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  1. MMA - You're absolutely right. The Ciyaalka Xaafada phenomenon, borne in Xamar, showed all Somalis that we can get rid of qabiilism if, and only if, all the right things are in place. This phenomenon thrived because, in Xamar, Somalis from all regions, districts, cities and villages convened and co-existed in our mega-Capital city, learning about each others' customs, dialects and regional traditions and forming a larger, all-Somali community, which all helped in breaking down the invisible barriers created by clans and ignorance. Originally posted by Xoogsade: Wind.talker comes to mind lol. Laakiin saxib, waa is beddeley xoogaa duqa. Sidaan isku badalay fadlan inoo sharax... I, for one, eagerly await your upcoming explanation.
  2. Almost forgot, as far as the origins of the people exiting through Boosaaso, HornAfrik wrote a story. Once again, I urge folks to read and understand the message, and not necessarily go for the messengers' throat (since I didn't write the article below). ALSO, FYRKANTEN, I hope the article below answers your concerns about the PL leadership and your allegation that they somehow condone human trafficking (if they did, they wouldn't crack down on traffickers - albeit, its a bit too late). And even if some PL ministers engaged in such activities, I wouldn't be surprised. These folks is corrupt, man. Hoos u dhac xoog leh ayaa ku yimid dadka tahriibka u aadi jirey xeebaha Puntland si ay halkaasi uga dhoofaan October 10, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia Hoos u dhac xoog leh ayaa lagu soo waramayaa inuu ku yimid dadka tahriibka u aadi jirey xeebaha Puntland si ay halkaasi uga dhoofaan, kaddib markii dowlad goboleedka Puntland ay soo saareen sharciyo adag oo tahriibka lagula dagaalamayo. Waxaa maanta aad u yaraa dadka ka amba baxaya boosteejooyinka laga raaco gaadiidka aada gobolada dhexe, kuwaasoo tahriib ku aadi jirey wadanka Yemen, iyadoo maalmihii la soo dhaafay aysan jirin dad iyagu ka amba baxaya boosteejooyinka. Mar aan wax ka weydiinay dadka dalaalada ka ah boosteejooyin kaasi iyo sidoo kle darawalada wada gaadiidka ay raacaan dadka tahriibayaasha ah, ayey sheegeen iney ugu badan tahay sababta joojisay dadkii faraha badnaa amarkii laba maalmood ka hor ay soo saareen maamul goboleedka Puntland, kaasoo ay ku sheegeen in cidii lagu arko iney ka ganacsanayaan dadka tahriibka ah iney mudan doonaan xariga saddex “3†bilood ah, isla markaana lagala wareegi doono doonyaha ay dadka ku daabulayaan. Nin lagu magacaabo Maxamed Muumin ayaa sheegay in hakad aad u weyn uu maalmihii lasoo dhaafay ku yimid gaadiidka qaada dadka tahriibka ah, maadaama ay yaraatey buu yiri dadkii tahriibka aadi jirey. Boosteejada laga raaco gaadiidka aada gobolada dhexe ayaa waxa ku yaraa gaadiidka laga raaco, iyadoo darawaladana ay sheegeen hadda maalintii ay baxaan laba gaari, halka markii hore ay ka bixi jireen ilaa sideed gaari. Magaalada Muqdisho oo ka mid ah goobaha u badan ee dadka tahriibka ah ka bixi jireen ayaa muddooyinkan danbe waxaa laga dareemayaa hoos u dhac ku yimid, kaddib markii bishii aynu soo dhaafnay horaanteedii xeebaha Soomaaliya iyo Yemen ay ku dhinteen dad gaaraya laba boqol oo tahriibayaal ah, kuwaasoo ay ku amreen naaquudayaashii doonyihii ay la socdeen iney ka dagaan, halkaasoo guud ahaantood ay ku baaba’een. Maamulka Puntland ayaa amarka ka soo yeeray ee uu kula dagaalamayo kooxaha ka ganacsada dadka tahriibayaasha iyo doonyaha ay saaranba haddii uu dhaqan galo, waxa ay u muuqaneysaa mid soo koobeysa ama soo yareeyneysa dhibaaadii dadka tahriibayaasha ay kala kulmi jireen inta u dhaxeysa xeebaha Soomaaliya iyo Yemen. P.S. When I implied that the people fleeing to Yemen via Boosaaso are mostly from southern Somalia, I'm called a tribalist, etc. So, I suppose we can also accuse HornAfrik of being tribalists as well, huh.
  3. As usual, people opt to kill the messenger without giving the message deeper thought. I said: ...what goes around, comes around. What do I mean by that, some of you rightfully wonder. Now, let me start by asking a simple question: When did the Somali civil war start? If you ask a resident of Hargeisa or Burco, they'll tell you that the Somali civil war started in 1988 when Somalia's air force began bombing parts of northern Somalia. If you ask a resident of Xamar (i.e. me), they'll tell you that the war started in 1991. Now, since the residents of Xamar and those of Hargeisa are both Somali, how come they offer two different answers? :confused: During the 1988-1990 period, while we lived peacefully in Xamar and had not yet been affected by the already ongoing Somali civil war, thousands of innocent Somalis were being slaughtered in the North, and thousands more were forced to flee. Back then, Xamar residents didn't know shit about being refugees - but Hargeisa residents did. And why were Hargeisa and Burco bombed? We can beat around the bush for a millenia, but it comes down to qabiil. When you bomb Hargeisa, you know the majority of the innocents who die are from one Somali clan. Enter 1991: The same people who were then oppressing the innocent citizens of northern Somalia were in turn killed and forced to flee from Xamar and its environs. Why? Same answer: just like the people of Hargeisa couldn't stand the oppression of the regime, the natives of Xamar had enough of the corruption and nepotism that was ruining Somalia as we knew it. They took their guns and...well, let's just say the then-powerful kinfolk now sit under the disgraceful banner of the Defeated Lot. Now, in 2005, the same people who forced some citizens of Xamar (i.e. the Defeated Lot) to flee their homes are now fleeing theres, using Boosaaso as an exit route. And so the cycle that started in the 1980s continues, affecting the lives of people who had nothing to do with the oppression or expulsion of anyone else. But, its politics and the innocents always pay the price for the leaders' mistakes and get caught in the middle of the crossfire. So, like I said, what goes around comes around. Take it or leave it. FRYKANTEN: You're right: some of SOL's PL torchbearers delve themselves into the affairs of others a bit too much. However, you have to recognize that the U.N. report didn't concern Boosaaso and its human and arms trafficking problems; rather, the report concerned Indhocade and his illegal drug trade in southern Somalia. Besides, can you blame Duke for posting news items? The nigga posts anything that he thinks lands Col Yeey potential political points: for instance, since Indhocade is accused of having drug farms, the TFG-Jowhar gets moral backup to fight that kind of "evil." You get it, right? Its all about political points, buddy.
  4. Wow! That is one of the deepest, most meaningful speeches by a Somali leader I've ever heard or read. HIGHLIGHTS: On Somali origins, he says: These Sheikhs who came over from Arabia attained positions of great stature and influence in the country. Their spheres of influence were so strategically placed that the location of their tombs today gives a clear impression of plan and purpose. On the Somali national character, he says: I personally believe that a people living in a country, conditioned to the same elements, exposed to the same hazards, sharing the heritage of democratic traditions, bound by language, religion and culture, and linked together by the pursuance of a unique way of life, must inevitably develop similar inhibitions and attitudes as well as a common and unifying philosophical code of ethics and conventions. It is such ties that develop the characteristics com mon to a nation and which can be described as its national character. This national Somali character, therefore, with its strength, its weakness, but its truly sublime love of freedom , strong sense of unity, and independence of spirit forged over the centuries is what binds my people together and gives them a pride in their institutions. About the Somali nomad culture, he says: Thus, practically unaided by any government, colonial or indigenous, he has had by his own initiative and ability to improvise means of bringing water nearer to the more permanent pastures for his livestock; and for this purpose, he has constructed cemented water reservoirs to retain water available during the rainy season on the plateaux which ten years ago were only accessible to his livestock for a few months of the year. On Somali nationalism, he says: From those early post-war days tribalism took second place and nationalism became the order of the day. The once arrogant, overpowering influence of tribal loyalties was replaced by national political consciousness . On the nature of Somali irrendentism, he says: From the outset, we made it clear on every possible occasion that, as the Somali Republic, we have no policy of aggrandizement against our neighbours, neither do we want to claim territory that is not our own. We are, however, irretrievably bound by unbreakable ties to our Somali brethren who still have not had the opportunity freely to choose their own political destiny. CAAMIR, thanks for the post. What I learned is that we all need to revert back to what's really important, back to the true essence of the Somali character: the free-spirited, self-sustaining Muslim nomad who has strong bonds based on love and trust with his Somali brethren, from Booraama to Kismaayo, Garissa to Jigjiga.
  5. Originally posted by FyrKanten: This is the day to day activities of Bossasso port, smuggling of small arms, narcotic drugs, charcoal, piracy and the worst of them of all “Human Traffickingâ€. It would seem that these are common, worldwide dilemmas, and not necessarily exclusive to the port city of Bossaso. But let's focus on the one you highlighted, namely "Human Trafficking." For instance, in the city of Seattle, there have been numerous cases of illegal people smuggling (esp. Chinese) done by none other than Chinese traffickers, some smuggling rings have been broken up by the U.S. authorities and others have not. So, because human trafficking still occurs on American soil, does that mean the U.S. gov't somehow condones it? :confused: PL has a long coastline and doesn't have the capability to gain complete control of its vast coast. But there is no way that the PL admin or the people of PL condone human trafficking. Also, the people who are being "trafficked" are paying big bucks ($$$) for it; its completely voluntary, and in fact, only the financially-able can do it. This much is true in Seattle as its true in Bossaso. You make it sound as if those people are being forced to flee. And Bossaso just happens to be the closest Somali port to Yemen. Who's fault is that - other than geography. Your argument holds no water. The U.N. didn't say Cadde Muuse has drug farms in PL. Nor did PL write the U.N. report. Stick to the topic and to the facts. P.S. The same people who are now being "trafficked" are the same ones who once forced others to flee their homes by ship and by land. Many innocent folks perished in the ocean those days. As they say, what goes around, comes around. Human Trafficking story (2002):
  6. This was not the only election in which a large number of people in Sool and Sanaag did not vote. There was no great participation in the district (municipal) and the presidential election. In other words, SNM regional elections cannot be substituted to represent non-SNM regions in northwestern Somalia. Even White people (whom they loof to beg) agree! Thanks for the post, SOO MAAL.
  7. S: Intee KM ayay idiin jidhaa Laascaanood? J: 25 KM ayay noo jidhaa Laascaanood marka laga qiyaas qaato meesha aanu ku suganahay,Ciidanka halkaan ku sugan ee aad aragtaana maaha Ciidan Hargeysa,Burco iyo Boorame ka yimid ee waa Ciidankii Reer Laascaanood. If, indeed, the militias we speaks of are from Laascaanood, how come their leader (him) is from the Burco-Hargeysa-Berbera triangle?! We're not children, sir, I hope you don't take us for fools. We're still in Ramadan. At least respect the holy month - wait to tell your blatant lies to the world at least after Ramadan. Just a suggestion...
