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  1. Al'B many thanks bro insha Allah will get in touch. In the summer, I am heading to the motherland possibly with the intention of moving in permanently if Allah wills, therefore iga war hay. in the meantime, maca salaama.
  2. There is no much description about this chart. Is it farting competition or what? I can only assume bantus will top of the table in that event.
  3. Mr Alpha Blondy (forgive me if misspelt your username), ahlan wasahlan sxb, it is been a long time. I am doing good alhamdu lillah. I just been busy with work especially when somebody's work involves a lot of travelling, it is tough world. Right now I am back to UK for a bit and then I am off to Middle east again insha allah. I missed you guys, i thought you guys were so amazingly entertaining. Remind me the sisters's name, i know she was from Canada loooooooooool god bless her. And what you upto bro? What have you done to cantarabaqash thread????????????? Its one of the reason i came back to here, we need that back NOW!...
  4. Obviously I hadn't been around for quite a while, just wondering what might have happened to Brody mr catarbaqash troll runner and his co female friend, are they still around? I guess missed these friends...hope they are doing well.
  5. Waa sheeko ad u xiiso badan maasha allah.
  6. Oooh this forum has changed so since I logged in last time, fortunately Cantarabaqash still going on strong. Alphy and Co full respect.
  7. People from somaliland are really and trully funny check these translations of their own... Automatic Gear transmission = Mar i geli Public toilet = Xaar haye Tricycle = *** iyo laba xiniinyoodle
  8. I ask allah SWT to grant these heroic individuals to janna and those who committed these hideous crime, may allah brought them to his justice in this world and hereafter. WHY? Moqudisho is a graveyard......................!
  9. This fake dr is obsessed to somaliland. Waa loo dhashaa somaliland!
  10. Classified, you should be making peace between the brother and the sister instead of igniting war. Ilaahay ka baq. Saffarez, Allah said says" if one not sure about my deen" DO NOT talk about it, and it is better to be silent about it" therefore please refrain when it comes to the deen. It is only an advice.
  11. Jacaylbaro;982147 wrote: What the vaccination teams do is they knock on the doors and provide the vaccination at home ,,, exactly the same thing the President is doing right now If it is true of what you have said, then I don't think there would be any disease in the first place. Rounding up few people in the presidential palace is not gonna eliminate the problem.
  12. Somalia itself originates from somaliland in sense of somalism, also in very early times islam spread to somalia from somaliland through Zella.
  13. Hawdian:D certainly she is an amazing girl. Waar heesta ka waran:D?
  14. This is an embarrassing for the president and health minister, it seems that the president was caught while in hiding with the epidemic. And also it's not the place to do. He ( president) should be leading people to the designated place for the treatment so people would do the same thing rather than sitting at home and expect the officials to knock their doors.
  15. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_3YLu1TWMU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>