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  1. Originally posted by Sheikh Muhammed bin Awad: Once he supports the tfg and on other occasions he is bashing the head of the tfg. lately it was cadde muuse bashing. I don't think you realize the difference between the TFG and the president. The TFG is a Somali-wide initiative to bring peace to my homeland, which I wholeheartedly support. I don't support Col Yeey simply BECAUSE he's the president. There are other voices of wisdom that must be listened to. Secondly, Cadde Muse, as a human being, isn't flawless. He made the mistake of making the head of Bossasso port his clan-cousin, a suspicious act. To make matters worse, he also named another clan-cousin to the Puntland Cabinet, against the already-agreed upon rules of Puntland power-sharing. His flaws must be pointed out. Thomas Jefferson once wrote: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." When Cadde is wrong, I'll "bash" his policies. For example, why did the Cadde admin close down SHACAB, an independent (and popular) weekly newspaper out of Garoowe? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If you want to be sheep and blindly follow "the Leader," feel free. I have my own opinions. P.S. The only two Somali "leaders" of today that I support are Cadde Muse and PM Ali Ghedi, since both weren't involved with the Barre regime or the civil war (Cadde's war in Puntland was justified, to some extent). Originally posted by Xoogsade: I rejoice to see a Puntlander talking bad about A/Y. SXB, I don't consider myself a 'Puntlander' - I am a Somali guy who grew up in Kaaraan & Gaheyr hoods. Anyways, whether you rejoice or not, I've never said anything positive about Col Yeey (HORN will validate this point). I call out the guy for what he is: a bloody killer with no vision of anything, let alone the ability to govern and lead a nation in chaos. However, I've supported him twice: 1) when he was fighting Jama Ali Jama (a traitor) for control of Puntland, albeit it was against the wishes of the elders, but they shouldn't have involved themselves in politics (thereby damaging their title & the credibility that comes with it); 2) when he appointed Ali Ghedi as PM, a member of civil society (meaning he's NOT a warlord). I do realize PM Ghedi is a political amateur swimming with sharks, but as an educated fellow, he should easily be able to lead the nation (as the PM - if given the chance). HORN - LOL I always try and tell the truth, although it might not be the "truth" to some people. You're not blind, sxb. Just look at all the good news emanating from Puntland in the post-Col Yeey period. The revenue generated from Bossaso port is ACTUALLY going to good use for the first time since Gen Max'd Abshir's reign (mid-90s). SKY - I really don't get you sxb. Why do you play the role of the propagandist? Just be yourself, for the sake of your soul. Look at what you wrote: Originally posted by Sky: windtalker, quote: Reer Puntland won their war (not militarily) to oust Col Yeey and his dictatorial self out of their peace-loving regions. It is now Reer Somalia's turn to oust him. that was a pretty dumb thing to say. you just gave fuel to the ppl who want this new government of geedi to fail. get one line of thinking man, youre confusing most of us and amusing the rest. There's nothing amusing about the truth. But, you go on to say: Originally posted by Sky: windtalker was right though, we puntlanders are glad his azz is gone from our face. Like I said, be yourself. You know Reer Puntland are more than happy Col Yeey is busy building Somalia - that should keep the old man busy until his time's up. Gotta give it to Cadde Muse for outsmarting Col Yeey, though - he said, let me become Puntland president & I'll support you as Somali president. Somali president in name, that is
  2. Originally posted by General Duke: Rahima, my sister. I must give you credit and much praise. Sounds like you're hitting on her. Check
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    Firstly to Mr. Wind.Talker [/b] , ...never argue with a fool ;...your lowly-comprehension of any arguments, due to the sheer low-intelligence ... village's i-d-i-o-t , if one were to compare the two of you in action;...for you, as a double-bent anal-retentive village's cretin , are essentially required around the kid's corners of this site(if they have any) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SXB, I checked and they don't have a kid's corner. SOL Admins, maybe y'all should have a Kid's Corner - and the village i.idot (i.e. wind.talker) can be a moderator. Think about it Seriously, I was so offended by your comments. I feel like complaining to my hooyo about your insults, maybe there's a shed of truth to the village i.diot jibe (which you repeat ever-so-often). I would think - a grown-up man such as yourself - would rise above the gimmick of name-calling, as the representative of the Somaliland Republic in London. I pity the children who look up to you , as an "intellect" or what have you, while on your online persona, you trade insults with a kid (me ) But, at the end of the day, Somaliland still isn't an independent nation. Since you've exhausted kissing the Queen's ar$e, you should try asking for help from the Eritreans. You see, after their 30-year struggle, they declared independence and GAINED it . Don't blame me for the incompetence of Somaliland leaders who've made fake promises to millions of clueless Reer Waqooyi about independence and how an independent Hargeisa would look like Hong Kong! FINAL SCORE: wind.talker - Somaliland is NOT independent (5 points) TOLSTOY - in my DREAM it is (1 point for effort) And don't ever talk about Seattle. You live in the old junk city called London and you have the nerve to talk about Seatown? Negro please!