  8. Originally posted by Raqid: BTW Wind, I've never known Gedonet to lie. Call me partisan or not, one can they have exaggerated in the past, but they have never falsified information sxb. And I said lied when... :confused:
  9. You gotta love's explanation. Read below...The question is: How will the Muqdisho wing view such a new development? Ilaa shan gaari oo kuwa tiknikada dagaalka ah kana yimid gobolka Gedo ayaa soo gaarey degmada Waajid ee gobolka Bakool October 06, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia. Mukhtaar Maxamed Catoosh. Baydhabo. Ilaa shan “5†gaari oo kuwa tiknikada dagaalka ah oo kayimid gobolka Gedo ayaa soo gaarey degmada Waajid ee gobolka Bakool. Ciidamadan ka yimid gobolka Gedo oo uu horkacayey Maxamuud Sayid Aadan oo kamid ah mas’uuliyiinta dowlada federaalka Soomaaliya, ayaa waxey soo gaareen degmada Waajid ee gobolka Bakool. Ilaa shan 5†gawaari oo ah kuwa gaashaaman ee tiknikada loo yaqaano ayey wararku tilmaamayaan in gelinkii danbe ee shaley ay soo gaareen Waajid, gaar ahaan goobaha ay ku xareysan yihiin maleeshiyaadka dowlada loo uruurinayo, lama garanayo sababta xiligan ay u yimaadeen. Ilo kusugan gobolka Bakool ayaa tilmaamaya in ciidamadaasi ay ku biirayaan kuwa la uruurinayo, isla markaana maalmaha soo socda ay soo gaarayaan kuwa kale oo gobolo kale ka imaanaya. Qaar kamid ah mas’uuliyiinta kusugan gobolka Bakool oo aan la xiriirney habeenimadii xaley, ayaa ka gaabsadey iney ka jawaabaan arrimaha la xiriira ciidamada soo gaarey gobolkaasi. Wararka kale ee naga soo gaaraya goboladaasi waxa ay intaasi ku darayaan in degmadaasi ay sidoo kale gaareen gawaari kuwa xamuulka ah oo kayimid dhinaca kililka 5aad ee ismamaulka Soomaalida Itoobiya. Ilaa iyo haatan lama cadeynin waxyaabaha saaran gawaaridaasi, laakiin warar soo baxaya ayaa tilmaamaya in qaarkood ay saaran yihiin dharka ciidamada. Bilihii ugu danbeeyey degmada Waajid ee gobolka Bakool oo ah halka lagu ururinayo maleeshiyooyinka daacada u ah dowlada federaalka garabka Jowhar, ayaa waxaa soo gaarayey boqolaal maleeshiyooyin beeleedyo oo ka kala imanayey deegaano kala gadisan oo katirsan gobolada Baay iyo Bakool, laakiin waa markii ugu horeysay oo ay soo gaaraan maleeshiyooyin kasoo jeeda gobolka Gedo. Xildhibaanadii Ku Sugnaa Degmada Luuq Oo U Caraabay Jowhar Qaar ka mid ahaa xildhibaanadii Dowladda ku meel gaarka ee ku sugnaa magaalada Luuq ee gobalka Gedo ayaa u boqolooyey xarunta dowladda ku meel gaarka ee Jowhar ee gobalka shabeelaha Dhexe. Xildhibanaadan aaday dhanka Jowhar ayaa waxaa ka mid ahaa wasiirka hanti dhowrka qaranka, Maxamuud Sayid Aden, Wasiir ku xigeenka howlaha guud, Cabdiraxman Diiriye Saayoon iyo Xildhibaan Col.Cabdirizaq ***** Biixi. Xildhibaanadii kale iyo nabadoonadii shirka u dib u heshiisiinta u fadhiyey magaalada Luuq ayaa dib ugu kale noqday degaano ka tirsan gobalka Gedo ayada oo dib loogu balamay inay dib loogu soo laabto magaalada Luuq bishan 14keeda. Lama oga waxa keenay safarkan deg deg ah oo ay xildhibaanada oo aan horay loo filayn. Madax sar sare oo ka tirsan dowladda ayaa xaqiijiyey inuu safarkoodu la xiriiro arrimo wadotashi ah oo la leeyihiin dowladda federaalka ee ku sugan magaalada Jowhar. Dhanka kale, sarkaalkan ayaa sheegay inuusan ka war hayn ciidan ka socda oo gobalka Gedo oo ka mid noqonayaa ciidamo la sheegay in loo aruurinayo dowladda federaalka soomaliya magaalada Waajid, balse ciidamadan la sheegay inay yihiin ciidan waardiyaal u noqonaya xildhibaanadan u baxay Jowhar. Xamdi-Yare Gedonet Garsaal
  10. Originally posted by Tolstoy: Gracyadii Kacaanka, which I am sure you're one of them)... Gen. Siad Barre's unmitigated mendacity; and subsequently, when he was forced to flee for his life from his bunker in Mugadisho, in late 1990 So, now I'm one of the so-called Garacyadii Kacaanka eh? Well, so be it. What does that make you? Back then, we used to call your kind Xabad-ku-keento. Did you walk or boat when you fled to Muqdisho from the tanks? :confused: Fortunately, I fled Muqdisho and alxamdulilah I'm doing very well at the moment, thanks for asking. But since we left Muqdisho, what has happened? You self-defeat yourself everytime, perhaps without even knowing it. why, have you decided to join the eternally-damned clique of buggery in that city of Seattle ; does it have something to do with the fact, that yesterdays lords-of-the manner in Somalia's politics, happens to be your local janitors in the western capital of today reality You live in London - your whole house ain't the size of my kitchen, son. Don't tell me about shitty a$$ London, fadlan. I was there when the real Garacii Kacaanka-turned-President Riyaale was begging a couple of British MPs for recognition. That was in March 17, 2004. Dang, that recognition fax from the British Foreign Office sure is taking long - maybe its a fax built during the Stone Age. One more question: Does the British government have a pension plan for former victims? Let me know, fadlan...
