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  1. Yeah, $30 bucks a month to some guy in Minneapolis who made a bad website.
  2. ^^^^ So is a minyaro. With many more uses to boot. NGONGE, Burco is that way -->
  3. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: Money does buy happiness! I always feel happier when I have money...They truly lied when they said 'Money can't buy happiness'... It doesn't atheer. It just keeps away that nasty feeling of being broke. Which is priceless. lol.
  4. ^^^^ Far more credit than can be given to the TFG buffoons. And why must we always choose between one buffoon or the other?
  5. ^^^^ Ethiopian constitution is an oxymoron. What's with the TPLF mood today? You found a new love and trying to impress her with your knowledge?
  6. ^^^^ You can't find what doesn't exist. Bless her though, she was one level-headed SOLer who is missed. Unlike the riffraff separatists of her clan running around here. :rolleyes:
  7. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: C) The final goal of the TPLF is to secede from Ethiopia as an independent "Republic of Greater Tigray" by liberating the lands and peoples of Tigray. This being the manifesto of TPLF in 1976, This reads like the SNM manifesto verbatim. Wait, there never was a SNM manifesto. LOL.
  8. Castro


    Originally posted by fatboy: Something to consider if you have a GPS - don't put your home address in it. Put a nearby address (like a store or gas station) so you can still find your way home if you need to, but no one else would know where you live if your GPS were stolen. LOL @ nearby gas station. Anyone who needs a GPS to find their way home should be severely beaten then robbed.
  9. 100 years later... Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: Just watch niyow ,,,,,,,, wax baa soo ham iyo dig le baan ku idhi ,,,, wax weyn
  10. Originally posted by RaMpAgE: They might as well make G.W.Bush the head of alazhar, this is how lame that once might univeristy became. Tantawi was not even qualified to give fatwa, i wonder how much they use to pay him to make those fatwas. ps. Niqaab is not compoulsary, however theirs nothing wrong with a muslim women wearing it if she chooses to. I propose we make you the head of the Azhar. You seem to know what you're talking about. lol.
  11. Originally posted by 2+2=5: I'll be an a$$. No way. That's impossible. lol.
  12. ^^^^ Look in the mirror. Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi: quote:Originally posted by Castro: quote: Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi: In any case, that post wasn't for you. Naden challenged me to bring one proof regarding the Niqab And you still haven't provided any. Sometimes, not even Google can save you. The Link I provided by Yasir Qhadi details the evidences of Niqab. lol. It does? Did you even read your own link? You should start hoping Naden is busy with something and doesn't return to this thread.
  13. Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi: In any case, that post wasn't for you. Naden challenged me to bring one proof regarding the Niqab And you still haven't provided any. Sometimes, not even Google can save you.
  14. Originally posted by Peacenow: Castro why should I go away. I'm Somali, i'm entitled to my opinion and I want to express it with like minded people. Why should a person who doesn't agree with your views or a few others. Cause the vast majority here, are silent readers have to leave. If you can't articulate a coherent argument and islamists never can. Which is why they always lose proper debate, then perhaps it is you that should look at themselves in the mirror. There are no like minded people here for you. And there's no argument to articulate when all you seem to know is repeat the same regurgitated and same mindless insults disguised as opinions. All that is good about Somalia and all that is bad you carry on your forehead. Consumed by self-hatred, you can't tell your head from your a$$. One posting you're Somali the next you're a working Italian who hates Arabs and Muslims and blacks and refugees but mostly the very somalis you seem to want to hang around. Behave like an adult and you'll be treated like one. Behave like a vulgar and bigoted child and you'll be treated like one. If you are a Somali then the Shabaab, the pirates, the drug dealers, the refugees and even the welfare fiends are all you. You can run but you can't hide.
  15. Peacenow, we don't really care what religion you are for whichever it is, you are a liability. It's is your mindless bigotry that is offensive. So go away and leave us to our backwardness. What self respecting, civilized European wants to hang around backward Muslims who worship hairy Arabs anyway? Leave and let us be. We don't want you or your foul opinions here. Hang around your fellow working-and-not-getting-benefits bigots in Milan.
  16. ^^^^ Not only are they tyrants as infants, they grow up to talk back while huffing, puffing and rolling their eyes. I can't speak for women but I couldn't do what my wife did and does. I just don't have the mental or physical strength.
  17. ^^^^^ Need some biif-baaf? I've got a spare can over here.
  18. ^^^^ Kick his culo. lool. Originally posted by Naden: quote:Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi: Any individual with an ounce of intelligence and the layman of this religion will tell you that Niqab has many evidences. Provide one. Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock......
  19. Castro


    Aie Birimo, you've come a long way from when we were neighbors and went to the same high school. Originally posted by Aaliyah416: I decided to post this song as my farewell to the politics section. You'll be back to celebrate when Las Caanood is liberated.
  20. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: I have never been more proud of the Dems then now and might not be for some time to come. loooool. Ilaahow nimaan wax ogayn ha cadaabin. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: Lol! This is amazing. Anyone who thought Obama was just a preacher, eat-your-heart-out aa ka dhacday. Personally, I didnt think the Demo had it in them to grow a pair but apparently they're awake.I'm waiting for the Media fiasco. LOOOL. Priceless. The dems didn't grow a pair atheer. You've been had. This bait and switch bill does precious little to fix a long broken and unsustainable system. You people are waist deep in Obama's Koolaid.
  21. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: Go n F yourself peacenow. peacenow just lost his last advocate. To the gallows. lol.
  22. Jab Teri Dhun Main Raha Karte They! Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan