku sugan. Kulan aan caadi ahayn oo ay soo saareen xubnaha labada gole ee magaalada Muqdisho ku sugan ayaa waxay ku sheegeen in ay arrintaas u soo baxday kadib markii heleen warbixinno iyo xog ku saabsan in ciidamo Itoobiya ah ay tageen magaalada Jowhar. Xubnahan ayaa qoraalkooda waxay ku sheegeen in ay wax laga xumaado tahay in ay dalka ku soo xadgudbeen Ciidamada Dowladda Itoobiya oo ka soo tallaabay halka loo yaqaano Abeesaale oo ka tirsan deegaanka Ceel Barde ee gobolka Bakool, kadibna waxay uga sii gudbeen Deegaanka Dadbane ilaa ay ka gaareen Tuulada Ceel Cali oo ay uga sii gudbeen magaalada Jowhar. Warar aan ka helnay ilo muhiim ah oo ku dhow dhow Xarunta Dowladda Federaalka ee magaalada Jowhar ayaa waxay sheegayaan in ciidamadaas aysan ahayn sida ay u sheegayaan xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho ku sugan, isla markaana ciidamadaas ay yihiin ciidamo ka soo jeeda deegaanada Puntland, kuwaasi oo tiradoodana ay dhan tahay 2000 oo Askari. Ishan wareed oo naga codsatay in aanan magaceeda shaacin ayaa waxay intaas ku dareysaa in ciidamadaas la dejiyay xero ku taala deegaano ka tirsan Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe oo aan weliba u dheereyn magaalada Jowhar, inkastoo ay ka gaabsatay in ay magacawdo halka ay ku taalo xeradaas sabab la xiriirta in ay tahay sir Mileteri. Si kastaba arrintu ahaatee digniintan ay soo saareen xubnaha labada gole ee Muqdisho ku sugan ayaa waxay u muuqataa mid uga sii dareysa khilaafkii xubnaha Dowladda Federaalka u dhaxeeyay, iyadoo weliba ay ku soo beegantay xilli ay beesha caalamka dadaal ugu jirto xal ka gaarista khilaafka u dhaxeeya xubnaha Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online Mogadishu, Somalia Faahfaahin Ciidankii Jowhar soo gaaray Wararka naga soo gaaraya Xarunta KMG-ah ee Dawlada Soomaaliya Magaalada Jowhar ayaa xaqiijiniya in Cutubkii ugu horeeyay Ciidamadii Xogga Soomaaliyeed oo maalmahan tababaro ku qaadanayey deegaano ka tirsan Gobolka Hiiraan ay soo gaareen gudaha Magaalada Jowhar ayagoo loo galbiyay Xerooyin ku yaal daafaha Magaalada oo lagu kala magacaabo Koongo iyo Mahadaay. Ciidamadan ayaa waxaa horkacayey Taliyaha Ciidanka Xooga Somaliyed General Ismaaciil Qaasim Naaji iyo Saraakiil sare-sare oo ka tirsan Wasaaradaha Gashandhiga iyo dhaqan celinta Malesiyaadka. Cutubyadan ayaa ka kooban Ciidamo laga keenay Gobolada Hiiraan,Galgaduud, Koonfurta Mudug iyo Puntland, kadibna la-isku shaanday lagana dhigay Ciidankii Qaranka Somaliyeed, tirada Ciidamada soo garay Xeroyinka, Koongo iyo Mahaday ayaa lagu sheegay 2100-Askari kuna hubeysan gawarida gaashaaman oo lagu buufiyay calanka Soomaaliya. Wararka ka imaanaya Magaalada Beledweyne ayaa sheegaya in qaar ka tirsan Ciidamada Xooga Somaliyeed ay u gudbeen Xero ku taal Tulada Qurac-Joome oo ka tirsan Gobolka Bakol, Ciidamadan ayaa loo qorsheeyay in ay ku sugnaadaan barahooda inta loo dhameystirayo sahayda ay u baahan yihiin. Ciidamadan soo gaaray Gobolka Shabelada Dhexe ayaa waxaa jawab deg-deg ah ka bixiyay Wasirka Hawlaha Guud iyo Guriyenta Cismaan Caato, isagoo ugu baaqay Shacabka ku sugan Magaalada Muqdisho in ay u diyaar-garoobaan sidii Magaalada Jowhar loo xoreyn lahaa,hadalka ka soo yeeray Wasiiirka ayaa waxaa ku gacan-seyray Xubno ay ka mid yihiin C/qaadir Beebe, Bashiir Raage Shiiraar,Ganacsade Eenoow iyo Mulkiilaha Hotel Ramadan Abuukar Cadaani iyagoo wacad ku maray kooxdii isku dayda in ay weeraraan Gobolka Shabeelada Dhexe in ay la kulmi doonaan dhabar-jabin iyo dharbaaxo kulul. Dhinaca kale