  4. Originally posted by Xoogsade: Indeed, the biggest threat to peace today is A/Y. You need not say anything more. Anyways, HORN sxb, I'll put it the best way I can: Before Oct. 10, 2004, Col Yeey was Puntland's biggest problem. Before that day, his name used to appear mostly on Puntland websites. Since that fateful date, he's transformed into Somalia's problem, appearing on ALL Somali sites on an almost daily basis. I'm one of those people who are happy Col Yeey is out of Puntland - he's a destructive man with no progressive vision other than to rule with an iron fist. Reer Puntland won their war (not militarily) to oust Col Yeey and his dictatorial self out of their peace-loving regions. It is now Reer Somalia's turn to oust him. This unjust and illogical 4.5 Formula was doomed from the beginning! I'm still trying to understand how an entire group of Somalis can be labelled as "Others" - others from who? The "bottom-up" approach must be given more investment, research and put into practice. Instead of always empowering a new "central" (or "federal" in this case) government for ALL Somalia, Somali leaders and the international community should help foster semi-autonomous regional governments, then eventually, established and formal regional admins can convene (within Somalia) and discuss issues on a regional basis (i.e. central v. federal). Something that was WRONG from the beginning can't be correct now. Marna in la dhaho "Soomaali waa Soomaali" marna la dhaho "Soomaali waa Soomaali, qaarna waa 'Others'" is something that won't fly. Let's face it: none of these leaders are truly genuine in solving Somalia's problems. They don't have the know-how and the will, but they do have the means (money & militias are Somalia's engine). But hey, who listens to me? I just talk to the wind
  5. GENARAAL CADDE MUUSE OO U ISTICMAALAY MAAMULKII LOO DHIIBAY MID UU UGU ADEEGO REERKA UU KA SOO JEEDO. Markii la doortay cadde muuse ooy taariikhdu ahayd 8/1/05 oo uu isku hubsaday in uu madaxweyne noqday ayuu la soobaxay waxyaalo aan laga malaynayn oo dib u noqosho leh billaabayna sidii uu illaha dhaqaalaha ee puntland ugu dhiibi lahaa beeshiisa. Haddii aan wax ka soo qaadano taariikhihiisa xiliyadii uu puntland ka talinayey C/laahi Yuusuf waxaa uu Jananka Cadde muuse waxaa uu muddo sanadku dhowaada magangelyo ku jooggay Degmada Ceel-afweyn ee Gobolka Sanaag Halkaas oo uu soogalay ka dib markii Col. C/laahi Yuusuf uu soo cayrsaday deegaanadii uu ka soo jeeday jananku . Col. C/laahi Yuusuf oo cayrsanaya Jananka ayaa waxaa ka reebay beelweyta degta Gobolka sanaag u fidisayna magangelyo muddo aan yareyna ku haysay gobolka sanaag markii danbena waxaa soo kaxayey Suldaan Siciid C/salaan iyo Boqor Buurmadow oo kala hadlay Col. C/laahi si uu cafis ugu fidiyo Jananka sidaas ayuuna goboladiisii iyo deegaankiisii ugu soo noqday Jananku. Haddaba waxaa layaaba Janankii sanadka lagu hayey gobolka sanaag ee halyeyga laga horjoogay magangelyadana kaga baxsaday Col.C/laahi Yuusuf in uu maanta si aan laga filayn xukunka ugu adeegto balse layaab malahan oo horey ayaa loo yiri (dad iyo duunyaba waxaadan ka filayn ayaa ka yimaada). Gen ku markii ugu horeysay ee uu isku hubsaday kursiga madaxweynaha Puntaland ayuu Agaasimaha guud ee dekeda gobolka bari oo ah meelaha dhaqaalaha Puntaland ka soo baxo u magcaabay nin ka soo jeeda beeshiisa taasi waa qodobkii koowaad ee lagaga aamin baxo, waxaa kale oo uu magcaabay Wasiirka dowladaha hoose iyo horumarinta reer miyiga iyada oo sharciga beelaha ku bahoobay puntaland uu dhigayo in aan beesha madaxweynaha heshaa aysan yeelan wasiir . Waxaa kale oo iyana jira laba gobol oo isku mar baarlamaanka Puntland ansixiyey uu midna miisaaniyada Puntland ku daray midna aanu ku darin Gobolka aanu ku darin miisaaniyada ayaa ah gobolkii looga fidiyey magangelyada ee muddada sannadka ah lagu hayey ee col.c/laahina lagaga horjoogay. Haddaba waxaa layaaba Masiirka Puntland ma sii jiri doonaa haddii Cadde muuse sidaas ku sii waddo? Waa maya waayo dadka ku nool puntland ayaa 80% aaminsan yihiin puntland in aanay sii jiri doon haddii Cadde muuse sidaas ku waddo maamulkiisa qaloocan inta badana waxay dadweynaha puntland haddal hayaan in Cadde muuse uu waddo iska horkeen beelaha ku bahoobay M.G.Puntland taas ayaana sabab u