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  1. Salams ALL Lol Rahma Che is my buddy. I used to say hi to Nuune too until his jinn stories… There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and being ambitious enough to want to be super rich. Money can be used in good ways. There is nothing to say humility & wealth cannot coexist. Juxa likes to spend her money where she can see it, hanging in her closet :-)
  2. Ludvico Einaudi Stella del mattino ( ) One of the best things to listen to on the commute home, takes you a million miles away. Melodia africana III & I Giorni are great pieces as well.
  3. ^^Depends on what the kids like Norf. Hi & bye all :-)
  4. We had alcoholics back home too so I don’t what the fuss is about. Rehab and access to health professionals that help individuals with addictions is the way to go. If you had cancer you would see a doctor, alcoholism likewise is a disease. I don’t know if these services cost money in the US. MMA, I disagree, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. It may have started off as a few drinks that got out of control steadily. Can we not assume everyone has strong faith? An alcoholic person may often not see beyond the next drink to get them through that morning, afternoon, or evening let alone remember passages from the Quran or have a support group willing to deport them back home. Assuming an alcoholic can just stop with the snap of a finger is simialr to people who say 'why dont homeless people get a job and off the streets'?
  5. Hi Blessed :-) Apart from jetlag (can’t keep my eyes open) no complaints. The sun is coming out...
  6. Nuune, there is nothing wrong with a little selfishness and you paint a very bleak picture of parenthood. Ngonge I see, that’s just as stereotypical as saying all young mothers feed their toddlers chips and coke and let them be educated by the TV.
  7. Ngonge still doesnt change the facts and realities of 21st century motherhood...of course if one wants a football team I suggest one starts early.
  8. I’m not stereotyping young mothers but some of the best mothers I know started their families in their 30s, calm, collected, and enjoying motherhood with confidence; they make it look easy while providing the best experiences for their young ones. In any case it will happen when it is meant to and you should all know by now life is not a list or a plan we control.
  9. Back to reality but nothing can touch the post-holiday inner zen/calm.
  10. Listen, I am sure there is a dua not asking for death but requesting to return to one's Lord while you have your strength and mind? My mum always says it, I 'll check with her. There are very fit 80 year olds. My grandad died at 80 but he looked more like a 60 year old. Very active and fit. Then you have 50 year olds falling apart. It is the suffering of old age one asks protection from.
  11. lol@suicidal. I am just saying its not nice to be so old that you cant do much for yourself and are dependant on others.
  12. Morning I am seriously regretting the hot chocolate this morning. Abu Salman it’s all well and good having a healthy lifestyle and I believe in quality living but who wants to live till they are 90? I want to go while I have my strength and mind so maybe some late nights and burgers are not the end.