  11. Originally posted by Yoonis: However I've been saddened to see the likes of wind and others gang-banging her. War anagaa wax aragnay. Lean back, homie.
  12. Originally posted by Tolstoy: and our famous village's baffoon, who shall not be name, lest his name may inadvertantly, dignify him, as a worthy person, [/QB] I loof you, too, Abaayo But, as always, you're chickening out from the truth: FADLAN, explain this part of the U.S. State Dept. statement to me: "The United States welcomes the September 29 parliamentary elections in Somaliland, which represent a step towards democracy in Somalia ," the statement added. It took you 15 years of incompetence (goal-wise) to get the U.S. government's admittance that, indeed, any elections in "Somaliland" are actually regional elections in Somalia. Ain't that a b!tch?
  13. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: WT , I think you have taken sister’s analogy little too far. To her (and I share that view, to some extend), for the old man to send isbaaro -removing cavalry to the besieged city of Xamar would only exasperate things as those in the city would see him as revenge-seeking man who wants to settle old scores. She could've said that, bro. I was merely replying to the Hitler/Sharon/Caato comparison, which is misleading and completely out of context, and not on her grand-take on the present situation back home. Thanks for claryfing, however.
  14. Originally posted by Tolstoy: Secondly, the Press-Statement from the "State Department", is very exceptionally interesting, particularly, in-terms of it's formulations, and most particularly, in-terms of it's "Diplomatic Verbiage" ; The "Diplomatic Verbiage" seems clear-cut and straight-forward: "The United States welcomes the September 29 parliamentary elections in Somaliland, which represent a step towards democracy in Somalia ," the statement added. Do you think that, perhaps, Mr. McCormack actually meant to say "a step towards democracy in Somaliland"? But he's an educated fellow. He said Somalia - because he knows he can find it on a map. Regional elections in Somalia, amplified by local media to look like national elections. Even the Americans seem able to see through the smoke-screen. Somaliland has managed to avoid much of the anarchy that has dogged Somalia over the past 15 years. However, the territory is embroiled in a border dispute with the northeastern semi-autonomous state of Puntland over the regions of Sanaag and Sool. Puntland - this is a scar on the secessionists' dream. But hey, who am I? I'm just a hater, a nay-sayer, actually. But do you also think Mr. McCormack is a staunch supporter of Soomaaliweyn ideology? Perhaps, he has Puntland citizenship...
  15. Originally posted by Rahima: So you say that CY is going to be the savior of the people Mogadishu? Thanks for the laugh . It’s like asking Hitler to save Jews, Sharon to save the Muslims or Cato to save PLs. See how absurd it is? Hitler murdered millions of Jews. Sharon has both systematically and literally murdered millions of Muslims. So, we would never expect them to save their mortal enemies (i.e. Jews in Hitler's case, Muslims in Sharon's). Now, Col Yeey has killed plenty of Somalis. BUT, the people he killed are mostly from his own clan-family. To date, Col Yeey has not engaged USC warlords in a military confrontation. Under his leadership, PL transformed from a lawless no-man's-land to a peaceful region of Somalia. So, did he save the people of northeastern Somalia (from themselves)? Arguably, he did. Cismaan Caato - where on his record does it say that he has saved his own folks, arguably or not? He's a man accused of assassinating the USC's most admirable leader, marxuum Gen. Caydiid (alaha u naxaristo). I'm sure you, RAHIMA, will agree that, in the world of Somali clans and regions, Col Yeey has done far better for his own ilk (PL) than has Caato for his (USC). I'm not gonna sit here and tell anyone that Col Yeey is gonna save Muqdisho. But he has something on his track record that says he's not a isbaaro-establishment type of leader. If Reer Muqdisho need anything today, they need someone to remove those roadblocks (the warlords have only made promises to do so). Horaa waxaa loo yiri, Gaalka dil, gartiisana sii.