warar lagu kalsoon yahay oo aan ka heleyno magaalada Jowhar ayaa sheegaya in qaar ka tirsanaa Ciidamadii ay isku beesha ahaayeen Wasiir-ku-xigeenka Gaashandhiga Cumar Dheere ay gadodeen ayagoo ku andaconaya in beesha ay ka soo jeedaan loo kordhiyo tirada Ciidamada,Wasiir-ku-xigeenka Gaashaandhiga Cumar Dheere ayaa balanqaaday in uu wax ka qaban doono cabashada ay muujiyeen Ciidamada ay isku beesha yihiin. Taliyaha Ciidamada Xooga Somaaliyeed General Ismaaciil Qaasim Naaji oo la hadlayey Ciidamada soo gaaray Gobolka Shabeelada Dhexe ayaa u balanqaaday in mardhaw la bilaabi doono mushaarkii ay xaqa u lahaayeen,warar hordhac ah ayaa sheegaya in Qofkiiba loo qorsheeyay Masruuf dhan 220-Dolar. Sidoo kale waxaa galabta ka hadlay Xeryaha ay ku sugan yihiin Ciidanka Qaranka Wasiir ku xigeenka Tamarta iyo Shiidaalka Abaadir Saalax iyo Xildhibaan Gaa-gaale oo labadaba laga soo doorto Gobolka Hiiraan. Guntii iyo Geba-Gebadii Ciidamadan soo gaaray Gobolka Shabeelada dhexe waxaa caro ka muujiyay Xubnaha Wasiirada Mucaaradka ah ee ku sugan Magaalada Muqdisho, iyagoo balanqaaday inay ka xoreyn-doonaan Magaalada Jowhar Ciidamo ay ku sheegeen Itoobiyaan inkastoo wararka ka imanaya Magaaladaas ay xaqiijinayaan in Ciidamadani yihiin Soomaali la qarameeyay. Xuseen Yaasiin Gode-Gode
  17. The Mogadishu-wing supporters are saying the so-called "Ciidamada Qaranka" are not even Somali, but the Ethiopian army. Question to ponder over: Why was communication to Somalia's central regions cut off before the arrival of these militias into Jowhar? One possible reason is to keep the media (and the public) guessing as to the actual number of troops and armored vehicles that arrived. Well, since the dreaded "Ethiopians" are around, we must await the much-talked about upcoming "jihad" against them. Like HORN said, the next few days and weeks will be crucial to Somalia's future. Maxaa ka jira in ciidamo Itoobiya iyo Puntland ka socda oo tiro badan ay shalay gaareen Gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe? Arbaco, 07 September 2005(HOL): Tan iyo shalay gelinkii dambe markii hawada laga waayay isgaarsiintii gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe ayaa waxaa soo baxayay warar is-burinaya oo sheegayay in magaalada Jowhar ay gaareen ciidamo aad u tiro badan oo ka socda Itoobiya iyo kuwo kale oo iyana tibaaxayay in ciidamadaas ay ahaayeen kuwii Puntland, inkastoo wararkaasi aysan ahayn kuwo sugan sabab la xiriirta isgaarsiin la'aan jirtay. Haddaba Isgaarsiintii oo hawada ku soo laabatay saakay ayaa waxaa inoo suurtagashay in aan xiriir dhinaca Taleefoonka la sameyno wariyayaal ku sugan magaalada Jowhar ee gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, kuwaasi oo aan wax ka weydiinay waxa ka jira wararkaas is-burinaya. Wariye ku sugan Jowhar oo diiday in aan magaciisa shaaciyo sabab la xiriirta dhinaca ammaankiisa ayaa wuxuu sheegay in wararka sheegaya in ay Jowhar tageen ciidamo tiro badan ay yihiin kuwo aan jirin, waxa Jowhar gaarayna ay kaliya yihiin saraakiil ciidan iyo ilaaladooda. Laakin warar kale oo aan ka helnay isla magaalada Jowhar ayaa iyaguna waxay sheegayaan in ciidamo ka badan kuwii la sheegay in ay shalay halkaasi gaareen oo tiradoodana lagu sheegay ilaa 4000 ay galabta ku fool leeyihiin gobolka Shabeelaha Dhexe, iyadoo sidii shalay dhacday oo kalena laga cabsi qabo in ay mar kale hawada ka baxdo Isgaarsiinta gobolladaas. War kalena ayaa isna intaas in waxa la buun buuninayo ay yihiin ciidamo 1,500 Askari ah oo wata 36 gaari oo Tikniko iyo