noqon karta in aanay puntland sii jiri doon haddii Cadde muuse sii hayo maamulka. Tusaale waxaa inoogu filan ah burburka Puntland marka aan eegno labad gobol ee Sanaag iyo Highland oo ku talo jira sidii ay maamul madax banaan u samaysan lahaayeen iyada oo ay hadda u dhowdhowdahay samaysashada maamul u gaara . Labadaan gobol ayaa ahaa lafdhabarta Puntland marka laga eego xagga dhaqaalaha ka soo geli jiray maamulka puntland waxaana hubaala in ay Puntland noqonayso maamul burburra sababta oo ah Puntland waxay ku tiirsan tahay waa dhaqaalaha ka soo baxay goboladaas is biirsaday ee ku bahoobay maamul gobleedka taas ayaana keenaysa in ay burburto Puntland haddii gobolada lafdhabarta u ah ay ka goostaan. Habadaba waxaa iga talo ah Gobolada dhaqaalaha ugu fiican ka soo geli jiray Puntland ee Sanaag iyo Highland waa tashadeen taladooduna waa caddahay maamul ayeyna xili dhow samaysanayaan, waxaana hadda xoogga la saaray xagga ciidanka oo la qoro illaa iyo hadda oo uu taliye ciidan ka yahay ciidankaas loo qorayo maamulka cusub ee labada gobol Col. Yaasiin leeleel waxaana hubaala maamul aan ciidan lahayn in aanu socon karin maanta Somalia sida aynu wadda ogsoon nahay taas ayaana keenay qoritaanka ciidanka iyo tababarada socda xiliga haddan ee aan weli maamulka la dhisin. Marka waxaan shacabka qiimaha badan ee layaaban dhaqanka qaloocan ee Cadde muuse ku maamulayo puntland ay u keeni doonto in dhulka puntland ay lamid noqoto xaalada koonfurta Somalia ka taagan oo kale marka waxaan lee yahay shacabka haddaydaan ka talo qaadan maamulka qaloocan ee Cadde muuse sidaas ayaa ku danbeyn doontaan cidii aan ka tashan . Maxamed Somali
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    Originally posted by Tolstoy: Gen. Siad Barre was essentially the last nail of the Coffin of Somali-weyn's political aspirations... There's plenty of fault in this logic, I must say. Was it the late Gen. Barre (alaha u naxaristo) who declared unilateral independence from Somalia? NO! The people who put the "final nail on the coffin" - as you eloquently put it - are the same ones you hold dear, as the "liberators" of Somaliland. THEY declared independence, not Gen. Barre - the man who stood for the ideal of Greater Somalia more than any other Somali politician since 1960 , the same man who put FEAR into the hearts & minds of the Xabasha about the might of the Somali Republic! For we in Somaliland, today of all day, are celebrating the final culmination of our historical vindication that essentially started in December of 1961; when the a few brave officers who were the citizens of Somaliland of that time, seen through all the mirrors and the smoke of "Somali-Weyn" political agenda; and decided that it was a historical mistake to throw away the fruits that was on our lap that in which we had in the 26th of June of 1960(namely the Somaliland's soverignity); Why didn't Somaliland declare independence at the time? You can't blame the South for all your faults, sxb. That's what Blacks in America have been doing for centuries, blaming the White man. That doesn't get you anywhere. Face it: northwestern Somalia's leaders failed, time and again. They failed when many parliamentarians elected from the North switched political parties (SNL to SYL) in the democratic '60s because they lacked a cohesive strategy to challenge the southern Somali leaders; they failed when they let Riyaale run Somaliland's affairs; they failed in convincing anyone but an exclusive Somali clan in achieving this ultimate goal of recognition . Why? They lack the political expertise, the finesse to push forth their agendas, to lobby for the right people, to attract others to their cause. Themes of self-reliance and self-rule are strong in Somaliland community, must be encouraged and that must be applauded. But the ideology of secession is one that I personally consider socio-political blasphemy (not that my opinion makes a difference, anyways). Alls I'm saying is: quit blaming others for your downfalls! You can produce a billion copies of the "Act of Union" - whether it exists or not - but there was, is and will forever be one Somalia. If you want independence for the Berbera-Hargeisa-Burco triangle, I'll support you in any way I can, probably by setting up a Victim's of Barre Fund.
