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  1. brothers and sisters welcome and lets share our minds and thoughts in this chatroom...Inshaallah!!!
  2. I like somali women, but though i would love to marry one, i'm unable to approach any due to strict Islamic culture. How do i tell her that i "love you"??????????
  3. Her shyness is her beauty, just appreciate her that way. that she is not running away may mean she is passionate about you!!!!
  4. Our forefathers messed alot. We have killed each other for nothing. A truth commission like the one in post-apatheid South Africa is the only solution to the hatred among ourselves. Those who perticipated in unneccessary murder of innocent somalis should be blocked from holding public offices.
  5. Hussein Aideed represents a group of leaders from the new generation, who are not intoxicated with the old dictatorship mentality of our forefthers. We as young men of somalia should support him as he is the only prominent leader we can identify with in a government dominated by grey-haired military men.
  6. Hussein Aideed is among the most brilliant politicians in the new somali government. Despite accusations by some, i have known and interacted with him for a long time. With political will and support he can deliver the unfulfilled dream of a new somalia. He is young, energetic, intelligent, and a consensus-builder. What is your view?