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  1. Originally posted by GAAROODI: the day alshabab captures somalia will be the happiest day of my life, somalilanders know what im talking about. The end of the shariff government, he will run to yemen as he does, puntland will me next on the alshabab hitlist, knowing pirateland and there lack of guts on the battlefield, they will welcome them with flowers and give there daughters to them. looool ! then comes Somaliland and Ethiopia's turn...for the alshabab...which will plunge somalia into its final end, the never ending one. ..... Ethiopia and somaliland against alshabab = the end of somalia. lol. It's clear you're suffering from brain damage. The shabaab are as deluded as you are. But at least you have enough undamaged brain matter to realize Somaliland is an Ethiopian puppet. Axmaq upon axmaq
  2. Originally posted by GAAROODI: what have you achieved in 18 years, ....more raping....more killing...civil rebel warlord islamic tfg 18 failed governments and no actual positive accurance. If that is success to you saxib i would rather be without recognition, because with or without it i know i am greater then you. and if you had a choice i know you would wanna be me. I've never met anyone who wishes to be a moron.
  3. ^^^^ You forgot to take your medication, again? Atheer take this rhetoric elsewhere. Enough of this mad talk.
  4. Originally posted by The Zack: So the Afghanistans, Pakistans, Saudis, Muslim-Americans are not foreigners? I'm not sure what you are referring to but if it's the so called foreign fighters within the ranks of the Shabaab, then this illustrates my point even more. Foreigners fighting foreigners on our soil using us as cannon fodder. Chew on that awoowe.
  5. Originally posted by Peacenow: There is a killer application out there in the air and it is called drones. Apparently the latest Israeli drone the Eitan, can hover for 24 hours in the sky, until it finds you. The person who pushes the button, could be thousands of miles away. And suddenly you are dead. It's wonderful isn't it. A house divided against itself cannot stand, a wise man once said. Some of your brethren are Arab lovers as much as you are a European lover. They have the same contempt for you that you do for them. Frankly, I'd throw both of you overboard. Now tell me, how is an Israeli drone going to fix this?
  6. The biggest fitna is when Somalis cheer for foreigners against their own. How did we get here?
  7. Anyone read this book? Someone borrowed my copy 5 years ago and never returned it.
  8. Originally posted by Umal Zamzam2211: Soon there wont be anymore infidels in Mogadishu You got that right. Soon there won't be anyone left in Muqdisho.
  9. Yo tambien quiero Nimco Dareen.
  10. ^^^^ You looking for a minyaro in our neck of the woods?
  11. "The United States does not plan, does not direct, and does not coordinate the military operations of the TFG (transitional federal government) and we have not and will not be providing direct support for any potential military offensives," Carson said. Beentada hore, runtaada dambay disha.
  12. No, they can stay. Even you can stay Jacaylbarow. Deep down you're not a separatist either.
  13. ^^^^ Somaliaonline is not for separatists. Period. What separatist worth his title would hang around those from whom he's trying to separate?
  14. ^^^^^ Istaqfurulah indeed. I'm aware of my kinsmen's foolish utterance.
  15. Originally posted by Sacad *Ducaale: Castro, continue calaacaling sxb somaliland is here to stay and there is nothing you can do, so cry me a river, Mr Somaliweyn isku sheeg. In this battle, you're collateral damage so call for reinforcements. Oodweyne should be getting ready to get off work by now London time.
  16. Originally posted by Garowe Gal: ^^ Atikana yaa aheed bal? Ich bin ein Puntlander.
  17. ^^^^^ No you wouldn't. The only reason you bring that crap here is to see the reaction of those who support Somaliweyn (the overwhelming majority of Somalis). Eritreans don't give a toss about Somaliland (they haven't even heard of it) and that's why you and your likes hang around here. You can fool yourselves but it's obvious what you're doing and it's pitiful.
  18. ^^^^ The real calaacaal is hanging around a patently Somaliweyn forum with all this nonsense about a separatist enclave. If you were so confident of your own shit, you'd be hanging out at Alas, you need validation of your existence so you peddle your lost cause around here. :rolleyes:
  19. ^^^^ If Duke says you're an impostor, then you must be. He has a nose for these things.
  20. The momentum of the separatist movement is rapidly fading. In 19 years it moved zero inches towards its wretched goal. And rightly so. It might take another 19 years, or 30, to ensure those who started this illegitimate crusade end up in their graves. Also enough time to help recycle all the documents and flags printed with the bizarre name Somaliland. And there's a Faysal Cali Waraabe in every clan so that's neither here nor there.
  21. Mogadishu's mayor has told residents to leave the Somali capital's war zones, amid fierce battles with insurgents. At least 50 people have been killed in three days of Islamist insurgent attacks, witnesses and officials say. Mayor Abdurisaq Mohamed Nor said the long-anticipated government offensive may start soon, so residents should withdraw at least 2km (1.25 miles). About half of Mogadishu's residents have already fled the city after two decades of conflict. The BBC's Mohamed Olad Hassan in Mogadishu says this is the heaviest fighting since May 2009, when insurgents tried to topple the weak UN-backed government. He says those still in the city have not yet responded to the mayor's call. "We urge the civilians to flee from the battle zones and go at least 2km away to avoid being hit," Mr Nor said. The United Nations Refugee Agency estimates that some 33,000 people have been driven from their homes in Mogadishu over the past six weeks. 'Trapped' Our reporter says government forces are shelling insurgent front lines, to stop them advancing towards the few areas under control of government forces, who are backed by African Union peacekeepers. My oldest son is still there to take care of the house and the property Adow Yusuf Da'ud "Some 200 insurgents aboard 12 vehicles mounted with machine guns came to our district and started to move towards the presidential palace," said Mohamed Abdi Haji, a resident of Mogadishu's northern Wardhigley area. "Government soldiers and AU peacekeepers bombed them with heavy artillery and forced them to retreat," he said. Some of those fleeing the city told the BBC that many of their relatives and neighbours are trapped in the war zone. "My husband and six of my relatives and some of my neighbours are trapped inside their homes in north Mogadishu's Abdulasiz district by landing mortars and bullets flying everywhere," said Dahabo Duhulow, a mother of six. Somali government fighter taking cover Government forces only control a small part of Mogadishu With his two-year-old son clasped to his chest, Adow Yusuf Da'ud said he had walked three hours through dangerous streets and alleyways to escape the fighting. "During the day and during the night, the shells were raining down into our residences," Mr Da'ud said. "My oldest son is still there to take care of the house and the property." The UNHCR said it was especially worried about the thousands of people who are unable to flee the capital. There are almost 1.5 million people now displaced within the country. For months now government leaders and its military commanders have been talking about an impending operation to seize control of the whole of Mogadishu. Our reporter says there are few civilians left in areas which often see battles but large numbers remain in some districts controlled by the insurgents. Allow Sahal
  22. ^^^^ Let's hope we're alive to see the revival. It's looking dimmer every day.
  23. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: How many times do they have to ban you looooooool
  24. ^^^^^ I don't support any president unless he hails from my subclan and sings our national anthem: "aabow gaslow kidifaar, aadamo ka weynaanaye, uunkana allihii noqonee, ma ilaah yar baan nahay"