  7. Hmm.. Both interesting perspectives. Let me chip in: TFG wants: - Temporary HQ in Baydhabo (under anti-TFG control)& Jowhar (under TFG control) - A.U. peacekeepers (but land 'em where? - probably Jowhar) - Restore federal gov't institutions - An attack on Jowhar directed from Muqdisho and Marka - The Somali civil war enters a new phase Anti-TFG group want to: - Retain stolen property and revenue generated from such - Retain status of sole superpower in certain Somali "fiefdoms" - Maintain control of Baydhabo (at all costs - as first line of defense against pro-TFG forces) - Maintain illegal farms in Shabeelaha and Benadir regions - Let the so-called Islamic courts continue to chop people's hands off in the name of Islam, while 2 city blocks down, Cismaan Caato's boys are allowed to slang drugs - Avoid the issue of returning stolen properties in the Marka-Kismaayo corridor - How do they do all this? They collectively scream: THE XABASHAS ARE COMING TO COLONIZE SOMALIA! (Ironically, a large sum of the weapons in Muqdisho today being used against the innocent civilians were handed out to the Muqdisho warlords by the Imperialist Xabashas)! CONCLUSION: - The Somali civil war drags on - until Somaliweyn crowd the streets of Muqdisho and demand an end to the injustices and war! Until ALL SOMALIS realize these warlords-acting-like-real-leaders are ALWAYS out for their own good, never the greater good (let's face it: Somalis won't realize this, ever!)
  8. ^^ ********no insults or personal attacks******** [ May 16, 2005, 02:27 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  9. SXBow, I was merely trying to create a discussion as to where Barre Hiiraale - as leader of the JVA - stands today's Somali politics. If you asked your question because you genuinely didn't know that JVA forces are near Baydhabo, I've posted a report from a "trusted site." P.S. Do try and engage in the discussion. Do you think he's neutral, lop-sided etc. Dooxada Juuba iyo Indha cade oo ka qayb qaadanayo dagaalka Baydhabo By YAXYE C/RISAAQ SOOFE, Allgedo Online BAYDHABO, Somalia - Maalmihii ugu danbeeyay ayaa waxaa magaalooyinka bay iyo bakool ka aloosanaa dagaalo ba'an taasoo ay iskaga soo hor jeedaan hogaamiyaal ku kala aragtiya duwan imaanshaha magaalada baydhabo ee dawlada fadaraalka ku meel gaarka ah taasoo xibnaha ugu sarsareeyo ay ku adkeesanayaan in ay ka dhigtaan xarun ku meel gaar ah taasoo keentay in ay baydhao noqoto goob dagaal. Hadaba, maalmahan danbe waxaa soo baxayay warar sheegayo in bay iyo bakool ay ka jiraan ciidan iyo hub aruursi ay sameenayaan wasiiro iyo xildhibaano ka mid ah dawlada cusub ee soomaaliya iyagoo la sheegayo saanad milatari in ay ka soo qaateen dawlada Itoobiya sida ay sheegayaa warar aan ka helnay magaalada xudur oo ah xaruntooda. Hub aruursiga ka jiray xudur ama bay dhabo ma ahan mid ku kooban halkaasi balse waxaa jirto in ay gurmad ka baxeen magaalada muqdisho shabeelada hoose iyo isbahaysiga dooxada jubbo, kuwaas oo ka qayb qaadanayo dagaalka ka jira baydhabo. Sidoo kale, dadaaladii laga waday muqdisho oo la doonayay in lagu xaliyo dhibkii ka jiray ayaa waxaa loo wiiciyay dhinacaa iyo baydhabo; hadaba dawladii cusbeyd ee la doonayay in ay noqoto dawlad dib u heshiisaneed maxay ku danbeyn doontaa? SOURCE:
  10. We all know today's Somali politics is divided into two sections: pro-TFG (led by Col Yeey & Ghedi) and anti-TFG (led by Sharif Xasan, in name, Cabdiqasim Salat in reality). Barre Hiiraale has decided NOT to send his forces to Baydhabo as part of the "Samatabixinta Alliance." But some reports have indicated that JVA forces are ALREADY near Baydhabo (alongside Indhocade's). Which simply means the JVA near Baydhabo is an exclusive branch of the USC (Yusuf Seeraar's boys). So, is Hiiraale as of now neutral? Col. Barre Hiiraale oo ka cudur daartay inuu Ciidamo taageero ah u diro Magaalada Baydhabo si ay ula saftaan Xildhibaan Xaabsade Axad, May 15, 2005(HOL)@18:50GMT: Wasiirka dib u dhiska iyo dib u dejinta Xukuumadda KMG ah Xildhibaan/Col. Barre Aadan Shire (Hiiraale) ayaa la soo weriyay in uu ka cudur daartay qorshe la doonayay in