Gaadiid Xamuul isugu jiray, kuwaasi oo ku sugan deegaano ka tirsan gobolka Hiiraan. Wararkan ayaa dhamaantood waxay yihiin kuwo aan si rasmi ah u sugneyn, waxayna dadka ku dhaqan magaalada Muqdisho ku abuureen xaalad jaha wareer ah, iyadoo Idaacadaha Muqdisho qaarkoodna ay uga sii dareen kadib markii ay sii daayeen warar dhiillo xambaarsan oo qaabka loo diyaariyay uu yahay mid dhexdhexaad ahayn, waxayna taasi baqdin ku abuurtay dad badan oo u qaatay in xaalku faraha ka baxay, isla markaana waxa la filan karo ay kaliya yihiin dagaal Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online Mogadishu, Somalia
  18. Should we not then examine who our heroes are and from where we are getting our ideals? What kinds of traits do we covet? What are we striving for? We have to be careful when many of our heroes may be football players, and actors and the things most of us may admire have less to do with faith and more to do with sports ability, fame, and beauty. Ain't that the truth! Our beloved Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) taught us the significance of being of young age, he said, 'No foot of a servant (of Allah) (on the Resurrection Day) will move before being asked about four things: his age (life) and how he spent it , his youth and how he worn it out, his wealth and how he earned it and on what he spent it...' [sahih al-Bukhari]. I didn't even know that! In the end, it is ours to choose which life to live and which path to take. That's life: you make choices and you live (and die) by them. Nice article. Thanks for the post.
  19. SULDAANKA - Its not your fault, sxb. The original mistake you made was posting a thread about Arab generosity (an oxymoron, me thinks)!
  20. Different takes on the arrival of combined militias from Puntland and Hiiraan into Jowhar, henceforth labelled "Ciidamada Qaranka." Mogadishu-based politicians have threatened before that the arrival of such forces in Jowhar is tantamount to a declaration of war. We'll see what happens, though. FOR CONTEXT: Originally posted by Johnny B: It seems that the first bullet between Puntland malitias and USC militias have been fired in a USC town of Beledweyn;f=9;t=004371 Ciidamadii Dawlada FKMG-ah oo si fiican loo soo dhaweeyay JOWHAR - Wararka naga soo gaaraya Caasimada KMG-ah ee Soomaaliya Magaalada Jowhar ayaa xaqiijinaya in Ciidamadii Xooga Dalka Soomaaliyeed oo maalmahan tababaro ku qaadanayay Deegaano ka tirsan Gobolka Hiiraan,ay soo gaareen daqiiqado ka hor Xerooyinkii loogu tala galay. Wasiirku-xugeenka Wasaarada Gaashandhiga Cumar Dheere iyo Talayiha Ciidanka Xooga Soomaaliyeed Ismaaciil Qaasim Naaji,ayaa ka mid ahaa wefdigii horkacayey,Ciidamada. Dadweyne farabadan ayaa iskuugu soo baxay Wadooyinka Magaalada si ay indhahooda oogu arkaan Ciidankii Mileteriga Soomaaliyeed oo gaashaaman iyagoo ku labasin dharkii ay caanka u ahaayeen Ciidankii Soomaaliyeed. Hadaba waxaa meesha ka baxaya wararkii ay saaka soo tebiyeen qaar ka mid ah Warsidayaasha,oo sheegayey in Ciidamadii ku sugnaa Xerooyinka Gobolka Hiiraan ay faaruqiyeen goobtii ay deganaayeen, Wixii ku soo kordho warkan oo faahfaahsan kala soco Warsidaha Xuseen Yaasiin Gode-Gode Garowe Online VS. Xaaladdii colaadeed ee ka jirtay xubnaha labada gole oo cirka isku sii shareertay galinkii dambe ee maanta kaddib markii ciidamadii Mustaxiil joogay ay soo gaareen magaalada Jowhar September 06, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia. Xaaladii colaadeed ee ka jirtay xubnaha labada gole ee dowladda federalka