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  1. Has anybody seen the 100yrs old Senate who just retired few days ago??? - He made me wonder about our folx, who starts talking about death n give up living life at around late 50's!! Makes you not wanna be around them - so discouraging. I'll never let age get to me, as long as i'm healthy and practicing my religion. I'ma live my life. And yeh I'll be 18 this coming new year - January 1st. PS: Remember exercising makes you 10yrs younger.
  2. Hey Ilhaam, tough stuff you got there!! Think I got some of them - Here's what I came up with: 2)7 = W _ _ _ _ _ _ OF THE W _ _ _ _. 7 W O N D E R S OF THE W O R L D. 5)9 = P _ _ _ _ _ _ IN THE S _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _. 9 P L A N E T S IN THE S O L A R S Y S T E M. 6)12 = S _ _ _ _ OF THE Z _ D _ _ _. 12 S T O N E OF THE Z O D I A C. 7)24 = H _ _ _ _ IN A D _ _. 24 H O U R S IN A D A Y. 12)101 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 101 D A L M A T I O N S. 13)360 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ IN A C _ _ _ _ _. 360 D E G R E E S IN A C E L S I S. 6)20,000 = L _ _ _ _ _ _ U _ _ _ _ THE S _ _. (?) U N D E R THE S E E Will work on the rest - Let me know how I did so far
  3. Hey Ilhaam, tough stuff you got there!! Think I got some of them - Here's what I came up with: 2)7 = W _ _ _ _ _ _ OF THE W _ _ _ _. 7 W O N D E R S OF THE W O R L D. 5)9 = P _ _ _ _ _ _ IN THE S _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _. 9 P L A N E T S IN THE S O L A R S Y S T E M. 6)12 = S _ _ _ _ OF THE Z _ D _ _ _. 12 S T O N E OF THE Z O D I A C. 7)24 = H _ _ _ _ IN A D _ _. 24 H O U R S IN A D A Y. 12)101 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 101 D A L M A T I O N S. 13)360 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ IN A C _ _ _ _ _. 360 D E G R E E S IN A C E L S I S. 6)20,000 = L _ _ _ _ _ _ U _ _ _ _ THE S _ _. (?) U N D E R THE S E E Will work on the rest - Let me know how I did so far
  4. Lool @ Nadiya. Thanks for pointing the truth out. That's exactly why I didn't even bother to comment on this thread. MN is atleast better then Columbus(Ohio) where nomads literally go: "Xaaakhhh Tuuuf" on the streets.
  5. WooW - Sounds like the "American Idol." Let us know which cities you'r going to stop by first.
  6. Suuban: Runtaa. Laakin, caddowga aad sheegaysid waa wax hore. Maanta labada gacmood + labada lugood baa wax lagu gooyaa.
  7. Take it easy every1 - She must not be talking about us, cuz last time I checked we were called Somalis, not "somlaians or somlian."
  8. Just cuz we'r Muslim doesn't mean we'r Arabs. Wasn't it Siad Barre who begged and sobbed to Arabs to have the Somalis join the Arab league in 1969?? If the rest of the world perceived Somalis as Arabs, they would surely have Arabs featuring the movie Black Hawk. Don't you think? Stop discriminating one another, nobody gives a rat's tail whether you'r light skinned, soft featured, nappy haired or flat nosed. Wake up and smell the Soomaalinimo.
  9. Hey Shaq, I almost puked when I saw that on Thursday, they aired it briefly on BBC news - Was shocked even more to see the live audience. Is it supposed to be an educational?? I mean its not like the Food channel network, where you cook along with the chef - or do they expect pple to have bodies at home and operate them along with the Doc? Crazy eh'. There were once an old family friend lady, who visited her son in Romania who was then a medical student. One of the nights she was awakened by little noises and sounds, as she got up to check it out, she found her son and collegues practicing on a dead body in his living room. The lady caught the first flight out to Somalia, thinking her son was a cannibal.
  10. People become Insecure when they'r afraid of being judged ie; When a girl is half dressed -wearing those tight tiny toptanks that looks like a five year old kid's outfit etc. Luckily I walk around with a huge smile on ma face - Its hard to miss it, and before saying anything they either nod, smile or say Hi.
  11. True dat. Patience is how most moms raised 6 or 7 kids in a remote world where making up with abox of tiffany was out of the norm. LOL @ the lady with the Food Trap!! She followed the Grannies of all nation's rule of thumb: Feed HiM.- and u should've a doormat for life. " The key to aman's heart is thru his Stomach" - Granny 1612
  12. Think about the loud, disgusting, profanity laced rap music these days - full of hood rats who couldn't spell have the words in the song they are rapping - Not Worth It - Probably those bling bling kids' monthly income is higher then an educated individual's yearly income. An education is an investment in yourself and your future - Don't let that fast money make you doubt that.
  13. Loving and honouring moms doesn't make one a wimp or a 'Mamoone' - However; being under mom's thumb, & not knowing where to draw the line is what earns a man the title: Mama's boy.
  14. A family holiday is understandable - Dumping a kid is indefensible. 9 out of 10times the kids r tricked, and dragged Against their Will - Not always as pleasant as you guys seem to put it. Some parents have the guts to leave a kid or two behind with the supervision of a Geeljire relative and not blink an eye!!! Not to mention the # of girls getting their treasures butchered each Summer. I'd rather call it 'Traumatizing children' then 'Dhaqan Celis.' - There are always Boot camps for out of control teenagers - Parents should consider that option before trashing their kids.