uu ciidamo gurmad ah iyo taageero ah ugu diro Xildhibaan Xaabsade oo magaalada Baydhabo ay kaga furan tahay xiisad colaadeed. Wararku waxay sheegayaan in Col. Barre Hiiraale oo ay la hadleen mas’uuliyiin ka tirsan isbaheysigii hore ee Samatabixinta uu uga cudur daartay in ciidamadiisu aaney xiligan ka badneyn wax ka qabashada xaaladda nabadgelyo ee gobolka Jubada hoose oo ay dhowaanahaan ku soo kordheen kooxo burcad ah oo nabadgelyada gobolka qal qal geliyay, iyadoo dhinaca kalena ay jiraan warar sheegaya in xubno ka tirsan golahaasi oo ku kala sugan Gobollada Banaadir iyo Shabeelaha Hoose ay Tiknikooyin iyo ciidan la socda u direen dhinaca Xildhibaan Xaabsade oo sheegay in ay ku soo wajahan yihiin magaalada Baydhabo wasiirradii ku sugnaa gobolka Bakool oo ay wehliyaan ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah. Xildhibaan Maxamed Ibraahin Xaabsade iyo Xildhibaan Barre Hiiraale ayaa ka hor intii aysan ka mid noqon dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed waxaa ay ka wada tirsanaayeen Gole la magac baxay Samatabixinta oo uu guddoomiye ka ahaa Muuse Suudi Yalaxow, iyagoo sidoo kalena lahaa xiriir iskaashi oo dhinacyo kala duwan leh, hayeeshee cudurdaarkan ka soo baxay Xildhibaan Barre Hiiraale oo duruuf ay keentay ayaan la ogeyn sida uu u arki doono Xildhibaan Xaabsade oo isagu difaac uga jira wasiirro ka tirsan Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed oo magaalada Xudur ku abaabulaya weerar ku saabsan sidii ay Baydhabo uga saari lahaayeen Xildhibaan Maxamed Ibraahin Xaabsade iyo taageerayaashiisa. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online Mogadishu, Somalia
  11. ...So Wind, whatever the initial title of the article, you seem to have doctored it - to show, that is, your inconsiderateness and contempt ...You have doctored the title to give the artilce an edge and to show the level of your enmity and venom . Two words: Sue me!
  12. Mohamed Dheere - a Benaadir native - said that South Muqdisho is occupied. XOOGSADE, will you accuse him of also being a tribalist (meaning he's hating on USC folks - while he himself is a USC leader)? I guess everyone that says Marka-Kismaayo corridor is occupied is wrong - and everyone who supports the occupation is doing the right thing! Wonderful thinking. Keep justifying your cousins' subjugation of poor Banadiris sxb. I'm done!
  13. Originally posted by Xoogsade: Otherwise, and you are in this just because your distant cousin happened to flee Xamar a decade ago, man, what can I say, dambiga si fiican u badso. An entire clan of people who's greatest PRIDE is the fact that they chased out other Somalis out of Somalia. XOOGSADE, sxb, with all due respect, you're in total DENIAL of the fact that some Somali regions/cities are occupied by clan militias, so I won't waste my time in it. So, let me say what you want to hear: I was kicked out of Somalia by USC militias based on nothing but my clan. My father (alaha u naxaristo) was ARRESTED by the Barre regime several times, because he was supposedly engaged in "anti-government" activity. Did that matter to the USC militias, who's only objective was to kill all members of a certain Somali clan? I forgave their actions, because they made mistakes, as humans normally do. But I've never forgotten them. We left Xamar for them, and they came to Kismaayo with full military ready to annahilate D folks. They failed sxb. USC failed in occupying Galkacyo (you can't deny this), in occupying Gedo (for Col Shabeel's body is plenty of evidence) and in Baydhabo (we all know what happened to Caydiid Jr's wife). What I'm wondering about you is this sxb: USC has failed in militarily controlling strong Somali clans. So, they've decided to control the Barawanis. How proud are you? Like I said, your greatest pride derives from the fact that you're happy a certain Somali clan was chased out of Muqdisho. Mine is that I always learn from the past - Muqdisho wixii lagu dhisay adba waad taqaan. Muruq Hebel iyo maskax Hebel. 15 years, no progress. I let you fill in the Hebels P.S. How long do you think the current status quo will remain intact?