ayaa cirka isku sii shareertay galinkii dambe ee maanta kaddib markii ciidamo la hadal haayey oo ka tirsan maamulka Puntland maalmahan lagu ururinayey deegaanka Mustaxiil ay soo gaareen magaalada Jowhar. Afartii galabnimo ee maanta ayaa waxaa dhammaan la damiyey Isgaariisnta Saddaxda shirkadood ee Hormuud Telecom iyo Nation link ee ka howlagaleysay degmada Jowhar ee xarunta gobolka Sh/dhaxe kaddib markii qaar ka mid ah ciidamo hubeysan oo ka yimid deegaanka Mustaxiil horena uga tirsanaa maamul goboleedka Puntland halkaas in muddo ah lagu ururinayey ay soo gaareen magaalada Jowhar. Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Jowhar ayaa sheegaya in ciidamadaas gadiidka ay wateen uu ku dheganaa calanka dowladda Itoobiya. Saansaantii colaadeed ee xubnaha labada gole u dhaxeysay ayey kor u sii qaadee arrinta ciidamada iyo guud ahaan Isgaarsiintii oo la waayey waxa ayna daba socotaa kaddib markii xalay ay soo galeen magaalada B/weyne ciidamo ku xareysnaa deegaanka Mustaxiil oo halkaas isku khilaafay markii ciidamad ka yimid gobolada Puntland la sheegay inay hubkooda qaadan karaan halka ciidamadii Reer Hiiraana hubkii laga xareeyey iyadoo ciidamadii reer Hiiran ay imminka ku sugan yihiin degmada B/weyne iyaga iyo saraakishii la socotay. Dhinaca kale, Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa ka bilowday dhaqdhaqaaq loogu diyaargarowayo arrimhaas iyadoo siyaasiinta ay wadaan kulamo ay arrimahaas uga tashanayaan maadaama ciidamo dheeraad ah oo ka yimid maamul goboleedka Puntaland ay qarka u soo fuuleen deegaanka Balcad ee gobolka Sh/dhaxe. Sidoo kale degmada Balcda ayaa waxaa la sheegay in lagu xoojinayo ciidamo aad u badan kuwaas oo la doonayo haddii arrimahaas ay soo xoogeystaan uu halkaas iska horimaad ka dhici karo lana qiyaasi karo in arrintaas ay noqon doonto mid dhibaato hor leh u keenta xubnaha labada gole oo maalmahanba hanjabaadyo isu jeedinayey. Tan iyo markii ay soo baxeen in ciidamadii joogay deegaanka Mustaxiil ee ka yimid dhanka Puntland soona gaaray magaalada Jowhar ayaa waxaa soconaya dhaqdhaqaayo aad u xoog badan iyadoo magaalada B/weyne oo HornAfrik ay la xiriirtay ay u sheegeen qaar ka mid ah siyaasiinta in ciidamada gaaraya magaalada Jowhar markii ay soo baxday uu isbadal ku yimid qaar ka mid ah siyaasiinta iyo odayaasha dhaqanka. Deegaankaas. Warar dheeraad ah ayaa sheegaya in ciidamada maleeshiyooyinka ah ee dhinaca gobolka Hiiraan la siiyey Tuuto kaas oo lagu arkayey magaalada B/weyne ciidamada oo gashan hadana la dhex soconaya magaalada. Mid ka mid ah xubnaha wasiirada ee ka soo jeeda gobolka Hiiraan ayaa ciidamadii uu watay waxa ay ku biireen ciidamada Puntland ee tagay magaalada Jowhar. HornAfrik oo isku dayday inay la xiriirto shirkadaha kala duwan ee telfoonada si wax looga ogaado sababta keentay in inta badan telfoonada ay ka dansan yihiin magaalooyinka Jowhar, B/weyne iyo gobolada dhaxe ee Soomaaliya ayaa mid ka mid ah mas’uuliyiinta shirkadahaas uu sheegay in markii la damin rabay ay la soo xiriireen mas’uuliyiintooda joogta magaalada Jowhar oo ay u sheegeen in lagu amray inay damiyaan telfoonada. Dhinaca kale telfoonada gobolada dhaxe ayaa telfoonadooda shaqeeneen iyadoo mas’uul ka tirsan shirkadda Nation link uu sheegay in markii Jowhar laga damiyey ay xirteen Dish u gaar ah oo ay u suurtagashay in telfoonadooda ka shaqeeyaan gobolka Hiiraan hase yeeshee dhinaca Matabaan ilaa iyo Mudag ayuu sheegay in aysan heysan Dish-gan gaarka ah ee iyaga u saamaxaya in telfoonadooda awood u yeeshaan inaysan qadka ka go’in.