  16. Originally posted by Red sea: Secondly, since when did I say that Somaliland wanted a bloodshed, I said it's indeed Puntland who is waging war and would bring destruction to the people of Eastern Somaliland. The one-dimensional world of hardcore SNM supporters: Somaliland wants peace, and conversely, Puntland wants war; Somaliland is civilized, conversely, southern Somalia is full of savages; Somaliland was neglected in the past, and conversely, southern Somalia was heavily invested in, thus, why Muqdisho and Kismaayo look like Hong Kong and New York today Somaliland War Minister Jamac Gaas Mucaawiye recently made threats of not only invading Laascaanood, but invading Garoowe too! Are those not words of war from the top echelons of power in Hargeisa? But no, its only Puntland that's asking for war! Boo hoo... SXB, I have an honest question for you: According to you, Laascaanood is a city in Somaliland. Now, Guulwade-turned-President Dahir Riyaale made history as the first Somaliland leader to visit Laascaanood a couple of years ago - but he was chased out by native militias. My question is: What does that say about Reer Laascaanood and their loyalty to the secession movement? :confused: Don't give me some vague, hypothetical answer. I just gave you facts on the ground - so, in your answer, use facts. Thanks!
  17. ^^ He means all the rest are b*stard children! Generally speaking, when Somali folks debate this topic, its a way to solidify the theory of their clan-family origins (i.e. predominant Arab origin theory) as opposed to a genuine and plausible debate about Somalis' origins. Anyways... Originally posted by Xoogsade: Sayid maxamed Abdulle dhab may ka ahayd markuu lahaa Nebigaa wax ii galay? Yes, unless you're calling the Sayyid (alaha u naxaristo) a liar. :mad: Originally posted by Xoogsade: I always wondered why the "Habar" or where is the "Father" for these nomads. Kuwa Habraha sheegta waydii Originally posted by Xoogsade: This elite BS waa waxa qarribey soomaalida. Hadda laakiin no elite sheeko sheeko, hilibkaa la qalaa proudly. Indeed humility is a learning process. LOL You know, under the elite reasoning theory "some" Somalis are from Arabia and you can tell because...(insert: bull$hit reason). And others waa dadka degaanka. So if they're dadka degaanka, maxaa degaankooda loogu haystaa? Why don't the Arab-claiming Somalis go back to Yemen - because, clearly, Somalia is not their land. Beledweyne, under the theory of elite reasoning, falls under the dadka degaanka category. How come Beledweyne-origin girls look more Arab than the others who claim to be of Arab origin? A lot of useless, boastful talk. P.S. I'm with Positive's take on this.
  18. Originally posted by Tolstoy: Fourth, another telling example, that will essentially show, the mendacity of those who believe, that just because the certain section of Sool and Easten Sanaag , have not voted for the election in Somaliland, then in that case, it stand to reason, to say that the legitimacy of the Somaliland Statehood, is essentially non-existant or for that matter, is null-and-void Adeer, the fact that, as you say, certain sections of SSC regions didn't partake in the secessionists' voting manuevers, what does that say about the pro-Somaliland argument? :confused: To me, the fact that SSC natives (or even a a secion of) didn't vote means that they don't want to secede from the Somali Republic. Why are you adamant about forcing your ideas onto them? :confused: I don't think it questions the legitimacy of Somaliland at all - this vote simply showed that, if Somalia is divisible, then so is Somaliland. Forget the whole of SSC regions, the vote in Ceerigaabo ocurred strictly along clan lines (with SNM-member sub-clans filling voting booths). If Jibril Siciid didn't vote in Ceerigaabo, then who did? :confused:
  19. Originally posted by Sky: Shermaarke was Reer Mudug from Hobyo. One (1) arguably positive influence in Somali history from Mudug region. Then, other negative names come to mind...