  14. Originally posted by Johhny B jr: ...the thing is back in 91 When Barre was ousted , unluckily the D clan became outomatically the ONLY victim ( maybe the RRA too )...BOTH YOUR SNM n MY USC came out as the winners... You speak the truth.
  15. Ahem...If I may step into the fray for a short second. My brother XOOGSADE seems a bit contradictory. Originally posted by Xoogsade: Anyways, these occupied towns you speak of or the properties are simple issues that can be resolved once a just government comes into existence. Okay. To "resolve" an issue means that the issue we're speaking of exists, no? Seems like I was mistaken in this assumption, for you wrote: Originally posted by Xoogsade: There is no such thing actually as an occupied town. On one hand, these "occupied towns" exist (for, according to you, a government can "resolve" the issue). In the same breath, you blatantly deny the fact that clan militias from Galgaduud/Mudug regions are in regions that don't traditionally belong to them. SXB, in the post-1991 era, Somalis have all returned to their TRADITIONAL homelands. No one can say Reer Galgaduud or Reer Mudug can't LIVE in other regions. But when armed clan militias are in control of cities (as was the case in Baydhabo before 1999), then that's called an "occupation" - for the military presence is led by and is under the exclusive control of a certain Somali clan. Are you in denial of this? In a recent report, Salaad Xiis (of Hiiraan Online) wrote about Marka: Muran kama taagna in maamulka Shabeelaha Hoose uu xoog ku qabsaday gobolkaas, inkastoo Sanjabiil uu ku doodayo in ay meesha geysay Dowladdii Carta ee uu Hoggaaminayay C/qaasim Salaad Xasan, SOURCE: Marka is the classic example of an occupied town where the self-declared leaders dont' even DENY that fact! Don't you realize that most of Somalia's current problems stem from the fact that "others" forcefully control and occupy the lands of natives? Land expansion - through occupation - is an ideology the late Gen Caydiid (alaha u naxaristo) begun with his invasions of Galkacyo, Gedo, Kismaayo and Baydhabo. Galkacyo, Gedo, Kismaayo and later Baydhabo all successfully repulsed his invasions. That's why today's USC is taking advantage of unarmed minority clans in southern Somalia. Men, like Indhocade, are merely continuing a tradition in the family, so to speak. But justice will prevail, sooner or later.
  16. Every story must have two sides. Isimada gobollada Sool, Sanaag iyo Cayn oo sheegay in aanay waxba kala socon shirka Sheekh Laas Caanood - 14.May.2005 Beyaan ay maanta soo saareen isimada gobollada Sool, Sanaag iyo Cayn isla markaasna ku socdey idaacadda BBC-da iyo saxaafadda kale ee madaxa bannaan ayaa lagu sheegay in aanay isimada gobolladaasi waxba kala socon war ay sii deysey maalintii shalay idaacadda BBC-du kaas oo sheegayey in shir lagu nabadaynayo xaaladda gobolka Sool lagu qabanayo magaalada Shiikh. Isimadu waxay sheegeen in ay jireen wada hadallo u socdey salaadiinta labada dhinac ee Puntland iyo Somaliland, balse aanay jirin shir ay ka war hayaan oo ka dhacaya magaalada Shiikh ee gobolka Togdheer. Isimadu waxay sheegeen in aanay beyaankooda ula jeedin in ay joojiyeen wada hadalladii u socdey labada dhinac, hase yeeshee aanay waxba kala socon qaabka wax u socdaan ee dhinaca Somaliland laga sheegay. Beyaankan ayaa waxaa ku saxiixnaa; Garaad Saleebaan Garaad Maxamed, Garaad C/qani Garaad Jaamac, Garaad C/salaam Xasan Maxamed, Garaad Abshir Saalax Maxamed, Garaad Saleebaan Baraale iyo Suldaan Siciid Cismaan Cali. Nuux Muuse Birjeeb SBC Laas Caanood
  17. Originally posted by LANDER: the city in question is actually not Borama but Bossasso. Your post got boring from here on out. We were taught the tactic of compare/contrast back in grade school. You went from overlooking the MESSAGE to attacking the MESSENGER; now, you're focused on attacking the city you presume the messenger is from. BTW, I was born, bred and raised in Kaaraan neighborhood of Xamar Cadey Boosaaso waligay ma arag (except on tapes)! But honestly, feel free to post and discuss how "evil" Boosaaso is (remember, your not a 'Puntlander' and your effort will be dismissed as propaganda). On the other hand, the guy who wrote that Boorama is an evil town is a diehard 'Somaliland nationalist.' What angers you is that he's openly WROTE what many diehard SNM fans hold dear to heart, no? Let it all be in the open, sxb. Easier to discuss and on the heart. Originally posted by Rahima: They also stated that in reality SL needed Somalia and that this self-governance is a temporary thing till we all get our act together. How do you guys see this? Dear Rahima (I'm trynta sound like TOLSTOY): Isn't it funny how NO ONE answered your question? 