  21. Originally posted by kidd: We all know that there are numerous Bin Laden and other terrorists Sympathizers in Somalia and Islamic world; some of them happened to be my family members. It is true! Experts suggest that if the status guo don’t change in Somalia, it will ultimately fall into the hands of extremists…… heaven for terrorists! Experts? Who does the thinking here: you or the so-called "experts"? Use your own brain - Col Yeey is after the goods, i.e. Western financial aid. For that, he's already sold his soul - and well on his way to sell the Republic's. What are you getting for thinking like him on this matter? :confused: Col Yeey was, is and will forever be a disgrace to the Somali nation. He is a man on a quest for power - and he'll stop at nothing short of destroying everything on his way to get to this elusive power. Support him at your own peril!
  22. Some judges have some sense. Some... Maxkamadda Sare Ee Somaliland Oo Amartay In La Sii Daayo 28 Maxbuus Oo Ku Eedaysnaa In Ay Yihiin ONLF Jamhuuriya — Hargeisa, Somaliland — 4 September, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hargeysa(Jam)- Maxkamadda Sare ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, ayaa xukun ay shalay soo saartay waxa ay ku dhawaaqday in la sii-daayo 28 Maxbuus oo ku eedaysnaa inay xubno ka yihiin Jabhadda Xoraynta Ogaaadeeniya ee dagaalka kula jirta Dawladda Itoobiya (ONLF), kuwaas oo muddo sannad ka badan ugu xidhnaa xabsiga dhexe ee Hargeysa eedaymo la xidhiidha inay gudaha Somaliland ka wadeen qorshe ay ku doonayeen inay kharbudaad iyo weeraro ay ku qaadaan dawladda Itoobiya. Maxkamadda Sare go’aanka dacwadaasi ay u fadhiisatay waxa ay xukunkeeda u cuskatay in aan wax caddaymo ah loo haynin fal-dambiyeedka lagu soo oogay 28-ka Maxbuus, sidaas darted, xabsiga laga sii-daayo loona soo celiyo Xoriyadooda. Hase yeeshee, Xeer ilaaliyaha Guud ee qaranka, ayaa xukunka Maxkamadda Sare waxa uu ka qaatay codsi ah inay mar kale dib u eegis ku samayso xukunka ay gaadhay dacwaddaasi sida uu xeerku dhigayo. Maxkamadda Sare iyada oo hirgelisay codsiga Xeer ilaaliyaha Guud ee dib u eegista xukunka dacwadda, ayaa waxa ay isla shalay qaraar ku soo saartay in xabsiga lagu sii hayo 28-ka Maxbuus inta Maxkamaddu go’aan ka gaadhayso dib u eegista uu dalbaday Xeer ilaaliyaha guud. Eedaysanayaasha loo haystay Jabhadda Xoraynta ONLF, ee tiradoodu ahayd 28 ayaa waxa lagu xidhay Magaalada Hargeysa Bishii May ee sannadkii 2004, markii lagu eedeeyay inay gudaha Somaliland ka abaabulayeen shirqoolo ka dhan ah Dawladda Itoobiya ee jaarka la ah Somaliland, isla markaana xidhiidh sokeeye la leh Dawladda Somaliland. Eedaysanayaashan oo Eedaymaha uu ku soo oogay Xafiiska Xeer ilaaliyaha guud, ayaa dacwad ay hore ugu fadhiisatay Maxkamadda gobolka Hargeysa waxa ay midkiiba ku xukuntay shan sannadood oo xadhig ah 28-ka Eedaysane, oo ka mid ah 29-kii Eedaysane, waxaanay Maxkamaddu sii-daysay hal Eedaysane. Hase yeeshee, Qareenada Difaacayay Eedaysanayaasha ayaa waxay Rafcaan ka qaateen Maxkamadda gobolka, ka dibna Maxkamadda Rafcaanka ee heer gobol ayaa go’aan ay ka soo saartay waxay waxba kama jiraan ka dhigtay xukunkaas, waxaanay dacwaddii dib ugu celisay Maxkamadda gobolka si ay mar kale dhagaysiga dacwaddaasi ay Maxkamadu dib ugu fadhiisato. Xukunkaasi Maxkamadda Rafcaanka, ayaa Xafiiska Xeer ilaaliyaha guud waxa uu Rafcaan ka qaatay Maxkamadda Sare oo muddo ka badan Sagaal bilood ay hor taalay dacwaddan uu rafcaankeeda u soo qaatay. Toddobaadkan ayaa markii u horaysay Maxkamadda sare mudaysay dhagaysiga dacwaddan, waxaanay fadhigeedii shalay xukun ku soo saartay in Ooda laga qaado Eedaysanayaasha, iyada oo u cuskanaysa in caddaymo ku filan fal-dambiyeedyada lagu eedaynayo aanu Xeer ilaaliyuhu soo hordhigin Maxkamadda.