  15. Great topic as usual :cool: Not all of them are witches - Some Mother In Laws are decent and so nurturing. Not intentionally trying to bash on Moms or to come out stereotyping - But the females from the husband's side could make your life aliving hell. (Only if you let them or the Husband is "Mamoone" aka Mama's boy ) Always getting involved - overly interested in their son/bro's marriage life. Starting from the wife's nail polish on her toes to the ring on her finger - Some mother inlaws trully expect to know what her son had for dinner, and how he spends his money. No matter how well the wife contributes to the marriage ie; financially, his mom is always a critique - assuming its her son's $$$ she's burning. A husband's mom is one of the hardest challenge in a woman's life and those who made it through deserve national recognition. Pretty shallow but some females pray for a man whose mom already passed away!!! PS: The saying: "When one marries he's married to the whole family" - I don't think it means he'd have to answer to each and everyone, but as a culture must help out the extended family if needs be when he can.
  16. The Kenyans and Ethiopians are currently among the best (or are just) long distance runners in the world - Is this genetic or drive???
  17. Not really bad, except that I had a Caffeine attack - Missed my morning shots, and ofcourse could hear the drums in ma head ie; Headache. Am alot better today Alhamdu Lilaah. lol@illmatic, I did some research on that - it is allowed to use a mouthwash to gargle after every couple of hours while fasting. Nabiga (scw) used to use 'Caday' while he was fasting. 2 down, 28 days to go, let the count down continue..
  18. Not just Educators (teachers are normally far less paid then the Plant workers), but Heart Surgeons too! Society now idolise entertainers and artistes. An average person spends 4hrs a day on TV - Fact is - Our Time makes them filthy rich.
  19. LoooL Come on, don't chew the sister's head off - Its possible he exists, mostly in the Y&R or All My Children ie; Soap Opera's If you can believe it, you can achieve it. - I'd tell you to not give up on searching, but am afraid you'll grow horns and turn grey.
  20. Oh oooh, looks like I was 5mins late - Good One Najma.
  21. Loool KoolKat - You'r so right. There'r always some fools starting fights on your expense - Does it cost too much to hire Bouncers?? - There'r also others who think the place is a handicapped parking - they park by the walls and watch - And whats up with all the ladies in the restroom Smoking like an escaped prisoner? Dress code is needed too - How do they let pple in with Shorts and Towels wrapped on their head?? Thank God I never find it exciting being amongst bunch of sweaty towel head kids - I'd rather go to Poetry contest Cafe's or enjoy a good movie at home - then to bop my head to music that's too damned loud.
  22. Tenacious: You can find humor in just about any situation even the most tragic - Somalidu need to for once let their guard down - Try and listen what the other party is saying or trying to say - They may exaggerate abit but there's plenty truth to it. Ain't it awful, our "Gimme Some" mentality is showing - Yeeee Haaaa! Bottom Line: They don't owe us a Living. Its eat what you killed Jungle.
  23. Most of us are here alittle over a decade - isn't that ironically dammn too long to be on a Welfare??? Our percentages are much higher then the other immigrants who depend on the system. This is the cause for alarm! Blame not anybody else but the Somali Man. He's the one who shipped his wife and 6 kids to a foreign land and said: "Let the state provide what they will for my family - Why Should I Work" Anyman who allows his family to live with the assistance of Sec.8 for 10+ years, and has to hide when the social worker comes by is a Weak Man Walahi with no balls. Wonder whatever happened to our forefathers way of living - who based their manhood on "Taking Care of Their Families" Forgod's sake Get out of the system - Create your own system. For starters do odd jobs, like the Mexicans do ie; cleaning - then work your way up the ladder. Its funny how they all gather around and talk about Politics - daydreaming about how they'll one day become Ministers or even the Pres. of Somalia - Cajiib eh' - Their Wishful thinking makes me wanna slap the welfare mentality outta them.
  24. Looool - Alla beerka!!! - You should see the tears on my face. That's some funny stuff Walahi. Get this one: Laba nin oo reer xamara baa waxay aadeen Hargeysa - Waxaa la kala dhihi jiray Malaakh iyo Xabiib - Hargeysa markii la tagay aa caawaba waxaa la damcay in gabdho la shukaansado -Labadii waa fakireen - Magacyada aan iska badalno ay ku tashadeen, sababtoo ah inaan reer xamar nahay waa na fahmaayaan, ka bacdina waa na eryaayaan - Waxay la baxeen Qawdhan iyo Jaamac. Gabdhihii sidii loo shukaaminaayay baa Jaamac aka Xabiib wuxuu aaday musqul - Markuu soo laabtay baa gabadhiisii ku tiri: Alaaa Xabiiibi waad soo raagtay - Asagiii wuxuu u maleeyay in qoftan magaciisii ay ugu yeerayso - Xanaaq maahee dhulkuu isku garaacay - Kii saaxiibkiis Qawdhan aka Malaakh uu ku jeestay oo ku yiri : Waraaa Waa i Sheegti Maahinooo bacaaw yaaaw - Markaasuu inta kor u qeyliyay yiri: ihiiii usbo Malaakh aa la dhahaaa, waa is qarihaayey!!!! Hope you get it.