'Somaliland' is a tight-knit community where 97% of the "people" (read: UDUB cheerleaders) voted for independence. I challenge this notion (and so do with your question) but no one answers. Isn't that an answer in and of itself? I hope you caught the drift. Originally posted by Sky: which i see as pure waste from a fellow puntlander who seems to be knowledgable and bright. what confuses me is that hes supposed to be against the notion of somaliland, yet he is busy on telling what somalilanders should do to get recognized. i mean wtf? :confused: I've never been against self-determination. The problem is, Somaliland politicians have self-determined the destiny of people that they DON'T represent (namely Sool, Sanaag and Cayn - where opposition is strongest). The other thing is that I believe in this Somali idiom: Hawl aad bilawday ceeb laguma sagootiyo. Somaliland politicians should've finished the work they started in 1991. If they'd taken the correct route from the onset, I don't think they would have a hard time convincing SSC or other folks to join their crusade. But Somaliland's correct route begun in 1997 (before that, too many political battles between Habar this or Habar that), and by '98 Puntland was in existence, giving Reer SSC another option. Therefore, I think the fore-founders of 'Somaliland' had it wrong from the beginning for two reasons: one, they wanted to bring back colonial borders (an impractical issue, given Somalia's post-1991 status); and secondly, they declared independence because they were "victims" (which they were, along with everyone else) of Barre's (alaha u naxaristo) regime! Surely that made the SNM folks unite! But Somaliland is "ideally" supposed to include non-SNM folks. I don't believe they feel this unity. Originally posted by NGONGE: Be that as it may, I find myself in fact agreeing with Wind-talker (to a certain extent of course). You (and ADNAAN) are about the only two 'Somalilanders' who at least tried to understand the message without thinking of the messenger. Some people think discrediting my reputation on SOL will make the issue at hand go away. One nomad reasoned: Because of intermarriage between Reer Boorama and Reer Hargeisa (Gabiley, etc) there is a tight bond LOL. Well, in Galkayo, SSDF and USC folks intermarry more than any other Somali clans. Politically, they're very opposed. Marriage between two individuals doesn't necessarily translate into marriage between two political units. I would think that's an easy enough concept for folks to understand.
  18. Originally posted by General Duke: patriot, chill son I give you onething you are honest, no problem as long as Inda Cade makes you noble its all good huh Indhocade, Seeraar and their chief, Abdiqasim Salat, have given the likes of Somali Patriot plenty of 'nobility' indeed. Its almost ironic though, isn't it? Yesterday, Indhocade used to bring caano in his cart to Somali Patriot in the Muqdisho mansion he owned through the affirmative action program of Scientific Socialism. Today, Indhocade (Seeraar, etc) is birdfeeding his former masters. A tragedy in and of itself.
  19. ^^ HEHE Tuug la qabtey, talo ma leh. Wasaqaan baad tahay. That's commendable investigative work. TOLSTOY - Keep attacking him like that'll land you a ticket into Heaven son. I could care less what you think of me - and I say this for the umpteenth time. You seem so pre-occupied with discrediting me that you forgot to respond to the issue at hand. Since you agree with the author, I suggest you quit sugarcoating your true feelings and put 'em out. Until then, keep jockin' these peaNUTS, son.
  20. LANDER - I'm not sure why you're attacking me, sxb. I merely posted an article published on a pro-Somaliland website so that people can see the dialogue that has overtaken the Somaliland websites in the post "SNM in Balance" period. I know I posted it out of musuq-musuqnimo, but I'm always interested in seeing the various degrees of reactions from folks such as yourself. Everyone else responded pretty much along the same lines, immediately disassociating themselves from the writer. But LANDER sxb, you're attempt to kill the messenger (wind.talker) didn't even faze the message. As long as some Somalilanders believe 'Somaliland' is the exclusive Republic of a certain Somali clan, the process forward will forever remain stagnant and unproductive - and moisten the seeds of mistrust amongst the compatriots, neighbors, xidid , and socio-political bedfellows that make up the ideal national mosaic that is (some say once was) Somaliland. NGONGE - The opinion is published on Awdal News Network website @ ANN has seen its viewer volume exponentially grow in the post "SNM in Balance" period, so they continue to publish controversial articles and opinions to maintain their clientelle. Yellow journalism at its peak, no?