  20. Originally posted by Sky: L-to-R: TFG minister Xasan Abshir Faarax, PL minister Barkhad Cali Saalax and PL minister Maxamed Yuusuf Gaagaab Wow! Sounds like a line-up of the Usual Suspects for the upcoming movie: Dhiigya-Cabta Puntland, Vol. X.
  21. I can assure you that it's not the best interest for the few eastern somalilanders who are supporting Puntland's idiotic views , Can you please explain what you mean by Puntland's idiotic views? :confused: BTW, welcome to SOL. Remember, not everyone here is a former victim.
  22. Tiro Baabuurta Tiknikada oo uu la socday Guddoomiyaha Midowga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga oo Caawa Fiidkii Lagu Weeraray Jidka Warshadaha Guddoomiyaha Midowga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga Magaalada Muqdisho iyo Dhwar Baabuurta dagaalka oo uu la socday Guddoomiyaha ayaa caawa fiidkii lagu weeraray Wadada Warshadaha goob Isbaaro u tiilay koox maleeshiyo beeleed ah,iyadoo iska horimaadkan ay ku dhinteen sida ay sheegayan wararka laga helayo Saraakiisha Maxkamadaha Islaamiga ilaa iyo 4 Qofood iyadoo tiro kalena ay ku dhaawacmeen. Ilaa iyo hadda lama hubo cida weerarka bilawday,laakiin Saraakiisha Maxkamadaha waxay sheegeen in rasaas kaga soo dhacaday goobta Isbaarada u tiilay kadibna Ilaalada Sheekh Shariif Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadaha Islaamiga ay ka bixiyeen jawaab deg deg ah. Sida la og yahay ilaa iyo kolonyo Baabuur ah oo dhan 7 oo kale ayaa waxay inta badan daba socdaan Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadaha Islaamiga ee Magaalada Muqdisho kuwaas oo ilaalo gaar ah u ah Sheekh Shariif. Iska hor imaadkan ayaa waxaa uu socday ilaa iyo 40-daqiiqo, ilaa iyo hadda lama soo sheegin qasaaha kala ee uu geystay,sidoo kale goobaha Caafimaadka lagama helin warar ku saabsan tirada dhaawac soo gaartay. Goobta dagaalka ka dhacay ayaa waxay u dhawdahay raadeerka ee wadada warshadaha ee degaanka Dayniile, waxaana halkaasi Xarun Isbaaro u ah Maleeshiyo beeleed oo ka tirsan Beelaha Muqdisho. Nuuradin Macalin Mukhtaar (Dinow) Xafiiska Midnimo ee Muqdisho Soomaaliya Midnimo Information Center
  23. Originally posted by Rahima: this government is failing. Of course it is! Reasons - 1. According to the 4.5 Formula, there are a group of people known as "Somalis." These "Somalis" are divided into "clan units", which in turn form a single (1) pillar of the 4.5 Formula. Then, there is another group categorized as the "Others" - apparently, they don't deserve to get a "1" because they're a "minority." (In reality, however, power was distributed strictly by weighing the number to "technicals" a clan unit has) 2. This "government" is led by the same people who destroyed Somalia to begin with - in fact, the President constantly brags about being the man who fired the "first bullet." 3. I don't mean to sound like a ranting racist, but I'm dead tired of Mudug and its survival-of-the-fittest politicians. Mudug politics lacks the finesse and the needed compromise to form the foundation of a new Somali Republic. As long as we line ourselves behind leaders from this region, we'll always be at each others' throats and Somalia will always be in a virtual state of war. The solution? Because we are our own enemies, we must find our own solutions. For example, how were Somaliland and Puntland - two mega-regions - able to secure peaceful and centralized governments? The people - traditional, civil and political - convened and agreed to form a government. Same thing in Middle Shabelle region - the people invited a new leadership, which in turn rules alongside a semi-legislative organ that serves as a form of regional parliament. Point being - Reer Benaadir need to find their own solutions, Reer Hiiraan, Reer Jubbas, etc. Internal solutions for internal problems - not mega-million-dollar "peace conferences" held in the comfort of foreign capitals. P.S. I was bored and I felt like ranting, so if y'all don't like it, &$^* &^$! *Ducks from the verbal bombs of the cheerleaders.*