  21. Originally posted by HornAfrique: ...GaroweOnline, PuntlandPost, or AllPuntland...Dayniile cay, but HornAfrik and Gedonet... To be honest with you, I've seen plenty of biased reporting from ALL these sites, regardless of whether their owners are 'Puntlanders' or not. From what you wrote, seems like every Somali-owned website is 'fair' while all the ones owned by Somali 'Puntlanders' are similar to FOX News (with the exception of LOL For example, I remember a story posted on a while ago about Caabudwaaq elders who were in Garoowe for consultation meetings with the Puntland administration about the possibility of joining the State government. even published a copy of a signed document (signed by the Caabudwaaq elders) about the nature of their meeting, I think. Remarkably, didn't report ANY aspect of this story - one, you would think, that effects the very people they consider as their 'constituents'. Also, for the LONGEST time, continously published OPINIONS that were overtly anti-Reer Puntland (not the gov't, but the clans). Then, I guess they came to their senses and put a halt to such opinions. (I know you're familiar with this). As far as HornAfrik goes, the whole world knows (and you know) how they blow things out of proportion, and add their opinions to the reporting (much like
  22. ^^ I searched some other press releases by this American general Helland - below is one dated back in 2002 when he's claiming 'al-Qaeda' was operating in Somalia. No one seemed to listen to him then, but I suppose now things are going to change a tad bit (with Zenawi's unresearched claim of 'terrorists' in Somalia). Like I said, the question remains: will the U.S. give Zenawi the Green Light to root out his ghost terrorists from Somalia? :confused: The comments made by this U.S. general surely aren't helping. US commander claims al-Qaeda basis in Somalia Terror groups, including al-Qaeda, are exploiting lawless areas in the Horn of Africa region to hide, recruit and train members and possibly plan attacks, the head of the region's United States-led anti-terror force said. "We find the terrorist networks here using the fact that there is a lot of ungoverned space in the Horn of Africa," Major-General Samuel Helland said on Monday. "Because of this, it's very easy for a terrorist organisation to establish a presence. It's very easy for them to train, equip, organise and use the facilities that are present to gain a foothold. "And I suspect that if we look very hard at the area, we'll see that there is some training going on for operations in other parts of the world," he said by phone from Djibouti, where he heads the Combined Joint Task Force overseeing counterterrorism activities in the Horn of Africa. Since late 2002, Djibouti has hosted United States troops using the tiny state as a base to hunt down terrorist groups. Helland took over the task force in May. "I think we can say with some level of confidence that there are al-Qaeda operatives in the Horn of Africa," Helland said. "This is ungoverned space they thrive in." - Reuters SOURCE:
  23. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: But why would logical wind. talker post such a nonsensical article and bother to even share it with us SXB, you raise an interesting question. I posted this article for one reason: to make sure people notice the change of tone diehard SNM supporters have undergone in light of the Awdal News Network editorial entitled "SNM is Balance: The Need for a Truth and Reconcilliation Committee in Somaliland." Since that editorial, many pro-Somaliland cyber elements have drastically changed their political tone from one who's attacks were based outside the borders of the former British Protectorate to one who's enemies are increasingly from within. I ask myself: why would a true Somalilander write such garbage against a Somali region inhabited by his fellow compatriots? Its because the ANN folks dared to challenge the accepted norm of the SNM - that of a liberation movement that freed their land and people from the tyrannical rule of a Southern general. How dare ANN challenge this view, they intone. As if the SNM's history is written in sacred text! To make matters worse, there are several other pieces published by diehard SNM fans that downplay the signficance of the SNM's alleged atrocities against innocent non-SNM clan victims during their self-styled 'war of liberation.' (These cyber analysts are also beginning to sound like GW Bush's speechwriters with an overuse of the terms 'democracy' and 'liberation'). And the author of this piece is a regular political commentator who's angered by the Riyaale regime's failures - and ANN's stance - and so he decries everything and everyone from Boorame (symbolic for a certain Somali subclan) and labels it 'evil.' What effect does such language have - other than to breed intolerance and deepen the rift between SNM folk and Reer Boorame? Yet, you'll be surprised how many folks agree with his thesis.